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General Class Information

  • ** Class Requirements - General Information **

The front page of this class has a link to your grade book in the menu on the left. Be sure you look at your grades OFTEN, so you can see the feedback from your teacher.

This quarter class is organized into the 4 topic areas listed in the middle column of your class front page.

The first topic contains information about your instructor including your teacher's e-mail address.

The other links in the first topic show which resources you need to be successful in this class, and includes an abbreviated class syllabus. Please review the syllabus regularly. It can be your pacing guide to know how much work you can expect to do to successfully complete this class.

The second topic contains the content of this quarter class. The first resources in this area is a general Start Here item. Be sure to read it thoroughly. The content of this class is divided into Units. Work through each unit for a guide to the learning you need to accomplish.

You'll see descriptions of your assignments along with the content. Create and then work on your assignments on your local computer. You turn in your assignments in the Topic 3 area.

The third topic contains a list of all the assignments, quizzes, and tests for the class. Each of these items is part of your gradebook. You need to successfully complete each item in topic three. To turn in your assignment, click on the assignment name and then, depending on the assignment type, you either click the [UPLOAD A FILE] or the [EDIT MY SUBMISSION] button.

The fourth topic contains information about the proctored final exam. After you have completed all the coursework (class content and assignments, quizzes, and tests) the proctored final exam is the culminating experience of the class. You must take the test under the supervision of an EHS certified proctor and you must pass the test to earn credit for this class.

Be sure you review what you've learned in the class before you sit down with your proctor to take the final exam.

Look over all the feedback and scores from your assignments/quizzes/tests in your class grade book. That way, you'll see the areas you were weakest in; use that insight to prepare for the final test.

If you do not pass the test, you must retake the entire class to earn a second chance at the proctored final test.

Class Pre-requisite:

Grading Scale for this Class:

Allowed Time Frame: 180 days (6 months)

Approximate Cost:

Assignment Count: Minimum Number Required :

Assignment Count: Total Number: :

Class Points: Maximum Available: :

Class Points: Minimum Required before Final Test: :

EHS Media on iTunesU:

Extra Credit Details:

Extra Credit Option:

Final Grade: Minimum Points Required for Credit: : 0

Final Grade: Total Points Possible: : 0

Final Test: Directions:

Final Test: Estimated Time to Complete: 30-60 minutes

Final Test: Maximum Points Available:

Final Test: Minimum Percent Needed to Pass: 60:

Final Test: Number of Questions:

Final Test: Percent of Final Grade:

Final Test: Question Types:

Final Test: Question Types (field_final_test_question_types) - delta: 0


Participation Requirements:

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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License.


Student Supplied Resources

00.0 *Student supplies for U.S. Government and Citizenship


American Government: A Complete Coursebook

Microsoft Powerpoint Viewer - download
If you don't have Powerpoint on your computer, you can download a free viewer from Microsoft.

American Government: A Complete Coursebook

American Government: a Complete Coursebook, by Ethel Wood and Stephen C. Sansone.
Great Source Education Group Houghton Mifflin Copyright: 2000. ISBN #0-669-46795-2. May be purchased directly from or from the Mountain State Schoolbook Depository in Clearfield, Utah by calling 1-800-995-1444 and use reference #046795 or Depository Reference #GRS-10116 or call "Great Source" directly at 1-800-289-4490 and use reference #046795 to order book. or
or,, or from a local bookstore.
Approximate price is $33.10 and price may vary and may or may not include tax or handling fee.
Any high school or college textbook can be used to answer any of these questions for any of the units if you wish not to purchase this book or look for a text online. I believe that the textbook I chose is the best and easiest book to read and understand.

You must have access to the World Wide Web in order to take this course. All answers to all questions can be found on the internet or in a high school government textbook. The Electronic High School does not supply computers nor internet providers.


  • Online Library

    To access the K-12 Pioneer Library from home, contact your teacher or local librarian for the username and password. The username and password are also listed on the front page of your EHS class.

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