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Eulahlie Enchanted (A Child's Hurricane Katrina Story)

Written and Illustrated by Cynthia F. Panks

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It was hard enough for a twelve year girl like Lee-lee Beth to live with the family names she was given at birth, Eulahlie Elizabeth Eubanks. Her Dad said, before his daughter was old enough to say her own name, Mom had already put enough “E’’s in it to make anyone screech. But Lee-lee dearly loved her southern Grandmothers after whom she was named, and whose colorful lives in her historical home state, Louisiana, had already blessed her with so many treasures. She kept the treasures safe in a Treasure Box that had become her most prized possession. Then, Hurricane Katrina, the worst natural disaster to occur in the history of the United States, came barreling into her beautiful southern town and destroyed the only home Lee-lee Beth had ever known. She was forced to leave her Treasure Box when her family evacuated and she did not want to return to this horrible nightmare. Her home was flooded with over six feet of water and her family lost almost everything that was inside it.

Could Lee-lee survive this terrible event in history that had painted her hometown into a place unlike any other? Where would she go to school and how on earth would she ever survive living in a FEMA trailer parked in her driveway until her home was rebuilt? Was this the destiny Mom saw in Lee-lee’s enchanting blue eyes—the reason Mom chose to give Lee-lee her Grandmothers’ names? If so, Lee-lee did not want any part of it.

Like many children who experienced Hurricane Katrina and lost a prized possession, through sadness and adversity, Eulahlie Elizabeth Eubanks learns the real meaning of destiny by finding an enchantment that will live in her heart forever—her Louisiana heritage.




Ages 10-12

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