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222 // The Cube of Cheese

marked with a black dot, and was stabbed through the heart. His body was found the next morning, along with several tracks in the snow. The police immediately closed the park.

Their subsequent investigations revealed that each track had been made by a different, very distinctive shoe. Witnesses placed four individuals, other than Hastings, in the park during the period concerned. So the murderer had to be one of them. Examining their shoes, the police deduced that:

. The butler who could prove he had been in the house X at

the time of the murder had entered at gate E and gone to X. . The gamekeeper who had no such alibi had entered at gate

A and gone to his lodge at Y. . A local youth had entered at gate G and left by gate B. . The grocer's wife had entered at gate C and left by gate F. None of these individuals entered or left the park more than once.

It had been foggy as well as snowy, so the routes these people took were often rather indirect. The police did notice that no two paths crossed. But they failed to make a sketch of the routes before the snow melted and they disappeared.

So who was the murderer?


Answer on page 303

The Cube of Cheese An oldie, but none the worse for that. Marigold Mouse has a cube of cheese and a carving-knife. She wishes to slice the cheese along a flat plane, to obtain a cross-section that is a regular hexagon. Can she do this, and if so, how?


Answer on page 304

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