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The Mystery of the Solar Wind

Written by Lyz Russo

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The Mystery of the Solar Wind
“I only have half of my crew, Paean Donegal!”
When Radomir Lascek, sea devil and pirate, rescues three young musicians from Dublin onto his illegal ship full of fugitives, he begins to learn a new definition for “trouble”.
But the Donegal Troubles are not only troublesome. As the Solar Wind makes her way through the treacherous waters of Panama and is hunted down in the Pacific by both the Unicate and the Rebellion, “Donegal Magic” begins to transform the crew. Adventure, peril, bloodshed and friendship blend together in an explosive counterpoint from which one clear voice emerges – the love Paean Donegal bestows on everyone she considers family. Even if they are pirates, traitors or spies.




Young Adult

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