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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I create an ebook with ePub Bud?

Simply click "new book" above! Fill out the form, then click "Continue...".

You will then be in an online text editor (similar to word) where you can write your book! If you chose your book type as picture book, make a new page in your book just by adding a "page break" (click the icon). If your book is a chapter book, use page breaks for new chapters!

You can upload pictures (or video or audio!) into your book by clicking the "Choose File" link at the top and then clicking "Save Changes Now!". You can also include an image from a URL by clicking the icon while editing. When you're done, save the book and a .epub ebook file will automatically be created!

What ebook formats does ePub Bud support?

Although you can upload just about any file format (including PDF, doc, and all manners of ebooks), the output of ePub Bud will always be .epub. That's because epub is the open file format for ebooks that the most readers support!

ePub Bud makes a great converter of any sort of document to the open .epub format!

To convert an .epub to another format, download the free software Calibre!

How do people read my ebook?

Simply make sure your book's sharing is set to public or unlisted then send them the sharing link URL!

They will be able to read the book online by clicking on its cover, or download the .epub file to read in any number of readers!

To get it into iBooks, they should just download the book from its URL in Safari on their iPad/iPhone/iPod!

How do I create a table of contents for my ebook?

If you set your book to be a chapter book, a table of contents will automatically be created with each chapter named the first line of text from the chapter.

You can set those chapters titles to whatever you'd like by clicking "edit book" for your book, and then entering the chapter title you'd like at the top for each chapter!

(We don't generate a table of contents for books you specify as "picture books".)

What about multi-level tables of content or sub-chapters?

We support multi-level tables of content .. just name your sub-chapters with a _ in front. So if you have a TOC layout like:

Chapter 1
_ Part 1
_ Part 2
_ _ Sub Part of Part 2
Chapter 2
_ Part 1

Just name your chapter:

_ _ Sub Part of Part 2

The epub file generated will strip the _ s out automatially and correctly nest the chapters for nice display in all ereaders!

The book I downloaded from ePub Bud is formatted poorly!

All the books up on ePub Bud have been contributed by other users, we don't do any sort of screening or filtering of the content. So, it's entirely possible some books aren't optimized for some ereaders.

However, if a book you downloaded doesn't work too well on your device, all is not lost! What you can do is simply re-upload the epub file you downloaded to our site.

Once it's processed, it will be on your account, which means you can edit it by clicking "edit book"! Once in there, you may be able to fix whatever formatting you don't like! Save the book, then re-download and you're on your way!

How can I include audio or video in my ebook?

It's easy! Simply click "edit book" for your book, go to the page/chapter you want to embed the media into, and then click "Choose File" and then "Save Changes Now!"

The media will be uploaded and the filename will appear in your book at the end of that page/chapter as plain text. When you save the book, that text will be replaced with the actual media! You can move that text to anywhere you'd like in your whole book to move the media there!

How can I embed a YouTube video in my ebook?

Actually, we no longer suppor this, because YouTube kept changing how they were storing their mp4s. Just upload your mp4 directly to your eBook as it explains above!

How can I include a certain font in my ebook?

Unfortunately, epubs do not support font use. Most ereaders just have a set of default fonts the user can pick to view the book in.

It's just a limitation of the format.

How can I sell my ebook?

Although we'd recommend you just make it free, check out our information on selling!

Keep in mind, the iBookstore will require your epub pass this online validator to be approved for sale.

If it doesn't pass, please just contact us and let us know which book failed!

The iBookstore also requires an ISBN number. If you don't already have one (it technically shouldn't be the same as one you might have for a physical copy of your book), we can provide you one for $9 if you want.

Do I need an ISBN for my ebook?

The international ISBN agency does say you need to have a different ISBN for all different versions of your book, including electronic. But, depending on the situation, you may or may not need an ISBN. For example, listing or selling your book on ePub Bud or Barnes and Noble's do not require ISBNs. Apple and Amazon do require an ISBN for submission to their stores.

If you determine you do need an ISBN for your ebook, we sell them for any use for $9 each.

If I purchase an ISBN from ePub Bud, how does it get officially assigned to my book?

There is a centralized database of ISBN information at, but it's not actually required to register any information there.

The main purpose of an ISBN is that it is unique... once you've got your ISBN(s), just go and use them! (If you're really worried, we do have a 100% unconditional money-back guarantee on them forever as well.)

Nevertheless, we can go ahead and register a book in the bowker database for you; after you purchase your ISBN(s) there will be a link "Assign Book Info" on our ISBN page (you must be logged in) for each ISBN you've purchased you can click to register your book's info with Bowker's Books-In-Print database automatically from our site!

Note: all the ISBNs we distribute have "ePub Bud" as the publisher in the Bowker database. Don't worry though, that fact does not convey any rights to us, nor does it affect your ability to do anything you'd like with your book (or the ISBN), publish it anywhere, keep all royalties for yourself, etc, etc.. Bowker just won't let us change the publisher field for less than $75 an ISBN (and therefore we don't offer that)!

After I register my ISBN(s) using your site, how do I verify the information is in Bowker's database?

Unfortunately, there's no real good way to do this... Bowker charges a ton for access to their "books-in-print" database, and websites you may find online such as,, and even Amazon actually aren't tied into that database, they're just searching the web (or searching Amazon listings) and going off of that.

So basically, you'll just have to trust us, and if you ever come across a problem, or have any questions, please email!

Will an ISBN I buy from ePub Bud work for any use?


For some reason, Amazon's CreateSpace doesn't work with our ISBNs... however, they offer a free ISBN for use with their service, so just use that with them!

Also, BookDaily seems to have some kind of bug in their ISBN form that sometimes gives an erroneous error saying our ISBNs are "invalid". However, their support has said to just contact them with "your book's ISBN, Author, Book title and Publisher, and they will add it to your account."

Other than that, nobody has reported any problems using our ISBNs for any purpose in any country! Yay!

Is it okay to buy an ISBN before I'm ready to use it?

Sure, no problem.. they don't ever expire and you don't have to assign book info to an ISBN before you purchase it (or ever really)!

If I use ePub Bud, can I still use another publisher as well?

Absolutely! We are just a free service to help people make and share children's ebooks. Just like uploading your movie to YouTube doesn't prevent you from also distributing it however you'd like, uploading your book to ePub Bud doesn't prevent you from also distributing it however you'd like!

Is there an advanced search feature?

Sort of! Just put in your search things like a:Jones to mean "and author matches Jones" or i:Smith to mean "and illustrator matches Smith" or l:es to mean "and language like spanish" or g:teen to mean "and genre is teen" (valid genres are: beginner, kid, tween, teen, fiction, nonfiction, textbook).

My picture book is best oriented as landscape... what should I do?

You should cut each of your full-page spread images directly in half, so that you have the right page as one image and the left page as one image, and then insert each of those images into the book as a page, one after the other! It'll look great on an iPad/iPhone or in our online browser!

I would like to delete my account!

You know, there's nothing different between closing your account and just setting your account to not receive the newsletter or emails on comments. But, if you really want to completely wipe it, you can do so from our account management area (scroll down)!

I have more questions!

Then please feel free to contact us!