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Written and Illustrated by Laval Chabon

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Vegesignes : The fusion between the hearing and the picture. According to audio waves and their curves logics shown by an oscilloscope, all letters, characters and numbers should be written openly because that they represent auditive sounds. Take important note that the sound wave cannot go back to it's starting point. Otherwise, our eyes would be trapped, and we would be caught. They should be only one line pen writeable by character, with no cutting strokes, and no detached accents. Under-based "t" is submitted and understood, because that the most silent structure is down; it is the ground horizontally under our feet. All dots above i and j should be stucked, and all diaresis upon ï, ë and ü also. All accents should be stucked (or welded), and all characters should be drawned unlocked. Any glyph should represent the principles that the sound waves have upon our ears while we hear each sound distinctively from another one different. (Pulses upon the tympan by the moves or the vibrations of the air, and then upon the nerves network). They should be no drawings for the eyes. OK? If the images are worth one thousand words, they are not quite very wise and they are showing us one good thousand troubles.
Evryone should read these things translated in all languages of the world. From now, the Vegesignes are only including 66th languages wide. I'm telling myself this: just take it easy.





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