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The Lost Girls

Written by Jennifer Baggett

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<div>The Lost Girls: Three Friends. Four Continents. One Unconventional Detour Around the World<br>
Jennnifer Baggett , Holly C. Corbett , Amanda Pressner<br><br>
Friends Pressner, Baggett, and Corbett were all busy climbing the
corporate ladder of Manhattan media when they realized that, in their
late twenties, they weren't sure they wanted the golden handcuffs of New
York success. Reprioritizing, they decide on a rebellious, extreme
course of action: quit their jobs, abandon their boyfriends, and take a
year-long trip around the world. In this group memoir, the three take
turns chronicling a journey from Peru to Kenya to Vietnam to Australia,
and everywhere in between. Though they don't always get along, the three
learn to rely on each other, keep their minds open and throw themselves
enthusiastically after every adventure that comes their way. The three
authors, all gifted writers (each has worked as a journalist), provide
passionate, vivid descriptions of their far-flung travels, bolstered by
thoughtful insights and genuine intentions, making this an intensely
enjoyable read for fans of travel writing; their semi-improvisatory
experience provides a broader look at travel than either a luxury tour
or a backpacking trip would, proving especially resonant. This memoir
should also be immediately relatable for any twenty-something unsure of
his or her future (i.e., most of them).</div>




Adult Fiction

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