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Celestine and the Magical Geranium

Written and Illustrated by Barbara Sala

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Celestine and the Magical Geranium is a fairy tale for children 5 years and up, 1000 words and accompanied by 21 naïve glowing illustrations.
To Celestine, the main character, a seed has been entrusted, but she is not yet aware of its existence. The seed matures in the darkness of a potato bag and later in the warm and moist earth.
When Celestine, one day, enters her garden, she encounters the seed grown into a magnificent geranium flower.
“Are you a potato?” she asks.
“No I am a geranium flower… Potatoes nourish your body, but I nourish your soul.”
Celestine falls in love with the flower’s beauty, just as a mother falls in love with her newborn baby. She takes loving care of this unexpected gift and the plant grows and grows into the sky.
Celestine begs Geranium to stop growing, but Geranium refuses. Instead, Geranium builds a magnificent castle with many rooms in its heart. Everybody is entranced by the flower’s beauty and hordes come to visit and in the end the flower collapses under the weight of all these people. But the friendship between Celestine and the Magical Geranium lives on through the gift of seeds and soon everybody owns their own loving geranium




Ages 6-9

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