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???????»???H???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????The Song Book of The Salvation Army

God the Father

Person and Praise


Ein'Feste Burg, 640 1.A mighty fortress is our God,A bulwark never failing;Our helper he, amid the flood,Of mortal ills prevailing.For still our ancient foeDoth seek to work us woe;His craft and power are great,And, armed with cruel hate,On earth is not his equal. 2.Did we in our own strength confide,Our striving would be losing;Were not the right man on our side,The man of God's own choosing.Dost ask who that may be?Christ Jesus, it is he;Lord Sabaoth his name,From age to age the same,And he must win the battle. 3.And though this world, with demons filled,Should threaten to undo us;We will not fear, for God hath willedHis truth to triumph through us.The prince of darkness grim,We tremble not for him,His rage we can endure,For lo! His doom is sure,One little word shall fell him. 4.That word above all earthly powers,No thanks to them abideth;The Spirit and the gifts are oursThrough him who with us sideth.Let goods and kindred go,This mortal life also;The body they may kill;God's truth abideth still,His Kingdom is for ever.  Martin Luther (1483-1546), trs Frederick Henry Hedge (1805-90)  


St. Francis, 45L.M. 1.All creatures of our God and King,Lift up your voice and with us singAlleluia, alleluia!Thou burning sun with golden beam,Thou silver moon with softer gleam:

ChorusO praise him, O praise him,Alleluia, alleluia, alleluia! 2.Thou rushing wind that art so strong,Ye clouds that sail in heaven along,O praise him, alleluia!Thou rising morn, in praise rejoice,Ye lights of evening, find a voice: 3.Thou flowing water, pure and clear,Make music for thy Lord to hear,Alleluia, alleluia!Thou fire so masterful and bright,That givest man both warmth and light: 4.Dear mother earth, who day by dayUnfoldest blessings on our way,O praise him, alleluia!The flowers and fruits that in thee grow,Let them his glory also show: 5.Let all things their Creator bless,And worship him in humbleness,O praise him, alleluia!Praise, praise the Father, praise the Son,And praise the Spirit, Three in One:  Francis of Assisi (1182-1226), trs William Henry Draper (1855-1933) 


Old Hundredth, 38L.M. 1.All people that on earth do dwell,Sing to the Lord with cheerful voice;Him serve with fear, his praise forth tell,Come ye before him and rejoice. 2.The Lord, ye know, is God indeed;Without our aid he did us make;We are his flock, he doth us feed,And for his sheep he doth us take. 3.O enter then his gates with praise,Approach with joy his courts unto;Praise, laud and bless his name always,For it is seemly so to do. 4.For why? The Lord our God is good,His mercy is for ever sure;His truth at all times firmly stood,And shall from age to age endure.  William Kethe (d 1594)


Old Hundredth, 38;

Sounding Praise, 51

L.M. 1.Before Jehovah's awful throne,Ye nations bow with sacred joy;Know that the Lord is God alone;He can create, and he destroy. 2.His sovereign power, without our aid,Made us of clay, and formed us men;And when like wandering sheep we strayed,He brought us to his fold again. 3.We'll crowd thy gates with thankful songs,High as the heavens our voices raise;And earth, with her ten thousand tongues,Shall fill thy courts with sounding praise. 4.Wide as the world is thy command;Vast as eternity thy love;Firm as a rock thy truth shall stand,When rolling years shall cease to move.  Isaac Watts (1674-1748), alt John Wesley (1703-91) 


Carey's, 489; Eternal God, 4928. Iambic 1.Eternal God, our song we raiseIn thankful, overflowing praise,For men of faith whose power was thine,Whose love no barrier could confine;They humbly offered Christ their bread,And lo, the multitudes were fed! 2.We thank thee for the fruitful years,The sacred gains of toil and tears,For mighty works through weakness wrought,For souls who led in deed and thought;They followed Jesus in the lightAnd their loud anthems thrilled the night. 3.O may no longing of our ownObscure the path by Jesus shown!We would not thirst for earth's rewardAnd lose the blessing of our Lord:His cup of pain and grief and strifeThat yieldeth up the gift of life. 4.Our Father, we beseech thee now:Receive again our first pure vowTo stand though fire and tempest rage,Nor fear the terrors of our age,To love thee with a constant mindAnd lose ourselves to save mankind. 5.Our great Redeemer liveth still,His love sustains us in they willBecause he conquered, we shall win,His cross before, his joy within;Our cheerful banners are unfurled,For Christ has overcome the world.  Catherine Baird (1895-1984)


Alford, 2457.6.7.6.D. Iambic 1.Eternal God, unchangingThrough all the changing years,Whose hands all things created,Who holds the countless stars;Enthroned in heavenly glory,Yet not a God afar;Thou deignest to have dwellingHere where thy people are. 2.Forbid that man's achievementsShould cause our faith to wane,Or seek in human wisdomOur spirit to sustain;Lord, surely thou art shapingAll things to thy design,And born of this convictionIs faith to match our time. 3.And in a world dividedBy selfishness and guile,When truth is on the scaffoldAnd faith is standing trial,Grant us, by inward knowledgeNo learning can bestow,A faith that answers firmly:These things, these things I know. 4.Though men have wrought confusionThy hand still holds the plan,And thou, at length, decidethThe destiny of man;Dominions rise and perish,The mighty have their day,But still thy word abideth,It shall not pass away.  Albert Ernest Dalziel (1892-1974)


Ellacombe, 147; Land of pure delight, 154;Materna A.S. 967D.C.M. 1.Fill though my life, O Lord my God,In every part with praise,That my whole being may proclaimThy being and thy ways.Not for the lip of praise alone,Nor e'en the praising heartI ask, but for a life made upOf praise in every part! 2.Praise in the common words I speak,Life's common looks and tones,In fellowship at hearth and boardWith my beloved ones;Not in the temple crowd aloneWhere holy voices chime,But in the silent paths of earth,The quiet rooms of time. 3.Fill every part of me with praise;Let all my being speakOf thee and of thy love, O Lord,Poor though I be, and weak.So shalt thou, Lord, from me, e'en me,Receive the glory due;And so shall I begin on earthThe song forever new. 4.So shall each fear, each fret, each careBe turned into a song,And every winding of the wayThe echo shall prolong;So shall no part of day or nightFrom sacredness be free;But all my life, in every step,Be fellowship with thee.  Horatius Bonar (1808-89), alt


St. Denio, 569; Foundation, A.S. 97611.11.11.11. 1.Immortal, invisible, God only wise,In light inaccessible hid from our eyes,Most blessed, most glorious, the Ancient of Days,Almighty, victorious, thy great name we praise. 2.Unresting, unhasting, and silent as light,Nor wanting, nor wasting, thou rulest in might;Thy justice like mountains high soaring aboveThy clouds which are fountains of goodness and love. 3.To all life thou givest, to both great and small,In all life thou livest, the true life of all;We blossom and flourish as leaves on the tree,And wither and perish; but naught changeth thee. 4.Great Father of glory, pure Father of light.Thine angels adore thee, all veiling their sight;All praise we would render; O help us to see'Tis only the splendor of light hideth thee.  Walter Chalmers Smith (1824-1908)


Majesty, 226; St John, 2286. 1.Jehovah is our strength,And he shall be our song;We shall o'ercome at lengthAlthough our foes be strong.In vain does Satan then oppose,For God is stronger than his foes. 2.The Lord our refuge isAnd ever will remain;Since he has made us hisHe will our cause maintain.In vain our enemies oppose,For God is stronger than his foes. 3.The Lord our shepherd is;He knows our every need,And since we now are his,His care our souls will feed.In vain do sin and death oppose,For God is stronger than his foes. 4.Our God our Father is;Our names are on his heart;We ever will be his,He ne'er from us will part.In vain the mightiest powers oppose,For God is stronger than his foes.   Attr Samuel Barnard (d 1807)


Europe, 4358.7.8.7. D. Troch. 1.Joyful, joyful, we adore thee,God of glory, Lord of love;Hearts unfold like flowers before thee,Hail thee as the sun above.Melt the clouds of sin and sadness,Drive the clouds of doubt away;Giver of immortal gladness,Fill us with the light of day. 2.All they works with joy surround thee,Earth and heaven reflect thy rays,Stars and angels sing around thee,Center of unbroken praise;Field and forest, vale and mountain,Bloss'ming meadow, flashing sea,Chanting bird and flowing fountainCall us to rejoice in thee. 3.Thou art giving and forgiving,Ever blessing, ever blest,Wellspring of the joy of living,Ocean-depth of happy rest.Thou the Father, Christ our brother--All who live in love are thine;Teach us how to love other,Lift us to the joy divine. 4.Mortals, join the mighty chorusWhich the morning stars began;Father-love is reigning o'er us,Brother-love binds man to man.Ever singing, march we onward,Victors in the midst of strife;Joyful music lifts us sunwardIn the triumph song of life.  Henry van Dyke (1852-1933)


Luckington, 727 1.Let all the world in ever corner sing:My God and King!The heavens are not too high,His praise may thither fly;The earth is not too low,His praises there may grow.Let all the world in every corner sing:My God and King! 2.Let all the world in every corner sing:My God and King!The church with psalms must shout,No door can keep them out;But, more than all, the heartMust bear the largest part.Let all the world in every corner sing:My God and King!  George Herbert (1593-1633)


Now thank we all our God, 752 1.Now thank we all our GodWith hearts and hands and voices,Who wondrous things hath done,In whom his world rejoices;Who from our mothers' armsHath blessed on our wayWith countless gifts of love,And still is ours today. 2.O may this bounteous GodThrough all our life be near us,With ever-joyful heartsAnd blessed peace to cheer us,And keep us in his grace,And guide us when perplexed,And free us from all illsIn this world and the next. 3.All praise and thanks to GodThe Father now be given,The Son and him who reignsWith them in highest Heaven.The one eternal God,Whom earth and Heaven adore;For thus it was, is now,And shall be evermore.  Martin Rinkart (1588-1649) trs Catherine Winkworth (1827-78)


St Ann, 127C.M. 1.O God, our Help in ages past,Our hope for years to come,Our shelter from the stormy blast,And our eternal home. 2.Under the shadow of thy throneThy saints have dwelt secure;Sufficient is thine arm aloneAnd our defense is sure. 3.Before the hills in order stood,Or earth received her frame,From everlasting thou art God,To endless years the same. 4.A thousand ages in thy sightAre like an evening gone,Short as the watch that ends the nightBefore the rising sun. 5.Time, like an ever-rolling stream,Bears all its sons away;They fly forgotten, as a dreamDies at the opening day. 6.O God, our help in ages past,Our hope for years to come,Be thou our guard while life shall last,And our eternal home.  Isaac Watts (1674-1748)


Richmond, 125; Arnold's, 71;Azmon, A.S. 988C.M. 1.O Lord, I will delight in theeAnd on thy care depend,To thee in every trouble flee,My best, my only friend. 2.When all created streams are dried,Thy fulness is the same;My I with this be satisfiedAnd glory in thy name. 3.No good in creatures can be foundBut may be found in thee;I must have all things and aboundWhile God is God to me. 4.O Lord, I cast my care on thee,I triumph and adore;Henceforth my great concern shall beTo love and please thee more.  John Ryland (1753-1825)


Troyte, 470; Almsgiving, 4698.8.8.4. 1.O Lord of Heaven and earth and sea,To thee all praise and glory be;How shall we show our love to thee,Who givest all? 2.For peaceful homes and healthful days,For all the blessings earth displays,We owe thee thankfulness and praise,Who givest all. 3.Thou didst not spare thine only Son,But gav'st him for a world undone,And freely with that blessed oneThou givest all. 4.Thou giv'st the Spirit's blessed dower,Spirit of life and love and power,And dost his sevenfold graces showerUpon us all. 5.For souls redeemed, for sins forgiven,For means of grace and hopes of heaven,Father, all praise to thee be given,Who givest all.  Christopher Wordsworth (1807-85)


Houghton, 533; Hanover, 531; LaudateDominum, 53410.10.11.11. 1.O worship the King, all glorious above;O gratefully sing his power and his love;Our shield and defender, the Ancient of Days,Pavilioned in splendor and girded with praise. 2.O tell of his might, O sing of his grace,Whose robe is the light, whose canopy space;His chariots of wrath the deep thunderclouds form,And dark is his path on the wings of the storm. 3.The earth with its store of wonders untold,Almighty, thy power hath founded of old,Hath stablished it fast by a changeless decree,And round it hath cast, like a mantle, the sea. 4.Thy bountiful care what tongue can recite?It breathes in the air, it shines in the light,It streams from the hills, it descends to the plain,And sweetly distils in the dew and the rain. 5.Frail children of dust and feeble as frail,In thee do we trust, nor find thee to fail;Thy mercies how tender, how firm to the end,Our Maker, Defender, Redeemer and Friend. 6.O measureless Might! Ineffable Love!While angels delight to hymn thee above,The humbler creation, though feeble their lays,With true adoration shall sing to thy praise.  Robert Grant (1779-1838)


Praise, my soul, 422; Triumph, 4278. Troch. 1.Praise, my soul, the King the Heaven,To his feet thy tribute bring;Ransomed, healed, restored, forgiven,Who like thee his praise should sing?Praise Him!Praise the everlasting King. 2.Praise him for this grace and favorTo our fathers in distress;Praise him still the same as ever,Slow to chide and swift to bless;Praise him!Glorious in his faithfulness. 3.Father-like he tends and spares us;Well our feeble frame he knows,In his hands he gently bears us,Rescues us from all our foes.Praise him!Widely as his mercy flows. 4.Angels in the heights adore him,Ye behold him face to face;Sun and moon bow down before him:Dwellers all in time and space,Praise him!Praise with us the God of grace.  Henry Francis Lyte (1793-1847)


Gerontius, 89; Richmond, 125C.M. 1.Praise to the holiest in the height,And in the depth be praise,In all his words most wonderful,Most sure in all his ways. 2.O loving wisdom of our God!When all was sin and shame,A second Adam to the fightAnd to the rescue came. 3.O wisest love! that flesh and blood,Which did in Adam fail,Should strive afresh against their foe,Should strive and should prevail. 4.Praise to the holiest in the height,And in the depth be praise,In all his words most wonderful,Most sure in all his ways.  John Henry Newman (1801-90)


Lobe den Herren, 721 1.Praise to the Lord, the Almighty, the King of creation;O my soul, praise him, for he is thy health and salvation;All ye who hear,Brothers and sisters draw near,Praise him in glad adoration. 2.Praise to the Lord, who doth prosper thy work and defend thee;Surely his goodness and mercy here daily attend thee;Ponder anewWhat the Almighty can do,He who with love doth befriend thee. 3.Praise to the Lord, who, when tempests their warfare are waging,Who, when the elements madly around thee are raging,Biddeth them cease,Turneth their fury to peace,Whirlwinds and waters assuaging. 4.Praise to the Lord, who, when darkness of sin is abounding,Who, when the godless do triumph, all virtue confounding,Sheddeth his light,Chaseth the horrors of night,Saints with his mercy surrounding. 5.Praise to the Lord! O let all that is in me adore him!All that hath life and breath, come now with praises before him!Let the amenSound from his people again;Gladly for aye we adore him.  Joachim Neander (1650-80), trs Catherine Winkworth (1827-78) and others


Falcon Street, 167S.M. 1.Stand up and bless the Lord,Ye people of his choice;Stand up and bless the Lord your GodWith heart and soul and voice.ChorusPraise ye the Lord, hallelujah! 2.Though high above all praise,Above all blessing high,Who would not fear his holy name,And laud and magnify? 3.O for the living flameFrom his own altar brought,To touch our lips, our minds inspire,And wing to Heaven our thought! 4.God is our strength and song,And his salvation ours;Then be his love in Christ proclaimedWith all our ransomed powers. 5.Stand up and bless the Lord,The Lord your God adore;Stand up and bless his glorious nameHenceforth for evermore.  James Montgomery (1771-1854)


Martyrdom, 113; Irish, 99C.M. 1.Through all the changing scenes of life,In trouble and in joy,The praises of my God shall stillMy heart and tongue employ. 2.Of his deliverance I will boast,Till all that are distressedFrom mine example comfort take,And charm their griefs to rest. 3.The hosts of God encamp aroundThe dwellings of the just;Deliverance he affords to allWho on his succor trust. 4.O make but trial of his love;Experience will decideHow blest they are and only they,Who in his truth confide. 5.Fear him, ye saints, and you will thenHave nothing else to fear;Make you his service your delight,Your wants shall be his care.  Nahum Tate (1652-1715) Nicholas Brady (1659-1726)


To God be the Glory, 57611.11.11.11. 1.To God be the glory, great things he hath done!So loved he the world that he gave us his Son;Who yielded his life an atonement for sin,And opened the life gate that all may go in.ChorusPraise the Lord! Praise the Lord!Let the earth hear his voice!Praise the Lord! Praise the Lord!Let the people rejoice!O come to the Father through Jesus the Son,And give him the glory; great things he hath done! 2.O perfect redemption, the purchase of blood!To every believer the promise of God;The vilest offender who truly believes,That moment from Jesus a pardon receives. 3.Great things he hath taught us, great things he hath done,And great our rejoicing through Jesus the Son;But purer and higher and greater will beOur wonder, our rapture, when Jesus we see.  Fanny Crosby (1820-1915)


Gerontius, 89; Abridge, 69;Amazing Grace!, 70C.M. 1.What shall I render to my GodFor all his mercy's store?I'll take the gifts he hath bestowedAnd humbly ask for more. 2.The sacred cup of saving graceI will with thanks receive,And all his promises embraceAnd to his glory live. 3.My vows I will to his great nameBefore his people pay,And all I have, and all I am,Upon his altar lay. 4.Thy hands created me, thy handsFrom sin have set me free;The mercy that hath loosed my bandsHath bound me fast to thee. 5.The God of all-redeeming grace,My God, I will proclaim,Offer the sacrifice of praise,And call upon his name.  Charles Wesley (1707-88)


Hanover, 531; Laudate Dominum, 53410.10.11.11. 1.Ye servants of God, your Master proclaim,And publish abroad his wonderful name;The name all-victorious of Jesus extol;His Kingdom is glorious and rules over all. 2.God ruleth on high, almighty to save;And still he is nigh, his presence we have;The great congregation his triumphs shall sing,Ascribing salvation to Jesus our King. 3.Then let us adore and give him his right,All glory and power, all wisdom and might;All honor and blessing, with angels above,And thanks never-ceasing and infinite love!  Charles Wesley (1707-88)          *     *     *   see also: 988 O for a thousand tongues



All things bright and beautiful, 604;Royal Oak, 778 All things bright and beautiful,All creatures great and small,All things wise and wonderful,The Lord God made them all. 1.Each little flower that opens,Each little bird that sings,He made their glowing colors,He made their tiny wings: 2.The purple-headed mountain,The river running by,The sunset, and the morningThat brightens up the sky: 3.The cold wind in the winter,The pleasant summer sun,The ripe fruits in the garden,He made them every one: 4.He gave us eyes to see them,And lips that we might tellHow great is God Almighty,Who has made all things well:  Cecil Frances Alexander (1818-95)


Lydia, 110; Stracathro, 136; Evan, 85C.M. 1.Begin, my tongue, some heavenly theme,Awake, my voice, and singThe mighty works or mightier nameOf our eternal king. 2.Tell of his wondrous faithfulness,And sound his power abroad;Sing the sweet promise of his grace,The quickening word of God. 3.His every word of grace is strongAs that which built the skies;The voice that rolls the stars alongSpeaks all the promises. 4.Now shall my fainting heart rejoiceTo know thy favor sure;I trust the all-creating voice,And faith desires no more.  Isaac Watts (1674-1748)


St Stephen, 130; Azmon, A.S. 988C.M. 1.Beyond the farthest bounds of earth,Beyond the ocean's line,Beyond the starlit universeWe sense a power divine. 2.The lines and circles, planes and arcsWhich we by science traceAll indicate a master mind,Its beauty, truth and grace. 3.Like searching eyes earth's telescopesThe fiery heavens scan;And now the music of the spheresIs heard by listening man. 4.Lord, as we seek for vaster truth,And as our spaceships soar,Help us to recognize your mightAnd praise your mercy more. 5.For you, who set the ordinanceOf worlds beyond our sight,Have given us minds desiring truthAnd hearts that know delight. 6.Lord, teach us in your only SonTo reach the way we dream,To follow truth as he knew truth,And find the life supreme.  Miriam M. Richards


Dix, 306; Ratisbon, 313; Coles, 3057. 1.For the beauty of the earth,For the beauty of the skies,For the love which from our birthOver and around us lies,Father, unto thee we raiseThis our sacrifice of praise. 2.For the beauty of each hourOf the day and of the night,Hill and vale and tree and flower,Sun and moon and stars o flight,Father, unto thee we raiseThis our sacrifice of praise. 3.For the joy of ear and eye,For the heart and mind's delight,For the mystic harmonyLinking sense to sound and sight,Father, unto thee we raiseThis our sacrifice of praise. 4.For the joy of human love,Brother, sister, parent, child,Friends on earth, and friends above,For all gentle thoughts and mild,Father, unto thee we raiseThis our sacrifice of praise. 5.For each perfect gift of thineTo our race so freely given,Graces human and divine,Flowers of earth and buds of Heaven,Father, unto thee we raiseThis our sacrifice of praise.  Folliott Sandford Pierpoint (1835-1917)


Belmont, 76; French, 88C.M. 1.God moves in a mysterious wayHis wonders to perform;He plants his footsteps in the seaAnd rides upon the storm. 2.Deep in unfathomable mines of never-failing skill,He treasures up his bright designs,And works his sovereign will. 3.Ye fearful saints, fresh courage take:The clouds ye so much dreadAre big with mercy, and shall breakIn blessings on your head. 4.Judge not the Lord by feeble sense,But trust him for his grace;Behind a frowning providenceHe hides a smiling face. 5.His purposes will ripen fast,Unfolding every hour;The bud may have a bitter taste,But sweet will be the flower. 6.Blind unbelief is sure to errAnd scan his work in vain;God is his own interpreter,And he will make it plain.  William Cowper (1731-1800)


Minterne, 310; Spanish Chant, 3157. 1.God of concrete, God of steel,God of piston and of wheel,God of pylon, God of steam,God of girder and of beam,God of atom, God of mine,All the world of power is thine. 2.Lord of cable, Lord of rail,Lord of motorway and mail,Lord of rocket, Lord of flight,Lord of soaring satellite,Lord of lightning's livid line,All the world of speed is thine. 3.Lord of science, Lord of art,God of map and graph and chart,Lord of physics and research,Word of Bible, faith of Church,Lord of sequence and design,All the world of truth is thine. 4.God whose glory fills the earth,Gave the universe its birth,Loosed the Christ with Easter's might,Saves the world from evil's blight,Claims mankind by grace divine,All the world of love is thine.  Richard Granville Jones


Childhood, 4718.8.8.6. 1.God speaks to us in bird and song,In winds that drift the clouds along,Above the din and toil of wrong,A melody of love. 2.God speaks to us in far and near,In peace of home and friends most dear,From the dim past and present clear,A melody of love. 3.God speaks to us in darkest night,By quiet ways through mornings bright,When shadows fall with evening light,A melody of love. 4.O Voice divine, speak thou to me.Beyond the earth, beyond the sea,First let me hear, then sing to theeA melody of love.  Joseph Johnson (1848-1926)


Whitechapel, 3488.5.8.5. D. 1.God who touches earth with beauty,Make my heart anew;With they Spirit recreate mePure and strong and true.Like thy springs and running waters,Make me crystal pure;Like thy rocks of towering grandeur,Make me strong and sure. 2.Like thy dancing waves in sunlight,Make me glad and free;Like the straightness of the pine treesLet me upright be.Like the arching of the heavens,Lift my thoughts above;Turn my dreams to noble action,Ministries of love. 3.Like the birds that soar while singing,Give my heart a song;May the music of thanksgivingEcho clear and strong.God who touchest earth with beauty,Make my heart anew;Keep me ever by thy SpiritPure and strong and true.  Mary Susan Edgar (1889-1973)


Great is thy faithfulness, 657For words and music see Song 983  American Supplement


Monkland, 286; Theodora, 2977.7.7.7. 1.Let us with a gladsome mindPraise the Lord, for he is kind:For his mercies shall endure,Ever faithful, ever sure. 2.Let us blaze his name abroad,For of gods he is the God:For his mercies shall endure,Ever faithful, ever sure. 3.He, with all-commanding might,Filled the new-made world with light:For his mercies shall endure,Ever faithful, ever sure. 4.He the golden-tressed sunCaused all day his course to run:For his mercies shall endure,Ever faithful, ever sure. 5.All things living he doth feed,His full hand supplies their need:For his mercies shall endure,Ever faithful, ever sure.  John Milton (1608-74)


Morning has broken, 735 1.Morning has brokenLike the first morning,Blackbird has spokenLike the first bird.Praise for the singing!Praise for the morning!Praise for the, springingFresh from the Word! 2.Sweet the rain's new fallSunlit from Heaven,Like the first dewfallOn the first grass.Praise for the sweetnessOf the wet garden,Sprung in completenessWhere his feet pass. 3.Mine is the sunlight,Mine is the morning,Born of the one lightEden saw play.Praise with elation,Praise every morning,God's re-creationOf the new day.  Eleanor Farjeon (1881-1965)


Quam Dilecta, 2186.6.6.6. 1.O bright eternal One,Thy voice commanded lightAnd from the shapeless voidCalled order and delight! 2.Through thunder, fire and calmThy secret thought have stirredThe hearts of humble menWho waited on thy word. 3.O Word invisible,We see thee now appearAlong the path we tread,For Jesus Christ is here! 4.O loving, living Lord,Thou hast in Jesus givenA purpose and a wayFor travelers to Heaven! 5.Then let us dwell in himWhose dwelling is above,And seek until we know,And love until we love. 6.O ever-living Lord,Our hearts and lips shall proveThe beauty of thy house,The glory of thy love!  Catherine Baird (1895-1984)


How great thou art! 544For words and music see Song 993American Supplement 


Hold thou my hand! 54311.10.11.10. 1.O Lord of every shining constellationThat wheels in splendor through the midnight sky,Grant us your Spirit's true illuminationTo read the secrets of your work on high. 2.You, Lord, have made the atom's hidden forces,You laws its mighty energies fulfill;Teach us, to whom you give such rich resources,In all we use, to serve your holy will. 3.O Life, awaking life in cell and tissue,From flower to bird, from beast to brain of man;Help us to trace, from birth to final issue,The sure unfolding of your age-long plan. 4.You, Lord, have stamped your image on your creatures,And, though they mar that image, love them still;Lift up our eyes to Christ, that in his featuresWe may discern the beauty of your will. 5.Great Lord of nature, shaping and renewing,You made us more than nature's sons to be;You help us tread, with grace our souls enduing,The road to life and immortality.  Albert Frederick Bayly (1901-84)


How Great thou art! 54411.10.11.10. 1.O mighty God! When I thy works considerWhich thou hast formed by thine all-wise command;And see the care thou to thy works dost render,That all who live may feed from out thy hand:ChorusIn songs of praise my heart bursts forth to sing:O mighty God! O mighty God!In songs of praise my heart bursts forth to sing:O mighty God! O mighty God! 2.When thunders roll, and when the clouds are threatening,When lightnings flash across the darkening sky,When mighty storms are on my head descending,And calming rainbows span the heavens high: 3.When summer winds upon my cheeks are breathing,And flowers are blooming in the sunlight beams;When over hill and vale the birds are singing,And branching willows watch by crystal streams: 4.When all that now is real comes to an ending,And I my faith and hope can see fulfilled;When heavenly bells my raptured soul are calling,To lasting rest, where joys are never stilled:  Carl Boberg (1859-1940), trs Walter M. Powell (1867-1956)


Ruth, 208; Look away to Jesus, 2046.5.6.5. D. 1.Summer suns are glowingOver land and sea,Happy light is flowingBountiful and free;Everything rejoicesIn the mellow rays,All earth's thousand voicesSwell the psalm of praise. 2.God's free mercy streamethOver all the world,And his banner gleamethEverywhere unfurled;Broad and deep and gloriousAs the heaven above,Shines in might victoriousHis eternal love. 3.Lord, upon our blindnessThy pure radiance pour;For thy loving kindnessMake us love thee more.And when clouds are driftingDark across the sky,Then, the veil uplifting,Father, be though nigh. 4.We will never doubt thee,Though thou veil thy light:Life is dark without thee;Death with thee is bright.Light of light, shine o'er usOn our pilgrim way,Go thou still before usTo the endless day.  William Walsham How (1823-97)


I bring my all to thee, 152; Ellacombe, 147

D.C.M. 1.The little cares which fretted me,I lost them yesterdayAmong the fields, above the sea,Among the winds at play;Among the lowing of the herds,The rustling of the trees,Among the singing of the birds,The humming of the bees. 2.The foolish fears of what may come,I cast them all awayAmong the clover-scented grass,Among the new-mown hay;Among the hushing of the corn,Where drowsing poppies nod.Ill thoughts can die, and good be born,Out in the fields of God.  Elizabeth Barrett Browning (1806-61)


Terra Beata, 186D.S.M. 1.This is my Father's world,And to my listening ears,All nature sings and round me ringsThe music of the spheres.This is my Father's world,I rest me in the thoughtOf rocks and trees, of skies and seas;His hand the wonders wrought. 2.This is my Father's world,The birds their carols raise,The morning light, the lily white,Declare their Maker's praise.This is my Father's world"He shines in all that's fair;In the rustling grass, I hear him pass,He speaks to me everywhere. 3.This is my Father's world;O let me ne'er forgetThat though the wrong seems oft so strong,God is the ruler yet.This is my Father's world'The battle is not done;Jesus who died shall be satisfied,And earth and Heaven be one.  Maltbie Davenport Babock (1858-1901) See also:   925 Eternal Source of every joy                   983 Great is thy faithfulness



God is love, 333; Zealley, 3388. 1.Come, let us all unite to sing:God is love!Let Heaven and earth their praises bring,God is love!Let every soul from sin awake,Each in his heart sweet music make,And sing with us, for Jesus' sake:God is love! 2.O tell to earth's remotest bound,God is love!In Christ we have redemption found,God is love!His blood has washed our sins away,His Spirit turned our night to day,And now we can rejoice to say:God is love! 3.How happy is our portion here,God is love!His promises our spirits cheer,God is love!He is our sun and shield by day,Our help, our hope, our strength, our stay;He will be with us all the way;God is love! 4.In Canaan we will sing again:God is love!And this shall be our loudest strain:God is love!While endless ages roll along,We'll triumph with the heavenly throng,And this shall be our sweetest song:God is love!  Anon


His love remains the same, 668 1.Don't assume that God's dismissed you from his mind,Don't assume that God's forgotten to be kind;For no matter what you do, his love still follows you;Don't think that you have left him far behind.ChorusFor his love remains the same,He knows you by your name,Don't think because you failed him he despairs;For he gives to those who askHis grace for every task,God plans for you in love for he still cares. 2.Don't assume that God will plan for you no more,Don't assume that there's no future to explore;For your life he'll re-design, the pattern be divine;Don't think that your repentance he'll ignore. 3.Don't assume you cannot give what he'll demand,Don't assume that God condemns you out of hand;For he gives to those who ask his grace for every task;Don't think that God will fail to understand.  John Gowans


God gave his Son for me, 188 1.God gave his Son for me,O wondrous love!From sin to set me free,O wondrous love!A guilty rebel l,Bound and condemned to die,He did not pass me by;O wondrous love! 2.There, there at God's right hand,O wondrous love!I see my Saviour stand,O wondrous love!He makes my nature pure,In him I am secure,Whatever I endure;O wondrous love! 3.He'll give me needful grace,O wondrous love!Soon I shall see his face,O wondrous love!Join those who've gone before,Sorrow and pain all o'er,Heaven, Heaven, for evermore!O wondrous love!  Charles Fry (1837-82)


God loved the world, 90C.M. 1.God loved the world of sinners lostAnd ruined by the fall;Salvation full, at highest cost,He offers free to all.ChorusO 'twas love, 'twas wondrous love,The love of God to me;It brought my Saviour from above,To die on Calvary! 2.E'en now by faith I claim him mine,The risen Son of God;Redemption by his death I find,And cleansing through the blood. 3.Love brings the glorious fulness in.And to his saints makes knownThe blessed rest from inbread sin,Through faith in Christ alone. 4.Believing souls, rejoicing go;There shall to you be givenA glorious foretaste, here below,Of endless life in Heaven.  Martha Matilda Stockton (1821-85)


My bonnie lies over the ocean, 738 1.God's love is as high as the heavens,God's love is as deep as the sea,God's love is for all kinds of sinners,God's love is sufficient for me.ChorusGod's love, God's love,God's love is sufficient for me;God's love, God's love,God's love is sufficient for me. 2.God's love is as wide as creation,God's love is as boundless and free,God's love brought his Son down from Heaven,God's love is sufficient for me. 3.God's love brought his Son down from Heaven,God's love let him die on the tree;God's love, it can never be measured,God's love is sufficient for me.  Anon


God's love is wonderful, 150;Faith is the victory, 148D.C.M. 1.God's love to me is wonderful,That he should deign to hearThe faintest whisper of my heart,Wipe from mine eyes the tear;And though I cannot comprehendSuch love, so great, so deep,In his strong hands my soul I trust,He will not fail to keep.ChorusGod's love is wonderful,God's love is wonderful,Wonderful that he should give his Son to die for me;God's love is wonderful! 2.God's love to me is wonderful!My very steps are planned;When mists of doubt encompass me,I hold my Father's hand.His love has banished every fear,In freedom I rejoice,And with my quickened ears I hearThe music of his voice. 3.God's love to me is wonderful!He lights the darkest way;I now enjoy his fellowship,'Twill last through endless day.My Father doth not ask that IGreat gifts on him bestow,But only that I love him too,And serve him here below.  Sidney Edward Cox (1887-1975)


As high as the sky, 609 1.Have you ever stopped to think how God loves you?It sounds quite incredible, and yet it's true.Nothing on this earth or in the heavens aboveIs as sure and certain as God's love.ChorusO it's as high as the sky and it's as deep as the sea,And it's as wide as the world, God's love for you and for me.We can't escape his love, or take ourselves out of his care,So where could we hide from his love?His love is everywhere. 2.Everything is changing in the world today,There's one thing reliable in every way,Other things may alter but it's clear and plainThat the love of God is just the same. 3.Wider than the human mind can realize,His love is unlimited and never dies;Though we don't deserve it, every day it's new;That's the love of God for me and you.  John Gowans


How much more, 25 1.If human hearts are often tender,And human minds can pity know,If human love is touched with splendor,And human hands compassion show,ChorusThen how much more shall God our FatherIn love forgive, in love forgive!Then how much more shall God our FatherOur wants supply, and none deny! 2.If sometimes men can live for others,And sometimes give where gifts are spurned,If sometimes treat their foes as brothers,And love where love is not returned, 3.If men will often share their gladness,If men respond when children cry,If men can feel each other's sadness,Each other's tears attempt to dry,  John Gowans


Love stands the test, 726 1.Live has a language, all its own making,Voiced in its giving, love gives its best;Instant and constant with joy while awaking,Tells its own story--love stands the test.ChorusLove stands the test,Love gives its best,Love planned our life's course, designedly blest;Love won in the garden,Love climbed the green hill;Love will live on,for love stands the test. 2.Love's life is always all its best giving,Giving, it lives, for love thrives on this;Thus, when the best in this world is decaying,Love will live on,for love stands the test. 3.Love's gift is God's gift--God is all-loving;We can be like him in this blest quest;Let love's sweet echo in you be resounding:Love will live on,for love stands the test.  Joseph Buck (1889-1945)


The wonder of his grace, 826 1.Many are the things I cannot understand,All above my mystery I see;But the gift most wonderful from God's own handSurely is his gift of grace to me!ChorusHigher than the stars that reach eternity,Broader than the boundaries of endless space,Is the boundless love of God that pardoned me;O the wonder of his grace! 2.When I came to Jesus with my sin and shameAnd to him confessed my deepest need,When by faith I trusted fully in his name,God's rich grace was granted me indeed. 3.Passing understanding is his boundless love,More than I can ever comprehend,Jesus, in his mercy, left his throne above,All to be my Saviour and my friend.  Howard Davies


Dominus regit me, 353; St Columbia, 3568.7.8.7. Iambic 1.The King of love my Shepherd is,Whose goodness faileth never;I nothing lack if I am hisAnd he is mine forever. 2.Where streams of living water flowMy ransomed soul he leadeth,And where the verdant pastures growWith food celestial feedeth. 3.Perverse and foolish oft I strayed,But yet in love he sought me,And on his shoulder gently laidAnd home rejoicing brought me. 4.In death's dark vale I fear no illWith thee, dear Lord, beside me;Thy rod and staff my comfort still,Thy cross before to guide me. 5.And so through all the length of daysThy goodness faileth never;Good Shepherd, may I sing thy praiseWithin thy house forever.  Henry Williams Baker (1821-77)


Crimond, 82; My Shepherd, 115C.M. 1.The Lord's my Shepherd, I'll not want;He makes me down to lieIn pastures green, he leadeth meThe quiet waters by. 2.My soul he doth restore again,And me to walk doth makeWithin the paths of righteousness,E'en for his own name's sake. 3.Yea, though I walk in death's dark vale,Yet will I fear no ill,For thou art with me, and thy rodAnd staff me comfort still. 4.My table thou hast furnishedIn presence of my foes;My head thou dost with oil anoint,And my cup overflows. 5.Goodness and mercy all my lifeShall surely follow me;And in God's house for evermoreMy dwelling-place shall be.  Scottish Psalter, 1650


Stracathro, 136C.M. 1.What shall I do my God to love,My loving God to praise?The length and breadth and height to prove,And depth of sovereign grace? 2.Thy sovereign grace to all extends,Immense and unconfined;From age to age it never ends;It reaches all mankind. 3.Throughout the world its breadth is known,Wide as infinity;So wide it never passed by one,Or it had passed by me. 4.The depth of all-redeeming love,What angel tongue can tell?O may I to the utmost proveThe gift unspeakable! 5.Come quickly, gracious Lord, and takePossession of thine own;My longing heart vouchsafe to makeThine everlasting throne.  Charles Wesley (1707-88)                     *     *     * See also:   238 Do you sometimes fell that                          no one truly knows                   854 You can't stop rain from falling                          down

The Lord Jesus Christ



Miles Lane, 114; Diadem, 83;Coronation, 352C.M. 1.All hail the power of Jesus' name!Let angels prostrate fall;Bring forth the royal diademAnd crown him Lord of all! 2.Let every kindred, every tribe,All nations great and small,To him all majesty ascribe,And crown him Lord of all! 3.Ye sinners lost of Adam's race,Partakers of the fall,Come and be saved by Jesus' grace,And crown him Lord of all! 4.Crown him, ye martyrs of our GodWho from his altar call;Extol the power of Jesus' blood,And crown him Lord of all! 5.O that with yonder sacred throngWe at his feet may fall,Join in the everlasting song,And crown him Lord of all!  Edwards Perronet (1726-92), alt


Hallelujah to the Lamb, 92;Nativity New, 117C.M. 1.Come, let us join our cheerful songsWith angels round the throne;Ten thousand thousand are their tongues,But all their joys are one.ChorusHallelujah to the Lamb,Who died on Mount Calvary!Hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah, amen! 2.Worthy the Lamb that died, they cry,To be exalted thus!Worth the Lamb, our hearts reply,For he was slain for us! 3.Jesus is worthy to receiveHonor and power divine;And blessings more than we can giveBe, Lord, for ever thine. 4.The whole creation join in oneTo bless the sacred nameOf him that sits upon the throne,And to adore the Lamb.  Isaac Watts (1674-1748) (verses)


I love the Saviour's name, 98;St Peter, 129; Lloyd, 107C.M. 1.How sweet the name of Jesus soundsIn a believer's ear;It soothes his sorrows, heals his wounds,And drives away his fear.ChorusO how I love the Saviour's name;So do I; I love the Saviour's name. 2.It makes the wounded spirit whole,And calms the troubled breast;'Tis manna to the hungry soul,And to the weary rest. 3.Dear name, the rock on which I build,My shield and hiding place,My never-failing treasury, filledWith boundless stores of grace. 4.Weak is the effort of my heart,And cold my warmest thought,But when I see thee as thou art,I'll praise thee as I ought. 5.Till then I will thy love proclaimWith every fleeting breath;And may the music of thy nameRefresh my soul in death.  John Newton (1725-1807) (verses)


Brantwood, 220; St. John, 2286. 1.I know thee who thou art,And what thy healing name;For when my fainting heartThe burden nigh o'ercame,I saw thy footprints on my roadWhere lately passed the Son of God. 2.Thy name is joined with mineBy every human tie,And my new name is thine,A child of God am I;And never more alone, since thouArt on the road beside me now. 3.Beside thee as I walk,I will delight in theeIn sweet communion talkOf all thou art to me;The beauty of thy face beholdAnd know thy mercies manifold. 4.Let nothing draw me backOr turn my heart from thee,But by the Calvary trackBring me at last to seeThe courts of God, that city fair,And find my name is written there.  Albert Orsborn (1886-1967)


Hardy Norseman, 93; the Judgment Day,138; Congress, 80C.M. 1.Jesus, the name high over all,In Hell or earth or sky;Angels and men before him fall,And devils fear and fly.ChorusWe have no other argument,We want no other plea;It is enough that Jesus died,And that he died for me. 2.Jesus, the name to sinners dear,The name to sinners given;He scatters all their guilty fear;He turns their hell to Heaven. 3.Jesus the prisoner's fetters breaks,And bruises Satan's head;Power into strengthless souls he speaks,And life into the dead. 4.O that the world would taste and seeThe riches of his grace;The arms of love that compass meWould all mankind embrace. 5.His glorious righteousness I show,His saving truth proclaim;'Tis all my business here belowTo cry: Behold the Lamb! 6.Happy, if with my latest breathI may but gasp his name,Preach him to all, and cry in death:Behold, behold the Lamb!  Charles Wesley (1707-88) (verses)


St Agnes, 126; Colne, 79C.M. 1.Jesus, the very though of theeWith sweetness fills my breast;But sweeter far thy face to see,And in thy presence rest. 2.Nor voice can sing, nor heart can frame,Nor can the memory findA sweeter sound than thy blest name,O Saviour of mankind. 3.O hope of every contrite heart!O joy of all the meek!To those who fall, how kind thou art,How good to those who seek! 4.But what to those who find? ah! thisNor tongue nor pen can show;The love of Jesus, what it isNone but his loved ones know. 5.Jesus, our only joy be thou,As thou our prize wilt be;Jesus, be thou our glory now,And through eternity.  Attr Bernard of Clairvaux (1091-1153), trs Edward Caswall (1814-78)


Darwells, 221; Milleniun, 2276. 1.Let earth and Heaven agree,Angels and men be joined,To celebrate with meThe Saviour of mankind;To adore the all-atoning Lamb,And bless the sound of Jesus' name. 2.Jesus, transporting sound,The joy of earth and Heaven;No other help is found,No other name is givenBy which we can salvation have;But Jesus came the world to save. 3.His name the sinner hears,And is from sin set free;'Tis music in his ears,'Tis life and victory!New songs do now his lips employ,And dances his glad heart for joy. 4.O unexampled love!O all-redeeming grace!How swiftly didst thou moveTo save a fallen race:What shall I do to make it knownWhat thou for all mankind hast done? 5.O for a trumpet voiceOn all the world to call,To bid their hearts rejoiceIn him who died for all!For all my Lord was crucified,For all, for all my Saviour died.  Charles Wesley (1707-88)


Zulu Air, 454; Bethany, 4298.7.8.7. D. Troch. 1.Never fades the name of Jesus,Nor is dimmed by passing time.Jesus' name is everlasting,For its meaning is sublime,Jesus' name brings joy and gladness,Daily sending forth new life;In his name there's power to gatherSouls of men from ways of strife.ChorusHow I love the name of Jesus!He has set my heart aflame!I have found a great salvationThrough the merits of his name. 2.Beautiful the name of Jesus;Let it echo round the earth,For to weary, hopeless nationsJesus' name has matchless worth.Hate at last must yield to Jesus,Sinfulness before him flee;Through his name shall truth and justiceReign again to make men free. 3.In the night his dear name shinethLike a lighthouse evermore,Guiding lonely shipwrecked seamenSafely to salvation's shore.When the sun's last rays are fading,Into darkness spread his fame,Till the ransomed hosts in HeavenSing the praises of his name.  David Welander (1898-1967), trs Catherine Baird (1895-1984)


Richmond, 125; Grimsby, 91;Azmon A.S. 988C.M. 1.O for a thousand tongues to singMy great Redeemer's praise;The glories of my God and King,The triumphs of his grace! 2.My gracious Master and my God,Assist me to proclaim,To spread through all the earth abroadThe honors of thy name. 3.Jesus! the name that charms our fears,That bids our sorrows cease;'Tis music in the sinner's ears;'Tis life and health and peace. 4.He breaks the power of canceled sin,He sets the prisoner free;His blood can make the foulest clean,His blood avails for me.  Charles Wesley (1707-88)


Annie Laurie, 2387.6.7.6. Iambic 1.Of all in earth or Heaven,The dearest name to meIs the matchless name of Jesus,The Christ of Calvary.ChorusThe Christ of Calvary,The dearest name to meIs the matchless name of Jesus,The Christ of Calvary. 2.I cannot help but love him,And tell his love to me;For he became my ransom,The Christ of Calvary. 3.I could not live without him,His love is life to me;My blood-bought life I give him,The Christ of Calvary.  Nathan Atkinson Aldersley (1826-99)


Precious Name, 3948.7.8.7. Troch. 1.Take the name of Jesus with you,Child of sorrow and of woe;It will joy and comfort give you,Take it then where'er you go.ChorusPrecious name, O how sweet!Hope of earth and joy of Heaven. 2.Take the name of Jesus everAs a shield from every snare;If temptations round you gather,Breathe that holy name in prayer. 3.O the precious name of Jesus,How it thrills our souls with joy,When his loving arms receive us,And his songs our tongues employ! 4.At the name of Jesus bowing,Falling prostrate at his feet,King of kings in Heaven we'll crown him,When our journey is complete.  Lydia Baxter (1809-74)


The Great Physician, 357Dominus regit me, 3538.7.8.7. Iambic 1.The Great Physician now is near,The sympathizing Jesus;He speaks, the drooping heart to cheer;O hear the voice of Jesus!ChorusSweetest note in seraph song,Sweetest name on mortal tongue,Sweetest carol ever sung:Jesus! blessed Jesus! 2.Your many sins may be forgiven;O hear the voice of Jesus!Go on your way in peace to Heaven,And wear a crown with Jesus. 3.All glory to the risen Lamb,I now believe in Jesus!I love the blessed Saviour's name;I love the name of Jesus. 4.His name dispels my guilt and fear;No other name but Jesus!O how my soul delights to hearThe precious name of Jesus!  William Hunter (1811-77)


The name of Jesus, 821 1.The name of Jesus is so sweet,I love its music to repeat;It makes my joys full and complete,The precious name of Jesus!ChorusJesus! O how sweet the name!Jesus! every day the same.Jesus! let all saints proclaimIts worthy praise for ever. 2.I love the name of him whose heartKnows all my griefs and bears my part,Who bids all anxious fears depart;I love the name of Jesus. 3.That name I fondly love to hear,It never fails my heart to cheer,Its music dries the falling tear;Exalt the name of Jesus! 4.No word of man can ever tellHow sweet the name I love so well;O let its praises ever swell!O praise the name of Jesus!  W. C. Martin


The Saviour's Name, 139; Lydia, 110C.M. 1.There is a name I love to hear,I love to sing its worth;It sounds like music in mine ear,The sweetest name on earth.ChorusO how I love the Saviour's name!The sweetest name on earth. 2.It tells me of a Saviour's love,Who gave his life for me,That I, and all who come to him,From sin may be set free. 3.Jesus, the name I love so well,The name I love to hear;No saint on earth its worth can tell,No heart conceive how dear. 4.In Heaven with all the blood-bought throng,From sin and sorrow free,I'll sing the new eternal songOf Jesus' love to me.  Frederick Whitfeild (1829-1904) (verses)


The name of names, 822 1.There is beauty in the name of Jesus,Passing time can ne'er extol;All the splendor of its clear unfoldingWill eternal years enrol.

ChorusIn my heart there dwells a song of purest beauty,Blissful as an echo of the angel-choir must be;Jesus is the wondrous theme its notes are weaving.Dearest name of names to me.

2.There's salvation in the name of Jesus;Trusting in his name aloneWe shall find ourselves at last presentedFaultless at his Father's throne.

3.There is comfort in the name of Jesus;Comrade, faint amid the strife,E'en as dew upon the spirit falling,Jesus is the word of life.

4.There is rapture in the name of Jesus,Joy that bears the soul above,All the wealth of Heaven to earth restoring,Name of all-redeeming love.  Will J. Brand (1889-1977)


No other name, 749 There's no other name but this name,And no other name will do.There's no other name but JesusFor folk like me and you.For no other name brings pardonAnd sets everybody free,There's no other name but JesusFor you and me. 1.Say, is there a name to live by?Is there a name for joy?Is there a name to change me,Their hate and greed destroy?Have we a name for healing?Have we a name for peace?Have we a name for freedom,Deliverance and release? 2.Say, is there a name for meaning?Is there a name for might?Is there a name to guide usEach day and every hour?Have we a name for cleansing?Have we a name for care?Have we a name for all menFor always, everywhere?  John Gowans



A child this day is born, 163S.M. 1.A child this day is born,A child of high renown,Most worthy of a scepter,A scepter and a crown.

ChorusNoel, Noel, Noel,Noel, sing all we may,Because the King of all kingsWas born this blessed day.

2.These tidings shepherds heardWhile watching o'er their fold;'Twas by an angel told them,That night revealed and told.

3.They saw a host on high,In robes of white arrayed,Which said: go ye to Bethlehem,And be ye not afraid.

4.This day your Lord is born,By name Immanuel,Whom prophets long ago foretoldShould ransom Israel.

5.The shepherds joyful spedTo Bethlehem straightway,And while with joy they hasten onThey chant this sacred lay:

6.All glory be to GodWho reigns enthroned on high,Goodwill to men and peace on earth.O wondrous melody!  Anon


All my heart this night rejoices, 602 1.All my heart this night rejoices,As I hear, far and near,Sweetest angel voices;Christ is born! their choirs are singing,Till the air, everywhere,Now with joy is ringing.

2.Hark! A voice from yonder manger,Soft and sweet, doth entreat:Flee from woe and danger;Brethren, come; from all doth grieve youYou are freed; all you needI will surely give you.

3.Come then, let us hasten yonder;Here let all, great and small,Kneel in awe and wonder;Love him who with love is yearning;Hail the star that from farBright with hope is burning.

4.Thee, O Lord, with heed I'll cherish,Live to thee, and with theeDying, shall not perish,But shall dwell with thee for everUp on high, in the joyThat can alter never.  Paulus Gerhardt (1607-76), trs Catherine Winkworth (1827-78)


Europe, 4358.7.8.7. D. Troch. 1.All our hearts rejoice this morning,On this happy Christmas day;Praise and joy to God we're sounding,Love and peace have come our way.Jesus Christ, our loving Saviour,Came to earth with gifts sublime;Let us join our voices singing:What a glory, he is mine!

2.All the angels told the storyOn the hillside long agoOf the babe who came from GloryBringing peace in endless flow.Angels, shepherds, wise men worshiped,Bowed before the child sublime;Let us join our voices singing:What a glory, he is mine!

3.Let us hear again the storyOf the angels' glorious song,Hear again the message ringing:Christ will triumph over wrong.His salvation freely givenIs his gift to all mankind;Let us join our voices singing:What a glory, he is mine!  Ernest Henry Parr


Regent Square, 423; Iris, 693; Come andworship, 4138. Troch. 1.Angels, from the realms of Glory,Wing your flight o'er all the earth:Ye, who sang creation's story,Now proclaim Messiah's birth.

ChorusCome and worship,Come and worship,Worship Christ the new-born King.

2.Shepherds in the field abiding,Watching o'er your flocks by night,God with man is now residing;Yonder shines the infant light.

3.Saints before the altar bending,Watching long in hope and fear,Suddenly the Lord, descending,In his temple shall appear.

4.Sinners moved by true repentance,Doomed for guilt to endless pains,Justice now revokes the sentence,Mercy calls you, break your chains.  James Montgomery (1771-1854)


Dix, 3067. 1.As with gladness men of oldDid the guiding star behold,As with joy they hailed its light,Leading onward, beaming bright,So, most gracious Lord, may weEver more be led to thee.

2.As with joyful steps the spedTo that lowly manger bed,There to bend the knee beforeHim whom Heaven and earth adore,So may we with willing feetEver seek the mercy seat.

3.As they offered gifts most rareAt that manger rude and bare,So may we with holy joy,Pure and free from sin's alloy,All our costliest treasures bring,Christ, to thee, our heavenly King.

4.Holy Jesus! every dayKeep us in the narrow way;And, when earthly things are past,Bring our ransomed souls at lastWhere they need no star to guide,Where no clouds thy glory hide.

5.In the heavenly country brightNeed they no created light;Thou its light, its joy, its crown,Thou its sun which goes not down;There forever we may singHallelujahs to our King.  William Chatterton Dix (1837-98)


Away in a manger, 553; Manger Scene, 564;Come, children, come quickly, 55511.11.11.11. 1.Away in a manger, no crib for a bed,The little Lord Jesus laid down his sweet head;The stars in the bright sky looked down where he lay,The little Lord Jesus asleep on the hay.

2.The cattle are lowing, the baby awakes,But little Lord Jesus no crying he makes;I love thee, Lord Jesus; look down from the skyAnd stay by my cradle 'til morning is nigh.

3.Be near me, Lord Jesus; I ask thee to stayClose by me for ever, and love me, I pray;Bless all the dear children in they tender care,And fit us for Heaven to live with thee there.  Attr Martin Luther


Christians Awake, 52310. 1.Christians awake, salute the happy mornWhereon the Saviour of the world was born!Rise to adore the mystery of love,Which hosts of angels chanted from above;With them the joyful tidings first begunOf God incarnate and the Virgin's Son.

2.Then to the watchful shepherds it was told,Who heard the angelic herald's voice: Behold,I bring good tidings of a Saviour's birthTo you and all the nations on the earth;This day hath God fulfilled his promised word,This day is born a Saviour, Christ the Lord!

3.O may we keep and ponder in our mindGod's wondrous love in saving lost mankind!Trace we the babe, who hath retrieved our loss,From his poor manger to his bitter cross;Tread in his steps, assisted by his grace,Till man's first heavenly state again takes place.  John Byrom (1692-1763)


Hyfrydol (2 verses), 438; Sweet chimingbells, 402; Sardis, 3978.7.8.7. Troch. 1.Come, thou long-expected Jesus,Born to set thy people free;From our fears and sins release us,Let us find our rest in thee.

ChorusSweet chiming bells, O how they ringTo welcome Christ, the new-born King;Sweet chiming bells, O how they ringTo welcome Christ, the King.

2.All they people's consolation,Hope of all the earth thou art;Dear desire of every nation,Joy of every longing heart.

3.Born thy people to deliver,Born a child and yet a King,Born to reign in us for ever,Now thy gracious Kingdom bring.

4.By thine own eternal SpiritRule in all our hearts alone;By thine all-sufficient meritRaise us to thy glorious throne.  Charles Wesley (1707-88) (verses)


Glory in the highest, 653 1.Do you know the song that the angel sangOn that night in the long ago,When the heavens above with their music rangTill it echoed in the earth below?

ChorusAll glory in the highest,Peace on earth, goodwill to men,Glory in the highest,Peace, goodwill to men;Glory in the highest;Glory in the highest;Peace on earth, goodwill to men. 2.Do you know the song that the shepherds heardAs they watched o'er their flocks by night,When the skies bent down, and their hearts were stirredBy the voices of the angels bright? 3.Do you know the story that the wise men learnedAs they journeyed from the East afar,O'er a pathway plain, for there nightly burnedIn their sight a glorious guiding star?  A. P. Cobb


Jot to the world! 103; Nativity, 116C.M. 1.Hark the glad sound! the Saviour comes,The Saviour promised long;Let every heart prepare a throne,And every voice a song.

2.He comes, the prisoners to releaseIn Satan's bondage held;The gates of brass before him burst,The iron fetters yield.

3.He comes, the broken heart to bind,The wounded soul to cure,And with the treasures of his grace,To enrich the humble poor. 4.Our glad hosannas, Prince of Peace,Thy welcome shall proclaim,And Heaven's eternal arches ringWith thy beloved name.  Philip Doddridge (1702-51)


Hark! the herald angels sing, 3227.7.7.7.D. 1.Hark! the herald angels sing:Glory to the new-born King;Peace on earth, and mercy mild,God and sinners reconciled.Joyful, all ye nations rise,Join the triumph of the skies;With the angelic host proclaim,Christ is born in Bethlehem.

ChorusHark! the herald angels sing:Glory to the new-born King.

2.Christ, by highest Heaven adored,Christ, the everlasting Lord,Late in time behold him come,Offspring of a virgin's womb.Veiled in flesh the Godhead see;Hail the incarnate Deity!Pleased as man with man to dwell,Jesus, our Immanuel.

3.Hail the Heaven-born Prince of Peace!Hail the Sun of righteousness!Light and life to all he brings,Risen with healing in his wings.Mild he lays his glory by,Born that man no more may die,Born to raise the sons of earth,Born to give them second birth.  Charles Wesley (1707-88)


It came upon the midnight clear, 153D.C.M. 1.It came upon the midnight clear,That glorious song of old,From angels bending near the earthTo touch their harps of gold;Peace on the earth, goodwill to men,From Heaven's all-gracious King!The world in solemn stillness layTo hear the angels sing.

2.Still through the cloven skies they comeWith peaceful wings unfurled,And still their heavenly music floatsO'er all the weary world;Above its sad and lowly plainsThey bend on hovering wing,And ever o'er its Babel-soundsThe blessed angels sing.

3.For lo! the days are hastening on,By prophet bards foretold,When with the ever-circling yearsComes round the age of gold,When peace shall over all the earthIts ancient splendors fling,And the whole world give back the songWhich now the angels sing.  Edmund Hamilton Sears (1810-76)


Joy to the world! 103C.M. 1.Joy to the world! the Lord is come;Let earth receive her King,Let every heart prepare him roomAnd Heaven and nature sing.

2.Joy to the world! the Saviour reigns;Let men their songs employ,While fields and floods, rocks, hills and plainsRepeat the sounding joy.

3.He rules the world with truth and grace,And makes the nations proveThe glories of his righteousnessAnd wonders of his love.  Isaac Watts (1674-1748)


Adeste Fideles, 55211.11.11.11. 1.O come, all ye faithful,Joyful and triumphant,O come ye, O come ye to BethlehemCome and behold himBorn the King of angels:O come let us adore him, Christ the Lord!

2.Sing, choirs of angels,Sing in exultation,Sing, all ye citizens of Heaven above;Glory to GodIn the highest:O come let us adore him, Christ the Lord!

3.Yea, Lord, we greet thee,Born this happy morning;Jesus, to thee be glory given;Word of the Father,Now in flesh appearing:O come let us adore him, Christ the Lord!  Attr John Francis Wade (1711-86)


Christmas Carol, 146; O little Town of Beth-lehem, 156; Forest Green, 149D.C.M. 1.O little town of Bethlehem,How still we see thee lie!Above thy deep and dreamless sleepThe silent stars go by.Yet in thy dark streets shinethThe everlasting light;The hopes and fears of all the yearsAre met in thee tonight.

2.For Christ is born of Mary;And, gathered all above,While mortals sleep, the angels keepTheir watch of wondering love.O morning stars, togetherProclaim the holy birth,And praises sing to God, the King,And peace to men on earth.

3.How silently, how silentlyThe wondrous gift is given!So God imparts to human heartsThe blessings of his Heaven.No ear may hear his coming;But in this world of sin,Where meek souls will receive him, stillThe dear Christ enters in.

4.O holy Child of Bethlehem,Descend to us, we pray;Cast out our sin, and enter in,Be born in us today.We hear the Christmas angelsThe great glad tidings tell;O come to us, abide with us,Our Lord Immanuel.  Phillips Brooks (1835-93)


Irby, 4608. Troch. 1.Once in royal David's cityStood a lowly cattle shed,Where a mother laid her babyIn a manger for his bed.Mary was that mother mild,Jesus Christ her little child.

2.He came down to earth from HeavenWho is God and Lord of all,And his shelter was a stableAnd his cradle was a stall;With the poor and mean and lowlyLived on earth our Saviour holy.

3.And through all his wondrous childhoodHe would honor and obey,Love and watch the lowly motherIn whose gentle arms he lay.Christian children all must beMild, obedient, good as he. 4.For he is our childhood's pattern;Day by day like us he grew;He was little, weak and helpless;Tears and smiles like us he knew;And he feeleth for our sadness,And he shareth in our gladness.

5.And our eyes at last shall see himThrough his own redeeming love;For that child so dear and gentleIs our Lord in Heaven above.And he leads his children onTo the place where he is gone.  Cecil Frances Alexander (1818-95)


See, amid the winter's snow, 2957.7.7.7. 1.See, amid the winter's snow,Born for us on earth below,See the Lamb of God appearsPromised from eternal years.

ChorusHail, thou ever blessed morn!Hail, redemption's happy dawn!Sing through all Jerusalem:Christ is born in Bethlehem. 2.Say, ye holy shepherds, sayWhat your joyful news today;Wherefore have ye left your sheepOn the lonely mountain steep? 3.As we watched at dead of night,Lo, we saw a wondrous light;Angels singing peace on earthTold us of a Saviour's birth. 4.Sacred Infant, all divine,What a tender love was thine,Thus to come from highest blissDown to such a world as this! 5.Teach, O teach us, holy Child,By thy face so meek and mild,Teach us to resemble theeIn thy sweet humility.  Edward Caswall (1814-78)


Stille Nacht, 800 1.Silent night! Holy night!All is calm, all is brightRound yon virgin mother and Child;Holy Infant so tender and mild,Sleep in heavenly peace.

2.Silent night! Holy night!Shepherds quake at the sight,Glories stream from Heaven afar,Heav'nly hosts sing alleluia;Christ the Saviour is born!

3.Silent night! Holy night!Son of God, love's pure light,Radiant beams from thy holy face,With the dawn of redeeming grace,Jesus Lord at thy birth.  Joseph Mohr (1792- 1848) trs John F. Young (1820-85)


The First Nowell, 816 1.The first Noel the angel did sayWas to certain poor shepherds in fields as they lay;In fields where they lay keeping their sheep,On a cold winter's night that was so deep.

ChorusNoel, Noel, Noel, Noel,Born is the King of Israel.

2.They looked up and saw a star,Shining in the east beyond them far,And to the earth it gave great light,And so it continued both day and night.

3.And by the light of that same star,Three wise men came from country far,To seek for a king was their intent,And to follow the star wherever it went.

4.This star drew near to the northwest,O'er Bethlehem it took its rest,And there it did both stop and stayRight over the place where Jesus lay.

5.Then entered in those wise men three,Fell reverently upon their knee,And offered there in his presenceTheir gold and myrrh and frankincense.

6.Then let us all with one accordSing praises to our heavenly Lord,That hath made Heaven and earth of naught,And with his blood mankind hath bought.  Anon


Chilhood, 4718.8.8.6. 1.They all were looking for a kingTo slay their foes and lift them high;Thou cam'st a little baby thingThat made a woman cry.

2.O Son of man, to right my lotNaught but thy presence can avail;Yet on the road thy wheels are not,Nor on the sea thy sail.

3.My fancied ways why should'st thou heed?Thou com'st down thine own secret stair;Com'st down to answer all my need,Yea, every bygone prayer.  George MacDonald (1824- 1905)


Normandy Carol, 56711.11.11.11. 1.When wise men came seeking for Jesus from far,With rich gifts to greet him and led by a star,They found in a stable the Saviour of men,A manger his cradle, so poor was he then.

2.Though laid in a manger, he came from a throne,On earth though a stranger, in Heaven he was known.How lowly, how gracious his coming to earth!His love my love kindles to joy in his birth.  Richard Slater (1854-1939),alt


Winchester Old, 144; Nativity New, 117C.M. 1.While shepherds watched their flocks by nightAll seated on the ground,The angel of the Lord came down,And glory shone around.

2.Fear not! said he; for mighty dreadHad seized their troubled mind;Glad tidings of great joy I bringTo you and all mankind.

3.To you, in David's town, this dayIs born, of David's line,A Saviour, who is Christ the Lord;And this shall be the sign:

4.The heavenly Babe you there shall findTo human view displayed,All meanly wrapped in swathing bands,And in a manger laid.

5.Thus spake the seraph, and forthwithAppeared a shining throngOf angels praising God, and thusAddressed their joyful song:

6.All glory be to God on high,And to the earth be peace;Goodwill henceforth from Heaven to menBegin and never cease!  Nahum Tate (1652-1715)

Life and Teaching


Shall you, shall I? 263; Ewing, 249;A light came out of darkness, 2447.6.7.6. D. Iambic 1.A light came out of darkness;No light, no hope had we,Till Jesus came from HeavenOur light and hope to be.Oh, as I read the storyFrom birth to dying cry,A longing fills my bosomTo meet him by and by.

ChorusShall you, shall I, meet Jesus by and by?And when we reach the Glory Land,We'll swell the song of the angel band.Shall you, shall I, meet Jesus by and by?

2.How tender his compassion,How loving was his call,How earnest his entreatyTo sinners, one and all.He wooed and won them to himBy love, and that is whyI long to be like Jesus,And meet him by and by.

3.Yet deeper do I ponder,His cross and sorrow see,And ever gaze and wonderWhy Jesus died for me.And shall I fear to own him?Can I my Lord deny?No, let me love him, serve him,And meet him by and by.  William A. Hawley (1870-1929)


Bethany, 4298.7.8.7. D. Troch. 1.Blessed are the poor in spirit,They the Kingdom shall possess;Blessed are the broken-hearted,They shall not be comfortless;Blessed are the meek and lowly,Theirs the earth by right shall be;Blessed they who thirst for goodness,They shall drink abundantly.

2.Blessed are the men of mercy,They shall fear no threatening rod;Blessed are the pure in motive,They shall see the face of God;Blessed are the peace designers,They his children shall be called;Blessed are the patient martyrs,They in Heaven are now installed.

3.Blessed are ye, O my people!Saith our God's inspiring voice;When the sons of earth revile you,Be exceeding glad--rejoice!Great is your reward in Heaven,For the prophets' marks you bear;They who suffer persecutionShall the prophets' blessings share.  Arch R. Wiggins (1893-1976), From Matthew 5:3-11


Gospel Bells, 2538.7.8.7. D. Troch. 1.Have you ever heard the storyOf the Babe of Bethlehem,Who was worshiped by the angelsAnd the wise and holy menHow he taught the learned doctorsIn the temple far away?O I'm glad, so glad to tell you,He is just the same today!

ChorusJust the same, just the same,He is just the same today.Just the same, just the same,He is just the same today.

2.Have you ever heard the storyHow he walked upon the sea,To his dear disciples tossingOn the waves of Galilee?How the waves in angry motionQuickly did his will obey?O I'm glad, so glad to tell you,He is just the same today!

3.Have you ever heard of JesusPraying in Gethsemane,And the ever-thrilling story,How he died upon the tree,Cruel thorns his forehead piercing,As his spirit passed away?This he did for you, my brother,And he's just the same today!

4.Have you ever heard of JesusWho was buried in the tomb,And was mourned by his disciplesIn despair, defeat and gloom?By the power of God eternal,He arose on Easter day,And he lives for our salvation:He is just the same today!  S. Z. Kaufman (verses 1-3), Gordon Taylor (verse 4)


Quem Pastores laudavere, 773 1.Jesus, good above all other,Gentle child of gentle mother,In a stable born our brother,Give us grace to persevere.

2.Jesus, cradled in a manger,For us facing every danger,Living as a homeless stranger,Make we thee our King most dear.

3.Jesus, for thy people dying,Risen Master, death defying,Lord in Heaven, thy grace supplying,Keep us to thy presence near.

4.Jesus, who our sorrows bearest,All our thoughts and hopes thou sharest;Thou to man the truth declarest;Help us all thy truth to hear.

5.Lord, in all our doings guide us;Pride and hate shall ne'er divide us;We'll go on with thee beside us,And with joy we'll persevere.  Percy Dearmer (1867-1936), after John Mason Neale (1818- 1866)


Tell me the old, old story, 265;Hosanna, 2557.6.7.6. D. Iambic 1.Tell me the old, old storyOf unseen things above,Of Jesus and his glory, Of Jesus and his love.Tell me the story simply,As to a little child,For I am weak and wary,And helpless and defiled.

ChorusTell me the old, old story,Tell me the old, old story,Tell me the old, old storyOf Jesus and his love.

2.Tell me the story slowly,That I may take it in,That wonderful redemption,God's remedy for sin.Tell me the story often,For I forget so soon;The early dew of morningHas passed away at noon.

3.Tell me the story softly,With earnest tones and grave;Remember! I'm the sinnerWhom Jesus came to save.Tell me the story always,If you would really beIn any time of troubleA comforter to me.

4.Tell me the same old storyWhen you have cause to fearThat this world's empty gloryIs costing me too dear.Yes, and when that world's gloryIs dawning on my soul,Tell me the old, old story:Christ Jesus makes thee whole.

 Arabella Catherine Hankey (1834-1911)


Tell me the story of Jesus, 458; Jesus islooking for thee, 457 (verse) D. Dactylic 1.Tell me the story of Jesus,Write on my heart every word;Tell me the story most precious,Sweetest that ever was heard.Tell how the angels in chorusSang, as they welcomed his birth:Glory to God in the highest,Peace and good tidings to earth!

ChorusTell me the story of Jesus,Write on my heart every word;Tell me the story most precious,Sweetest that ever was heard.

2.Fasting alone in the desert,Tell of the days that he passed;How he was tried and was tempted,Yet was triumphant at last.Tell of the years of his labors,Tell of the sorrows he bore;He was despised and afflicted,Homeless, rejected and poor.

3.Tell of the cross where they nailed him,Mocking his anguish and pain;Tell of the grave where they laid him;Tell how he liveth again.Love in that story so tender,Clearer than ever I see;Glory for ever to Jesus,He paid the ransom for me.  Fanny Crosby (1820-1915)


Martydom, 113; Whitshire, 143C.M. 1.Thou art the way: to thee aloneFrom sin and death we flee;And he who would the Father seek,Must seek him, Lord, by thee.

2.Thou art the truth; thy word aloneTrue wisdom can impart;Thou only canst inform the mindAnd purify the heart.

3.Thou art the life; the rending tombProclaims thy conquering arm;And those who put their trust in theeNor death nor Hell shall harm.

4.Thou art the way, the truth, the life;Grant us that way to know,That truth to keep, that life to win,Whose joys eternal flow.  George Washington Doane (1799-1859)


Margaret, 112C.M. 1.Thou didst leave thy throne and thy kingly crownWhen thou camest to earth for me;But in Bethlehem's home was there found no roomFor thy holy nativity.

ChorusO come to my heart, Lord Jesus;There is room in my heart for thee.

2.Heaven's arches rang when the angels sang,Proclaiming thy royal degree;But of lowly birth cam'st thou, Lord, on earthAnd in great humility.

3.Thou camest, O Lord, with the living wordThat should set thy people free;But with mocking scorn, and with crown of thorn,They bore thee to Calvary.

4.When Heaven's arches ring, and her choirs shall sing,At thy coming to victory,Let thy voice call me home, saying: Yet there is room,There is room at my side for thee! And my heart shall rejoice, Lord Jesus,When thou comest and callest for me.

 Emily Elizabeth Steele Elliott (1836-97)


Armadale, 8;  Alstone, 4L.M. 1.When Christ drew near to dwell with menAnd bear with man his earthly lot,He brought the knowledge of the LordTo sinful hearts which knew him not.

2.When Christ drew near with pardoning loveAnd free men from remorse and tears,His triumph over death assuredTheir victory over sins and fears.

3.When Christ draws near his own today,The fulness of his power to give,The Holy Spirit makes him known,And by his life we all may live.

4.Draw near, O Christ, unveil thy face,The God of glory and of grace;My heart reveal, with pardon seal,And bring me to thy holy place.  Miriam M. Richards


Lakeside, 104; Fewster, 86

C.M. 1.When Jesus looked o'er Galilee,So blue and calm and fair,Upon her bosom, could he seeA cross reflected there?

2.When sunrise dyed the lovely deeps,And sparkled in his hair,O did the light rays seem to say:A crown of thorns he'll wear?

3.When in the hush of eventide,Cool waters touched his feet,Was it a hymn of Calvary's roadHe heard the waves repeat?

4.But when the winds triumphantlySwept from the open plain,The Master surely heard the song:The Lord shall live again!  Catherine Baird (1895-1984)


Who is he? 3197. 1.Who is he in yonder stall,At whose feet the shepherds fall?

Chorus'Tis the Lord! O wondrous story,'Tis the Lord, the King of Glory!At his feet we humbly fall,Crown him, crown him Lord of all!

2.Who is he in deep distress,Fasting in the wilderness?

3.Who is he to whom they bringAll the sick and sorrowing?

4.Who is he on yonder treeDies in grief and agony?

5.Who is he who from the graveComes to succor, help and save?

6.Who is he whom from his throneRules through all the worlds alone?  Benjamin Russell Hanby (1833-97)                *  *  *See also:  304  She only touched the hem of his                           garment                  428  Jesus calls us; o'er the tumult                  558  At even, ere the sun was set                  855  A boy was born in Bethlehem 

Atoning Work


Remember Me, 122; Irish, 99C.M. 1.Alas! and did my Savior bleed,And did my sovereign die?Did he devote that sacred headFor such a worm as I?

ChorusRemember me, remember me,O Lord, remember me;Remember, Lord, thy dying groans,And then remember me.

2.Was it for sins that I have doneHe suffered on the tree?Amazing pity, grace unknown,And love beyond degree!

3.Well might the sun in darkness hideAnd shut his glories in,When Christ, the mighty maker, diedFor man, the creature's sin.

4.Dear Saviour, I can ne'er repayThe debt of love I owe!Here, Lord, I give myself away;'Tis all that I can do.  Isaac Watts (1674-1748)


St John, 228; Hollingsworth, 224;Darwells, 2216. 1.Arise, my soul, arise,Shake off they guilty fears;The bleeding sacrificeIn my behalf appears;Before the throne my surety stands,My name is written on his hands.

2.He ever lives aboveFor me to intercede,His all-redeeming love,His precious blood to plead;His blood atoned for all our raceAnd sprinkles now the throne of grace.

3.Five bleeding wounds he bears,Received on Calvary;They pour effectual prayers,They strongly plead for me.Forgive him, O forgive, they cry,Nor let that ransomed sinner die.

4.The Father hears him pray,His dear anointed one;He cannot turn awayThe presence of his Son;His Spirit answers to the bloodAnd tells me I am born of God.

5.My God is reconciled,His pardoning voice I hear;He owns me for his child,I can no longer fear;With confidence I now draw nighAnd Father, Abba Father! cry.  Charles Wesley (1707-88)


Behold the Lamb, 330; We're travelinghome, 3368.  1.Behold! behold the Lamb of GodOn the cross;For us he sheds his precious bloodOn the cross.O hear his all-important cry,Why perish, blood-bought sinner, why?Draw near and see your Saviour dieOn the cross.

2.Behold his arms extended wideOn the cross;Behold his bleeding hands and sideOn the cross.The sun withholds his rays of light,The heavens are clothed in shades of night,While Jesus does with devils fightOn the cross.

3.Come, sinners, see him lifted upOn the cross;He drinks for you the bitter cupOn the cross.The rocks do rend, the mountains quake,While Jesus doth atonement make,While Jesus suffers for our sakeOn the cross.

4.And now the mighty deed is doneOn the cross;The battle's fought, the victory's wonOn the cross.To Heaven he turns his dying eyes;'Tis finished! now the conqueror cries;Then bows his sacred head and diesOn the cross.

5.Where'er I go I'll tell the storyOf the cross;In nothing else my soul shall glorySave the cross.Yes, this my constant theme shall beThrough time and in eternity,That Jesus tasted death for meOn the cross.  Richard Jukes (1804-67)


He wipes the tear, 63;Sweet hour of prayer, 66D.L.M. 1.Behold him now on yonder tree,The Prince of Peace, the heavenly King;O what can his transgression beSuch shameful punishment to bring?And lo, a thief hangs on each side;Who justly suffers for his crime.But why should Christ be crucified,The one so holy, so divine?

ChorusIt was for me, yes, even me,That Jesus died on Calvary;My soul to cleanse from all its guilt,His precious blood my Saviour spilt.

2.O sinner, see, for you and meHe freely suffers in our stead;And lo, he dies upon the tree;Behold, he bows his sacred head!So pure, yet he has borne our guilt,By death our ransom he has paid;It was for us his blood was spilt;Our every sin on him was laid.

3.O loving Saviour, take my heart,No longer can I live from thee!With all unlike thee now I part;Thy wondrous love has conquered me.I yield to thee my little all;Accept me now, Lord, as thine own;I'll be obedient to thy callAnd spend my life for thee alone.  George Samuel Smith(1865-1944)


Bethany, 429; Hyfrydol, 4388.7.8.7. D. Troch. 1.Hail, thou once despised Jesus,Hail, thou Galilean King!Thou didst suffer to release us;Thou didst free salvation bring.Hail, thou universal Saviour,Bearer of our sin and shame!By thy merits we find favor;Life is given through thy name.

2.Precious Lamb by God appointed,All our sins on thee were laid;By almighty love anointed,Thou hast full atonement made.All thy people are forgivenThrough the virtue of thy blood,Opened is the gate of Heaven,Peace is made 'twixt man and God.

3.Worship, honor, power and blessingThou art worthy to receive;Loudest praises without ceasingMeet it is for us to give.Help, ye bright angelic spirits,Bring your sweetest, noblest lays;Help to sing the Saviour's merits,Help to chant Immanuel's praise.  John Bakewell (1721-1819) and others


St Bees, 293; Hendon, 2827.7.7.7. 1.Hark, my soul! it is the Lord;'Tis thy Saviour, hear his word;Jesus speaks, and speaks to thee:Say, poor sinner, lov'st thou me?

2.I delivered thee when bound,And, when bleeding, healed thy wound;Sought thee wandering, set thee right,Turned thy darkness into light.

3.Can a woman's tender careCease toward the child she bare?Yes, she may forgetful be;Yet will I remember thee.

4.Mine is an unchanging love,Higher than the heights above,Deeper than the depths beneath,Free and faithful, strong as death.

5.Thou shalt see my glory soon,When the work of grace is done;Partner of my throne shalt be;Say, poor sinner, lov'st thou me?

6.Lord, it is my chief complaintThat my love is weak and faint;Yet I love thee, and adore;O for grace to love thee more!  William Cowper (1731-1800)


The meeting of the waters,574;Manger Scene, 56411.11.11.11. 1.I met the good ShepherdJust now on the plain,As homeward he carriedHis lost one again;I marveled how gentlyHis burden he bore,And as he passed by meI knelt to adore.

2.O Shepherd, good Shepherd,Thy wounds they are deep;The wolves have sore hurt theeIn saving thy sheep.Thy raiment all overWith crimson is dyed;And what is this woundThey have made in thy side?

3.O Shepherd, good Shepherd,And is it for meThis grievous afflictionHas fallen on thee?Thy wounds make me love thee,My heart shall be thine;With thee I will journey,My shepherd divine.

 Edward Caswall (1814-78)


St Oswald, 396; Sardis, 397;Cross of Jesus, 3668.7.8.7. Troch. 1.In the cross of Christ I glory,Towering o'er the wrecks of time;All the light of sacred storyGathers round its head sublime.

2.When the woes of life o'ertake me,Hopes deceive and fears annoy,Never shall the cross forsake me;Lo! it glows with peace and joy.

3.When the sun of bliss is beamingLight and love upon my way,From the cross the radiance streamingAdds more luster to the day.

4.Ban and blessing, pain and pleasure,By the cross are sanctified;Peace is there that knows no measure,Joys that through all time abide.

5.In the cross of Christ I glory,Towering o'er the wrecks of time;All the light of sacred storyGathers round its head sublime.  John Bowring (1792-1872)


St Stephen, 130C.M. 1.It is the blood that washes white,That makes me pure within,That keeps the inward witness right,That cleanses from all sin.

2.It is the blood that sweeps awayThe power of Satan's rod,That shows the new and living wayThat leads to Heaven and God.

3.It is the blood that brings us nighTo holiness and Heaven,The source of victory and joy,God's life for rebels given.  William James Pearson (1832-92)


Wonderful Love, 864 1.Jesus came down my ransom to be;O it was wonderful love!For out of the Father's hear he came,To die for me on a cross of shame,And from sin's bondage to reclaim;O it was wonderful love!

ChorusWonderful, wonderful, wonderful love,Coming to me from Heaven above,Filling me, thrilling me through and through;O it was wonderful love!

2.Clear to faith's vision the cross revealsBeautiful actions of love;And all that by grace e'en I may beWhen saved, to serve him eternally.He came, he died, for your and me;O it was wonderful love!

3.His death's a claim, his love has a plea;O it is wonderful love!Ungrateful was I to slight thy call,But, Lord, now I come, before thee fall,I give myself, I give up all,All for that wonderful love.  Emmanuel Rolfe (1853-1914)


Near the cross, 272; Healing Stream, 2707.6.7.6. Troch. 1.Jesus, keep me near the cross;There a precious fountain,Free to all, a healing stream,Flows from Calvary's mountain.

ChorusIn the cross, in the cross, be my glory ever;Till my raptures soul shall find rest beyond the river.

2.Near the cross, a trembling soul,Love and mercy found me;There the bright and morning starShed its beams around me.

3.Near the cross! O Lamb of God,Bring its scenes before me;Help me walk from day to dayWith its shadow o'er me.

4.Near the cross I'll watch and wait,Hoping, trusting ever,Till I reach the golden strandJust beyond the river.  Fanny Crosby (1820-1915)


Deep Harmony, 16; Arizona, 7L.M. 1.Jesus, thy blood and righteousnessMy beauty are, my glorious dress;'Midst flaming worlds, in these arrayed,With joy shall I lift up my head.

2.Bold shall I stand in thy great day,For who aught to my charge shall lay?Fully absolved through these I amFrom sin and fear, from guilt and shame.

3.The holy, meek, unspotted Lamb,Who from the Father's bosom came,Who died for me, e'en me, to atone,Now for my Lord and God I own.

4.Lord, I believe thy precious blood,Which at the mercy seat of God,For ever doth for sinners plead,For me, e'en for my soul, was shed.

5.When from the dust of death I riseTo claim my mansion in the skies,E'en then this shall be all my plea,Jesus hath lived, hath died for me.  Nicolas Ludwig von Zinzendorf (1700-60) trs John Wesley (1703-91)


Lead me to Calvary, 105 For words and music see Song 985American Supplement 


Man of sorrows! 731 1.Man of sorrows! what a nameFor the Son of God, who cameRuined sinners to reclaim;Hallelujah! What a Saviour!

2.Bearing shame and scoffing rude,In my place condemned he stood,Sealed my pardon with his blood;Hallelujah! What a Saviour!

3.Guilty, vile and helpless we,Spotless Lamb of God was he;Full atonement--can it be?Hallelujah! What a Saviour!

4.Lifted up was he to die;It is finished was his cry;Now in Heaven, exalted high;Hallelujah! What a Saviour!

5.When he comes, our glorious King,All his ransomed home to bring,Then anew this song we'll sing:Hallelujah! What a Saviour!  Philip Paul Bliss(1838-76)


Mother Machree, 736 1.Many thoughts stir my heart as I ponder alone;Many places attract me with charms all their own;But the thought of all thoughts is of Christ crucified,The place of all places, the hill where he died.

ChorusO the charm of the cross! How I love to be there!With the love that shines from it, what love can compare?The seal of my ransom in Calvary I see,All my sin, O my Saviour, laid upon thee!

2.'Tis the end of my sin and the source of all grace;'Tis the word of God's love to a prodigal race;'Tis the greatest, the grandest gift God could impart,Surpassing my reason but winning my heart.

3.For the sake of the Christ and the love of his crossI have yielded my all and not reckoned it loss;There's a place in my heart which the Saviour must fill;No other can take it, and none ever will.  Albert Orsborn (1886-1967)


Dennis, 165; No sorrow there, 173S.M. 1.Not all the blood of beastsOn Jewish altars slain,Could give the guilty conscience peaceOr wash away our stain.

2.But Christ, the heavenly Lamb,Takes all our sins away,A sacrifice of nobler nameAnd richer blood than they.

3.My faith would lay her handOn that meek head of thine,While as a penitent I standAnd here confess my sin.

4.My soul looks back to seeThe burden thou didst bear,When hanging on the accursed tree,And knows her guilt was there.

5.Believing, we rejoiceTo feel the curse remove;We bless the Lamb with cheerful voice,And sing his dying love.  Isaac Watts (1674-1748)


Warrington, 56; Hursley, 26L.M. 1.O come and look awhile on him,Whom we have pierced, who for us died;Together let us look and mourn,Jesus, our Lord, is crucified.

2.His willing hands and feet are bound;His gracious lips with thirst are dried;His pitying eye is dimmed with woe;Jesus, our Lord, is crucified.

3.Shall we refuse to hear him speak?Dare we the sinless one deride?Surely on him our sins are laid;Jesus, our Lord, is crucified.

4.His cross of shame is all our hope;The fountain opened in his sideShall purge our deepest stains away;Jesus, our Lord is crucified.

5.O love of God! O sin of man!In this dread act your strength is tried;And victory remains with love,For he, our Lord, is crucified.

6.A broken and a contrite heartTo none who ask will be denied;A broken heart love's dwelling is,The temple of the crucified.  Frederick William Faber (1814-63),alt


Mozart, 4968. Iambic 1.O love upon a cross impaled,My contrite heart is drawn to thee;Are thine the hands my pride has nailed,And thine the sorrows borne for me?Are such the wounds my sin decrees?I fall in shame upon my knees.

2.'Twere not for sinners such as ITo gaze upon thy sore distress,Or comprehend thy bitter cryOf God-forsaken loneliness.I shelter from such agoniesBeneath thy cross, upon my knees.

3.Forgive! Forgive! I hear thee plead;And me forgive! I instant cry.For me thy wounds shall intercede,For me thy prayer shall make reply;I take the grace that flows from these,In saving faith, upon my knees.

4.Now take thy throne, O Crucified,And be my love-anointed King!The weapons of my sinful prideAre broken by thy suffering.A captive to love's victories,I yield, I yield upon my knees.  Albert Orsborn (1886-1967)


Passion Chorale, 2587.6.7.6. D. Iambic 1.O sacred head now wounded,With grief and pain weighed down,How scornfully surroundedWith thorns, thine only crown!How pale art thou with anguish,With sore abuse and scorn!How does that visage languishWhich once was bright as morn!

2.O Lord of life and glory,What bliss till now was thine!I read the wondrous story,I joy to call thee mine.Thy grief and thy compassionWere all for sinners' gain;Mine, mine was the transgression,But thine the deadly pain.

3.What language shall I borrowTo thank thee, dearest Friend,For this thy dying sorrow,Thy pity without end?O make me thine for ever!And should I fainting be,Lord, let me never, neverOutlive my love to thee.

4.Be near me, Lord, when dying;O show thyself to me;And, for my succor flying,Come, Lord, to set me free.These eyes, new faith receiving,From Jesus shall not move;For he who dies believing,Dies safely through thy love.  Paulus Gerhardt (1607-76) (from Bernard of Clairvaux 1091-1152), trs James Waddell Alexander (1804-59)


The old rugged cross, 58512.9.12.9. 1.On a hill far away stood an old rugged cross,The emblem of suffering and shame,And I love that old cross where the dearest and bestFor a world of lost sinners was slain.

ChorusSo I'll cherish the old rugged crossTill my trophies at last I lay down;I will cling to the old rugged crossAnd exchange it some day for a crown.

2.O that old rugged cross, so despised by the world,Has a wondrous attraction for me;For the dear Lamb of God left his glory aboveTo bear it to dark Calvary.

3.To the old rugged cross I will ever be true,Its shame and reproach gladly bear;Then he'll call me some day to my home far awayWhere his glory for ever I'll share.  George Bennard (1873-1958)


It was on the cross, 28; *Calvary, 14;On Calvary's brow, 39L.M. 1.On Calvary's brow my Saviour died,'Twas there my Lord was crucified;'Twas on the cross he bled for me,And purchased there my pardon free.

ChorusIt was on the cross he shed his blood,It was there he was crucified;But he rose again, and he lives in my heartWhere all is peace and perfect love.O Calvary, dark Calvary,Where Jesus shed his blood for me.O Calvary, dark Calvary:Speak to my heart of Calvary.

2.'Mid rending rocks and darkening skies,My Saviour bows his head and dies;The opening veil reveals the wayTo Heaven's joys and endless day.

3.O Jesus, Lord, how can it beThat thou shouldst give thy life for me,To bear the cross and agonyIn that dread hour on Calvary?  William Darwood William Fairhurst (first choice)


From that sacred hill, 649 1.On Calvary's tree the King of Glory languished,Held not by nails but by undying love,Sin's debt to pay, the sting of death remove,Boundless cleansing to provide,Mercy's gate open wide.

ChorusFrom that sacred hillHope is gleaming still;Thy shame and grief he bore;Go in peace, sin no more.

2.His purple robe is parted 'mong the soldiers,That scepter-reed discarded where it fell;Yet, meekly borne, that crown of cruel thornStill attests his royal might,Fears to quell, wrongs to right.

3.Darkness descends, the cross in mystery veiling,Deep thunders roll and lightnings rend the skiesAs Jesus dies, a willing sacrifice;God's own word by blood is sealed:By his stripes we are healed.

4.His tender touch can heal the broken-hearted,His word dispel the darkness of despair;Come, bring thy sin, thy sorrow, pain and care,And, believing, thou shalt proveAll the strength of his love.  Florence Lilian Pollock (1899-1981)


Deep Harmony, 16;*He wipes the tear, 63L.M. 1.On every hill our Saviour dies,And not on Calvary's height alone;His sorrows darken all our skies,His griefs for all our wrongs atone.

2.Present he is in all our woes,Upon a world-wide cross is hung;And with exceeding bitter throesHis world-embracing heart is wrung.

ChorusGo! Cry the news from every hill;Go! Ring the earth with sacred flame;To pardon is the Father's will,And Jesus is the Saviour's name.

3.In us his love invested is,God cannot pass a suppliant by;For heard in God's eternitiesOur prayers repeat the Saviour's cry.

4.And for the sake of that dear nameWith which all hope of good is given,Our heavy load of sin and shameThe Father clears, and cries: Forgiven!  Albert Orsborn (1886-1967)


On the cross of Calvary, 326;Maidstone, 3257.7.7.7. D. 1.On the cross of Calvary,Jesus died for you and me;;There he shed his precious blood,That from sin we might be free.O the cleansing stream does flow,And it washes white as snow!It was for me that Jesus diedOn the cross of Calvary.

ChorusOn Calvary, on Calvary!It was for me that Jesus diedOn the cross of Calvary.

2.O what wondrous, wondrous loveBrought me down at Jesus' feet!O such wondrous, dying loveAsks a sacrifice complete!Here I give myself to thee,Soul and body, thine to be;It was for me thy blood was shedOn the cross of Calvary.

3.Take me, Jesus, I am thine,Wholly thine, for evermore;Blessed Jesus, thou art mine,Dwell within for evermore;Cleanse, O cleanse my heart from sin,Make and keep me pure within!It was for this thy blood was shedOn the cross of Calvary.

4.Clouds and darkness veiled the skyWhen the Lord was crucified;It is finished! was his cryWhen he bowed his head and died.With this cry from Calvary's treeAll the world may now go free;It was for this that Jesus diedOn the cross of Calvary.  Sarah Jean Graham (c 1854-c 1889)


Love's old sweet song, 52510. 1.Once, on a day, was Christ led forth to die,And with the crowd that pressed on him joined I.Slowly they led him, led him to the tree,And I beheld his hands no more were free.Bound fast with cords, and this was his distress,That men denied those hands outstretched to bless.

ChorusSacred hands of Jesus, they were bound for me;Wounded hands of Jesus, stretched upon a tree,Ever interceding, mercy is their plea.Their effectual pleading brings grace to me,Redeeming grace to me.

2.Hands that were scarred by daily fret and tear;Hands quick to soothe the troubled brow of care;Hands strong to smite the sins that men enthrone,Yet never raised to seek or claim their own:Dear hands of Christ! and yet men feared them soThat they must bind them as to death they go.

3.Hands that still break to men the living bread;Hands full of power to raise again the dead,Potent and healing, eager to reclaim,Laid in forgiveness on one bowed in shame;Say, wouldst thou bind, by pride and unbelief,Those hands that compass all thy soul's relief?  Albert Orsborn (1886-1967)


Sunset, 52210.10.10.10. Iambic 1.Others he saved, himself he cannot save,Railed they against him on the cross above;They were the bondsmen by their pride enslaved:He was the freeman, bound alone by love.

2.Others he saved, himself he cannot save;He was the shepherd, dying for his sheep.No man can take it, but his life he gave,From death returning, all his own to keep.

3.Others he saved, himself he would not save,Though hosts of angels waited his command;He marched to victory through an open grave,Flung wide life's portals with his mighty hand.

4.Others he saved, himself he did not save;Lonely, forsaken, our sinbearer he,Love to the utmost for my soul he gave;Lord, by that love I bind myself to thee.  Albert Orsborn (1886-1967)


St John, 228; Brantwood, 2206. 1.Silent and still I standBefore that weeping treeWhereon the Son of manPours out his life for me.O sin of man! O love of God!O cleansing, efficacious flood!

2.The Saviour asks no tears,Weep not for me, he cries;Yet all our broken yearsAre mirrored in his eyes.And all our griefs, including mine,Go surging through that heart divine.

3.Fain would I hide mine eyesFrom love so torn with pain;Yet all within me criesTo look, and look again;I cannot pierce the mystery,But this I know: he dies for me.

4.For me, and once for all,Our Saviour willing dies,As mercy's tender callRings out upon the skies;O man upon that weeping tree,In penitence we come to thee!  Albert Orsborn (1886-1967)


Fountain, 87; Martydom, 113C.M. 1.There is a fountain filled with blood,Drawn from Immanuel's veins;And sinners plunged beneath that floodLose all their guilty stains.

ChorusI do believe, I will believe,That Jesus died for me;That on the cross he shed his blood,And now he sets me free.

2.The dying thief rejoiced to seeThat fountain in his day;And there have I, as vile as he,Washed all my sins away.

3.Dear dying Lamb, thy precious bloodShall never lose its power,Till all the ransomed host of GodBe saved, to sin no more.

4.E'er since by faith I saw the streamThy flowing wounds supply,Redeeming love has been my theme,And shall be till I die.

5.Then in a nobler, sweeter songI'll sing thy power to save,When this poor lisping, stammering tongueLies silent in the grave.  William Cowper (1731-1800) (verses)


Horsley, 95; Sawley, 132;

Lloyd, 107C.M. 1.There is a green hill far away,Without a city wall,Where the dear Lord was crucifiedWho died to save us all.

2.We may not know, we cannot tellWhat pains he had to bear;But we believe it was for usHe hung and suffered there.

3.He died that we might be forgiven,He died to make us good,That we might go at last to Heaven,Saved by his precious blood.

4.There was no other good enoughTo pay the price of sin;He only could unlock the gateOf Heaven, and let us in.

5.O dearly, dearly, has he lovedAnd we must love him too,And trust in his redeeming blood,And try his works to do.  Cecil Frances Alexander (1818-95)


Calvary, 14; Was it for me? 57L.M. 1.Was it for me, the nails, the spear,The cruel thorns, the mocking jeer,That rugged cross, 'twixt earth and sky--Was it for me he came to die?

ChorusHe loved me so! He loved me so!Dark Calvary he chose to knowTo vanquish sin and death and woe;'Twas all because he loved me so.

2.Was it for me, that opened tomb,Dispelling fear and death and gloom?So vast a truth proclaims to meThat I through him can victor be.

3.Yes, all for me--the cross, the grave,A risen Lord with power to save!My joyful heart is filled with praiseAs songs of happiness I raise.  Rose Nicol (d 1957)


Turner, 504; Melita, 4958. Iambic 1.We worship thee, O Crucified!What glories didst thou lay aside;What depth of human grief and sinDidst thou consent to languish in,That through atoning blood outpouredOur broken peace might be restored!

2.We mourn that e'er our hearts should beOne with a world that loves not thee;That with the crowd we passed thee byAnd saw, but did not feel, thee die.Not till we knew our guilt and shameDid we esteem the Saviour's name.

3.Though with our shame we shunned the light,Thou didst not leave us in the night;We were not left in sin to strayUnsought, unloved, from thee away;For from thy cross irradiatesA power that saves and recreates.

4.O loved above all earthly love,To thee our hearts adoring move;Thy boundless mercies yearn to saveAnd in thy blood sin's wounds to lave.O speed the day when men shall seeThat human hopes are all in thee.  Albert Orsborn (1886-1967)


Rockingham, 43; Deep Harmony, 16L.M. 1.When I survey the wondrous crossOn which the Prince of Glory died,My richest gain I count but loss,And pour contempt on all my pride.

2.Forbid it, Lord, that I should boastSave in the death of Christ, my God;All the vain things that charm me most,I sacrifice them to his blood.

3.See, from his head, his hands, his feet,Sorrow and love flow mingled down;Did e'er such love and sorrow meet,Or thorns compose so rich a crown?

4.Were the whole realm of nature mine,That were a present far too small;Love so amazing, so divine,Demands my soul, my life, my all.  Isaac Watts (1674-1748)


To save a poor sinner, 837 1.When Jesus was born in the mangerThe shepherds came thither to see,For the angels proclaimed that a Saviour was bornTo save a poor sinner like me.

ChorusTo save a poor sinner, to save a poor sinner,To save a poor sinner like me;For the angels proclaimed that a Saviour was bornTo save a poor sinner like me.

2.He was wounded for my transgressions,Aquainted with sorrow was he;In the garden he prayed, and sweat great drops of blood,To save a poor sinner like me.

3.He was brought to Pilate for judgment,He was sentenced to hang on a tree.It is finished! he cried, when he suffered and diedTo save a poor sinner like me.

4.But death and the grave could not hold him,He burst them asunder for thee.On the third day he rose, in spite of his foes,To save a poor sinner like me.

5.I'm fighting my passage to Heaven,O'er death I shall conquerer be,Then to Glory I'll fly, and shout through the sky:He saved a poor sinner like me.  John Lawley (1859-1922) (verses 4 and 5 )


Wareham, 55

L.M. 1.Within my heart, O Lord, fulfilThe purpose of thy death and pain,That all may know thou livest stillIn blood-washed hearts to rule and reign.

2.O Lord, I gaze upon thy face,That suffering face so married for me;Touched by the wonders of thy graceMy heart in love goes out to thee.

3.O Saviour, by thy bleeding formThe world is crucified to me;Thy loving heart, so rent and torn,Thy suffering bids me share with thee.

4.'Twas on the cross thou didst redeemMy soul from sin and dark despair;'Tis near the cross I would be seen,And welcome every sinner there.  Herbert Howard Booth (1862-1926)


Wonderful story of love, 865 1.Wonderful story of love!Tell it to me again;Wonderful story of love!Wake the immortal strain.Angels with rapture announce it,Shepherds with wonder receive it;Sinner, O won't you believe it?Wonderful story of love!

ChorusWonderful! Wonderful!Wonderful story, wonderful story of love!

2.Wonderful story of love!Though you are far away;Wonderful story of love!Still he doth call today.Calling from Calvary's mountain,Down from the crystal bright fountain,E'en from the dawn of creation;Wonderful story of love!

3.Wonderful story of love!Jesus provides a rest;Wonderful story of love!For all the pure and blest;Rest in those mansions above us,With those who've gone on before us,Singing the rapturous chorus;Wonderful story of love!  John Merritte Driver (1858-1918) 


Sovereignty, 502,; Stella, 5038. Iambic 1.Would Jesus have the sinner die?Why hangs he then on yonder tree?What means that strange expiring cry?Sinners, he prays for you and me.Forgive them, Father, O forgive!They know not that by me they live!

2.Jesus descended from aboveOur loss of Eden to retrieve;Great God of universal love,If all the world through thee may live,In me a quickening Spirit beAnd witness thou hast died for me!

3.Thou loving, all-atoning Lamb!Thee--by thy painful agony,Thy sweat of blood, thy grief and shame,Thy cross and passion on the tree,Thy precious death and life--I pray,Take all, take all my sins away.

4.O let me kiss thy bleeding feet,And bathe and wash them with my tears;The story of thy love repeatIn every drooping sinner's ears,That all may hear the quickening sound,Since I, even I have mercy found.

5.O let thy love my heart constrain,Thy love for every sinner free;That every fallen soul of manMay taste the grace that found out me,That all mankind with me may proveThy sovereign, everlasting love!  Charles Wesley (1707-88)                   *     *     * see also:   274  He came to give us life                  360  My Saviour suffered on the tree                  985  Lead me to Calvary                  989  Beneath the Cross of Jesus                  990  Victory in Jesus 

Resurrection and Ascension


*Camberwell, 201; Princethorpe, 2066.5.6.5. D. 1.At the name of JesusEvery knee shall bow,Every tongue confess himKing of Glory now;'Tis the Father's pleasureWe should call him Lord,Who from the beginningWas the mighty Word.

2.At his voice creationSprang at once to sight,All the angel faces,All the hosts of light,Thrones and dominations,Stars upon their way,All the heavenly ordersIn their great array.

3.Humbled for a season,To receive a nameFrom the lips of sinnersUnto whom he came,Faithfully he bore itSpotless to the last,Brought it back victoriousWhen from death he passed.

4.Bore it up triumphantWith its human light,Through all ranks of creaturesTo the central height,To the throne of Godhead,To the Father's breast;Filled it with the gloryOf that perfect rest.

5.In your hearts enthrone him;There let him subdueAll that is not holy,All that is not true;Crown him as your captainIn temptation's hour;Let his will enfold youIn its light and power.  Caroline Maria Noel (1817-77)


Christ is Alive! (Truro, 54)L.M. For words and music see Song 987American Supplement 


Easter Hymn, 281; Llanfair, 2717.7.7.7. 1.Christ the Lord is risen today,Hallelujah!Sons of men and angels say:Hallelujah!Raise your joys and triumphs high;Hallelujah!Sing, ye heavens; thou earth, reply:Hallelujah!

2.Love's redeeming work is done;Fought the fight, the battle won;Lo! the sun's eclipse is o'er,Lo! he sets in blood no more.

3.Vain the stone, the watch, the seal,Christ hath burst the gates of Hell;Death in vain forbids his rise;Christ hath opened Paradise.

4.Lives again our glorious King;Where, O death, is now thy sting?Once he died our souls to save;Where's thy victory, boasting grave?

5.Soar we now where Christ has led,Following our exalted head;Made like him, like him we rise,Ours the cross, the grave, the skies.  Charles Wesley(1707-88)


And above the rest, 5;Morning Hymn, 35L.M. 1.I know that my redeemer lives,What joy the blest assurance gives!He lives triumphant o'er the grave,He lives omnipotent to save.

ChorusAnd above the rest this note shall swell,My Jesus hath done all things well.

2.He lives to bless me with his love,He lives to plead my cause above,He lives to silence all my fears,He lives to wipe away my tears.

3.He lives, my wise and constant friend,He lives and loves me to the end,He lives my mansion to prepare,He lives to guide me safely there.

4.He lives, all glory to his name,He lives, eternally the same;What joy the sweet assurance givesThat Jesus, my redeemer, lives!  Samuel Medley (1738-99) (verses)


Maidstone, 3257.7.7.7. D. 1.In the shadow of the crossSide by side with bitter loss,Bloomed a garden, passing fair,And they laid the Saviour there.Sad, they thought his day was done,But, afar, his rising sunFlung a quenchless ray acrossTo the garden near the cross.

2.Not for long the grave prevailed;When the dreary night had paledInto God's appointed day,Angels rolled the stone away.Christ, the Lord of truth and might,Faring forth in robes of light,Drove the fearful shades of lossFrom the garden near the cross.

3.Jesus, give to us to know:Though in loneliness we sow,We shall pluck the fairest flowerIn the sacrificial hour.Sorrow hides beneath her wingsRecompense for sufferings,And the blessing waits for usIn the garden near the cross.  Albert Orsborn (1886-1967)


St Francis, 45L.M 1.Let us rejoice, the fight is won,Darkness is conquered, death undone,Life triumphant! Alleluia!So age to age each nation growsMore like the heart of him who rose.

ChorusAlleluia, alleluia,Alleluia, alleluia, alleluia!

2.Joy comes again! all shall be well,Friends severed now in Heaven shall dwellReunited! Alleluia!The end of all our ways is love,Then rise with him to things above.

3.Thou boundless power, thou God on high,How could thy children fear to die?Joy immortal! Alleluia!Thy right rewards, thy love forgives;We know that our redeemer lives.  Percy Dearmer (1867-1936)


Crown the Saviour, 367; Triumph, 427;Helmsley, 4178.7.8.7. Troch. 1.Look, ye saints! The sight is glorious;See the man of sorrows now,From the fight returned victorious;Every knee to him shall bow.Crown him, crown him!Crowns become the victor's brow.

2.Crown the Saviour, angels crown him;Rich the trophies Jesus brings;In the seat of power enthrone him,While the vault of Heaven rings.Crown him, crown him!Crown the Saviour King of kings!

3.Sinners in derision crowned him,Mocking thus the Saviour's claim;Saints and angels crowd around him,Own his title, praise his name.Crown him, crown him!Spread abroad the victor's fame!

4.Hark, those bursts of acclamation!Hark, those loud triumphant chords!Jesus takes the highest station;O what joy the sight affords!Crown him, crown him!King of kings and Lord of Lords!  Thomas Kelly (1769-1855)


Up from the grave he arose, 839 1.Low in the grave he lay,Jesus, my Saviour;Waiting the coming day,Jesus, my Lord.

ChorusUp from the grave he arose,With a mighty triumph o'er his foes.He arose a victor from the dark domain,And he lives for ever with his saints to reign.He arose! He arose! Hallelujah! Christ arose!

2.Vainly they watch his bed,Jesus, my Saviour;Vainly they seal the dead,Jesus, my Lord.

3.Death cannot keep his prey,Jesus, my Saviour;He tore the bars away,Jesus, my Lord.  Robert Lowry (1826-99)


He Lives, 4668. 1.O joyful sound! O glorious hourWhen Christ by his almighty powerArose and left the grave!Now let our songs his triumph tellWho broke the chains of death and Hell,And ever lives to save.

ChorusHe lives, he lives,I know that my redeemer lives.

2.The first-begotten of the dead,For us he rose, our glorious head,Immortal life to bring.What though the saints like him shall die,They share their leader's victory,And triumph with their King.

3.No more we tremble at the grave;For he who died our souls to saveWill raise our bodies too.What though this earthly house shall fail,The Saviour's power will yet prevailAnd build it up anew.  Thomas Kelly (1769-1855) (verses)


Winchester New, 61L.M. 1.Ride on, ride on in majesty!Hark, all the tribes hosanna cry;Thine humble beast pursues his roadWith palms and scattered garments strowed.

2.Ride on, ride on in majesty!In lowly pomp ride on to die;O Christ, thy triumphs now beginO'er captive death and conquered sin.

3.Ride on, ride on in majesty!The winged squadrons of the skyLook down with sad and wondering eyesTo see the approaching sacrifice.

4.Ride on, ride on in majesty!The last and fiercest strife is nigh;The Father on his sapphire throneExpects his own anointed Son.

5.Ride on, ride on in majesty!In lowly pomp ride on to die;Bow thy meek head to mortal pain,Then take, O God, thy power, and reign.  Henry Hart Milman (1791-1868)


Victory, 840 1.The strife is o'er, the battle done;Now is the victor's triumph won;Now be the song of praise begun:Alleluia!

2.The powers of death have done their worst,But Christ their legions hath dispersed:Let shouts of holy joy outburst,Alleluia!

3.The three sad days have quickly sped;He rises glorious from the dead:All glory to our risen head!Alleluia!

4.He closed the yawning gates of Hell;The bars from Heaven s high portals fell;Let hymns of praise his triumphs tell.Alleluia!

5.Lord, by the stripes which wounded thee,From death's dread sting thy servants free,That we may live and sing to thee.Alleluia!  Symphonia Sirenum Selectarum (1695), trs Francis Pott (1832-1909), alt


Maccabeus, 728 1.Thine is the glory,Risen, conquering Son;Endless is the victoryThou o'er death hast won.Angels in bright raimentRolled the stone away.Kept the folded grave clothesWhere thy body lay.

ChorusThine is the glory,Risen, conquering Son;Endless is the victoryThou o'er death hast won.

2.Lo! Jesus meets thee,Risen from the tomb;Lovingly he greets thee,Scatters fear and gloom;Let his Church with gladnessHymns of triumph sing,For her Lord now liveth;Death has lost its sting.

3.No more we doubt thee,Glorious Prince of Life!Life is naught without thee;Aid us in thy strife;Make us more than conquerorsThrough thy deathless love;Bring us safe through JordanTo thy home above.  Edmond Louis Budry (1854-1932), trs Richard Birch Hoyle (1875-1939)


Dutch Carol, 638 1.This joyful Eastertide,Away with sin and sorrow,My love, the crucified,Hath sprung to life this morrow:

ChorusHad Christ, that once was slain,Ne'er burst his three-day prison,Our faith had been in vain:But now hath Christ arisen.

2.My flesh in hope shall rest,And for a season slumber:Till trump from east to westShall wake the dead in number:

3.Death's flood hath lost his chill,Since Jesus crossed the river;Lover of souls, from illMy passing soul deliver.  George Ratcliffe Woodward (1848-1934)


Carlisle, 164S.M.1.'Tis good, Lord, to be here,Thy glory fills the night;Thy face and garments, like the sun,Shine with unborrowed light.

2.Tis good, Lord, to be here,Thy beauty to behold,Where Moses and Elijah stood,The messengers of old.

3.Fulfiller of the past,Promise of things to be,We hail thy body glorified,And our redemption see.

4.Before we taste of death,We see thy Kingdom come.O might we hold the vision brightAnd make this hill our home!

5.Tis good, Lord, to be here,Yet we may not remain;But, since thou bidst us leave the mountCome with us to the plain.  Joseph Armitage Robinson (1858-1933)


Forward! be our watchword, 203;Rachie, 2076.5.6.5. D.1.Welcome, happy morning,Age to age shall say;Hell today is vanquished,Heaven is won today.Lo! the Christ is living,God for evermore!Him, their true creator,All his works adore.

ChorusWelcome, happy morning,Age to age shall say;Hell today is vanquished,Heaven is won today.

2.Earth with joy confesses,Clothes herself for spring,Greets with life revivingHer returning King.Bloom in every meadow,Leaves on every bough,Speak his sorrows ended,Hail his triumph now.

3.Thou, of life the author,Death didst undergo,Tread the path of darkness,Saving strength to show.Come then, True and Faithful,Now fulfil thy word;'Tis thine own third morning;Rise, O buried Lord!

4.Loose the souls long prisoned,Bound with Satan's chain;All that now is fallenRaise to life again.Show thy face in brightness,Bid the nations see,Bring again our daylight,Day returns with thee.  Venantius Fortunatus (530-609), trs John Ellerton (1826-93)        *   *   * see also:   134  Was it for me, the nails, the spear                   242  Have you heard the angels singing                   986  Christ is alive for Palm Sunday see:                   150  Ride on, ride on in majesty                   853  When, his salvation bringing 



Diademata, 182D.S.M. 1.Crown him with many crowns,The Lamb upon his throne;Hark! how the heavenly anthem drownsAll music but its own;Awake, my soul, and singOf him who died for thee,And hail him as thy matchless KingThrough all eternity.

2.Crown him the Lord of life,Who triumphed o'er the grave,And rose victorious in the strifeFor those he came to save;His glories now we singWho died, and rose on high,Who died eternal life to bring,And lives, that death may die.

3.Crown him the Lord of peace,Whose power a sceptre swaysFrom pole to pole, that wars may ceaseAnd all be prayer and praise;His reign shall know no end,And round his pierced feetFair flowers of Paradise extendTheir fragrance ever sweet.

4.Crown him the Lord of love;Behold his hands and side.Those wounds, yet visible above,In beauty glorified;All hail, redeemer, hail!For thou hast died for me;Thy praise and glory shall not failThroughout eternity.  Matthew Bridges (1800-94) (verses 1,3,4), Godfrey Thring (1823-1903) (verse 2)


Austria, 408; Beautiful Zion, 4288.7.8.7.D. Troch. 1.Glorious things of thee are spoken,Zion, city of our God;He whose word cannot be brokenFormed thee for his own abode.On the rock of ages founded,What can shake thy sure repose?With salvation's walls surrounded,Thou mayest smile at all thy foes.

2.See, the streams of living waters,Springing from eternal love,Well supply thy sons and daughters,And all fear of want remove;Who can faint while such a riverEver flows their thirst to assuage;Grace which, like the Lord, the giver,Never fails from age to age?

3.Saviour, if of Zion's cityI through grace a member am,Let the world deride or pity,I will glory in thy name.Fading is the worldling's pleasure,All his boasted pomp and show;Solid joys and lasting treasureNone but Zion's children know.  John Newton (1725-1807)


Austria, 4088.7.8.7.D. Troch. 1.God is with us, God is with us,So our brave forefathers sang,Far across the field of battleLoud their holy war cry rang;Though at times they feared and faltered,Never once they ceased to sing:

ChorusGod is with us, God is with us,Christ our Lord shall reign as King!

2.Great the heritage they left us,Great the conquests to be won,Armed hosts to meet and scatter,Larger duties to be done.Raise the song they nobly taught us,Round the wide world let it ring:

3.Speed the cross through all the nations,Speed the victories of love,Preach the gospel of redemptionWheresoever men may move;Make the future in the present,Strong of heart, toil on and sing:  Walter John Mathams (1853-1931),alt


Ottawa, 4628. Troch. 1.Jesus comes! Let all adore him!Lord of mercy, love and truth.Now prepare the way before him,Make the rugged places smooth;Through the desert mark his road,Make a highway for our God.

2.Jesus comes! Reward is with him,Let the valleys all be raised,God's great glory now revealingAs the mountains are abased.Lift thy voice and greet the Lord,Cry to Zion: See thy God!

3.Jesus comes! The Christ is marchingThrough the places waste and wild;He his Kingdom is enlargingWhere no verdure ever smiled.Soon the desert will be gladAnd with beauty shall be clad.

4.Jesus comes! Where thorns have flourishedTrees shall now be seen to grow,Stablished by the Lord and nourished,Strong and fair and fruitful too.They shall rise on every side,Spread their branches far and wide.

5.Jesus comes! From barren mountainsRivers shall begin to flow,There the Lord will open fountainsAnd supply the plains below;As he passes, every landShall acclaim his powerful hand.  Thomas Kelly (1769-1855),alt


Rimington, 42; Duke Street, 17L.M. 1.Jesus shall reign where'er the sunDoth his successive journeys run;His Kingdom stretch from shore to shore,Till suns shall rise and set no more.

2.People and realms of every tongueDwell on his love with sweetest song;And infant voices shall proclaimTheir young hosannas to his name.

3.Blessings abound where'er he reigns,The prisoner leaps to lose his chains,The weary find eternal rest,And all the sons of want are blest.

4.Where he displays his healing power,Death and the curse are known no more;In him the tribes of Adam boastMore blessings than their father lost.

5.Let every creature rise and bringPeculiar honors to our King;Angels descend with songs againAnd earth prolong the joyful strain.  Isaac Watts (1674-1748)


Helmsley, 417; Praise, my soul, 4228. Troch. 1.Lo! He comes with clouds descending,Once for favored sinners slain;Thousand thousand saints attending,Swell the triumph of his train;Hallelujah!God appears on earth to reign.

2.Every eye shall now behold himRobed in dreadful majesty;Those who set at naught and sold him,Pierced and nailed him to the tree,Deeply wailing,Shall the true Messiah see.

3.Those dear tokens of his passionStill his dazzling body bears;Cause of endless exultationTo his ransomed worshipers;With what raptureGaze we on those glorious scars!

4.Yea, amen, let all adore theeHigh on thy eternal throne;Saviour, take the power and glory,Claim the Kingdom for thine own;Hallelujah!Everlasting God, come down!  Charles Wesley (1707-88)


Battle hymn of the Republic, 614 1.Mine eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the Lord;He is trampling out the vintage where the grapes of wrath arestored;He hath loosed the fateful lightning of his terrible swift sword;His truth is marching on.

ChorusGlory, glory, hallelujah!Glory, glory, hallelujah!Glory, glory, hallelujah!His truth is marching on.

2.I have seen him in the watch-fires of a hundred circling camps;They have builded him an altar in the evening dews and damps;I have read his righteous sentence by the dim and flaring lamps;His day is marching on.

3.He has sounded forth the trumpet that shall never call retreat;He is sifting out the hearts of men before his judgment seat;O be swift, my soul, to answer him, be jubilant my feet!Our God is marching on.

4.In the beauty of the lilies Christ was born across the sea,With a glory in his bosom that transfigures you and me;As he died to make men holy, let us live to make men free,While God is marching on.  Julia Ward Howe (1819-1910)


St John, 228; Skinner, 2306. 1.Not unto us, O Lord,But unto thy great name;Our trumpets are awake,Our banners are aflame,We boast no battle ever won;The victory is thine alone.

2.We were that foolish thingUnversed in worldly ways,Which thou didst choose and useUnto thy greater praise,Called and commissioned from afarTo bring to naught the things that are.

3.A hundred anthems riseFor every fighting yearSince thou, as Lord of hosts,Our captain did appearTo sanctify, to take commandAnd bring us to the promised land.

4.Not yet we hail the dayWhen all to thee shall yield,But we behold thee standUpon our battlefield.And this alone shall ever beOur sign and seal of victory.  Albert Orsborn (1886-1967)


Gopsal, 223; Darwells, 2216. 1.Rejoice, the Lord is King!Your Lord and King adore;Soldiers, give thanks, and singAnd triumph evermore:

ChorusLift up your heart, lift up your voice;Rejoice; again I say, rejoice.

2.Jesus the Saviour reigns,The God of truth and love;When he had purged our stains,He took his seat above:

3.His Kingdom cannot fail,He rules o'er earth and Heaven;The keys of death and HellAre to our Jesus given:

4.He sits at God's right hand,Till all his foes submit,And bow to his command,And fall beneath his feet:

5.He all his foes shall quell,Shall all our sins destroy,And every bosom swellWith pure seraphic joy:

6.Rejoice in glorious hope;Jesus the judge shall come,And take his servants upTo their eternal home: We soon shall hear the archangel's voice;The trump of God shall sound, Rejoice!  Charles Wesley (1707-88)


Titchfield, 3277.7.7.7.D. 1.See how great a flame aspires,Kindled by a spark of grace!Jesus' love the nations fires,Sets the kingdoms on a blaze.To bring fire on earth he came;Kindled in some hearts it is;O that all might catch the flame,All partake the glorious bliss.

2.When he first the work begun,Small and feeble was his day:Now the word doth swiftly run,Now it wins its widening way;More and more it spreads and grows,Ever mighty to prevail;Sin's strongholds it now o'erthrows,Shakes the trembling gates of Hell.

3.Sons of God, your Saviour praise!He the door hath opened wide;He hath given the word of grace,Jesus' word is glorified.Jesus, mighty to redeem,He alone the work hath wrought;Worthy is the work of him,Him who spake a world from naught.

4.Saw ye not the cloud arise,Little as a human hand?Now it spreads along the skies,Hangs o'er all the thirsty land;Lo! the promise of a showerDrops already from above;But the Lord will surely pourAll the Spirit of his love.  Charles Wesley (1707-88)


The Glory Song, 52910.10.10.10.Dact. 1.Sing we the King who is coming to reign,Glory to Jesus, the Lamb that was slain,Life and salvation his empire shall bringJoy to the nations when Jesus is King.

ChorusCome let us sing: Praise to our King,Jesus our King, Jesus our King;This is our song, who to Jesus belong:Glory to Jesus, to Jesus our King.

2.All men shall dwell in his marvelous light,Races long severed his love shall unite,Justice and truth from his sceptre shall spring,Wrong shall be ended when Jesus is King.

3.All shall be well in his Kingdom of peace,Freedom shall flourish and wisdom increase,Foe shall be friend when his triumph we sing,Sword shall be sickle when Jesus is King.

4.Souls shall be saved from the burden of sin,Doubt shall not darken his witness within,Hell hath no terrors, and death hath no sting;Love is victorious when Jesus is King.

5.Kingdom of Christ, for thy coming we pray,Hasten, O Father, the dawn of the dayWhen this new song thy creation shall sing,Satan is vanquished and Jesus is King.  Charles Silvester Horne (1865-1914)


Alford, 245 1.Ten thousand times ten thousand,In sparkling raiment bright,The armies of the ransomed saintsThrong up the steeps of light;'Tis finished! all is finished,Their fight with death and sin;Fling open wide the golden gates,And let the victors in.

2.What rush of hallelujahsFills all the earth and sky;What ringing of a thousand harpsBespeaks the triumph nigh!O day, for which creationAnd all its tribes were made!O joy, for all its former woesA thousandfold repaid!

3.Bring near thy great salvation,Thou Lamb for sinners slain;Fulfil thy love's redemptive plan.Then take thy power and reign;Appear, desire of nations,Thine exiles long for home;Show in the heavens thy promised sign;Thou Prince and Saviour, come.  Henry Alford (1810-71)


St Magnus, 128; Stracathro, 136C.M. 1.The head that once was crowned with thornsIs crowned with glory now;A royal diadem adornsThe mighty victor's brow.

2.The highest place that Heaven affordsIs his, is his by right,The King of kings and Lord of lordsAnd Heaven's eternal light.

3.The joy of all who dwell above,The joy of all belowTo whom he manifests his love,And grants his name to know.

4.To them the cross, with all its shame,With all its grace, is given,Their name an everlasting name,Their joy the joy of Heaven.

5.They suffer with their Lord below,They reign with him above,Their profit and their joy to knowThe mystery of his love.

6.The cross he bore is life and health,Though shame and death to him,His people's hope, his people's wealth,Their everlasting theme.  Thomas Kelly (1769-1855)


O the crowning day, 758 1.There is coming on a great day of rejoicing,When all the ransomed shall gather,their Lord as King to crown;All earth's sorrow and its sin then disappearing,Every heart will the Saviour then own.

ChorusO the crowning day is coming,Hallelujah!O the crowning day is coming,Praise the Lord!For our Saviour-King shall reign,He shall have his own again,Hallelujah! Hallelujah!

2.From far distant lands battalions now are marching,Who will have part in the honors which Jesus will bestow;God be praised for all the souls that now are starting,Swelling the hosts that to victory go.

3.Do you, comrades, feel at times a bit downhearted,When in the fight all looks dark,and the foe seems fierce and strong?At such times I find my fear has all departedWhen I remember that day coming on.  Richard Slater (1854-1939)


They shall come from the east, 831 1.They shall come from the east,they shall come from the west,And sit down in the Kingdom of God;Both the rich and the poor,the despised, the distressed,They'll sit down in the Kingdom of God.And none will ask what they have beenProvided that their robes are clean;They shall come from the east,they shall come from the west,And sit down in the Kingdom of God.

2.They shall come from the east,they shall come from the west,And sit down in the Kingdom of God;To be met by their Father and welcomed and blessed,And sit down in the Kingdom of God.The black, the white, the dark, the fair,Your color will not matter there;They shall come from the east,they shall come from the west,And sit down in the Kingdom of God.

3.They shall come from the east,they shall come from the west,And sit down in the Kingdom of God;Out of great tribulation to triumph and restThey'll sit down in the Kingdom of God.From every tribe and every race,All men as brothers shall embrace;They shall come from the east,they shall come from the west.And sit down in the Kingdom of God.  John Gowans


Diademata, 182D.S.M. 1.Thine is the Kingdom, Lord,Thou art the King of kings;Thy realm enfolds the universeAnd Heaven its tribute brings;Though evil forces seemOn earth to hold the sway,Thy loyal peoples wait in faithTo hail thy crowning day.

2.Thine is the power, O Lord,Nor Heaven nor earth can break;The oceans move at thy command,The stars their courses make.Thou canst the breath of manBestow or canst withhold;Of all the wonders of thy powerNo tongue has ever told.

3.Thine is the glory, Lord,The greatness and the praise,The final victory over death,The end of mortal days.All majesty is thine,Beyond the poet's pen,For thou art life, and light and love:Amen, amen, amen!  Arch R. Wiggins (1893-1976)


St Cecilia, 2196.6.6.6. 1.Thy kingdom come, O God!Thy rule, O Christ, begin!Break with thine iron rodThe tyrannies of sin.

2.Where is thy reign of peace,And purity and love?When shall all hatred cease,As in the realms above?

3.When comes the promised timeThat war shall be no more,And lust, oppression, crime,Shall flee thy face before?

4.We pray thee, Lord, arise,And come in thy great might;Revive our longing eyes,Which languish for thy sight.

5.Men scorn thy sacred name.And wolves devour thy fold;By many deeds of shameWe learn that love grows cold.

6.O'er lands both near and farThick darkness broodeth yet:Arise, O morning Star,Arise, and never set!  Lewis Hensley (1824-1905)


Pilgrims, 54811.10.11.10. 1.Yet once again, by God's abundant mercy,We join our song of thankfulness and praise;Ever the light of our redeemer's victoryShineth before us in the world's dark ways.

ChorusJesus shall conquer, lift up the strain!Evil shall perish and righteousness shall reign.

2.0 for the time of Christ's completed mission!Throbs of its rapture reach us as we pray;Gleams of its glory bursting on our visionSpeed us to labor, urge us on our way.

3.Stretch out thy hand, O God, and let the nationsFeel through thine host the thrill of life divine;Grant us, we pray, still greater revelations,Make of these days an everlasting sign.  Albert Orsborn (1886-1967)                           *   *   * see also:   84  Joy to the world!                147  Look, ye saints! The sight is glorious                833  We have caught the vision splendid 

Praise and Worship


Sine Nomine, 515; St Philip, 51410.10.10.8. 1.All praise to thee, for thou, O King divine,Didst yield the glory that of right was thine,That in our darkened hearts thy grace might shine:Alleluia! Alleluia!

2.Thou cam'st to us in lowliness of thought;By thee the outcast and the poor were sought;And by thy death was God's salvation wrought:Alleluia! Alleluia!

3.Let this mind be in us which was in thee,Who wast a servant that we might be free,Humbling thyself to death on Calvary:Alleluia! Alleluia!

4.Wherefore, by God's eternal purpose, thouArt high exalted o'er all creatures now,And given the name to which all knees shall bow:Alleluia! Alleluia!

5.Let every tongue confess with one accordIn Heaven and earth that Jesus Christ is Lord:And God the Father be by all adored:Alleluia! Alleluia!  Francis Bland Tucker (1895-1984)


Beautiful Christ, 52610.10.10.10.Dact. 1.Beautiful Jesus, bright star of the earth,Loving and tender from moment of birth;Beautiful Jesus, though lowly thy lot,Born in a manger, so rude was thy cot.

ChorusBeautiful Christ, beautiful Christ,Fairest of thousands, and pearl of great price;Beautiful Christ, beautiful Christ,Gladly we welcome thee, beautiful Christ.

2.Beautiful Jesus, what treasure you brought,When from Heaven's splendor the earth first you sought.Beautiful Jesus, beloved of God.Emblem of purity, emblem of good.

3.Beautiful Jesus, so gentle and mild,Light of the sinner in ways dark and wild;Beautiful Jesus, O save such just now,As at thy feet they in penitence bow!  Elizabeth Ashby


Warrington, 56; Abends, 2L.M. 1.Deep were the scarlet stains of sin,Strong were the bonds of fault within;But now I stand both pure and free,The blood of Jesus cleanses me.

2.Strong are the foes that round me creep,Constant the vigil I must keepBut from a secret armoryThe grace of Jesus strengthens me.

3.What though the treacherous road may wind,Faith in my heart assures my mind;E'en when his face I do not see,The hand of Jesus reaches me.

4.This is the lamp to pilgrim given,This is my passport into Heaven,Portent of immortality,That God, through Jesus, dwells in me.  Olive Holbrook (1895-1986)


Ascalon, 2326. 1.Fairest Lord Jesus,Lord of all nature,O thou of God and man the Son;Thee will I cherish,Thee will I honor,Thou my soul's glory, joy and crown.

2.Fair are the meadows,Fairer the woodlands,Robed in the blooming garb of spring;Jesus is fairer,Jesus is purer,Who makes the woeful heart to sing.

3.Fair is the sunshine,Fairer the moonlight,And all the twinkling starry host;Jesus shines brighter,Jesus shines purerThan all the angels Heaven can boast.

4.Beautiful Saviour,Lord of the nations,Son of God and Son of man,Glory and honor,Praise, adoration,Now and for evermore be thine.  Anon


I love to sing, 678 1.I Love to sing of the SaviourWho gave his life for me;He fills my spirit with gladness,For service sets me free.

ChorusHow I love to sing,How I love to sing,How I love to sing of Jesus!How I love to sing!

2.I love to sing of his beauty,His greatness and his love,A theme that thrills all creationIn earth and Heaven above.

3.I love to sing of his virtue,His all-transforming might;To sing of his great salvationBe all my heart's delight.  Gosta Blomberg (1905-1981)


My Saviour's love, 742 1.I Stand amazed in the presenceOf Jesus the Nazarene,And wonder how he could love me,A sinner, condemned. unclean.

ChorusHow marvelous! How wonderful!And my song shall ever be:How marvelous! How wonderfulIs my Saviour's love for me!

2.For me it was in the gardenHe prayed: Not my will, but thine;He had no tears for his own griefs,But sweat drops of blood for mine.

3.He took my sins and sorrows,He made them his very own;He bore my burden to Calvary.And suffered and died alone.

4.When with the ransomed in GloryHis face I at last shall see,'Twill be my joy through the agesTo sing of his love for me.  Charles Hutchinson Gabriel (1856-1932)


I will sing of my redeemer, 3808.7.8.7.Troch. 1.I will sing of my redeemer,And his wondrous love to me;On the cruel cross he suffered,From the curse to set me free.

ChorusSing, O sing of my redeemer!With his blood he purchased me,On the cross he sealed my pardon.Paid the debt and made me free.

2.I will sing the wondrous story,How my lost estate to save,In his boundless love and mercy,He the ransom freely gave.

3.I will praise my dear redeemer,His triumphant power I'll tell;How the victory he givethOver sin and death and Hell.

4.I will sing of my redeemerAnd his heavenly love to me;He from death to life has brought me,Son of God. with him to be.  Philip Paul Bliss (1838-76)


Bartholomew, 51810.10.10.10.Iambic 1.O Christ, who came to share our human life,God's Word made flesh to speak his love for men,Lead us in service to thy holy causeTill sons of earth are sons of God again.

2.0 Christ, who dared to stand on trial aloneBefore the angry mob and Roman might,We seek thy courage; make it now our ownThat we may stand unflinching for thy right.

3.0 Christ, who died with arms outstretched in loveFor all who lift their faces to thy cross,Fill, thou, our lives with charity divine,Till thou and thine are all, and self is loss.

4.O Christ, who rose victorious over deathTo loose thy living presence on our earth.Teach us to feel thy greatness till we know,In life and death, the soul's enduring worth.  Catherine Bonnell Arnott


Ebenezer, 433; Burning, Burning, 3648.7.8.7.D. Troch. 1.O the deep, deep love of Jesus,Vast, unmeasured, boundless, free,Rolling as a mighty oceanIn its fulness over me!Underneath me, all around me,Is the current of thy love;Leading onward, leading homeward,To my glorious rest above.

2.O the deep, deep love of Jesus,Spread his praise from shore to shore;How he loveth, ever loveth,Changeth never, nevermore;How he watcheth o'er his loved ones,Died to call them all his own;How for them he intercedeth,Watcheth o'er them from the throne.

3.O the deep, deep love of Jesus,Love of every love the best;'Tis an ocean vast of blessing,'Tis a haven sweet of rest.O the deep, deep love of Jesus,'Tis a Heaven of heavens to me;And it lifts me up to Glory,For it lifts me up to thee.  Samuel Trevor Francis (1834-1925)


Was Lebet, 844 1.O worship the Lord in the beauty of holiness!Bow down before him, his glory proclaim;With gold of obedience, and incense of lowliness,Kneel and adore him, the Lord is his name.

2.Low at his feet lay thy burden of carefulness,High on his heart he will bear it for thee,Comfort thy sorrows and answer thy prayerfulness,Guiding thy steps as may best for thee be.

3.Fear not to enter his courts in the slendernessOf the poor wealth thou wouldst reckon as thine;Truth in its beauty, and love in its tenderness,These are the offerings to lay on his shrine.

4.These, though we bring them in trembling and fearfulness,He will accept for the name that is dear;Morning of joy give for evenings of tearfulness,Trust for our trembling, and hope for our fear.

5.O worship the Lord in the beauty of holiness!Bow down before him, his glory proclaim;With gold of obedience, and incense of lowliness.Kneel and adore him, the Lord is his name.  John Samuel Bewley Monsell (1811-75)


Praise Him! 771 1.Praise him! Praise him! Jesus, our blessed redeemer!Sing, O earth. his wonderful love proclaim!Hail him! Hail him, highest archangels in glory;Strength and honor give to his holy name!Like a shepherd. Jesus will guard his children,In his arms he carries them all day long.

ChorusPraise him! Praise him!Tell of his excellent greatness;Praise him! Praise him!Ever in joyful song.

2.Praise him! Praise him! Jesus, our blessed redeemer!For our sins he suffered and bled and died;He our rock, our hope of eternal salvation.Hail him! Hail him! Jesus. the crucified!Sound his praises! Jesus who bore our sorrows,Love unbounded, wonderful, deep and strong.

3.Praise him! Praise him! Jesus, our blessed redeemer!Heavenly portals loud with hosannas ring!Jesus, Saviour, reigneth for ever and ever;Crown him! Crown him! Prophet and priest and King!Christ is coming, over the world victorious;Power and glory unto the Lord belong.  Fanny Crosby (1820-1915)


Regent Square, 4238. Troch. 1.Son of God! Thy cross beholding,Hearing thy expiring cry,All our guilt and shame unfolding,Melt the heart and dim the eye.King of Glory,Camest thou to earth to die?

2.Is it thus, O Christ eternal,Right shall reign and sin shall cease?Come we to the joy supernalBy thy dying, Prince of Peace?Matchless Jesus,Break our bonds and give release.

3.Past the reach of all despising,Past man's puny judgment bar,Now we see thy light arising,Hope is singing from afar.Hail Immanuel,Brighter than the morning star!

4.Lo, we yield thee adoration;Glory crowns thy sacred brow,And the saints of every nationAt thy feet in reverence bow.Hallelujah!In thy cross we triumph now.  Albert Orsborn (1886-1967)


Wonderful, wonderful Jesus, 866 1.There is never a day so dreary,There is never a night so long,But the soul that is trusting JesusWill somewhere find a song.

ChorusWonderful, wonderful Jesus,In the heart he implanteth a song:A song of deliverance, of courage, of strength;In the heart he implanteth a song.

2.There is never a cross so heavy,There is never a weight of woe,But that Jesus will help to carryBecause he loveth so.

3.There is never a care or burden,There is never a grief or loss,But that Jesus in love will lightenWhen carried to the cross.

4.There is never a guilty sinner,There is never a wandering one,But that God can in mercy pardon,Through Jesus Christ, his Son.  Anna Belle Russell (1962-1954)


Laudes Domini, 714 1.When morning gilds the skies,My heart awaking cries:May Jesus Christ be praised!Alike at work and prayerTo Jesus I repair;May Jesus Christ be praised!

2.Whene'er the sweet church bellPeals over hill and dell,May Jesus Christ be praised!O hark to what it sings,As joyously it rings,May Jesus Christ be praised!

3.Does sadness fill my mind?A solace here I find,May Jesus Christ be praised!Or fades my earthly bliss?My comfort still is this:May Jesus Christ be praised!

4.In Heaven's eternal blissThe loveliest strain is this:May Jesus Christ be praised!Let earth and sea and skyFrom depth to height reply:May Jesus Christ be praised!

5.Be this, while life is mine,My canticle divine:May Jesus Christ be praised!Be this th' eternal songThrough ages all along:May Jesus Christ be praised!  trs Edward Caswall (1814-78)              *   *   * see also:    38 O Lord of every shining                            constellation                 135  We worship thee, O crucified                 154  'Tis good, Lord, to be here 

The Holy Spirit

Person and Purpose


Holy Spirit, come, O come, 670 1.All the guilty past is washed away,From its penalty I'm free;Holy Spirit, now thy might display,Lead me on to full salvation.

ChorusHolly Spirit, come, O come,Let thy work in me be done!All that hinders shall be thrown aside;Make me fit to be thy dwelling.

2.Come, O Spirit, come to sanctifyAll my body, mind and will;Come, O come, and self now crucify,Let me henceforth be like Jesus.

3.Make me, Holy Spirit, strong to fightFor the Lord who died for me;Help me point the lost to Calvary's heightWhere for sinners there is mercy.

4.Perfect joy and perfect peace are mineFor my plea is heard by thee;Thou art filling me with grace divine,Fitted now for thy indwelling.  Richard Slater (1854-1939)


Trentham, 180; Carlisle, 164S.M. 1.Breathe on me, Breath of God,Fill me with life anew,That I may love what thou dost love,And do what thou wouldst do.

2.Breathe on me, Breath of God,Until my heart is pure,Until with thee I will one willTo do and to endure.

3.Breathe on me, Breath of God,Till I am wholly thine.Until this earthly part of meGlows with thy fire divine.

4.Breathe on me, Breath of God,So shall I never die,But live with thee the perfect lifeOf thine eternity.  Edwin Hatch (1835-89)


Boston, 13; Maryton, 33L.M. 1.Come, gracious Spirit, heavenly dove,With light and comfort from above,Be thou our guardian, thou our guide;O'er every thought and step preside.

2.The light of truth to us displayThat we may know and choose thy way;Plant holy fear in every heartThat we from God may ne'er depart.

3.Lead us to holiness, the roadThat we must take to dwell with God;Lead us to God, our final rest,To be with him for ever blessed.  Simon Browne (1680-1732),alt


St Oswald, 396; Sardis, 397;Galilee, 3718.7.8.7. Troch. 1.Come, thou everlasting Spirit,Bring to every thankful mindAll the Saviour's dying merit,All his sufferings for mankind.

2.True Recorder of his passion,Now the living faith impart;Now reveal his great salvation;Preach his gospel to my heart.

3.Come, thou Witness of his dying;Come, remembrancer divine!Let us feel thy power, applyingChrist to every soul, and mine.

4.Let us groan thine inward groaning,Look on him we pierced, and grieve;All receive the grace atoning,All the sprinkled blood receive.  Charles Wesley (1707-88)


For the mighty moving of thy Spirit, 646 1.For the mighty moving of thy SpiritIn our hearts and minds from day to day,For the gentle soothing of thy Spirit,When our fears had filled us with dismay:

ChorusWe adore thee, heavenly Father,And we thank thee, heavenly Father,And we praise thee, heavenly Father,As we pray.

2.For the kindly chiding of thy SpiritWhen we thought to find an easier way,For the gracious guiding of thy Spirit,And the strength we needed to obey:

3.For the tender stirring of thy SpiritWho recalled us when we went astray,The persistent spurring of thy Spirit,When we hesitated on the way:  John Gowans


Eudoxia, 197; Barnby, 1956.5.6.5. 1.Holy Spirit, hear us,Help us while we sing;Breathe into the musicOf the praise we bring.

2.Holy Spirit, prompt usWhen we kneel to pray;Nearer come, and teach usWhat we ought to say.

3.Holy Spirit, shine thouOn the book we read,Gild its holy pagesWith the light we need.

4.Holy Spirit, give usEach a lowly mind;Make us more like Jesus,Gentle, pure and kind.

5.Holy Spirit, help usDaily, by thy might,What is wrong to conquer,And to choose the right.  William Henry Parker (1845-1929)


Weber, 301; St Bees, 2937.7.7.7. 1.Holy Spirit, truth divine,Dawn upon this soul of mine;Word of God and inward light,Wake my spirit, clear my sight.

2.Holy Spirit, love divine,Glow within this heart of mine;Kindle every high desire,Perish self in thy pure fire.

3.Holy Spirit, right divine,King within my conscience reign;Be my Lord, and I shall beFirmly bound, for ever free.

4.Holy Spirit, peace divine,Still this restless heart of mine;Speak to calm this tossing sea,Stayed in thy tranquility.

5.Holy Spirit, joy divine,Gladden thou this heart of mine;In the desert ways I sing,Spring, O well, for ever spring!  Samuel Longfellow (1819-92)


St John, 228; Southhampton, 2316. 1.Jesus is glorifiedAnd gives the Comforter.His Spirit, to resideIn all his servants here;The Holy Ghost to man is given:Rejoice in God sent down from Heaven.

2.To make an end of sin,And Satan's work destroy,He brings his Kingdom in,Peace, righteousness and joy;The Holy Ghost to man is given:Rejoice in God sent down from Heaven.

3.The cleansing blood to apply,The heavenly life display,And wholly sanctifyAnd seal us to that day;The Holy Ghost to man is given:Rejoice in God sent down from Heaven.

4.Sent down to make us meetTo see his glorious face,And grant us each a seatIn that thrice happy place;The Holy Ghost to man is given:Rejoice in God sent down from Heaven.  Charles Wesley (1707-88)


St Ethelwald, 174; Franconia, 168;Trentham 180S.M. 1.Lord God, the Holy Ghost,In this accepted hour,As on the day of Pentecost.Descend with all thy power.

2.We meet with one accordIn our appointed place,And wait the promise of our Lord,The Spirit of all grace.

3.Like mighty rushing windUpon the waves beneath,Move with one impulse every mind,One soul, one feeling breathe.

4.The young, the old inspireWith wisdom from above;And give us hearts and tongues of fireTo pray and praise and love.

5.Spirit of light explore,And chase our gloom away,With luster shining more and moreUnto the perfect day.

6.Spirit of truth, be thouIn life and death our guide;O Spirit of adoption, nowMay we be sanctified.  James Montgomery (1771-1854)


Hold the fort, 344; Whitechapel, 3488.5.8.5. 1.Near thy cross assembled, Master,At thy feet we fall,Seeking power to send us faster,Hear, Lord, while we call.Soul and body consecrating,Leaving every sin,Longing for a full salvation,Victory we would win.

2.Fire that changes earthly cravingInto pure desire,Fire destroying fear and doubting,Fills and saves us higher;Fire that takes its stand for Jesus,Seeks and saves the lost;Fire that follows where he pleases,Fearless of the cost.

3.Fire that turns men into heroes,Makes of weakness, might;Fire that makes us more than conquerors,Strengthens us to fight.Crosses bearing, dangers daring,By the fire set free,In my Master's suffering sharing,Send this fire on me.  John Lawley (1859-1922)


Pembroke, 467; Praise, 4688. 1.O Holy Ghost, on thee we wait;This day in faith we celebrateThy coming from on high;No rushing, mighty wind we hear,No cloven tongues of fire appear,Yet we believe thee nigh.

2.Though of a day long past we speak,We know thou art not far to seekWhen faith presents her claim;We rest on the unbroken wordOf Jesus, our ascended Lord,From whom the promise came.

3.For not at Pentecost aloneThy presence and thy power were shownAnd many souls were won;Thou Spirit of the living God,Thy work through all the earth abroadFrom age to age goes on.

4.The works of darkness fail and cease;The fruits of love and joy and peace,These flourish and remain;The meek their heritage possess,And strength belongs to gentlenessWherever thou dost reign.

5.We bring the need that makes us bold,The faith that will not loose its holdIn this most vital hour;Draw near, O promised Comforter,And on each waiting soul conferThy pentecostal power.  Will J. Brand (1889-1977)


Hereford, 23; Whitburn, 58;Warrington, 56L.M. 1.O Thou who camest from aboveThe pure celestial fire to impart,Kindle a flame of sacred loveOn the mean altar of my heart.

2.There let it for thy glory burnWith inextinguishable blaze,And trembling to its source returnIn humble prayer and fervent praise.

3.Jesus, confirm my heart's desireTo work and speak and think for thee;Still let me guard the holy fire,And still stir up thy gift in me.

4.Ready for all thy perfect will,My acts of faith and love repeat,Till death thy endless mercies seal,And make the sacrifice complete.  Charles Wesley (1707-88)


St Cuthbert, 779 1.Our blest redeemer, ere he breathedHis tender last farewell,A guide, a Comforter bequeathedWith us to dwell.

2.He came in semblance of a dove,With sheltering wings outspread,The holy balm of peace and loveOn each to shed.

3.He came in tongues of living flame,To teach, convince, subdue;All-powerful as the wind he came.As viewless too.

4.He came sweet influence to impart,A gracious, willing guest,Where he can find one humble heartWherein to rest.

5.And his that gentle voice we hear,Soft as the breath of even,That checks each fault, that calms each fear,And speaks of Heaven.

6.And every virtue we possess,And every victory won,And every thought of holiness,Are his alone.

7.Spirit of purity and grace,Our weakness. pitying, see;O make our hearts thy dwelling-place,And worthier thee!  Henriette Auber (1773-1862)


Pour thy Spirit, 393; Govaars, 3738.7.8.7. Troch. 1.Precious Saviour. we are coming,At thy feet just now we fall,Waiting to receive thy blessing,Come and now baptize us all.

ChorusPour thy Spirit, pour thy Spirit,into this my longing breast,And go on from this good hourTo revive thy work afresh.

2.Mighty Lord, our hearts are openTo thy penetrating gaze;Now, O let the fire descendingFill our hearts with power and praise.

3.Time and talents I surrender,Freely all I give to thee;Faith lays hold of thy great promise,Brings the fire just now on me.

4.Hallelujah! it is falling,Burning all my dross and sin,Purifying all my nature,Now I know I'm clean within.  Thomas McKie (1860-1937) (verses)


Arizona, 7; Eden, 18L.M. 1.Spirit of God, that moved of oldUpon the waters' darkened face,Come, when our faithless hearts are cold,And stir them with an inward grace.

2.Thou art the power and peace combined,All highest strength, all purest love,The rushing of the mighty wind,The brooding of the gentle dove.

3.Come, give us still thy powerful aid,And urge us on, and keep us thine;Nor leave the hearts that once were madeFit temples for thy grace divine.

4.Nor let us quench thy sevenfold light;But still with softest breathings stirOur wayward souls, and lead us right,O Holy Ghost. the Comforter.  Cecil Frances Alexander (1818-95)


Tucker, 335; What's the news? 3378. 1.Thou Christ of burning, cleansing flame,Send the fire!Thy blood-bought gift today we claim,Send the fire!Look down and see this waiting host,Give us the promised Holy Ghost,We want another Pentecost,Send the fire!

2.God of Elijah, hear our cry:Send the fire!To make us fit to live or die,Send the fire!To burn up every trace of sin,To bring the light and glory in,The revolution now begin,Send the fire!

3.'Tis fire we want, for fire we plead,Send the fire!The fire will meet our every need,Send the fire!For strength to ever do the right,For grace to conquer in the fight.For power to walk the world in white,Send the fire!

4.To make our weak hearts strong and brave,Send the fire!To live a dying world to save,Send the fire!O see us on thy altar layOur lives, our all, this very day,To crown the offering now we pray,Send the fire!  William Booth (1829-1912)


That's the Spirit, 810 1.Who is it tells me what to doAnd helps me to obey?Who is it plans the route for meAnd will not let me stray?Who is it tells me when to speakAnd what I ought to say?

ChorusThat's the Spirit! Holy Spirit!That's the Spirit of the Lord in me!

2.Who is it gives me heavy loadsAnd helps me take the strain?Who is it calls to sacrificeAnd helps me bear the pain?Who is it sees me when I fallAnd lifts me up again?

3.Who is it shows me what to beAnd leads me to that goal?Who is it claims the heart of meAnd wants to take control?Who is it calls to holinessOf body, mind and soul?  John Gowans                       *    *    * see also:   511  My body, soul and spirit                  599  Jesus, stand among us                  760  Those first disciples of the Lord 



Spanish Chant, 315; Wells, 3187. 1.Blessed Lamb of Calvary.Let thy Spirit fall on me;Let the cleansing, healing flowWash and keep me white as snow,That henceforth my life may beBright and beautiful for thee.

2.Burn out every selfish thought,Let thy will in me be wrought,Fan my love into a flame,Send a pentecostal rain,That henceforth my life may beSpent in winning souls for thee.

3.Teach me how to fight and winPerfect victory over sin;Give me a compassion deep,That will for lost sinners weep,That henceforth my life may proveThat I serve thee out of love.  Barbara Stoddart (1865-1915)


Burning, Burning, 3648.7.8.7. Troch. 1.Burning, burning, brightly burning,Brightly burning Fire divine,Satisfy my spirit's yearning.Fill this empty soul of mine.

ChorusBurning, burning, always burning.Holy Spirit, stay with me;To your will my will is turning,What you will I want to be.

2.Burning, burning, deeply burning,Deeply burning holy Fire,Now, your perfect plan discerning,Your design is my desire.

3.Burning, burning, gently burning,Gently burning Fire within,From your love my love is learning.Now I feel your work begin.  John Gowans


Euphony, 493; Cardiff, 488; Stella, 5038. Iambic 1.Come, Holy Ghost, all-quickening fire,Come, and in me delight to rest;Drawn by the lure of strong desire,O come and consecrate my breast;The temple of my soul prepare,And fix thy sacred presence there.

2.If now thy influence I feel,If now in thee begin to live,Still to my heart thyself reveal,Give me thyself, for ever give;A point my good, a drop my store,Eager I ask, I pant for more.

3.My peace, my life, my comfort thou,My treasure and my all thou art;True witness of my sonship, nowEngraving pardon on my heart,Seal of my sin in Christ forgiven,Earnest of love. and pledge of Heaven.

4.Come, then, my God, mark out thine heir;Of Heaven a larger earnest give;With clearer light thy witness bear,More sensibly within me live;Let all my powers thine entrance feel,And deeper stamp thyself the seal.  Charles Wesley (1707-88)


Arizona, 7; Beethoven, 9L.M. 1.Come, Holy Ghost, all sacred fire!Come, fill this earthly temple nowEmptied of every base desire,Reign thou within, and only thou.

2.Fill every chamber of my soul;Fill all my thoughts, my passions fill,Till under thy supreme controlSubmissive rests my cheerful will.

3.'Tis done! Thou dost this moment come;My longing soul is all thine own,My heart is thy abiding home;Henceforth I live for thee alone.

4.The altar sanctifies the gift;The blood insures the boon divine;My outstretched hands to Heaven I liftAnd claim the Father's promise mine.  Francis Bottome (1823-94)


Hail Calvary, 658 1.Come, Holy Spirit, thou guest of the soul,Make thine abode in me;Bring in the calm thy sweet presence bestows,Let me thy temple be.Come to my heart today,Come to my heart today,Rekindle the glow and the glory bestow,Come to my heart today.

2.Come, Holy Spirit, companion divine,Walk with me in life's way;By thy rich fellowship confidence give,Walk thou with me today.Walk thou with me today,Walk thou with me today,Rekindle the glow and the glory bestow,Walk thou with me today.

3.Come, Holy Spirit, thy guidance we crave;Speak out thy will we pray;We would be sensitive to thy control;Speak to our hearts today.Speak to our hearts today,Speak to our hearts today,Rekindle the glow and the glory bestow,Speak to our hearts today.  Albert E. Mingay


Bethany, 429; Hyfrydol, 4388.7.8.7.D. Troch. 1.Come, thou all-inspiring Spirit,Into every longing heart!Won for us by Jesus' merit,Now thy blissful self impart;Sign our uncontested pardon,Wash us in the atoning blood;Make our hearts a watered garden,Fill our spotless souls with God.

2.If thou gav'st the enlarged desireWhich for thee we ever feel,Now our panting souls inspire,Now our canceled sin reveal;Claim us for thy habitation,Dwell within our hallowed breast;Seal us heirs of full salvation,Fitted for our heavenly rest.

3.Give us quietly to tarry,Till for all thy glory meet,Waiting, like attentive Mary,Happy at the Saviour's feet.Keep us from the world unspotted,From all earthly passions free,Wholly to thyself devoted,Fixed to live and die for thee.

4.Wrestling on in mighty prayer,Lord, we will not let thee goTill thou all thy mind declare,All thy grace on us bestow;Peace, the seal of sin forgiven,Joy and perfect love impart;Present everlasting Heaven,All thou hast and all thou art.  Charles Wesley (1707-88)


Mozart, 496; St Catherine, 4998. Iambic 1.Descend, O Holy Spirit, thou,In sweet accord we wait for thee;Our Babel stilled, new words impartThat echo thy divinity;Love's language by the heart expressed,By heart received and Spirit blessed.

2.O Sound of mighty, rushing wind,Wake us, we pray, to larger life;O Tongue of flame, come, purifyFrom all that genders inward strife,The pulse of passion stir again,Thy power within our lives remain.

3.Breathe in our souls, O Breath divine,And sanctify what should'st be thine;Since gain comes not except by loss,Empower us to sustain our cross,And, like thy Spirit, gladly given,Lead men to truth and joy and Heaven.  Arnold Brown


Wells, 318; Ratisbon, 3137. 1.Gracious Spirit, dwell with me;I myself would gracious be,And with words that help and healWould thy life in mine reveal;And with actions bold and meekWould for Christ, my Saviour, speak.

2.Truthful Spirit, dwell with me;I myself would truthful be,And with wisdom kind and clearLet thy life in mine appear;And with actions brotherlySpeak my Lord's sincerity.

3.Tender Spirit, dwell with me;I myself would tender be;Tender in my love for men,Wooing them to God again;With compassion pure and sweetLead the lost to Jesus' feet.

4.Mighty Spirit, dwell with me;I myself would mighty be,Mighty so as to prevailWhere unaided man must fail;Ever by a mighty hopePressing on and bearing up.

5.Holy Spirit, dwell with me;I myself would holy be,Separate from sin, I wouldChoose and cherish all things good;And whatever I can beGive to him who gave me thee.  Thomas Toke Lynch (1818-71)


Sardis, 397; St Oswald, 3968.7.8.7. Troch. 1.Holy Ghost, we bid thee welcome,Source of life and power thou art,Promise of our heavenly Father,Now thrice welcome in our heart.

2.Come like dew from Heaven falling,Come like spring's refreshing shower;Holy Ghost, for thee we're calling,Come in all thy quickening power.

3.Hearts are open to receive theeThough we've grieved thee o'er and o'er;Holy Ghost, we greatly need thee,Come, abide for evermore.  Lelia Naylor Morris (1862-1929)


Mozart, 496; Stella, 5038. Iambic 1.I want the gift of power within,Of love, and of a healthful mind;Of power to conquer inbred sin,Of love to thee and all mankind,Of health that pain and death defies,Most vigorous when the body dies.

2.When shall I hear the inward voiceWhich only faithful souls can hear?Pardon and peace and heavenly joysAttend the promised Comforter;O come, and righteousness divineAnd Christ, and all with Christ, are mine!

3.O that the Comforter would come!Nor visit as a transient guest,But fix in me his constant homeAnd take possession of my breast,And fix in me his loved abode,The temple of indwelling God.

4.Where is the sure, the certain sealThat ascertains the Kingdom mine?The powerful stamp I long to feel,The signature of love divine;O shed it in my heart abroad,Fulness of love, of Heaven, of God!  Charles Wesley (1707-88)


His loving touch, 669

(Introduction each time) 1.I've felt a new and loving touchUpon my heart and soul;I've felt God's love and wondrous powerDescend and make me whole.

ChorusA miracle! Yes, a miracle!God's Holy Spirit cameAnd we are not the same,For he touched usAnd filled us with his love.

2.I now have seen his greatness,I now can comprehendThe wonders of his matchless love,A love that will not end.

3.I can't express by words aloneWhat he now means to me;But O I want to shout to allThat Christ gives victory!  Iva Lou Samples


Silver Hill, 48; Winchester New, 61L.M. 1.Lord, we believe to us and oursThy precious promises were given;We wait the pentecostal powers,The Holy Ghost sent down from Heaven.

2.Assembled here with one accord,Calmly we wait the promised grace,The purchase of our dying Lord;Come, Holy Ghost, and fill the place.

3.If every one that asks may find,If still thou dost on sinners fall,Come as a mighty rushing wind;Great grace be now upon us all.

4.Behold, to thee our souls aspire,And languish thy descent to meet;Kindle in each the living fire,And fix in every heart thy seat.  Charles Wesley (1707-88)


Irish, 99; Martyrdom, 113C.M. 1.Spirit divine, attend our prayers,And make this house thy home;Descend with all thy gracious powers;O come, great Spirit, come.

2.Come as the light, to us revealOur emptiness and woe;And lead us in those paths of lifeWhere all the righteous go.

3.Come as a fire, and purge our heartsLike sacrificial flame;Let our whole soul an offering beTo our redeemer's name.

4.Come as the dew, and sweetly blessThis consecrated hour;May barrenness rejoice to ownThy fertilizing power.

5.Come as the dove, and spread thy wings,The wings of peaceful love;And let thy host on earth becomeBlest as the host above.  Andrew Reed (1787-1862)


Spirit Divine, 134C.M. 1.Spirit divine, come as of oldWith healing in thy train;Come, as thou did'st, to sanctify;Let naught of sin remain.

ChorusCome, great Spirit, come,Make each heart thy home;Enter every longing soul;Come, great Spirit, come.

2.Spirit divine, purge thou our heartsMake us to understandThy blessed will concerning us,And teach us love's command.

3.Spirit divine, cleanse thou our soulsWith pentecostal flood;Breathe into us the life that showsThe Father-love of God.  Brindley Boon                  *    *    * see also:    975  Spirit of God descend  

The Trinity


Harlan, 215; Moscow, 2176. 1.Come, thou almighty King,Help us thy name to sing,Help us to praise;Father all-glorious,O'er all victorious,Come and reign over us,Ancient of days.

2.Come, thou incarnate Word,Gird on thy mighty sword,Our prayer attend;Come, and thy people bless,And give thy word success;Spirit of holiness,On us descend.

3.Come, holy Comforter,Thy sacred witness bear,In this glad hour;Thou, who almighty art,Now rule in every heart,And ne'er from us depart,Spirit of power!

4.To the great One in Three,Eternal praises be,Hence evermore;His sovereign majesty,May we in glory see,And to eternityLove and adore.  Anon


Nicea, 748 1.Holy, holy, holy,Lord God Almighty!Early in the morning our song shall rise to thee;Holy, holy, holy, merciful and mighty,God in three persons, blessed Trinity!

2.Holy, holy, holy; all the saints adore thee,Casting down their golden crowns around the glassy sea;Cherubim and seraphim falling down before thee,Who wert, and art, and evermore shalt be!

3.Holy, holy, holy; though the darkness hide thee,Though the eye of sinful man thy glory may not see,Only thou art holy; there is none beside theePerfect in power, in love and purity!

4.Holy, holy, holy, Lord God Almighty!All thy works shall praise thy name in earth and sky and sea;Holy, holy, holy, merciful and mighty,God in three persons, blessed Trinity!  Reginald Herber (1783-1826)


Hosanna, 255; St Theodulph 2627.6.7.6.D. Iambic 1.O Father and Creator,Thou God of perfect love,Come now in all thy fulness,Descending from above.Thou gav'st thy Son to save me,To die that I might live;I humbly kneel before thee,My all to thee I give.

2.O Christ, my soul's redeemer,Who gave thine all for me,Thy blood was freely givenThat I might be set free.Lord, teach me how to give theeMy body, mind and will;Then come with grace and beautyMy emptied heart to fill.

3.O blessed Holy Spirit,Revealer of the right,I pray thee dwell within me,Make of my weakness might.Within thy light, now streaming,The living way is shown;Abide, O gentle Spirit,Till all thy truth I own.  Albert E. Chesham (1886-1971)


I Believe, 674 1.On God's word relying,Every doubt defying,Faith is heard replying;Praise God, I believe!

ChorusI believe in God the Father,I believe in God the Son:I believe in the Holy Spirit,Blessed Godhead, Three in One;I believe in a full salvation,In redemption through the blood;I believe I'll receive a crown of life,When I hear the Lord's: Well done.

2.Confidence unshaken;When bereft, forsaken,E'en if life be taken,Praise God, I believe!

3.Peace and joy unendingIn my soul are blending,Faith on love depending,Praise God, I believe!  Arnold Brown


Leoni, 717 1.The God of Abraham praise,Who reigns enthroned above,Ancient of everlasting daysAnd God of love.Jehovah, great I AM,By earth and Heaven confessed,I bow and bless the sacred nameForever blest.

2.The God of Abraham praise,At whose supreme commandFrom earth I rise, and seek the joysAt his right hand.I all on earth forsake,Its wisdom, fame and power;And him my only portion make,My shield and tower.

3.Before the Saviour's faceThe ransomed nations bow,O'erwhelmed at his almighty graceFor ever new;He shows his prints of love,They kindle to a flameAnd sound through all the worlds above:Worthy the Lamb.

4.He by himself hath sworn;I on his oath depend;I shall, on eagle's wings upborne,To Heaven ascend.I shall behold his face,I shall his powers adore,And sing the wonders of his graceFor evermore.

5.The whole triumphant hostGive thanks to God on high;Hail Father, Son and Holy Ghost,They ever cry.Hail Abraham's God and mine!I join the heavenly lays;All might and majesty are thine,And endless praise.  Thomas Olivers (1725-99)


Moscow, 217; Light, 2166. 1.Thou, whose almighty wordChaos and darkness heard,And took their flight,Hear us, we humbly pray,And where the gospel daySheds not its glorious rayLet there be light!

2.Thou who didst come to bringOn thy redeeming wingHealing and sight,Health to the sick in mind,Sight to the inly blind,O now to all mankindLet there be light!

3.Spirit of truth and love,Life-giving, holy dove,Speed forth thy flight;Move on the waters' face,Bearing the lamp of grace,And in earth's darkest placeLet there be light!

4.Holy and blessed Three,Glorious Trinity,Wisdom, love, might,Boundless as ocean tideRolling in fullest pride,Through the world, far and wide,Let there be light!  John Marriott (1780-1825)                 *   *   * see also:   569  Eternal Father, strong to save                  870  We praise thee, heavenly Father                  871  What wondrous gifts are in my                           care 

The Gospel



God is near thee, 656 1.Afar from Heaven thy feet have wandered,Afar from God thy soul has strayed;His gifts in sin thy hand has squandered,Yet still in love he calls thee home.

ChorusGod is near thee, tell thy story;He will hear thy tale of sorrow,God is near thee, and in mercyHe will welcome thy return.

2.Thy feet have found sin's way is thorny,Thy heart has found its pleasures vain,Thou hast grown weary, and about theeThe gloom has spread of dark despair.

3.The broken heart the Lord will favor,The contrite spirit he will bless;He came to be the lost one's Saviour,He came to be the sinner's friend.

4.Tell out thy need, and he'll befriend thee,Pour out thy heart's deep grief to him,His boundless love, unmeasured mercy,His free forgiveness are for thee.  Richard Slater (1854-1939)


Almost Persuaded, 606 1.Almost persuaded now to believe,Almost persuaded Christ to receive,Seems now some soul to say:Go, Spirit, go thy way,Some more convenient dayOn thee I'll call.

2.Almost persuaded, come, come today;Almost persuaded, turn not away.Jesus invites you here,Angels are lingering near,Prayers rise from hearts so dear,O wanderer, come.

3.Almost persuaded, harvest is past;Almost persuaded, doom comes at last.Almost cannot avail,Almost is sure to fail,Sad, sad, that bitter wail,Almost but lost.  Philip Paul Bliss (1838-76)


Swing wide the door of your heart, 805 1.Are you seeking joys that will not fade,Lasting pleasure, by God's mercy made?Christ is waiting, fulness of joy he brings;Swing wide the door of your heart to the King of kings.

ChorusSwing wide the door of your heart to the King of kings,Bid him welcome, for wonderful peace he brings,He will shelter you under his outstretched wings;Swing wide the door of your heart to the King of kings.

2.Are you longing perfect peace to win?Turn to Jesus, bid him enter in;Peace is found but under his sheltering wings;Swing wide the door of your heart to the King of kings.

3.Now he calls you with his wondrous voice,Bid him welcome, make his will your choice;At his coming heavenly music rings;Swing wide the door of your heart to the King of kings.  Sidney Edward Cox (1887-1975)


Bullinger, 342; Stephanos, 3438.5.8.3. 1.Art thou weary, art thou languid,Art thou sore distressed?Come to me, saith one, and comingBe at rest.

2.Hath he marks to lead me to himIf he be my guide?In his feet and hands are wound-prints,And his side.

3.Hath he diadem as monarchThat his brow adorns?Yea, a crown in very surety,But of thorns!

4.If I find him, if I follow,What my portion here?Many a sorrow, many a labor,Many a tear.

5.If I still hold closely to him,What hath he at last?Sorrow vanquished, labor ended,Jordan past.

6.If I ask him to receive me,Will he say me nay?Not till earth and not till HeavenPass away.  John Mason Neale (1818-66) from Stephen the Sabaite (725-94)


Behold me standing at the door, 10;Calvary, 14L.M. 1.Behold me standing at the door,And hear me pleading evermoreWith gentle voice: O heart of sin,May I come in? May I come in?

ChorusBehold me standing at the door,And hear me pleading evermore:Say, weary heart, oppressed with sin,May I come in? May I come in?

2.I bore the cruel thorns for thee,I waited long and patiently;Say, weary heart, oppressed with sin,May I come in? May I come in?

3.I would not plead with thee in vain;Remember all my grief and pain;I died to ransom thee from sin,May I come in? May I come in?

4.I bring thee joy from Heaven above,I bring thee pardon, peace and love;Say, weary heart, oppressed with sin,May I come in? May I come in?  Fanny Crosby (1820-1915)


Guide me, great Jehovah, 415;

Bithynia, 4098. Troch. 1.Boundless as the mighty ocean,Rolling on from pole to pole,Is the boundless love of JesusTo the weary sinful soul,Boundless mercy,Making guilty sinners whole.

2.Boundless as the starry heavens,Filled with fiery orbs of light,Are the promises of JesusFor the soul in nature's night,Ever shiningTill our faith is changed to sight.

3.Boundless as eternal ages,As the air we breathe as free,Is the boundless, full salvationJesus purchased on the tree,Boundless cleansingFrom all sin's impurity.

4.Boundless is the grace to save usFrom the guilt and power of sin;Boundless is his power to keep usNow and every instant clean.Boundless praisesWe our glorious Lord will bring.  Josiah Henry Walter (1865-1938)


Only trust him, 120, Evan, 85C.M. 1.Come, every soul by sin oppressed,There's mercy with the Lord,And he will surely give you restBy trusting in his word.

ChorusOnly trust him, only trust him,Only trust him now!He will save you, he will save you,He will save you now!

2.For Jesus shed his precious bloodRich blessings to bestow;Plunge now into the crimson floodThat washes white as snow.

3.Yes, Jesus is the truth, the way,That leads you into rest;Believe on him without delayAnd you are fully blest.  John Hart Stockton (1813-77)


Come, O come with me, 632 1.Come, O come with me where love is beaming,Come, O come with me where light is streaming,Light and love divine, in Christ revealingCod himself to you and me.

ChorusHallelujah, hallelujah, I love thee, my Saviour,Hallelujah, hallelujah, I'll trust but in thee!

2.Come with all thy sins, although like a mountain;Come unto the cross, from whence a fountainFlows divinely clear to heal the nations;Come and wash and make you clean.

3.None can be too vile for love so beaming,None can be too dark for light so streaming,Christ can make you whole through faith believing,His salvation give to you.  Anon


The Lion of Judah, 573;The Conquering Saviour, 57211.11.11.11. 1.Come, sinners, to Jesus, no longer delay;A free, full salvation is offered today;Arise, all ye bondslaves, awake from your dream;Believe, and the light and the glory shall stream.

ChorusFor the Lion of Judah shall break every chain,And give you the victory again and again.

2.The world will oppose you and Satan will rage,To hinder your coming they both will engage;But Jesus, your Saviour, hath conquered for youAnd he will assist you to conquer them too.

3.Though rough be the fighting and troubles arise,There are mansions of glory prepared in the skies;A crown and a kingdom you shortly shall view,The laurels of victory are waiting for you.  William Jefferson (1806-70)


Harton-Lea, 20; Boston, 13L.M. 1.Come, sinners, to the gospel feast,Let every soul be Jesus' guest;Ye need not one be left behind,For God hath bidden all mankind.

2.Sent by my Lord, on you I call;The invitation is to all;Come, all the world; come, sinner, thou!All things in Christ are ready now.

3.This message as from God receive,Ye all may come to Christ, and live;O let his love your hearts constrain,Nor suffer him to die in vain.

4.His love is mighty to compel;His conquering love consent to feel;Yield to his love's constraining power,And fight against your God no more.  Charles Wesley (1797-88)


Make no delay, 730 1.Come to the Saviour, make no delay,Here in his word he's shown us the way;Here in our midst he's standing today,Tenderly saying: Come!

ChorusJoyful, joyful will the meeting be,When from sin our hearts are pure and free,And we shall gather, Saviour, with theeIn our eternal home.

2.Come to the Saviour! O hear his voice!Let every heart leap forth and rejoice,And let us freely make him our choice;Do not delay, but come.

3.Think once again, he's with us today;Heed now his blest commands, and obey;Hear now his accents tenderly say:Come to your Saviour, come.  George Frederick Root (1820-95)


Come, ye disconsolate, 634 1.Come, ye disconsolate, where'er ye languish,Come, at the mercy seat fervently kneel;Here bring your wounded hearts, here tell your anguish,Earth has no sorrow that Heaven cannot heal.

2.Joy of the desolate, light of the straying,Hope of the penitent, advocate sure;Here speaks the Comforter, tenderly saying,Earth has no sorrow that Heaven cannot cure.

3.Here waits the Saviour, gentle and loving,Ready to meet you, his grace to reveal;On him your burden cast, trustfully coming;Earth has no sorrow that Heaven cannot heal.  Thomas Moore (1779-1852),alt


The wounds of Christ, 575 1.Dark shadows were falling.My spirit appalling,For hid in my heart sin's deep crimson stains lay;And when I was weeping,The past o'er me creeping,I heard of the blood which can wash sin away.

ChorusThe wounds of Christ are open,Sinner, they were made for thee;The wounds of Christ are open,There for refuge flee.

2.It soothes all life's sorrows,It smooths all its furrows,It binds up the wounds which transgression has made;It turns night to morning,So truly adorningThe spirit with joy when all other lights fade.

3.Come, cast in thy sorrow,Wait not till tomorrow.Life's evening is closing, the death-bell will toll;His blood for thee streaming,His grace so redeeming,His love intervening will pardon thy soul.  Evangeline Booth (1865-1950)


Someone Cares, 792 1.Do you sometimes feel that no one truly knows you,And that no one understands or really cares?Through his people, God himself is close beside you,And through them he plans to answer all your prayers.

ChorusSomeone cares, someone cares,Someone knows your deepest need, your burden shares;Someone cares, someone cares,God himself will hear the whisper of your prayers.

2.Ours is not a distant God, remote, unfeeling,Who is careless of our loneliness and pain,Through the ministry of men he gives his healing,In their dedicated hands brings hope again.  John Gowans


Cwm Rhonndda, 414; Face to face, 3708. Troch. 1.Hark! the gospel news is sounding,Christ has suffered on the tree;Streams of mercy are abounding,Grace for all is rich and free;Now poor sinner,Look to him who died for thee.

2.O escape to yonder mountain,Refuge find in him today!Christ invites you to the fountain,Come and wash your sins away;Do not tarry,Come to Jesus while you may.

3.Grace is flowing like a river,Millions there have been supplied;Still it flows as fresh as everFrom the Saviour's wounded side;None need perish,All may live for Christ hath died.

4.Christ alone shall be our portion;Soon we hope to meet above;Then we'll bathe in the full oceanOf the great redeemer's love;All his fulnessWe shall then for ever prove.  Hugh Bourne (1772-1852), William Sanders (b 1799)


Take Salvation, 426; Mariners, 4218. Troch. 1.Hark! the voice of Jesus calling:Come, ye guilty, come to me;I have rest and peace to offer,Rest, thou laboring one, for thee.Take salvation,Take it now and happy be.

2.Yes, though high in heavenly glory,Still the Saviour calls to thee;Faith can hear his invitation,Come, ye laden, come to me,Take salvation,Take it now and happy be.

3.Soon that voice will cease its calling,Now it speaks, and speaks to thee,Sinner, heed the gracious message,To the blood for refuge flee.Take salvation,Take it now and happy be.

4.Life is found alone in Jesus,Only there 'tis offered thee,Offered without price or money,'Tis the gift of God, sent free.Take salvation,Take it now and happy be.  Albert Midlane (1825-1909)


Room for Jesus, 395; Bethany, 4298.7.8.7. Troch. 1.Have you any room for Jesus,He who bore your load of sin?As he knocks and asks admission,Sinner, will you let him in?

ChorusRoom for Jesus, King of Glory!Hasten now, his word obey!Swing your heart's door widely open,Bid him enter while you may.

2.Room for pleasure, room for business,But for Christ, the crucified,Not a place that he can enterIn the heart for which he died.

3.Have you any time for Jesus,As in grace he calls again?O today is time accepted,Tomorrow you may call in vain.

4.Room and time now give to JesusSoon will pass God's day of grace;Soon your heart be cold and silent,And your Saviour's pleading cease.  Daniel Webster Whittle (1840-1901)


Shall we meet? 399; Walk with me, 405 Troch. 1.Have you heard the angels singing:Christ is risen from the grave?Have you heard the message ringing:Jesus lives to help and save?

ChorusJesus died, O wondrous love!Jesus died, O wondrous love!Rose again to bring us freedom,Lives to plead our cause above.

2.Have you felt the love he bore youWhen he fought for your release,When he trod the way before you,Opening thus the paths of peace?

3.Have you heard him intercedingWith his Father for your sin,Sorrow, self and shame unheedingThat his death your life might win?

4.Have you seen the sacred beautyShining from his suffering face,Who in love and not in duty,Held our sorrows in embrace?

5.Will you bow your soul before him,Will you cast on him your care,By your sacrifice adore himAnd as conqueror meet him there?  Cornelie Booth (1864-1920)


There is a happy land, 2357. 1.Have you seen the crucified?O wondrous love!Do you know for all he died?O wondrous love!Have you seen his thorn-crowned brow?Have you felt the crimson flow?Do you his salvation know?O wondrous love!

2.Do you know your sins forgiven?O wondrous love!Have you had a taste of Heaven?O wondrous love!Has his love cast out your fears?Has he wiped away your tears?At his word Hell disappears;O wondrous love!

3.Is your heart now full of joy?O wondrous love!Have you peace naught can destroy?O wondrous love!Is not this salvation grand?May it spread on every handE'en to the most distant land;O wondrous love!

4.To the north, south, east and west,O wondrous love!Some have heard, but tell the rest;O wondrous love!Vast the curse and great the fall,Jesus Christ has died for all,We will every nation call;O wondrous love!  John Lawley (1859-1922)


If you want it-it's yours, 683 1.In your heart of hearts are you a trifle weary,Is there part of you your better self deplores?Do you want the power to be a better person?If you want it--it's yours!

ChorusIf you want it--it's yours!If you want it--it's yours!Do you want the power to be a better person?If you want it--it's yours!

2.Is your mind mixed up and are your thoughts in turmoil?Are you tired of fighting, are you sick of wars?Would you like some peace instead of inner conflict?If you want it--it's yours!

3.Are you somewhat sad and wish that you were happy?Real contentment has a special set of laws;Joy is not for sale, it's only found in Jesus;If you want it--it's yours!  John Gowans


Is it nothing to you? 58212.9.12.9. 1.Is it nothing to you that one day Jesus cameAll our sorrow and suffering to share?He came as the light of new hope for a worldIn the day of its darkest despair.

ChorusIs it nothing to you that his cross speaks our shame?Is it nothing to you, for whose cleansing he came,That our guilt made his Calvary and pierced his hands through?Is it nothing to you? Is it nothing, nothing to you?

2.Is it nothing to you that one day Jesus gave,Gave in love of his measureless all?So richly he poured out his limitless lifeWhen he answered our pitiful call.

3.Is it nothing to you that one day Jesus died,That men mocked him and, heedless, passed by?No sorrow was e'er like the sorrow he boreWhen they scorned him and left him to die.

4.Is it nothing to you that today Jesus saves?Though we stand all condemned before GodHe carries our sin on his own loving heart,And he saves by his pardoning blood.  Albert E. Mingay


All you anxiety, 605 1.Is there a heart o'erbound by sorrow?Is there a life weighed down by care?Come to the cross, each burden bearing,All your anxiety, leave it there.

ChorusAll your anxiety, all your care,Bring to the mercy seat, leave it there,Never a burden he cannot bear,Never a friend like Jesus.

2.No other friend so keen to help you;No other friend so quick to hear;No other place to leave your burden;No other one to hear your prayer.

3.Come, then, at once; delay no longer;Heed his entreaty, kind and sweet;You need not fear a disappointment;You shall find peace at the mercy seat.  Edward Henry Joy (1871-1949)


Jesus is looking for thee, 457; Tell methe story of Jesus, 4588.7.8.7.D. Dact. 1.Is  there a heart that is waiting,Longing for pardon today?Hear the glad message proclaimingJesus is passing this way.Is there a heart that has wandered?Come with thy burden today;Mercy is tenderly pleading,Jesus is passing this way.

ChorusJesus is looking for thee,Jesus is looking for thee.Sweet is the message today,Jesus is looking for thee.

2.Is there a heart that is broken,Weary and sighing for rest?Come to the Saviour who offersPeace to the sad and oppressed.Come to thy only redeemer,Come to his infinite love,Come to the gate that is leadingHomeward to mansions above.  Annie L. James (verses) May Agnew Stephens (chorus)


Jesus is calling, 700 1.Jesus is tenderly calling thee home,Calling today, calling today!Why from the sunshine of love wilt thou roamFarther and farther away?

ChorusCalling today, calling today!Jesus is calling, is tenderly calling today!

2.Jesus is calling the weary to rest,Calling today, calling today!Bring him thy burden and thou shalt be blest;He will not turn thee away.

3.Jesus is waiting, O come to him now,Waiting today, waiting today!Come with thy sins, at his feet lowly bow;Come, and no longer delay!

4.Jesus is pleading, O list to his voice,Hear him today, hear him today!They who believe on his name shall rejoice;Quickly arise and away.  Fanny Crosby (1820-1915)


Mighty to save, 734 1.Joyful news to all mankind,Jesus is mighty to save!All who seek shall surely findJesus is mighty to save!Sinners may relinquish wrong,Faltering hearts may now be strong;Sound the tidings right along:Jesus is mighty to save!

ChorusJesus is mighty to save!Jesus is mighty to save!From the uttermost, to the uttermost,Mighty to save!

2.Though as scarlet be the stains,Jesus is mighty to save!Though as steel the binding chains,Jesus is mighty to save!His the glorious sacrifice.His the blood which paid the price,His the love doth now entice;Jesus is mighty to save!

3.Fearful soul discard thy fears,Jesus is mighty to save!Seeker haste to dry those tears,Jesus is mighty to save!With assurance seek his face,Doubt no more his love and grace,Give him now his rightful place;Jesus is mighty to save!

4.Since his blood for thee was shed,Jesus is mighty to save!Since he lives who once was dead,Jesus is mighty to save!While in conflict we engage,When the storms around shall rage,All our earthly pilgrimage,Jesus is mighty to save!  Charles Coller (1863-1935)


While he's waiting, 855 1.Love of love so wondrous,Rich and free,Now the King of GloryA pardon offers thee.

ChorusWhile he's waiting, pleading, knocking,Let him in.

2.For thy heart he's waited,Days and years;And thy sins, long hated,Have caused him bitter tears.

3.Canst thou leave his pardonStill unknown,And forget the mercyThat unto thee he's shown?

4.Soon the day is comingWhen, alone,Trembling or rejoicing,Thou must his kingship own.

5.Ah! his love, unchanging,Calls thee home,And the gathering shadowsBid thee no longer roam.  Herbert Howard Booth (1794-1867)


Confidence, 15; Why not tonight? 59L.M. 1.O do not let thy Lord depart,And close thine eyes against the light;Poor sinner, harden not thy heart;Thou wouldst be saved, why not tonight?

2.Tomorrow's sun may never riseTo bless thy long deluded sight;This is the time, O then, be wise;Thou wouldst be saved, why not tonight?

3.Our God in pity lingers still;O wilt thou thus his love requite?Renounce at length thy stubborn will;Thou wouldst be saved, why not tonight?

4.Our blessed Lord refuses noneWho would to him their souls unite;Then be the work of grace begun;Thou wouldst be saved, why not tonight?  Eliza Reed (1794-1867)


The Beautiful Stream, 812 1.O have you not heard of the beautiful streamThat flows through our Father's land?Its waters gleam bright in the heavenly lightAnd ripple o'er golden sand.

ChorusO seek that beautiful stream,Seek now that beautiful stream!Its waters so free are flowing for thee;O seek that beautiful stream!

2.Its fountains are deep, and its waters are pureAnd sweet to the weary soul;It flows from the throne of Jehovah alone,O come where its bright waves roll!

3.This beautiful stream is the river of life,It flows for all nations free.A balm for each wound in its waters is found;O sinner, it flows for thee.  Richard T. Torrey, Jr.


Mercy still for thee, 155D.C.M. 1.O wanderer, knowing not the smileOf Jesus' lovely face,In darkness living all the while,Rejecting offered grace;To thee Jehovah's voice doth sound,Thy soul he waits to free;Thy Saviour hath a ransom found,There's mercy still for thee!

ChorusThere's mercy still for thee,There's mercy still for thee;Poor trembling soul, he'll make thee whole,There's mercy still for thee!

2.For thee, though sunk in deep despair,Thy Saviour's blood was shed;He for thy sins was as a lambTo cruel slaughter led,That thou mayst find, poor sin-sick soul,A pardon full and free;What boundless grace, what wondrous love,There's mercy still for thee!

3.Though sins of years rise mountains highAnd would thy hopes destroy,Thy Saviour's blood can wash awayThe stains, and bring thee joy.Now lift thy heart in earnest prayer,To him for safety flee.While still the angels chant the strain:There's mercy still for thee!  Herbert Howard Booth(1862-1926)


Colne, 79; Amazing Grace! 70C.M. 1.O what amazing words of graceAre in the gospel found,Suited to every sinner's caseWho hears the joyful sound!

2.Poor, sinful, thirsting, fainting soulsAre freely welcome here;Salvation like a river rollsAbundant, free and clear.

3.This spring with living water flowsAnd heavenly joy imparts;Come, thirsty souls, your wants discloseAnd drink with thankful hearts.

4.Come then, with all your wants and wounds,Your every burden bring;Here love, unchanging love, abounds,A deep celestial spring.  Samuel Medley (1738-99)


Only a step, 764 1.Only a step to Jesus!Then why not take it now?Come, and thy sin confessing,To him, thy Saviour bow.

ChorusOnly a step, only a step! Come, he waits for thee;Come, and thy sin confessing,Thou shalt receive a blessing,Do not reject the mercy he freely offers thee!

2.Only a step to Jesus!Believe, and thou shalt live;Lovingly now he's waitingAnd ready to forgive.

3.Only a step to Jesus!A step from sin to grace;What has thy heart decided?The moments fly apace.

4.Only a step to Jesus!O why not come and say:Gladly to thee, my Saviour,I give myself away!  Fanny Crosby (1820-1915)


Lover of the Lord, 109; Abridge, 69C.M. 1.Return, O wanderer, return,And seek thy Father's face;Those new desires which in thee burnWere kindled by his grace.

ChorusO you must be a lover of the Lord,Or you can't go to Heaven when you die!

2.Return, O wanderer, return,He hears thy humble sigh;He sees thy softened spirit mournWhen no one else is nigh.

3.Return, O wanderer, return,Thy Saviour bids thee live;Come to his cross, and grateful learnHow freely he'll forgive.  William Bengo Collyer (1782-1854) (verses)


I know  fount, 545 1.Say, are you weary? Are you heavy laden?Burdened with sorrow, weighted down with care?Are you in bondage? Do you want deliverance?Come, then, with me, there is refuge from despair.

ChorusI know a fount where sins are washed away,I know a place where night is turned to day;Burdens are lifted, blind eyes made to see;There's a wonder-working power in the blood of Calvary.

2.Are you still doubting power to keep from sinning,Power that can change the heart and make it new?Are you still longing for a full salvation?You may receive it and live a life that's true.

3.Fettered and bound by chains of self-indulgence,Missing the blessings God on man bestows,Seeking for joy but only sorrow finding?Come to the waters where grace and mercy flow.

4.Wondrous Deliverer! Sin-forgiving Saviour!Cleanser of hearts! Unfailing friend and guide!No one has ever trusted unavailing,No one has claimed of his love and been denied.  Oliver Cooke (1873-1945)


Wonderful words of life, 867 1.Sing them over again to me,Wonderful words of life;Let me more of their beauty see,Wonderful words of life.Words of life and beauty,Teach me faith and duty.

ChorusBeautiful words! Wonderful words!Wonderful words of life!

2.Christ, the blessed one, gives to allWonderful words of life;Sinner, list to the loving call,Wonderful words of life.All so freely given,Wooing us to Heaven.

3.Sweetly echo the Saviour's call,Wonderful words of life;Offer pardon and peace to all,Wonderful words of life.Jesus, only Saviour,Saves and keeps for ever.  Philip Paul Bliss (1838-76)


O be saved, 3908.7.8.7. Troch. 1.Sinner, how thy heart is troubled!God is coming very near;Do not hide thy deep emotion,Do not check that falling tear.

ChorusO be saved, his grace is free!O be saved, he died for thee!O be saved, he died for thee!

2.Jesus now is bending o'er thee,Jesus lowly, meek and mild;To the friend who died to save theeWilt thou not be reconciled?

3.With a lowly, contrite spirit,Kneeling at the Saviour's feet,Thou canst feel this very momentPardon, precious, sure, complete.

4.Let the angels bear the tidingsUpward to the courts of Heaven;Let them sing with holy raptureO'er another soul forgiven.  Fanny Crosby (1820-1915)


Sinner, see yon light, 788 1.Sinner, see yon lightShining clear and brightFrom the cross of CalvaryWhere the Saviour died,And from his sideFlowed the blood that sets us free.

ChorusCome away, come away,To the cross for refuge flee;See the Saviour standsWith his outstretched hands;Salvation he offers to thee.

2.See, the Saviour standsWith his wounded hands,And he calls aloud to thee:I for thee life gave,Thy soul to save,Now thy heart O give to me!

3.Come away to himAnd confess thy sin,Come to him who died for thee;To his feet draw near,With heart sincere,And from sin he'll set thee free.  James Conner Bateman (1855-88)


At the cross there's room, 2367. 1.Sinner, wheresoe'er thou art,At the cross there's room;Tell the burden of thy heart,At the cross there's room.Tell it in thy Saviour's ear,Cast away thy every fear,Only speak, and he will hear,At the cross there's room.

2.Haste thee, wanderer, tarry not,At the cross there's room;Seek that consecrated spot,At the cross there's room.Heavy laden, sore oppressed,Love can soothe thy troubled breast,In the Saviour find thy rest,At the cross there's room.

3.Thoughtless sinner, come today,At the cross there's room;Hark! the bride and Spirit say,At the cross there's room.Now a living fountain seeOpened there for thee and me,Rich and poor, for bond and free,At the cross there's room.

4.Blessed thought! For everyoneAt the cross there's room;Love's atoning work is done,At the cross there's room.Streams of boundless mercy flowFree to all who thither go,O that all the world might know,At the cross there's room.  Fanny Crosby (1820-1915)


Christ receiveth sinful men, 2777.7.7.7. 1.Sinners Jesus will receive;Sound this word of grace to allWho the heavenly pathway leave,All who linger, all who fall.

ChorusSing it o'er and o'er again,Christ receiveth sinful men;Make the message clear and plain,Christ receiveth sinful men.

2.Come, and he will give you rest;Trust him, for his word is plain;He will take the sinfulest;Christ receiveth sinful men.

3.Christ receiveth sinful men,Even me with all my sin;Purged from every spot and stain,Heaven with him I enter in.  Erdmann Neumeister (1671-1756), trs Emma Frances Bevan (1827-1909) (verses)


Hiding in thee, 560; Go, bury thy  sorrow, 55911.11.11.11. 1.So near to the Kingdom! yet what dost thou lack?So near to the Kingdom! what keepeth thee back?Renounce every idol, though dear it may be,And come to the Saviour now pleading with thee!

ChorusCalling for thee, calling for thee,The Saviour is calling, is calling for thee.

2.So near, that thou hearest the songs that resoundFrom those who, believing, a pardon have found;So near, yet unwilling to give up thy sin,When Jesus is waiting to welcome thee in.

3.To die with no hope! hast thou counted the cost?To die out of Christ, and thy soul to be lost?So near to the Kingdom! O come, we implore,While Jesus is pleading, come enter the door!  Fanny Crosby (1820-1915)


Come Home! 631 1.Softly and tenderly Jesus is calling,Calling for you and for me!Patiently Jesus is waiting and watching,Watching for you and for me!

ChorusCome home, come home!Ye who are weary, come home!Earnestly, tenderly, Jesus is calling,Calling, O sinner, come home!

2.Why should we tarry when Jesus is pleading,Pleading for you and for me?Why should we linger and heed not his mercies,Mercies for you and for me?

3.O for the wonderful love he has promised,Promised for you and for me!Though we have sinned, he has mercy and pardon,Pardon for you and for me!  William Lamartine Thompson (1847-1909)


St Oswald, 396;Jesus, tender shepherd, 384 Troch. 1.Souls of men! why will ye scatterLike a crowd of frightened sheep?Foolish hearts! why will ye wanderFrom a love so true and deep?

2.Was there ever kindest shepherdHalf so gentle, half so sweet,As the Saviour who would have usCome and gather round his feet?

3.There's a wideness in God's mercyLike the wideness of the sea;There's a kindness in his justiceWhich is more than liberty.

4.There is welcome for the sinner,And more graces for the good;There is mercy with the Saviour;There is healing in his blood.

5.But we make his love too narrowBy false limits of our own;And we lose the tender shepherdIn the judge upon the throne.

6.For the love of God is broaderThan the measure of man's mind;And the heart of the eternalIs most wonderfully kind.  Frederick William Faber (1814-63)


Ten thousand souls, 158;The Judgement Day, 138C.M.  1.Ten thousand thousand souls there areEntered within the door;These countless souls are gathered in,And yet there's room for more.

ChorusThen come, O come, and go with me,Where pleasure never dies;And you shall gain the crown of life,The soul's eternal prize.

2.Room for the lame, the halt, the blind;Sinner, there's room for thee;'Twas Christ made room for such poor soulsBy dying on the tree.

3.Room for the chief of sinners still,Though plagued with unbelief;That very Christ can save thy soulWho saved the dying thief.

4.Then sure I am there's room for me,The worst of Adam's race;And so I'll sing in songs of praise,A sinner saved by grace.  Daniel Herbert (1751-1833) (verses),alt


St Matthew, 157; Ellacombe, 147D.C.M. 1.The heart that once has Jesus knownAnd turned away again,Finds soon the joys of sin are flownThough sharp the sting remain.The soul that once has walked with him,Then left his guiding light,Can only find earth's glitter dim,Its promise quenched in night.

2.In vain you strive to drown the thoughtOf what you might have been;Earth's pleasures are too dearly bought,Its sorrows all too keen!Backslider, hear! God speaks your name,It is not yet too late;The Lord in mercy tarries yet,He has not closed the gate.

3.We do believe that Jesus canRestore his work in you.His touch will full salvation give;He maketh all things new.O rise at once! delay no more,Nor hesitate, nor doubt,If you but leave your sin and come,He will not cast you out.  Mildred Blanche Duff (1860-1932)


Better World, 331; Zealley, 3388. 1.There is a better world, they say,O so bright!Where sin and woe are done away,O so bright!And music fills the balmy air,And angels with bright wings are there,And harps of gold and mansions fair,O so bright!

2.No clouds e'er pass along that sky,Happy land!No tear-drops glisten in the eye,Happy land!They drink the gushing streams of grace,And gaze upon the Saviour's faceWhose brightness fills the holy place;Happy land!

3.And wicked things and beasts of preyCome not there!And ruthless death and fierce decayCome not there!There all are holy, all are good;But hearts unwashed in Jesus' blood,And guilty sinners unrenewed,Come not there!

4.And though we're sinners every one,Jesus died!And though our crown of peace is gone,Jesus died!We may be cleansed from every stain,We may be crowned with bliss again,And in that land of Glory reign;Jesus died!  John Lyth (1821-86)


Stella, 503; St Matthias, 5008. Iambic 1.There is a mercy seat revealed,A glorious throne of sovereign grace,Where broken hearts may all be healedAnd truly feel love's warm embrace.O trembling soul, dispel thy fear,By faith through Christ to God draw near.

2.The smoking flax God will not quench,Nor will he break the bruised reed;His justice and his love do blendWhen guilty souls for mercy plead.Come, sinner and backslider, fallBefore his throne, for pardon call.

3.Tears of repentance will not save,Nor yet good works for sin atone;The sacrifice that Jesus gaveMust be thy plea, and that alone.No other name, however high,Can bring thy soul to Heaven nigh.  Arthur Robert Gibby (c 1862-1932)


There is a message, 829 1.There is a message, a simple message,And it's a message for us all;There is a Saviour, and what a Saviour!There is a Saviour for us all.

ChorusLet's look at Jesus, for he's the Saviour,And he will answer when we call;Let's look at Jesus, for he's the Saviour,Yes, he's the Saviour for us all.

2.If you want pardon, then ask for pardon,And God's own pardon shall be yours;For those who seek him are sure to find him,And none who seek him Christ ignores.

3.Though you have failed him, and how you've failed him!Though you have failed him, God loves you;The proof is Jesus, so look at Jesus,And learn from Jesus God loves you.  John Gowans


Life for a look, 58312.9.12.9. 1.There is life for a look at the crucified one,There is life at this moment for thee;Then look, sinner, look unto him and be saved,Unto him who was nailed to the tree.

ChorusLook, look, look and live;There is life for a look at the crucified one,There is life at this moment for thee.

2.O why was he there as the bearer of sin,If on Jesus thy sins were not laid?O why from his side flowed the sin-cleansing blood,If his dying thy debt had not paid?

3.It is not thy tears of repentance or prayers,But the blood that atones for the soul;On him then who shed it thou mayest at onceThy weight of iniquities roll.

4.Then take with rejoicing from Jesus at onceThe life everlasting he gives;And know, with assurance, thou need'st never dieSince Jesus, thy righteousness, lives.  Amelia Matilda Hull (c 1825-82)


Though your sins be as scarlet, 836 1.Though your sins be as scarlet,They shall be as white as snow;Though they be red like crimson,They shall be as wool.

2.Hear a voice that entreats you,O return ye unto God!He is of great compassionAnd of wondrous love.

3.He'll forgive your transgressionsAnd remember them no more.Look unto me, ye people,Saith the Lord your God.  Fanny Crosby (1820-1915)


For you I am praying, 648 1.We have a message, a message from Jesus,And time is now speeding, the moments are few;The Master is come, O make haste to receive him,For sinners he waits; he is calling for you!

ChorusFor you he is calling, for you he is calling,Yes, Jesus is calling, is calling for you.

2.We have a message, a message from Jesus,A message of hope to the weary of heart;The love of my Saviour, there's nothing so precious,The friendship of Jesus will never depart.

3.We have a message, a message from Jesus,A message of love to the poor sinbound soul;The love of my Jesus will snap every fetter,The blood of my Saviour makes perfectly whole.

4.We have a message, a message from Jesus;O do not reject him and forfeit your soul!The Saviour invites you just now to receive him,And in his great love to be made fully whole.  Rebecca Rhoda Couch (c 1856-1946)


He came to give us his life, 662 ChorusHe came to give us life in all its fullness,He came to make the blind to see,He came to banish death and doubt and darkness,He came to set his people free.He liberating love imparted,He taught men once again to smile;He came to bind the broken hearted,And God and man to reconcile.He came to give us life in all its fullness,He came to make the blind to see,He came to banish death and doubt and darkness,He came to set his people free.He came to set us free!

1.We wonder why Christ came into the worldA helpless, homeless child;We wonder why he tolerated men,The tainted and defiled.We wonder why! We wonder why!The Son of God as man came down;What does this signify?

2.We wonder why Christ came into the worldAnd let men hurt him so,We wonder why the Christ should have to die,Does anybody know?We wonder why! We wonder why!The Son of God as man came down,What does this signify?  John Gowans


We're traveling home, 336; Zealley, 3388. 1.We're traveling home to Heaven above,Will you go?To sing the Saviour's dying love,Will you go?Millions have reached that blissful shore,Their trials and their labors o'er,And yet there's room for millions more,Will you go?

2.We're going to see the bleeding Lamb,Will you go?In rapturous songs to praise his name,Will you go?Our sun will then no more go down,Our moon no more will be withdrawn,Our days of mourning ever gone,Will you go?

3.The way to Heaven is straight and plain,Will you go?Repent, believe, be born again,Will you go?The Saviour cries aloud to thee:Take up thy cross and follow me,And thou shalt my salvation see,Will you go?

4.O could I hear some sinner say:I will go!I'll start this moment, clear the way,Let me go!My old companions, fare you well,I will not go with you to Hell,I mean with Jesus Christ to dwell,I will go!  Richard Jukes (1804-67)


O Remember, 755 1.What is the love of Jesus to thee?Art thou its claims denying?Dost thou e'er think how he on the treeGained thy salvation by dying?

ChorusO remember, O rememberAll a loving Saviour bore for thee!O remember, O rememberJesus dying on the tree!

2.What is the call of Jesus to thee?Say, is thy heart replying?Henceforth is he thy Master to be?Wilt thou as rebel defy him?

3.What is his grace, O sinner, to thee?O 'tis of thanks deserving,Waiting so long thy soul to set free,Love in its purpose ne'er swerving.

4.What is the name of Jesus to thee?Art thou his fame extending?Dost thou obey? He says: Follow me,Life in my service be spending.  Richard Slater (1853-1939)


Mercy still for thee, 155;Land of pure delight, 154D.C.M. 1.Who comes to me, the Saviour said,To him I freely giveEternal life; though he were deadYet henceforth shall he live.His life shall be with gladness filled,His treasure is on high,Bright sunshine shall his pathway gildAnd he shall never die.

ChorusThe Saviour now will give,The Saviour now will give,Eternal life to all who seek,The Saviour now will give.

2.Who comes to me, the Saviour said,That soul will I supplyWith portions of that living breadWhich riches cannot buy.That soul shall never hunger more,But filled shall ever beWith plenty from the unfailing storeHe ever finds in me.

3.Who comes to me, the Saviour said,Shall constantly partakeThe stream that from the fountain-headAlone his thirst can slake.Who seeks in faith that fountain pure,His freshness shall retain,Shall peace and happiness ensureAnd never thirst again.

4.Who comes to me, the Saviour said,And follows where I lead,Shall see my light upon him shedAnd in my pastures feed.No more shall darkness cloud his way,My love his fear shall quell,The gloom that once obscured his dayMy presence shall dispel.  William Kitching (1837-1906)


Who'll be the next? 859 1.Who'll be the next to follow Jesus?Who'll be the next his cross to bear?Someone is ready, someone is waiting;Who'll be the next a crown to wear?

ChorusWho'll be the next, who'll be the next?Who'll be the next to follow Jesus?Who'll be the next to follow Jesus now?Follow Jesus now!

2.Who'll be the next to follow Jesus?Come and bow at his precious feet;Who'll be the next to lay every burdenDown at the Father's mercy seat?

3.Who'll be the next to follow Jesus?Who'll be the next to praise his name?Who'll swell the chorus of free redemption,Sing hallelujah, praise the Lamb?

4.Who'll be the next to follow JesusDown through the Jordan's rolling tide?Who'll be the next to join with the ransomedSinging upon the other side?  Annie Sherwood Hawks (1835-1918)


Whosoever Heareth, 551;Shout the sound, 55011.11.11.7. 1.Whosoever heareth! shout, shout the sound;Send the blessed tidings all the world around;Spread the joyful news wherever man is found:Whosoever will may come.

ChorusWhosoever will! Whosoever will!Send the blessed tidings over vale and hill;'Tis the loving Father calls the wanderer home:Whosoever will may come.

2.Whosoever cometh need not delay;Now the door is open, enter while you may;Jesus is the true, the only living way;Whosoever will may come.

3.Whosoever will, the promise is secure;Whosoever will, for ever shall endure;Whosoever will, 'tis life for evermore;Whosoever will may come.  Philip Paul Bliss (1838-76)


Will your anchor hold? 60 1.Will your anchor hold in the storms of life,When the clouds unfold their wings of strife?When the storm tides lift and the cables strain,Will your anchor drift or firm remain?

ChorusWe have an anchor that keeps the soulSteadfast and sure while the billows roll;Fastened to the rock which cannot move,Grounded firm and deep in the Saviour's love.

2.Will your anchor hold in the straits of fear,When the breakers roar and the reef is near?While the surges rave and the wild winds blow,Shall the angry waves your bark o'erflow?

3.Will your anchor hold in the floods of death,When the waters cold chill your latest breath?On the rising tide you can never failWhile your anchor holds within the veil.

4.Will your eyes behold through the morning lightThe city of gold and the harbor bright?Will you anchor safe by the heavenly shore,When life's storms are past for evermore?  Pricilla Jane Owens (1829-1907)


Wonder-working power, 868 1.Would you be free from your burden of sin?There's power in the blood, power in the blood!Would you o'er evil a victory win?There's wonderful power in the blood!

ChorusThere is power, power, wonder-working power,In the blood of the Lamb.There is power, power, wonder-working power,In the precious blood of the Lamb.

2.Would you be free from your passion and pride?There's power in the blood, power in the blood!Come then for cleansing to Calvary's tide;There's wonderful power in the blood!

3.Would you be whiter, yes, whiter than snow?There's power in the blood, power in the blood!Sin stains are lost in its life-giving flow;There's wonderful power in the blood!

4.Would you do service for Jesus your King?There's power in the blood, power in the blood!Would you live daily his praises to sing?There's wonderful power in the blood!  Lewis Edgar Jones (1865-1936)                  *    *    * see also:    824  All have need of God's salvation                   828  Salvation!  Shout salvation                   913  You must have your sins forgiven                   992  The Saviour is waiting 



O come to my heart, 119; Margaret, 112C.M. 1.A needy sinner at thy feet,With broken heart I bowFor pardon at thy mercy seat;O Jesus, save me now.

ChorusO come to my heart, Lord Jesus,There is room in my heart for thee.O come to my heart, Lord Jesus, come,There is room in my heart for thee.

2.Strong Friend of sinners, hear my cry,And set my sad heart free;My sins demand that I should die,But I believe in thee.

3.To thee, the sinner's changeless friend,My all I fully give;The living water, Jesus, send,O let me drink and live.  -Strong (verses)alt, Emily Elizabeth Steele Elliott (1836-97) (verses)


Cardiff, 488; Saved by grace, 47;Credo, 4908. Iambic 1.And can it be that I should gainAn interest in the Saviour's blood?Died he for me who caused his pain,For me who him to death pursued?Amazing love! how can it beThat thou, my God, shouldst die for me?

2.He left his Father's throne above,So free, so infinite his grace,Emptied himself of all but loveAnd bled for Adam's helpless race.'Tis mercy all, immense and free,For, O my God, it found out me.

3.Long my imprisoned spirit layFast bound in sin and nature's night;Thine eye diffused a quickening ray;I woke; the dungeon flamed with light.My chains fell off, my heart was free,I rose, went forth, and followed thee.

4.No condemnation now I dread;Jesus, and all in him, is mine.Alive in him, my living head,And clothed in righteousness divine,Bold I approach the eternal throneAnd claim the crown, through Christ, my own.  Charles Wesley (1707-88)


Martyrdom, 113; St Peter, 129C.M. 1.Approach, my soul, the mercy seat,Where Jesus answers prayer;There humbly fall before his feet,For none can perish there.

2.Thy promise is my only plea,With this I venture nigh;Thou callest burdened souls to thee,And such, O Lord, am I.

3.Bowed down beneath a load of sin,By Satan sorely pressed,By war without and fears within,I come to thee for rest.

4.Be thou my shield and hiding-place,That, sheltered near thy side,I may my fierce accuser faceAnd tell him thou hast died.

5.O wondrous love, to bleed and die,To bear the cross and shame,That guilty sinners, such as I,Might plead thy gracious name!  John Newton (1725-1807)


All through the night, 3397. 1.As I am before thy face,Saviour, I pray,Let the merits of thy graceClaim me today.Canst thou my poor treasure take,And my heart thy temple make,Can my sins for thy dear sakeBe washed away?

2.As I am, so tired of strife,Lord, I will come.As I am, for death or life,Lord, I will come.Crowds of fears obstruct my way,Past defeats would bid me stay,Yet in childlike faith I pray,Lord, let me come.

3.All my past is known to thee,Lord, let me come.All my future thou canst see,Lord, let me come.Take me, I can trust my allIn thy hands whate'er befall,Then no tempest shall appal,Lord, let me come.  Herbert Howard Booth (1862-1926)


Depth of mercy, 280; Hendon, 282;Worchester, 3037.7.7.7. 1.Depth of mercy! Can there beMercy still reserved for me?O Can my God his wrath forbear?Me, the chief of sinners, spare?

ChorusGod is love, I know, I feel,Jesus lives and loves me still.Jesus lives, he lives and loves me still.

2.I have long withstood his grace,Long provoked him to his face,Would not hearken to his calls,Grieved him by a thousand falls.

3.Whence to me this waste of love?Ask my advocate above;See the cause in Jesus' face,Now before the throne of grace.

4.There for me the Saviour stands,Shows his wounds, and spreads his hands.God is love, I know, I feel,Jesus lives and loves me still.  Charles Wesley (1707-88) (verses), alt


Misericordia, 475; Just as thou art, 474 1.Drawn to the cross which thou hast blestWith healing gifts for souls distressed;To find in thee my life, my rest,Christ crucified, I come.

2.Stained with the sins which I have wroughtIn word and deed and secret thought;For pardon which thy blood hath bought,Christ crucified, I come.

3.To be what thou wouldst have me be,Accepted, sanctified in thee,Through what thy grace shall work in me,Christ crucified, I come.  Albert Orsborn (1886-1967)


O save me, dear Lord! 756 1.I bring thee my cares and my sorrows,I bring thee my doubts and my fears,I bring thee the sins which have burdened my soulAnd shadowed my pathway for years.

ChorusO save me, dear Lord! O save me, dear Lord!I plead by thy mercy.O save me, dear Lord!

2.O thou who doth know human frailties,Prepare me for gain or for loss;Though born of the dust,Lord, our Father art thou,The builder of sun and the cross.

3.Forgive all my blindness and folly,My prodigal wanderings and shame.O heed now the outcrying pains of my heart!I come as the prodigal came.

4.We thank thee we find in life's wildernessEstablished thy gardens of grace,In temptation's desert a cool shading rock,In darkness the light of thy face.  Evangeline Booth (1865-1950)


Yes, O yes! 5099.9.9.9. 1.I have heard of a Saviour's love,And a wonderful love it must be;But did he come down from aboveOut of love and compassion for me?

ChorusYes, O yes!Out of love and compassion for me!Yes, O yes!Out of love and compassion for me!

2.I have heard how he suffered and bled,How he languished and died on the tree;But then is it anywhere saidThat he languished and suffered for me?

3.I've been told of a Heaven on highWhich the soldiers of Jesus shall see;But is there a place in the skyMade ready and furnished for me?

4.Lord, answer these questions of mine;To whom shall I go but to thee?And say, by thy Spirit divine,There's a Saviour and Heaven for me.  Anne Shepherd (1809-57) (verses), alt


Chalvey, 181D.S.M. 1.I have no claim on grace;I have no right to plead;I stand before my maker's faceCondemned in thought and deed.But since there died a LambWho, guiltless, my guilt bore,I lay fast hold on Jesus' name,And sin is mine no more.

2.From whence my soul's distressBut from the hold of sin?And whence my hope of righteousnessBut from thy grace within?I speak to thee my needAnd tell my true complaint;Thou only canst convert indeedA sinner to a saint.

3.O pardon-speaking blood!O soul-renewing grace!Through Christ I know the love of GodAnd see the Father's face.I now set forth thy praise,Thy loyal servant I,And gladly dedicate my daysMy God to glorify.  Albert Orsborn (1886-1967)


Take me as I am, 479; Take all my sinsaway, 4788.8.8.6. 1.Jesus, my Lord, to thee I cry,Unless thou help me I must die;O bring thy free salvation nighAnd take me as I am.

ChorusO take me as I am,O take me as I am,My only plea Christ died for me;O take me as I am.

2.Helpless I am and full of guilt,But yet for me thy blood was spilt,And thou canst make me what thou wiltAnd take me as I am.

3.No preparation can I make,My best resolves I only break.Yet save me for thy mercy's sakeAnd take me as I am.

4.Behold me, Saviour, at thy feet,Deal with me as thou seest meet,Thy work begin, thy work complete,But take me as I am.  Eliza Hamilton


Nothing but thy blood, 3297.8.7.8. 1.Jesus, see me at thy feet,Nothing but thy blood can save me;Thou alone my need canst meet,Nothing but thy blood can save me.No! no! Nothing do I bring,But by faith I'm clingingTo thy cross, O Lamb of God!Nothing but thy blood can save me.

2.See my heart, Lord, torn with grief,Nothing but thy blood can save me;Me unpardoned do not leave,Nothing but thy blood can save me.

3.Dark, indeed, the past has been,Nothing but thy blood can save me;Yet in mercy take me in,Nothing but thy blood can save me.

4.As I am, O hear me pray,Nothing but thy blood can save me;I can come no other way,Nothing but thy blood can save me.

5.All that I can do is vain,Nothing but thy blood can save me;I can ne'er remove a stain,Nothing but thy blood can save me.

6.Lord, I cast myself on thee,Nothing but thy blood can save me;From my guilt, O set me free,Nothing but thy blood can save me.  Richard Slater (1854-1939)


Just as thou art, 474; Misericordia, 4758.8.8.6. 1.Just as I am, without one plea,But that thy blood was shed for me,And that thou bid'st me come to thee,O Lamb of God, I come!

2.Just as I am, and waiting notTo rid my soul of one dark blot,To thee whose blood can cleanse each spot,O Lamb of God, I come!

3.Just as I am, though tossed aboutWith many a conflict, many a doubt,Fightings within and fears without,O Lamb of God, I come!

4.Just as I am, poor, wretched, blind;Sight, riches, healing of the mind,Yea, all I need in thee to find,O Lamb of God, I come!

5.Just as I am, thou wilt receive,Wilt welcome, pardon, cleanse, relieve,Because thy promise I believe,O Lamb of God, I come!

6.Just as I am, thy love unknownHas broken every barrier down,Now to be thine, yea, thine alone,O Lamb of God, I come!  Charlotte Elliott (1789-1871)


Knowing my failings, 711 1.Knowing my failings, knowing my fears,Seeing my sorrow, drying my tears.Jesus recall me, me re-ordain;You know I love you, use me again.

2.I have no secrets unknown to you,No special graces, talents are few;Yet your intention I would fulfill;You know I love you, ask what you will.

3.For the far future I cannot see,Promise your presence, travel with me;Sunshine or shadows? I cannot tell;You know I love you, all will be well.  John Gowans


Even Me, 3698.7.8.7. Troch. 1.Lord, I hear of showers of blessingThou art scattering full and free,Showers, the thirsty land refreshing;Let some showers fall on me,Even me.

2.Pass me not, O gracious Father,Sinful though my heart may be;Thou might'st leave me, but the ratherLet thy mercy light on me,Even me.

3.Pass me not, O mighty Spirit,Thou canst make the blind to see;Witnesser of Jesus' merit,Speak the word of power to me, Even me.

4.Love of God so pure and changeless,Blood of Christ so rich and free,Grace of God so strong and boundless,Magnify them all in me, Even me.  Elizabeth Codner (1824-1919)


Nearer to thee, 1916. 1.No, not despairinglyCome I to thee;No, not distrustinglyBend I the knee.Sin hath gone over me,Yet is this still my plea;Jesus hath died for me,Jesus hath died!

2.Ah! mine iniquityCrimson hath been,Infinite, infinite,Sin upon sin:Sin of not loving thee,Sin of not trusting thee,Sin of not serving thee,Infinite sin.

3.Lord, I confess to theeSadly my sin;All I am tell I thee,All I have been.Purge thou my sin away,Wash thou my soul this day,Now to be pure I pray,Lord, make me clean!

4.Faithful and just art thou,Forgiving all!Loving and kind art thouWhen sinners call.Lord, let the cleansing blood,Blood of the Lamb of God,Healing, life-giving flood,Pass o'er my soul.  Horatius Bonar (1808-89),alt


Dennis, 165; Lascelles, 170S.M. 1.Not what these hands have doneCan save this guilty soul;Not what this toiling flesh has borneCan make my spirit whole.

2.Not what I feel or doCan give me peace with God;Not all my prayers and sighs and tearsCan bear my awful load.

3.Thy work alone, O Christ,Can ease this weight of sin;Thy blood alone, O Lamb of God,Can give me peace within.

4.Thy love to me, O God.Not mine, O Lord, to thee,Can rid me of this dark unrestAnd set my spirit free.

5.Thy grace alone, O God.To me can pardon speak;Thy power alone, O Son of God.Can this sore bondage break.

6.I bless the Christ of God.I rest on love divine.And with unfaltering lip and heartI call this Saviour mine.  Horatius Bonar (1808-89)


My Jesus, I love thee, 565; Cossar, 556;St Denio, 56911.11.11.11. 1.O boundless salvation! deep ocean of love,O fulness of mercy, Christ brought from above.The whole world redeeming, so rich and so free,Now flowing for all men, come, roll over me!

2.My sins they are many, their stains are so deep.And bitter the tears of remorse that I weep;But useless is weeping; thou great crimson sea,Thy waters can cleanse me, come, roll over me I

3.My tempers are fitful, my passions are strong,They bind my poor soul and they force me to wrong;Beneath thy blest billows deliverance I see,O come, mighty ocean, and roll over me!

4.Now tossed with temptation, then haunted with fears,My life has been joyless and useless for years;I feel something better most surely would beIf once thy pure waters would roll over me.

5.O ocean of mercy, oft longing I've stoodOn the brink of thy wonderful, life-giving flood!Once more I have reached this soul-cleansing sea,I will not go back till it rolls over me.

6.The tide is now flowing, I'm touching the wave,I hear the loud call of the mighty to save;My faith's growing bolder, delivered I'll be;I plunge 'neath the waters, they roll over me.

7.And now, hallelujah! the rest of my daysShall gladly be spent in promoting his praiseWho opened his bosom to pour out this seaOf boundless salvation for you and for me.  William Booth (1829-1912)


Aurelia, 246; Rutherford, 2607.6.7.6. D. Iambic 1.O Jesus, thou art standingOutside the fast-closed door,In lowly patience waiting,To pass the threshold o'er.Shame on us, Christian people,His name and sign who bear,O shame, thrice shame upon us,To keep him standing there!

2.O Jesus, thou art knocking;And lo! that hand is scarred,And thorns thy brow encircle,And tears thy face have marred.O love that passeth knowledge,So patiently to wait!O sin that hath no equal,So fast to bar the gate!

3.O Jesus, thou art pleadingIn accents meek and low:I died for you, my children,And will ye treat me so?O Lord, with shame and sorrowWe open now the door;Dear Saviour, enter, enter,And leave us nevermore.  William Walsham How (1823-97)


Out of my bondage, 767 1.Out of my bondage, sorrow and night,Jesus, I come, Jesus, I come;Into thy freedom, gladness and light,Jesus, I come to thee;Out of my sickness into thy health,Out of my want and into thy wealth,Out of my sin and into thyself,Jesus, I come to thee.

2.Out of my shameful failure and loss,Jesus, I come, Jesus, I come;Into the glorious gain of thy cross,Jesus, I come to thee;Out of earth's sorrows into thy balm,Out of life's storms and into thy calm,Out of distress to jubilant psalm,Jesus, I come to thee.

3.Out of unrest and arrogant pride,Jesus, I come, Jesus, I come;Into thy blessed will to abide,Jesus, I come to thee;Out of myself to dwell in thy love,Out of despair into raptures above,Upward for aye on wings like a dove,Jesus, I come to thee.

4.Out of the fear and dread of the tomb,Jesus, I come, Jesus, I come;Into the joy and light of thy home,Jesus, I come to thee;Out of the depths of ruin untold,Into the peace of thy sheltering fold,Ever thy glorious face to behold,Jesus, I come to thee.  William True Sleeper (1819-1904)


Pass me not, 347; My humble cry, 3468.5.8.5. 1.Pass me not, O loving Saviour,Hear my humble cry;And while others thou art calling,Do not pass me by.

ChorusSaviour! Saviour!Hear my humble cry,And while others thou art calling,Do not pass me by.

2.Let me at the throne of mercyFind a sweet relief,Kneeling there in deep contrition;Help my unbelief.

3.Trusting only in thy merit,Would I seek thy face;Heal my wounded, broken spirit,Save me by thy grace.

4.Thou the spring of all my comfort,More than life to me,Whom have I on earth beside thee?Whom in Heaven but thee?  Fanny Crosby (1820-1915)


Norwood, 311; Coles, 305; Toplady, 3167. 1.Rock of ages, cleft for me,Let me hide myself in thee;Let the water and the blood,From thy riven side which flowed,Be of sin the double cure,Cleanse me from its guilt and power.

2.Not the labors of my handsCan fulfil thy law's demands;Could my zeal no respite know,Could my tears for ever flow,All for sin could not atone;Thou must save, and thou alone.

3.Nothing in my hand I bring,Simply to thy cross I cling;Naked, come to thee for dress,Helpless, look to thee for grace,Foul, I to the fountain fly;Wash me, Saviour, or I die.

4.While I draw this fleeting breath,When mine eyes shall close in death,When I soar to worlds unknown,See thee on thy judgment throne,Rock of ages, cleft for me,Let me hide myself in thee.  Augustus Montague Toplady (1740-78)


The Penitent's Plea, 823 1.Saviour, hear me while before thy feetI the record of my sins repeat.Stained with guilt, myself abhorring,Filled with grief, my soul outpouring;Canst thou still in mercy think of me,Stoop to set my shackled spirit free,Raise my sinking heart and bid me beThy child once more?

ChorusGrace there is my every debt to pay,Blood to wash my every sin away,Power to keep me spotless day by day,For me, for me!

2.All the memories of deeds gone byRise within me and thy power defy;With a deathly chill ensnaring,They would leave my soul despairing.Saviour, take my hand, I cannot tellHow to stem the tides that round me swell,How to ease my conscience, or to quellMy flaming heart.

3.Yet why should I fear? Hast thou not diedThat no seeking soul should be denied?To that heart, its sins confessing,Canst thou fail to give a blessing?By the love and pity thou hast shown,By the blood that did for me atone,Boldly will I kneel before thy throne,A pleading soul.

4.All the rivers of thy grace I claim,Over every promise write my name;As I am I come, believing,As thou art thou dost, receiving,Bid me rise a free and pardoned slave,Master o'er my sin, the world, the grave,Charging me to preach thy power to saveTo sinbound souls.  Herbert Howard Booth (1862-1926)


O touch the hem, 759 1.She only touched the hem of his garmentAs to his side she stole,Amid the crowd that gathered around him,And straightway she was whole.

ChorusO touch the hem of his garment,And thou, too, shalt be free;His saving power, this very hour,Shall give new life to thee!

2.She came in fear and trembling before him,She knew her Lord had come,She felt that from him virtue had healed her;The mighty deed was done.

3.He turned with: Daughter, be of good comfort,Thy faith hath made thee whole!And peace that passeth all understandingWith gladness filled her soul.  George Frederick Root (1820-95)


Carey's, 489; St Catherine, 499;St Matthias, 5008. Iambic 1.Weary of wandering from my GodAnd now made willing to return,I hear, and bow me to the rod;For thee, not without hope, I mourn.I have an advocate above,A friend before the throne of love.

2.O Jesus, full of truth and grace,More full of grace than I of sin,Yet once again I seek thy face,Open thine arms and take me in,And freely my backslidings healAnd love the faithless sinner still.

3.Thou knowest the way to bring me back,My fallen spirit to restore;O for thy truth and mercy's sakeForgive, and bid me sin no more!The ruins of my soul repairAnd make my heart a house of prayer.  Charles Wesley (1707-88)


Nothing but the blood of Jesus, 3287.8.7.8. 1.What can wash away my sin?Nothing but the blood of Jesus.What can keep me always clean?Nothing but the blood of Jesus.

ChorusO precious is the flowThat makes me white as snow!No other fount I know,Nothing but the blood of Jesus.

2.For my cleansing this I see,Nothing but the blood of Jesus.For my pardon this my plea,Nothing but the blood of Jesus.

3.Nothing can for sin atone,Nothing but the blood of Jesus.Naught of good that I have done,Nothing but the blood of Jesus.

4.This is all my hope and peace.Nothing but the blood of Jesus.This is all my righteousness,Nothing but the blood of Jesus.  Robert Lowry (1826-99)


Dennis, 165; Southport, 178S.M. 1.When shall thy love constrainAnd force me to thy breast?When shall my soul return againTo her eternal rest?

2.Thy condescending graceTo me did freely move;It calls me still to seek thy face,And stoops to ask my love.

3.Lord, at thy feet I fall,I long to be set free,I fain would now obey the callAnd give up all to thee.

4.Nay, but I yield, I yield!I can hold out no more,I sink, by dying love compelled,And own thee conqueror.  Charles Wesley (1707-88)             *       *       * see also:    420 I bring my heart to Jesus                    421 I bring my sins to thee   



Amazing Grace! 70C.M. 1.Amazing grace! how sweet the sound,That saved a wretch like me!I once was lost, but now am found,Was blind but now I see.

2.'Twas grace that taught my heart to fear,And grace my fears relieved;How precious did that grace appearThe hour I first believed!

3.Through many dangers, toils and snaresI have already come;'Tis grace hath brought me safe thus far,And grace will lead me home.

4.When we've been there ten thousand years,Bright shining as the sun,We've no less days to sing God's praiseThan when we first begun.  John Newton (1725-1807) (verses 1-3),


Before I found salvation, 616 1.Before I found salvation,I was sunk in degradation,And from my Saviour wandered far astray;But I came to Calvary's mountain,And plunged into the fountain,And from my heart the burden rolled way.

Chorus'Twas a happy day, and no mistake,When Jesus from my heart did takeThe load of sin that made it ache,And filled my soul with joy.

2.Since I have been convertedAnd the devil's ranks deserted,I've had such joy and gladness in my soul.For Jesus I've been fighting,And in the war delighting,And now I'm pressing on toward the goal.

3.If faithful to my Saviour,I shall enjoy his favor,And he will keep me safely to the end;And when I cross the river,I'll live with him forever,And one eternal day of glory spend.  William Giles Collins (1854-1931)


Blessed Assurance, 621 1.Blessed assurance, Jesus is mine;O what a foretaste of glory divine!Heir of salvation, purchase of God,Born of his Spirit, washed in his blood.

ChorusThis is my story, this is my song.Praising my Saviour all the day long.

2.Perfect submission, perfect delight,Visions of rapture burst on my sight;Angels descending, bring from aboveEchoes of mercy, whispers of love.

3.Perfect submission, all is at rest;I, in my Saviour, am happy and blest.Watching and waiting, looking above,Filled with his goodness, lost in his love.  Fanny Crosby (1820-1915)


Carlise, 164; Shirland, 176S.M. 1.Come and rejoice with me,For once my heart was poor,But I have found a treasuryOf love, a boundless store.

2.Come and rejoice with me;I, once so sick at heart,Have met with one who knows my case,And knows the healing art.

3.Come and rejoice with me,For I was wearied sore,But I have found a mighty armWhich holds me evermore.

4.Come and rejoice with me,For I have found a friendWho knows my heart's most secret depths,Yet loves me without end.  Elizabeth Rundle-Charles (1828-96)


Come, comrades dear, 464*;Praise, 468** 1.Come, comrades dear, who love the Lord,Who taste the sweets of Jesus' word,In Jesus' ways go on;Our troubles and our trials hereWill only make us richer there,When we arrive at home.

2.We feel that Heaven is now begun;It issues from the sparkling throne,From Jesus' throne on high.And he will lead his soldiers forthTo living streams of richest worthThat never will run dry.

3.And then we'll shine and shout and sing,And make the heavenly arches ring,When all the saints get home.Come on, come on, my comrades dear,We soon shall meet together there,For Jesus bids us come.

4.Amen, amen, my soul replies;I'm bound to meet you in the skies,And claim a mansion there.Now, here's my heart and here's my hand,To meet you in that heavenly land,Where we shall part no more.  Anon *  Repeat lines 3 and 6, then repeat last    2 lines.**Repeat line 6, then repeat last 3 lines. 


Glory to the Lamb, 372; Bethany, 4298.7.8.7. Troch. 1.Come, thou Fount of every blessing,Tune my heart to sing thy grace;Streams of mercy, never ceasing,Call for songs of loudest praise.

ChorusGlory, glory, Jesus saves me,Glory, glory to the Lamb!O the cleansing blood has reached me,Glory, glory to the Lamb!

2.Here I raise my Ebenezer,Hither by thy help I'm come;And I hope, by thy good pleasure,Safely to arrive at home.

3.Jesus sought me when a strangerWandering from the fold of God;He, to rescue me from danger,Interposed his precious blood.

4.O to grace how great a debtorDaily I'm constrained to be!Let that grace, Lord, like a fetter,Bind my wandering heart to thee.

5.Prone to wander, Lord, I feel it,Prone to leave the God I love;Here's my heart, Lord, take and seal it,Seal it for thy courts above.  Robert Robinson (1735-90) (verses)


Diademata, 182; From strength tostrength, 184D.S.M. 1.Come, ye that love the Lord,And let your joys be known;Join in a song with sweet accordWhile ye surround his throne;Let those refuse to sing,Who never knew our God,But soldiers of the heavenly KingMust speak their joys abroad.

2.There we shall see his face,And never, never sin;There, from the rivers of his grace,Drink endless pleasures in;Yea, and before we riseTo that immortal state,The thoughts of such amazing blissShould constant joys create.

3.The men of grace have foundGlory begun below;Celestial fruit on earthly groundFrom faith and hope may grow;Then let our songs abound,And every tear be dry;We're marching through Immanuel's groundTo fairer worlds on high.  Isaac Watts (1674-1748)


Glory to his name, 654 1.Down at the cross where my Saviour died,Down where for cleansing from sin I cried,There to my heart was the blood applied,Glory to his name!

ChorusGlory to his name, glory to his name!Now to my heart is the blood applied,Glory to his name!

2.I am so wondrously saved from sin,Jesus, my Saviour, abides within;And, by the cross, I a crown shall win,Glory to his name!

3.O precious fountain that saves from sin,I am so glad I have entered in!There Jesus saves me and keeps me clean,Glory to his name!

4.Come to this fountain, so rich and sweet,Cast thy poor soul at the Saviour's feet.Plunge in today and be made complete,Glory to his name!  Elisha Albright Hoffman (1839-1929)


Sunshine, 803 1.God is our light and God is our sunshine,Lighting our pathway from day unto day;In him we trust when all else seems dreary,For with his sunshine he brightens our way.

ChorusSunshine, sunshine, shining along our pathway,Guiding, guiding, just where the Saviour would go;Shining, shining when all the way seems gloomy,Jesus lights our way up to Glory with sunshine rays.

2.Sometimes we're tempted, often grow weary,'Tis for the sunshine at such times we pray;Then through the dark his bright rays come beaming,Turning our darkness and fears all away.  Richard Nuttall (1891-1946)


My sins are under the blood, 743 1.God's anger now is turned away,My sins are under the blood;My darkness he has changed to day,My sins are under the blood.

ChorusMy sins, my sins are under the blood,My guilt is gone and my soul is free,My peace, my peace is made with God,The Lord has pardoned me.

2.How blest the Lord's alone to be,My sins are under the blood;What joy to know he cleanses me,My sins are under the blood.

3.When sorrow's waves around me roll,My sins are under the blood;In perfect peace he keeps my soul,My sins are under the blood.

4.In every step his hand doth lead,My sins are under the blood;And he supplies my every need,My sins are under the blood.  Frederick William Fry (1859-1939)


Thou Shepherd of Israel, 487;The cross now covers my sins, 4868.8.8.8. D. Amph. 1.How tasteless and tedious the hoursWhen Jesus no longer I see;Sweet prospects, sweet birds and sweet flowersHave lost all their sweetness to me.The midsummer sun shines but dim,The fields strive in vain to look gay;But when I am happy in himDecember's as pleasant as May.

2.His name yields the richest perfume,And sweeter than music his voice;His presence disperses my gloomAnd makes all within me rejoice.I should, were he always thus nigh,Have nothing to wish or to fear;No mortal so happy as I,My summer would last all the year.

3.Content with beholding his face,My all to his pleasure resigned,No changes of season or placeCould make any change in my mind.While blessed with a sense of his love,A palace a toy would appear;And prisons would palaces proveIf Jesus would dwell with me there.

4.Dear Lord, if indeed I am thine,If thou art my sun and my song,Say why do I languish and pine,And why are my winters so long?O drive these dark clouds from my sky!Thy soul-cheering presence restore,Or take me to thee up on highWhere winters and clouds are no more.  John Newton (1725-1807)


I am amazed, 673 1.I am amazed when I think of God's love,So wonderful, matchless and free;The love that could see, from eternity,Something worth saving in sinners like me.

ChorusI am amazed that the Saviour should dieFor sinners like me and like you;That we may be saved by the work he has doneAnd not by the works that we do.But it's true, it's true,This wonderful story so old, but so new.I am amazed that the Saviour should dieFor sinners like me and like you.

2.I am amazed when I think of God's grace,O word with a heavenly sound!For sinners condemned, what way could be found?More than sufficient God's grace did abound.

3.I am amazed when I think of God's Son,From Glory to Calvary he cameTo bear in my place sin's darkness and shame;O what a Saviour, and Jesus his name!  Sidney Edward Cox (1887-1975)


Meet me at the fountain, 440;Whither pilgrims? 453; The pathway ofduty, 448* D. Troch. 1.I am drinking at the fountainWhere I ever would abide,For I've tasted life's pure river,And my soul is satisfied.There's no thirsting for life's pleasure,Nor adorning, rich and gay,For I've found a richer treasure,One that fadeth not away.

ChorusIs not this the land of Beulah,Blessed, blessed land of light,Where the flowers bloom foreverAnd the sun is always bright? *By the pathway of dutyFlows the river of God's grace;By the pathway of dutyFlows the river of God's grace.

2.Tell me not of heavy crosses,Nor of burdens hard to bear,For I've found this great salvationMakes each burden light appear.And I love to follow Jesus,Gladly counting all but dross,Worldly honors all forsakingFor the glory of the cross.

3.O the cross has wondrous glory!Oft I've proved this to be true;When I'm in the way so narrowI can see a pathway through;And how sweetly Jesus whispers:Take the cross, thou needst not fear,For I've trod the way before theeAnd the glory lingers near.  Anon Sidney Edward Cox (1887-1975) (2nd chorus)


Blessedly Saved, 662 1.I am saved, blessedly saved, by the blood,Ever kept by the power of his might;I am walking and talking with Jesus, my Lord,In his precepts I run with delight.

ChorusBlessedly saved, saved by the blood,Blessedly saved by the blood of the Lamb;Happy and free, Jesus with me,Blessedly saved, blessedly kept, yes, I am!

2.I was saved years ago by the bloodAfter striving and praying with tears;But when willing, the Spirit came in like a flood,And he washed all away sins of years.

3.I've been fighting for God ever sinceIn The Salvation Army so brave;Where he leads I will follow, I'm at his commandTo go forward, poor sinners to save.

4.In this warfare I fight with delight,Ever ready for service I am,Warning sinners to flee from the wrath that's to come,And be washed in the blood of the Lamb.  Edwin Gay (1860-1952)


I am saved, 59512.12. 1.I am saved, I am saved,Jesus bids me go free;He has bought with a priceEven me, even me!

ChorusHallelujah, hallelujah!Hallelujah to my Saviour!Hallelujah, hallelujah!Hallelujah, amen!

2.Wondrous love, wondrous love,Now the gift I receive;I have rest in his word,I believe, I believe!

3.I am cleansed, I am cleansed,I am whiter than snow;He is mighty to save,This I know, this I know!

4.I was weak, I am strongIn the power of his might;And my darkness he's turnedInto light, into light!  Annie Sherwood Hawks (1835-1918)


I am so glad, 52710.10.10.10. Dact. 1.I am so glad that our Father in HeavenTells of his love in the book he has given;Wonderful things in the Bible I see;This is the dearest, that Jesus loves me.

ChorusI am so glad that Jesus loves me,Jesus loves me, Jesus loves me,I am so glad that Jesus loves me,Jesus loves even me.

2.Jesus loves me and I know I love him;Love brought him down my poor soul to redeem,Yes, it was love made him die on the tree;O I am certain that Jesus loves me!

3.If one should ask of me, how could I tell?Glory to Jesus, I know very well;God's Holy Spirit with mine doth agree,Constantly witnessing Jesus loves me.

4.O if there's only one song I can singWhen in his beauty I see the great King,This shall my song in eternity be:O what a wonder that Jesus loves me!

5.In this assurance I find sweetest rest,Trusting in Jesus, I know I am blest;Satan, dismayed, from my soul now doth fleeWhen I just tell him that Jesus loves me.  Philip Paul Bliss (1838-76)


Bethany, 4298.7.8.7. D. Troch. 1.I believe that God the FatherCan be seen in God the Son,In the gentleness of JesusLove for all the world is shown.Though men crucify their Saviour,And his tenderness rebuff,God is love, the cross is saying,Calvary is proof enough.

2.I believe in transformation,God can change the hearts of men,And refine the evil natureTill it glows with grace again.Others may reject the weakling,I believe he can be strong,To the family of JesusAll God's children may belong.

3.In a world of shifting values,There are standards that remain,I believe that holy livingBy God's grace we may attain.All would hear the Holy SpiritIf they listen to his voice,Every Christian may be ChristlikeAnd in liberty rejoice.

4.All the promises of JesusAre unchanged in every way,In my yesterdays I proved them,I believe them for today.Still God gives his willing servantFull equipment for the task;Power is found by those who seek it,Grace is given to those who ask.  John Gowans


Aurelia, 246; Rutherford, 2607.6.7.6. D. Iambic 1.I could not do without thee,O Saviour of the lost,Whose precious blood redeemed meAt such tremendous cost;Thy righteousness, thy pardon,Thy precious blood must beMy only hope and comfort,My glory and my plea.

2.I could not do without thee,I cannot stand alone,I have no strength of goodness,No wisdom of my own;But thou, beloved Saviour,Art all in all to me,And weakness will be power,If leaning hard on thee.

3.I could not do without thee;No other friend can readThe spirit's strange deep longings,Interpreting its need;No human heart could enterEach dim recess of mine,And soothe and hush and calm it,O blessed Lord, but thine.

4.I could not do without thee,For years are fleeting fast.And soon in solemn lonenessThe river must be passed;But thou wilt never leave meAnd, though the waves roll high,I know thou wilt be near meAnd whisper: It is I.  Frances Ridley Havergal (1836-79)


 I feel like singing, 96;Around the throne, 72C.M. 1.O feel like singing all the time,My tears are wiped away,For Jesus is a friend of mine,I'll serve him every day.

ChorusSinging glory, glory,Glory be to God on high.

2.When on the cross my Lord I saw,Nailed there by sins of mineFast fell the burning tears, but nowI'm singing all the time.

3.When fierce temptations try my heartI'll sing; Jesus is mine!And so, though tears at times may startI'm singing all the time.

4.The wondrous story of the LambWe'll tell in every clime,Till others, taught the glad new song,Go singing all the time.

5.The angels sing a glorious song,But not a song like mine,For I am washed in Jesus' blood.And singing all the time.  Edward Payson Hammond (1831-1910)


In my heart there rings a melody, 691 For words and music see Song 984American Supplement 


Saints of God, 781 1.I have found a great salvation,Glory to God!From my sins I've liberation,Glory to God!I was sunk in misery,Bound by Satan's cruel fetters.But the Saviour set me free,Glory to God!

2.Now my heart is full of singing,Glory to God!I am kept each day from sinning,Glory to God!O this joy, who can express?For it never knows an ending;I've a life of happiness,Glory to God!

3.Sinner, you can have this blessing,Glory to God!Come to Christ, your sins confessing,Glory to God!Then your life shall happy be,And in Heaven you'll have a mansion,There to live eternally,Glory to God!  Thomas William Plant (1865-1944)


A Wonderful Saviour, 599 1.I have glorious tidings of Jesus to tell,How he unto me hath done all things well.And I love him for stooping, in sin when I fell.Where his strong arm of mercy did reach me.

ChorusA wonderful Saviour is Jesus,Cleansing the soul, making it whole;A wonderful Saviour is Jesus,I've proved he is mighty to save.

2.I have found that from fear he can freedom bestow,And over dark sorrow joy's radiance throw;As a friend he can cheer one in grief, this I know;He indeed is a wonderful Saviour.

3.I am glad that the blessings the Lord gives to meTo all who will ask him are just as free;In his pity unmeasured he gracious will beUnto all who will seek his salvation.  Richard Slater (1854-1939)


Meet me at the fountain, 440;Let the lower lights be burning, 386;The Vacant Chair, 4498.7.8.7. D. Troch. 1.I have seen his face in blessingWhen my eyes were dimmed with tears;I have felt his hand caressingWhen my heart was torn by fears.When the shadows gathered o'er me,And the gloom fell deep as night,In the darkness, just before me,There were tokens of his light.

ChorusI have victory in temptation,Peace amid the tempest's roar;I abide in his salvation,We are one for evermore.

2.I was wandering. and he found me,Brought me from the verge of Hell;I was bruised, and he bound me,Sick was I, he made me well.I was wounded, and he healed meWhen a-wearied of the strife;I was erring, and he sealed me,Dead, his Spirit gave me life.

3.By his life's blood he has claimed meAs a jewel in his sight;As his own child he has named me,Brought me forth to walk in light.So I'm fighting till he calls me,Walking in the path he trod;And I care not what befalls meLiving in the life of God.  William John McAlnan (1863-1925)


Those endearing young charms, 541;The old rustic bridge, 54011.8.11.8. D. 1.I heard of a Saviour whose love was so greatThat he laid down his life on the tree;The thorns they were pierced on his beautiful browTo pardon a rebel like me.

ChorusHe pardoned a rebel, a rebel like me,He pardoned a rebel like me.The thorns they were pierced on his beautiful browTo pardon a rebel like me.

2.They tell me he wept over sinners one daySaying: O that your Saviour you knew!How oft would I gather you under my wingAnd pardon poor rebels like you.

3.O love so amazing that broke my hard heartAnd brought me, dear Jesus, to thee!I know, when I came, thou didst not cast me outBut didst pardon a rebel like me.

4.'Tis true that poor sinners of all kinds he saves,And you he will not cast away;He waits in his mercy sweet peace to bestow,So come to the fountain today.  Eliza Read


Vox Dilecti, 160; St Matthew, 157D.C.M. 1.I heard the voice of Jesus say:Come unto me and rest;Lay down, thou weary one, lay downThy head upon my breast.I came to Jesus as I was,Weary and worn and sad;I found in him a resting place,And he has made me glad.

2.I heard the voice of Jesus say:Behold, I freely giveThe living water; thirsty one,Stoop down and drink and live.I came to Jesus, and I drankOf that life-giving stream;My thirst was quenched, my soul revived.And now I live in him.

3.I heard the voice of Jesus say:I am this dark world's light;Look unto me, thy morn shall rise.And all thy day be bright.I looked to Jesus, and I foundIn him my star, my sun;And in that light of life I'll walkTill traveling days are done.  Horatius Bonar (1808-89)


I bring my heart to Jesus, 675 1.I left it all with Jesus long ago,All my sins I brought him and my woe.When by faith I saw him on the tree,Heard his loving whisper: 'Tis for thee;From my heart the burden rolled away, Happy day!

2.I leave it all with Jesus, for he knowsHow to steal the bitter from life's woes,How to gild the teardrop with his smile.Make the desert garden bloom awhile;When my weakness leaneth on his mightAll is light!

3.I leave it all with Jesus day by day;Faith can firmly trust him, come what may;Hope has dropped her anchor, found her restIn the calm, sure haven of his breast;Love esteems it Heaven to abideAt his side.

4.O leave it all with Jesus, needy soul;Tell not half the story, but the whole.Worlds on worlds are hanging on his hand,Life and death are waiting his command;Yet his tender mercy makes thee room;O come home!  Ellen H. Willis


I serve a risen Saviour, 681 1.I serve a risen Saviour,He's in the world today;I know that he is living,Whatever men may say;I see his hand of mercy,I hear his voice of cheer,And just the time I need himHe's always near.

ChorusHe lives, he lives,Christ Jesus lives today!He walks with me and talks with meAlong life's narrow way.He lives, he lives,Salvation to impart!You ask me how I know he lives?He lives within my heart!

2.In all the world around meI see his loving care;And though my heart grows weary,I never will despair;I know that he is leadingThrough all the stormy blast;The day of his appearingWill come at last.

3.Rejoice, rejoice, O Christian,Lift up your voice and singEternal hallelujahsTo Jesus Christ the King;The hope of all who seek him,The help of all who find;None other is so loving.So good and kind.  Alfred Henry Ackley (1887-1906)


This is what the Lord has done, 833 1.I want to tell what God has doneThrough Christ. his well-beloved Son,How my poor heart he sought and won;Can you wonder that I want to tell it?I want to tell what God can doFor sinners lost like me and you,Of sins washed white and garments new;Can you wonder that I want to tell it?

ChorusI want to tell you what the Lord has done,What the Lord has done for me;He lifted me from the miry clay;O what a happy day!I want to tell you what the Lord can do,What the Lord can do for you:He can take your life as he did mine,And make it anew.

2.I want to tell of saving grace,Of God's strong arm, his warm embrace,Of blood that can all sins erase;Can you wonder that I want to tell it?I want to tell to sinners lostThat Christ has paid sin's fearful cost,And saves unto the uttermost;Can you wonder that I want to tell it?

3.What God has done, he still can do;His power can fashion lives anew,And all who trust him find him true;Can you wonder that I want to tell it?I want to tell of that glad dayFor which we watch, for which we pray,It must be near, not far away;Can you wonder that I want to tell it?  Sidney Edward Cox (1887-1975)


Love lifted me, 725 1.I was sinking deep in sin,Far from the peaceful shore;Very deeply stained within,Sinking to rise no more;But the Master of the seaHeard my despairing cry,From the waters lifted me;Now safe am I.

ChorusLove lifted me, love lifted me,When no one but Christ could help,Love lifted me.

2.All my heart to him I give,Ever to him I'll cling;In his blessed presence live,Ever his praises sing.Love so mighty and so trueMerits my soul's best songs;Faithful, loving service, too,To him belongs.

3.Souls in danger, look above,Jesus completely saves;He will lift you by his loveOut of the angry waves.He's the Master of the sea,Billows his will obey;He your Saviour wants to be,Be saved today.  James Rowe (1865-1933)


I will sing the wondrous story, 3818.7.8.7. Troch. 1.I will sing the wondrous storyOf the Christ who died for me,How he left his home in Glory,For the cross on Calvary.

ChorusYes, I'll sing the wondrous storyOf the Christ who died for me;Sing it with the saints in Glory,Gathered by the crystal sea.

2.I was lost, but Jesus found me,Found the sheep that went astray,Threw his loving arms around me,Drew me back into his way.

3.I was bruised, but Jesus healed me,Faint was I from many a fall;Sight was gone and fears possessed me,But he freed me from them all.

4.Days of darkness still come o'er me,Sorrow's path I often tread,But the Saviour still is with me,By his hand I'm safely led.  Francis Harold Rowley (1854-1952) (verses)


I love Jesus, 375; I'm a soldier, 3828.7.8.7. Troch. 1.I'm a soldier bound for Glory,I'm a soldier going home;Come and hear me tell my story,All who love the Saviour, come.

ChorusI love Jesus, hallelujah!I love Jesus, yes, I do;I love Jesus, he's my Saviour,Jesus smiles and loves me too.

2.I will tell you what induced meIn the glorious fight to start;'Twas the Saviour's loving kindnessOvercame and won my heart.

3.When I first commenced my warfareMany said I'd run away;But they all have been deceived,In the fight I am today.

4.I'm a wonder unto many,God alone the change has wrought;Here I raise my Ebenezer,Hither by his help I'm brought.

5.When to death's dark, swelling river,Like a warrior I shall come,Then I mean to shout salvation!And go singing glory! home.  Richard Jukes (1804-67),alt


He lifted me, 4728.8.8.6. 1.In loving kindness Jesus came,My soul in mercy to reclaim,And from the depths of sin and shameThrough grace he lifted me.

ChorusFrom sinking sand he lifted me;With tender hand he lifted me;From shades of night to plains of light,O praise his name, he lifted me!

2.He called me long before I heard,Before my sinful heart was stirred;But when I took him at his word,Forgiven, he lifted me.

3.His brow was pierced by many a thorn,His hands by cruel nails were torn,When from my guilt and grief, forlorn,In love, he lifted me.

4.Now on a higher plane I dwell,And with my soul I know 'tis well;Yet how or why, I cannot tell,He should have lifted me.  Charlotte G. Homer


A melody in my heart, 596 1.In my heart there's a gladsome melody,A song of cheer is ringing clear,For my heavy burden rolled away,What a happy, happy day!

ChorusIn my heart today,There's a melody in my heart today,I carried a heavy burden, but it rolled away;There's a melody in my heart today.

2.It was love wrought the change wonderful,His love for me, beyond degree,Found me in the dreary wilderness,Filled my heart with happiness.

3.And the way grows brighter every day,What peace is mine! What joy divine!And the load of sin that burdened me,Rolled away at Calvary.  Sidney Edward Cox (1867-1975)


O what a hiding place, 760 1.In the love of Jesus I have found a refuge,Though the winds may blow, this one thing I know,He who never faileth is my shield and shelter,And he leads me where still waters flow;He leads me where still waters flow.

ChorusO what a hiding place,What a precious hiding place,In the love of Jesus!In the love of Jesus!O what a hiding place,What a precious hiding place,In the love of Jesus!

2.In his love abiding, in the rock I'm hiding,Lord of life is he, yet he thinks of meOft-times weak and wayward; yet in great compassionJesus watches, O so tenderly,He watches, O so tenderly!

3.How my soul rejoices in this mighty Saviour,His unmeasured grace for a fallen race;There upon the cross he wrought so great salvation,There in love divine, he took my place;In love divine, he took my place.  Sidney Edward Cox (1887-1975)


When his love reached me, 849 1.It was love reached me when far away,The love of my precious Saviour;He gave himself my debt to pay,My wonderful, wonderful Saviour.

ChorusWhen his love reached me he set my heart a-singing,When his love reached me, wondrous love reached me;And the bells of Heaven with harmony are ringing,For his love reached me.

2.It is love that keeps me day by day,The love of my precious Saviour;He guides me lest my feet should stray,My wonderful, wonderful Saviour.

3.It is love supplies my every need,The love of my precious Saviour;The bread of life my soul to feed,My wonderful, wonderful Saviour.  Sidney Edward Cox (1887-1975)


Meet me at the fountain, 440;Let the lower lights be burning, 3868.7.8.7. D. Troch. 1.I've  a friend, of friends the fairest,I have known and proved him long;His is beauty, purest, rarest,His is love most true and strong.Ever since his kindness drew me,And my newborn soul found breath,Jesus has been growing dearer,Till to lose him would be death.

ChorusTake the world, but give me Jesus,He alone can satisfy;Take the world, but give me Jesus;Neath his cross I'll live and die.

2.When my heart with joy is glowing,'Tis of Jesus I would sing,When my cup is overflowing,To his feet my praises bring.And when care and sorrow meet me,Pain and grief and dark distress,Still I cry: O give me Jesus,He alone can help and bless!

3.Would you gain this friend so tender?Would you find this faithful guide?Come then, make a full surrender,Yield to Jesus crucified.Take his easy yoke upon you,And his purpose daily learn,Just to do his will entirely,Pleasing him your chief concern.  Ruth Tracy (1870-1960)


The lily of the valley, 819 1.I've found a friend in Jesus, he's everything to me,He's the fairest of ten thousand to my soul;The lily of the valley, in him alone I seeAll I need to cleanse and make me fully whole.In sorrow he's my comfort, in trouble he's my stay,He tells me every care on him to roll.

ChorusHe's the lily of the valley, the bright and morning star,He's the fairest of ten thousand to my soul.

2.He all my griefs has taken, and all my sorrows borne,In temptation he's my strong and mighty tower;I've all for him forsaken, I've all my idols tornFrom my heart, and now he keeps me by his power.Though all the world forsake me, and Satan tempt me sore,Through Jesus I shall safely reach the goal.

3.He'll never, never leave me, nor yet forsake me here,While I live by faith and do his blessed will;A wall of fire about me, I've nothing now to fear,With his manna he my hungry soul shall fill.Then sweeping up to Glory, I'll see his blessed faceWhere rivers of delight shall ever flow.  Charles Fry (1838-82)


I've found a friend, 3598.7.8.7.D. Iambic 1.I've found a friend, O such a friend!He loved me ere I knew him;He drew me with the cords of love,And thus he bound me to him.And round my heart still closely twineThose ties which naught can sever;For I am his, and he is mine,For ever and for ever.

2.I've found a friend, O such a friend!He bled, he died to save me;And not alone the gift of life,But his own self he gave me.Naught that I have my own I call,I hold it for the giver;My heart, my strength, my life, my allAre his, and his for ever!

3.I've found a friend, O such a friend!All power to him is givenTo guard me on my onward courseAnd bring me safe to Heaven.Eternal glories gleam afarTo nerve my faint endeavor;So now to watch, to work, to war,And then to rest for ever.

4.I've found a friend, O such a friend! So kind, so true and tender,So wise a counselor and guide,So mighty a defender!From him, who loves me now so well,What power my soul can sever?Shall life or death? shall earth or Hell?No I am his for ever.  James Grindlay Small (1817-88)


I've found the pearl, 100;Nativity New, 117C.M. 1.I've found the pearl of greatest price,My heart doth sing for joy;And sing I must, for Christ I have,O what a Christ have I!

2.My Christ, he is the Lord of lords,He is the King of kings,He is the Sun of righteousnessWith healing in his wings.

3.My Christ, he is the tree of life,Which in God's garden grows,Whose fruits do feed, whose leaves do heal,My Christ is Sharon's rose.

4.Christ is my meat, Christ is my drink,My medicine and healthMy peace, my strength, my joy, my crown,My glory and my wealth.

5.My Christ, he is the Heaven of heavens,My Christ, what shall I call?My Christ is first, my Christ is last,My Christ is all-in-all.  John Mason (1645-94)


This one thing I know, 834 1.Jesus came to save meBy his precious blood,Purchased my salvation,Brought me home to God;Cleansed my heart as white as snow:This one thing I know!

ChorusThis one thing I know!This one thing I know!God in great mercy pardoned me,Snapped sin's fetters and set me free;Once I was blind but now I see:This one thing I know!

2.Jesus lives to keep me:O what wondrous love!In the Father's presence,Advocate above;Keeps me when sin's tempests blow:This one thing I know!

3.What a precious Saviour,Of his grace I sing;Once despised. rejected,Soon our coming King.On my path his light doth glow:This one thing I know!  Sidney Edward Cox (1887-1975)


O that's the place, 757;Where I love to be, 854 1.Jesus is my Saviour, this I know,He has given peace to my heart.When my soul was burdened, filled full of woe,Seeking from my sin to part,Graciously he heard me when I prayed,Drew me to his riven side,There by faith I washed, and so was saved,His blood was there applied.

ChorusO that's the place where I love to be,For mighty wonders there I see.Would you be blest? Then tarry with meAt the cross of Jesus.

2.There I came to Jesus, bound and sad,Liberty I claimed from my sin;Readily he gave it, and O so gladWas my heart then made by him.Fetters which had bound me he destroyed;Blessed is the spot to meWhere I knelt to thank him, overjoyedTo find my soul was free.

3.Would you know the peace which Jesus gives?Would you know the joy he bestows?Would you know the strength the sinner receivesWhen his heart the blood o'erflows?Come, without delaying, let us goWhere the precious fountain springsThat can make the sinner white as snow,Removing all his sins.  Richard Slater (1854-1939)


Now I belong to Jesus, 751 1.Jesus my Lord will love me for ever,From him no power of evil can sever,He gave his life to ransom my soul,Now I belong to him.

ChorusNow I belong to Jesus,Jesus belongs to me,Not for the years of time alone,But for eternity.

2.Once I was lost in sin's degradation;Jesus came down to bring me salvation,Lifted me up from sorrow and shame,Now I belong to him.

3.Joy floods my soul for Jesus has saved me,Freed me from sin that long had enslaved me,His precious blood he gave to redeem,Now I belong to him.  Norman John Clayton


Regent Square, 4238. Troch. 1.Jesus saved me! O the raptureOf that soul-transporting hour,When in love he stooped to reach me,Plucked me thence from Satan's power!O the rapture! O the raptureOf that soul-transporting hour!

2.Jesus saves me! O the wonderOf that constant cleansing flow,Breaking forth from Calvary's mountain,Making me as white as snow!O the wonder! O the wonderOf that constant cleansing flow!

3.He will save me! O what comfortFor unmeasured days to be!Even when I near the riverHe will still be saving me.O what comfort! O what comfortHe will still be saving me!  Sidney Robert Hubbard (1898-1984)


The well is deep, 825 1.Life is a journey; long is the road,And when the noontide is highSouls that are weary faint 'neath their load,Long for the waters, and cry:

ChorusThe well is deep and I requireA draught of the water of life,But none can quench my soul's desireFor a draught Or the water of life;Till one draws near who the cry will heed,Helper of men in their time of need,And I, believing, find indeedThat Christ is the water of life.

2.Life is a seeking, life is a quest,Eager and longing desire;Unto the true things, unto the best,Godward our spirits aspire.

3.Life is a finding; vain wand'rings ceaseWhen from the Saviour we claimAll we have longed for, solace and peace,And we have life in his name.  Albert Orsborn (1886-1967)


Armageddon, 220; Rachie, 2076.5.6.5. D. 1.Living in the fountain,Walking in the light,Now and ever trustingJesus and his might;Always realizingJesus and his smileTo be ever with me,In me all the while.

ChorusWitnessing for Jesus,I am fully his;Everything for Jesus,O what joy he gives!

2.Having for my portionJesus and his joy,Joy which none can hinder,Nothing can destroy;Living and believing,Saved from every fear,Working and receivingHeavenly wages here.

3.Fighting for his glory,Standing by his cross,Whether it be profit,Whether it be loss;By and by he'll call me:Lay thy weapons down,Ended is thy warfare,Come and take thy crown.  Bramwell Booth (1856-1929)


Beethoven, 9; Silver Hill, 48L.M. 1.Lord, I was blind! I could not seeIn thy marred visage any grace;But now the beauty of thy faceIn radiant vision dawns on me.

2.Lord, I was deaf! I could not hearThe thrilling music of thy voice;But now I hear thee and rejoice,And sweet are all thy words and dear.

3.Lord, I was dumb! I could not speakThe grace and glory of thy name;But now, as touched with living flame,My lips thine eager praises wake.

4.Lord, I was dead! I could not stirMy lifeless soul to come to thee;But now, since thou hast quickened me,I rise from sin's dark sepulchre.

5.For thou hast made the blind to see,The deaf to hear, the dumb to speak.The dead to live; and lo! I breakThe chains of my captivity.  William Tidd Matson (1833-99)


I'm the child of a King, 56211.11.11.11. 1.My Father is rich in houses and lands,He holdeth the wealth of the world in his hands;Of rubies and diamonds, of silver and gold,His coffers are full, he has riches untold.

ChorusI'm the child of a King;I'm the child of a King;With Jesus my Saviour,I'm the child of a King!

2.My Father's own Son, the Saviour of men,Once wandered on earth as the poorest of them,But now he is reigning for ever on highAnd will give me a home in Heaven by and by.

3.I once was an outcast, a stranger on earth.A sinner by choice, and an alien by birth;But I've been adopted, my name's written downAn heir to a mansion, a robe and a crown.

4.A tent or a cottage, why should I care'?They're building a palace for me over there;Though exiled from home, yet still I may sing:All glory to God, I'm the child of a King.  Harriet Eugenia Peck Buell (1834-1910)


My God, I am thine, 739;Harwich New, 532 1.My God, I am thine;What a comfort divine,What a blessing to know that my Jesus is mine!

ChorusHallelujah, send the glory!Hallelujah, amen!Hallelujah, send the glory!Revive us again.

2.In the heavenly LambThrice happy I am,And my heart it doth dance at the sound of his name.

3.True pleasures aboundIn the rapturous sound,And whoever has found it hath Paradise found.

4.My Jesus to know,And feel his blood flow,'Tis life everlasting, 'tis Heaven below.

5.Yet onward I hasteTo the heavenly feast,That, that is the fulness, but this is the taste.

6.And this I shall prove,Till with joy I removeTo the Heaven of heavens in Jesus' love.  Charles Wesley (1707-99) (verses)


Christ for me, 332; God is love, 333;Zealley, 3388. 1.My heart is fixed, eternal God,Fixed on thee;And my unchanging choice is made,Christ for me.He is my prophet, priest and King,Who did for me salvation bring,And while I've breath I mean to sing:Christ for me.

2.Let others boast of heaps of gold,Christ for me.His riches never can be told,Christ for me.Your gold will waste and wear away,Your honors perish in a day,My portion never can decay,Christ for me.

3.In pining sickness or in health,Christ for me.In deepest poverty or wealth,Christ for me.And in that all-important day,When I the summons must obey,And pass from this dark world away,Christ for me.

4.At home, abroad, by night, by day,Christ for me.Where'er I speak, or sing, or pray,Christ for me.Him first and last, him all day long,My hope, my solace, and my song,I'll send the ringing cry along:Christ for me.  Richard Jukes (1804-67)


Unsworth, 577; Flow gently, sweetAfton, 55811.11.11.11. 1.My Jesus, I love thee, I know thou art mine,For thee all the pleasures of sin I resign;My gracious Redeemer, my Saviour art thou,If ever I loved thee, my Jesus, 'tis now.

2.I love thee because thou hast first loved me,And purchased my pardon on Calvary's tree;I love thee for wearing the thorns on thy brow,If ever I loved thee, my Jesus, 'tis now.

3.I will love thee in life, I will love thee in death,And praise thee as long as thou lendest me breath;And say, when the death-dew lies cold on my brow:If ever I loved thee, my Jesus, 'tis now.

4.In mansions of Glory and endless delight,I'll ever adore thee and dwell in thy sight;I'll sing with the glittering crown on my brow:If ever I loved thee, my Jesus, 'tis now.  William Ralph Featherstone (1846-73)


Bishopgarth, 358; I've found a friend,3598.7.8.7. D. Iambic 1.My life flows on in endless song;Above earth's lamentationI hear the sweet though far-off hymnThat hails a new creation.Through all the tumult and the strifeI hear the music ringing;It finds an echo in my soul;How can I keep from singing?

2.What though my joys and comforts die,The Lord, my Saviour, liveth!What though the darkness gather round,Songs in the night he giveth!No storm can shake my inmost calmWhile to that refuge clinging;Since Christ is Lord of Heaven and earthHow can I keep from singing?

3.I lift mine eyes, the cloud grows thin,I see the blue above it;And day by day this pathway smoothsSince first I learned to love it.The peace of Christ makes fresh my heart,A fountain ever springing;All things are mine since I am his;How can I keep from singing?  Anon


I've washed my robes, 29L.M. 1.My robes were once all stained with sin;I knew not how to make them cleanUntil a voice said, sweet and low:Go wash, I'll make them white as snow.

ChorusI've washed my robes in Jesus' blood,And he has made them white as snow.

2.That promise: Whosoever will,Included me, includes me still;I came, and ever since I knowHis blood has cleansed me white as snow.

3.I do not doubt, nor do I say:I hope the stains are washed away;For in my heart I read it so,His blood has cleansed me white as snow.

4.O who will come and wash todayTill all their sins are washed away,Until, by faith, they see and knowTheir robes are washed as white as snow?  Edwin Othello Excell (1851-1921)


My Saviour suffered on the tree, 741 1.My Saviour suffered on the tree,Glory to the bleeding Lamb!O come and praise the Lord with me!Glory to the bleeding Lamb!

ChorusThe Lamb, the Lamb, the bleeding Lamb,I love the sound of Jesus' name,It sets my spirit all in aflame,Glory to the bleeding Lamb!

2.He bore my sins and curse and shame,Glory to the bleeding Lamb!And I am saved through Jesus' name,Glory to the bleeding Lamb!

3.I know my sins are all forgiven,Glory to the bleeding Lamb!And I am on my way to Heaven,Glory to the bleeding Lamb!

4.And this my ceaseless song shall be,Glory to the bleeding Lamb!That Jesus tasted death for me,Glory to the bleeding Lamb!  attr Hodgson Casson (1788-1851)


My soul is now united, 257;Missionary, 2567.6.7.6. D. Iambic 1.My soul is now united to Christ, the living vine;His grace I long have slighted, but now I feel him mine;I was to God a stranger till Jesus took me in,He freed my soul from danger and pardoned all my sin.

2.Soon as my all I ventured on the atoning blood,The Holy Spirit entered, and I was born of God;My sins are all forgiven, I feel his blood applied,And I shall go to Heaven if I in Christ abide.

3.By floods and flames surrounded, I still my way pursue,Nor shall I be confounded, with Glory in my view;Still Christ is my salvation; what can I covet more?I fear no condemnation, my Father's wrath is o'er.  Hugh Bourne (1772-1852), William Sanders (b 1799)


Chalvey, 181; Diademata, 182D.S.M. 1.No home on earth have I,No nation owns my soul,My dwelling place is the Most High,I'm under his control.O'er all the earth alike,My Father's grand domain,Each land and sea with him alikeO'er all he yet shall reign.

2.No place on earth I own,No field, no house be mine;Myself, my all I still disown,My God, let all be thine.Into thy gracious handsMy life is ever placed;To die fulfilling thy commands,I march with bounding haste.

3.With thee, my God, is home;With thee is endless joy;With thee in ceaseless rest I roam;With thee, can death destroy?With thee, the east, the west,The north, the south are one;The battle's front I love the best,And yet: thy will be done.  George Scott Railton (1849-1913)


What a Saviour! 4068.7.8.7. Troch. 1.None the love of Christ can measure,None its depths can ever tell.None can estimate the treasureHeld by those who with him dwell.

ChorusOn the cross his life did Jesus give for me;What a Saviour! Hallelujah!There he died for me who was his enemy;What a Saviour I have found!

2.O how wondrous is the story!That his pardon I might claimJesus left the realms of GloryAnd on earth a man became.

3.Heavy-laden I approached him,Sorrow filled my aching heart,But the blessed word was spoken,Bidding all my fear depart.

4.Hope each guilty soul may cherish,Trembling hearts need not despair,Jesus died that none might perish,He for all sin's curse did bear.  Richard Slater (1854-1939)


O bliss of the purified, 568;St Denio, 569;Foundation, A.S. 97611.11.11.11. 1.O bliss of the purified, bliss of the free!I plunge in the crimson tide opened for me.O'er sin and uncleanness exulting I stand,And point to the print of the nails in his hand.

ChorusO sing of his mighty love,Sing of his mighty love,Sing of his mighty love, Mighty to save!

2.O bliss of the purified, Jesus is mine!No longer in dread condemnation I pine.Quite sure of salvation I sing of his grace,Who lifted upon me the smile of his face.

3.O bliss of the purified, bliss of the pure!No wound hath the soul that his blood cannot cure.The sorrowing heart shall in Jesus find rest,The tears of the mourner be dried on his breast.

4.O Jesus the crucified, thee will I sing,My blessed Redeemer, my God and my King!My soul filled with rapture shall shout o'er the graveAnd triumph in death in the mighty to save.  Francis Bottome (1823-94)


O happy day, 37; Morning Hymn, 35L.M. 1.O happy day that fixed my choiceOn thee, my Saviour and my God!Well may this glowing heart rejoice,And tell its rapture all abroad.

ChorusHappy day, happy day,When Jesus washed my sins away!He taught me how to watch and pray,And live rejoicing every day;Happy day. happy day.When Jesus washed my sins away.

2.O happy bond that seals my vowsTo him who merits all my love!Let cheerful praises fill his houseWhile to his blessed throne I move.

3.'Tis done, the great transaction's done!I am my Lord's and he is mine;He drew me, and I followed on,Charmed to confess the voice divine.  Philip Doddridge (1702-51) (verses)


Down where the living waters flow, 233;Ascalon, 2326. 1.O happy, happy dayWhen old things passed away,There where the Saviour died for me!I knew my sins forgivenAnd had a sight of Heaven,There where the Saviour died for me.

ChorusThere where the Saviour died for me;There where the Saviour died for me;I saw the cleansing flowThat washes white as snow,There where the Saviour died for me.

2.I laid my burden down,And started for the crown,There where the Saviour died for me.My soul was free at last,My sins behind him cast,There where the Saviour died for me.

3.'Twas there I learned to prayAnd found the narrow way,There where the Saviour died for me.I saw his blessed faceAnd joined the heavenly race,There where the Saviour died for me.

4.He wiped away my tearsAnd drove away my fears,There where the Saviour died for me.He whispered: Go in peace;And bade my struggling cease,There where the Saviour died for me.

5.Though Hell should me assail,Through prayer I shall prevail,There where the Saviour died for me.I never need retreat,Nor suffer a defeat,There where the Saviour died for me.  John Lowry (1859-1922)


We'll all shout hallelujah, 58712.9.12.9. 1.O how happy are they who the Saviour obey,And have laid up their treasure above.Tongue can never express the sweet comfort and peaceOf a soul filled with Jesus' love.

ChorusWe'll all shout hallelujahAs we march along the way.We will sing redeeming loveWith the shining hosts above,And with Jesus we'll be happy all the day.

2.That sweet comfort is mine now the favor divineI've received through the blood of the Lamb;With my heart I believe, and what joy I receive,What a heaven in Jesus' name!

3.'Tis a Heaven below my Redeemer to know,And the angels can do nothing moreThan to fall at his feet and the story repeat,And the lover of sinners adore.

4.O the rapturous height of the holy delightWhich I feel in the life-giving blood!Of my Saviour possessed, I am perfectly blessed,As if filled with the Heaven of God.  Charles Wesley (1707-881) (verses),alt


The blue bells of Scotland, 813 1.O Jesus, O Jesus, how vast thy love to me!I'll bathe in its full ocean to all eternity;And wending on to Glory this all my song shall be:I was a guilty sinner, but Jesus died for me.

2.O Calvary, O Calvary, the thorn, the crown the spear!'Tis there thy love, my Jesus, in flowing wounds appears;O depths of love and mercy, to those dear wounds I flee;I was a guilty sinner, but Jesus died for me.

3.I'm coming, I'm coming, dear Jesus, to thy throne,A few more fleeting hours and I shall be at home;And when I reach those pearly gates then I'll put in this plea:I was a guilty sinner, but Jesus died for me.

4.In Glory, in Glory, forever with the Lord,I'll tune my harp and with the saints will sing in sweet accord;And as I strike those golden strings, this all my theme shall be:I was a guilty sinner, but Jesus pardoned me.  Anon


Climbing up the golden stair, 629 1.O my heart is full of music and of gladness,As on wings of love and faith I upward fly;Not a shadow-cloud my Saviour's face obscuring,While I'm climbing to my homestead in the sky.

ChorusO I'm climbing up the golden stair to Glory,O I'm climbing with my golden crown before me,I am climbing in the light,I am climbing day and night,I shall shout with all my might when I get there!O I'm climbing up the golden stair to Glory,O I'm climbing with my golden crown before me,I am climbing in the light,I am climbing day and night.I am climbing up the golden stair!

2.Every day it seems I want to love him better,Every day it seems I want to serve him more,Every day I strive to climb the ladder faster,Every effort brings me nearer Canaan's shore.

3.O the joy of getting others to climb with me!Lost, despairing, broken-hearted, all may come;Calvary-love has made the stair a very wide one;Sinners, lay your burden down and hasten home.  Emma Booth-Tucker (1860-1903)


Regent Square, 423; Praise, my soul, 4228. Troch. 1.O thou God of my salvation,My redeemer from all sin,Moved by thy divine compassion,Who hast died my heart to win,I will praise thee;Where shall I thy praise begin?

2.Though unseen, I love the Saviour;He hath brought salvation near,Manifests his pardoning favorAnd within me doth appear;Soul and bodyThen his glorious image bear.

3.While the angel choirs are crying:Glory to the great I AM!I with them will still be vying,Glory, glory to the Lamb!O how preciousIs the sound of Jesus' name!

4.Angels now are hovering round usUnperceived amid the throng,Wondering at the love that found us,Glad to join our holy song;Hallelujah!Love and praise to Christ belong.  Thomas Olivers (1725-99)


Heaven came down, 666 1.O what a wonderful, wonderful day,Day I will never forget!After I'd wandered in darkness away,Jesus my Saviour I met!O what a tender, compassionate friend,He met the need of my heart!Shadows dispelling, with joy I am telling,He made all the darkness depart.

ChorusHeaven came down and Glory filled my soul,When at the cross the Saviour made me whole;My sins were washed away,And my night was turned to day,Heaven came down and Glory filled my soul.

2.Born of the Spirit with life from aboveInto God's family divine,Justified fully through Calvary's love,O what a standing is mine!And the transaction so quickly was madeWhen as a sinner I came,Took of the offer of grace he did proffer,He saved me, O praise his dear name!

3.Now I've a hope that will surely endure After the passing of time,I have a future in Heaven for sure,There in those mansions sublime.And it's because of that wonderful day,When at the cross I believed;Riches eternal and blessings supernalFrom his precious hand I received.  John W. Peterson


Hanover, 531; Houghton, 53310.10.11.11. 1.O what shall I do my Saviour to praise,So faithful and true, so plenteous in grace,So strong to deliver, so good to redeemThe weakest believer that hangs upon him?

2.How happy the man whose heart is set free,The people that can be joyful in thee;Their joy is to walk in the light of thy face,And still they are talking of Jesus' grace.

3.Their daily delight shall be in thy name,They shall as their right thy righteousness claim;Thy righteousness wearing, and cleansed by thy blood,Bold shall they appear in the presence of God.

4.Yes, Lord, I shall see the bliss of thine own,Thy secret to me shall soon be made known;For sorrow and sadness I joy shall receive,And share in the gladness of all that believe.  Charles Wesley (1707-88)


Open and let the Master in, 765 1.Once I heard a sound at my heart's dark doorAnd was roused from the slumber of sin;It was Jesus knocked, he had knocked before,Now I said: Blessed Master, come in!

ChorusThen open, open, open and let the Master in!For your heart will be brightWith the heavenly light,If you'll only let the Master in.

2.Then he spread a feast of redeeming loveAnd he made me his own happy guest;In my joy I thought that the saints aboveCould be hardly more favored or blest.

3.In the holy war with the foes of truth,He's my shield, he my table prepares;He restores my soul, he renews my youth,And gives triumph in answer to prayers.

4.He will feast me still with his presence dear,And the love he so freely hath given;While his promise tells, as I serve him here,Of the banquet of glory in Heaven.  Sylvanus Dryden Phelps (1816-95) (verses), Robert Lowry (1826-99) (chorus)


Down where the living waters flow, 233;Ascalon, 2326. 1.Once I was far in sin,But Jesus took me in.Down where the living waters flow;'Twas there he gave me sight,And let me see the light,Down where the living waters flow.

ChorusDown where the living waters flow,Down where the tree of life does grow;I'm living in the light,For Jesus now I fight,Down where the living waters flow.

2.With Jesus at my side,I need no other guide,Down where the living waters flow;He is my hope and stay,He saves me every day,Down where the living waters flow.

3.When fighting here is o'er,I'll rest for evermore,Down where the living waters flow;I'll join the blood-washed throng,And sing the angels' song,Down where the living waters flow.  James Conner Bateman (1855-88) (verses), Russell Kelso Carter (1849-1926) (chorus)


Bound for Canaan's shore, 145 1.Once I was lost, on the breakers tossed,And far away from shore;My drifting bark all in the dark,No beacon light before.I was sinking fast when the lifeboat passedAnd the Captain took me in;Now the storm is o'er and I fear no more,I have perfect peace within.

ChorusI'm bound for Canaan's shore,I'm bound for Canaan's shore,I'm off for a trip in the gospel ship,To Canaan's happy shore.

2.Thank God! 'tis true, my heart's quite new,Old things have passed away;And now I know the cleansing flowRolls o'er my soul each day.'Tis a glorious thing to know the stingOf death has been destroyed,And that Jesus lives in my heart, and givesWhat can sweetly be enjoyed!

3.And when at last, all dangers past,I join the blood-washed throng,Though with the least at the heavenly feast,I'll sing the glad new song.O what bliss complete when my Lord I meetIn the banquet hall on high,And with comrades there in love I shareThe joys that never die!  William Giles Collins (1854-1931),alt


When I came to him, 850 1.Once in misery I walked alone,Self-sufficient but sad,But I found a friend to walk with me,And I tell you: I'm glad!

ChorusWhen I came to him Christ came to me,Showed me what he planned that I should be;I was liberated there and then,O I'll never be the same again!

2.In the ruins of my life I stood,I was drowning in tears,But I found a friend to stand by me,And I lost all my fears.

3.Discontented with a pointless life,For direction I sighed;Life has point and purpose now for me,Since I made him my guide.  John Gowans


All through the night, 3398. 1.One there is above all others,O how he loves!His is love beyond a brother's,O how he loves!Earthly friends may fail or leave us,One day kind, the next deceive us;But this friend will never leave us,O how he loves!

2.'Tis eternal life to know him,O how he loves!Think, O think how much we owe him,O how he loves!With his precious blood he bought us,In the wilderness he sought us,To his fold he safely brought us,O how he loves!

3.We have found a friend in Jesus,O how he loves!'Tis his great delight to bless us,O how he loves!How our hearts delight to hear him,Bid us dwell in safety near him;Why should we distrust or fear him?O how he loves!

4.Blessed Jesus, wouldst thou know him?O how he loves!Give thyself this moment to him,O how he loves!Best of blessings he'll provide thee,Naught but good shall e'er betide thee,Safe to Glory he will guide thee,O how he loves!  Mary Ann Nunn (1778-1847)


Out of my darkness, 4558.7.8.7. Dact. 1.Out of my darkness God called me,Out of the depth of my night,Out of the shadows of sorrow,Into the life of his light.

2.Out of my darkness he called me,Out of my doubt, my despair,Out of the wastes of my winter,Into the spring of his care.

3.Out of my darkness he called meInto his sunshining day,Out of my gloom to his glory;What could I do but obey?

4.Out of your darkness he calls you,Out of your doubt, your despair,Out of the wastes of your winter,Into the spring of his care.  John Gowans


Jesus with peace to me, 699 1.Pleasures sought, dearly bought,Leading only further from the light;Blinded eyes, weary sighs,Thus grief-laden did I wander in sin's night.

ChorusJesus came with peace to me,His strong arm was stretched to me,Then my burden took from me--My Saviour.

2.Wasted years, doubts and fears,I no treasure had in Heaven above;Idle hours, misspent powersStained my heart, unmoved by Jesus' wondrous love.

3.Hollow joys, worldly toys,Could not meet my spirit's deep desire;Without rest, in my breastRose the yearning for the Spirit's hallowed fire.

4.Heaven's ray falls todayOn my soul, and makes my pathway bright;Struggles cease, I have peace,Walking with my Saviour, trusting in his might.  Agnes Parker Heathcote (b 1862)


And above the rest, 5; Solid Rock, 501L.M. 1.Praise God for what he's done for me!Once I was blind, but now I see;I on the brink of ruin fell;Glory to God, I'm out of Hell!

ChorusFor what the Lord has done for me,I'll praise him through eternity.

2.I spurned his grace, I broke his laws,But Jesus undertook my cause;Bad as I was he cleansed my soul,Healed my disease and made me whole.

3.The Lord has pardoned all my sin,And now to praise him I'll begin;I never praised the Lord before,But now I'll praise him more and more.  Anon


Saints of God, 781 1.Saints of God, lift up your voices,Praise ye the Lord!While the host of Heaven rejoices,Praise ye the Lord!Praise him as ye onward goTo the realms of endless glory;Let his praise each heart o'erflow,Praise ye the Lord!

2.For the hope of every nation,Praise ye the Lord!He has bought for us salvation,Praise ye the Lord!Jesus died for you and me,Died for all on Calvary's mountain;Every sinner may be free,Praise ye the Lord!

3.Thousands have in Christ believed,Praise ye the Lord!And his pardoning love received,Praise ye the Lord!We have joined the happy throng,God is with us, we're his soldiers;Jesus shall be all our song,Praise ye the Lord!  Anon


Lift up the banner, 106; Lydia, 110C.M. 1.Salvation! O the joyful sound!What pleasure to our ears!A sovereign balm for every wound,A cordial for our fears.

ChorusSo we'll lift up the banner on high,The salvation banner of love;We'll fight beneath its colors till we die,Then go to our home above.

2.Salvation! let the echo flyThe spacious earth around;While all the armies of the skyConspire to raise the sound.

3.Salvation! O thou bleeding Lamb,To thee the praise belongs;Salvation shall inspire our hearts,And dwell upon our tongues.  Isaac Watts (1674-1748) (verses 1 and 2), William Walter Shirley (1725-86) (verse 3), William Thomas Giffe (b 1848) (chorus)


Glory! Glory! 652 1.Songs of salvation are soundingJoyfully all the time;Rivers of grace are aboundingIn every land and clime;Life-giving waters are flowingFreely from Calvary;Heavenly breezes are blowing,Fragrance of purity.

ChorusGlory! Glory!Ring all the bells of Heaven!Glory! Glory! Praise ye his holy name!Glory! Glory!Angels and saints are singing,Sinners to Jesus now clinging;Gladly his love proclaim.

2.Love in its glory and beautyIn the Redeemer we see,Stronger than death, life or duty,Dying our souls to free.Boundless and free as the ocean,High as the heavens above.Sweeter than human devotionIs his eternal love.

3.Hearts that were broken and bleeding,Torn by remorse and grief,Came to the mercy seat pleading,Finding complete relief.Love in its fullness is flowingHere, where all sins depart,Pardon and mercy bestowingFreely on every heart.  Gustaf Kaleb Johnson (1886-1965)


You can tell out the sweet story, 869 1.Tell out the wonderful story,Tell it where'er you go;Tell of the King and his glory.Tell how he loved us so.This is the story most precious,Jesus has died to redeem us;You can tell out the sweet story,You, yes, you.

ChorusYou can tell out the sweet story,You, yes, you.Somebody's life will be brighter,Somebody's care will be lighter;You can tell out the sweet story,You, yes, you.

2.Never a story so wondrous,Tell it to all around;While we were sinners he loved us,Mercy and grace abound.Wandering and weary he sought us,Back to the Father he brought us;You can tell out the sweet story,You, yes, you.

3.Wonderful story of Jesus,Tell every sin-sick soul;Wonderful message of mercy,Jesus can make them whole.Still flows the wonderful river,From every sin to deliver;You can tell out the sweet story,You, yes, you.  Sidney Edward Cox (1887-1975)


Jesus saves me now, 101C.M. 1.The glorious gospel word declaresThat even I may knowRedeeming love, and witness hereThat Jesus saves me now.

ChorusJesus saves me now!Jesus saves me now!Yes, Jesus saves me all the time,Jesus saves me now!

2.God speaks, who cannot lie; why thenOne doubt should I allow?I doubt him not, but take his word,And Jesus saves me now.

3.Temptations here upon me press,No strength is mine, I know;Yet more than conqueror am IFor Jesus saves me now.

4.Whate'er my future may require,His grace will sure allow;I live a moment at a timeAnd Jesus saves me now.  Thomas Bowman Stephenson (1839-1912),alt


O what a wonderful day, 761 1.The Saviour sought and found me,Far from the narrow way;He made my blinded eyes to seeOn that wonderful, wonderful day!

ChorusHe sought me, he sought me,When I was wandering far away;He found me, he found me,O what a wonderful day!

2.He lifted sin's great burden,He saw my deep dismay,And graciously he pardoned meOn that wonderful, wonderful day.

3.My sin was red like crimson,He washed it all away;He filled my heart with melodyOn that wonderful, wonderful day.  Sidney Edward Cox (1887-1975)


There is sunshine, 830 1.There is sunshine in my soul today,More glorious and brightThan glows in any earthly sky,For Jesus is my light.

ChorusO there's sunshine, blessed sunshine,While the peaceful, happy moments roll!When Jesus shows his smiling face,There is sunshine in my soul.

2.There is music in my soul today,A carol to my King,And Jesus, listening, can hearThe songs I cannot sing.

3.There is gladness in my soul today,And hope and praise and love,For blessings which he gives me now,For joys laid up above.  Eliza Edmunds Hewitt (1851-1920)


He is mine! 664 1.There was a Saviour came seeking his sheep,He is mine!Fording the torrent so rushing and deep,He is mine!I was the sheep that had wandered away,He is mine!Me on his shoulder he gently did lay,He is mine!

ChorusHe is mine!He is mine!Loving me, seeking me,Finding me, keeping me,He is mine!

2.Steep was the mountain and dark was the night,He is mine!He came a-seeking, he pitied my plight,He is mine!I could not hope for a happy return,He is mine!But over me his kind Spirit did yearn,He is mine!

3.Great was the gladness when he brought me home,He is mine!Never a murmur and never a frown,He is mine!Showered upon me his pardoning love,He is mine!Told my homecoming to Heaven above,He is mine!

4.Say, do you wonder why always I sing,He is mine?Call him my Saviour, my glorious King,He is mine?Would you not like to be able to sayHe is mine?O he is waiting to be this today,Yours and mine!  Edward Henry Joy (1871-1949)


In my heart a song is ringing, 690 1.There's a song that's ringing in my heart today,For I've found a loving friend,He'll be with me to the end;Though the tempter's snares beset my path below,He is ever by my side, I know.

ChorusIn my heart a song is ringing,For he pardoned me I knowJust because he loved me so.And I'm singing, singing, singing,Just because he loved me so.

2.There's a song that's ringing in my heart today,Jesus' power has set me free,And he gives me victory;All my sin stains vanished in the crimson flow,And he'll keep me every hour, I know.

3.There's a song that's ringing in my heart today,For I'll see my Saviour's faceAt the ending of the race;Wear a spotless robe as white as driven snow,Hear the welcome from the King, I know.  Sidney Edward Cox (1887-1975)


He keeps me singing, 665 1.There's within my heart a melody,Jesus whispers sweet and low:Fear not, I am with thee; peace, be stillIn all of life's ebb and flow.

ChorusJesus, Jesus, Jesus.Sweetest name I know,Fills my every longing,Keeps me singing as I go.

2.All my life was wrecked by sin and strife.Discord filled my heart with pain;Jesus swept across the broken strings,Stirred the slumbering chords again.

3.Feasting on the riches of his grace,Resting 'neath his sheltering wing,Always looking on his smiling face;That is why I shout and sing.  Luther Burgess Bridgers (1884-1948)


Joy without alloy, 345; Whitechapel, 3488.5.8.5. 1.Though I wandered far from JesusIn the paths of sin,Yet I heard him gently calling:Wanderer, come in.

ChorusYes, he gave me peace and pardon,Joy without alloy.

2.Though my burden pressed me sorelyAnd my courage failed,Christ released me, and his goodnessO'er my sin prevailed.

3.Now I live for Christ my Saviour,Live to do his will;Though the path be dark and thorny,I shall conquer still.  James Conner Batemen (1855-88)


Hallelujah! 'tis done, 59412.12. 1.'Tis the promise of God full salvation to giveUnto him who on Jesus, his Son, will believe.

ChorusHallelujah, 'tis done! I believe on the Son;I am washed in the blood of the crucified one.

2.Those redeemed by the blood of their Saviour and LordSing for joy in his presence, in gladsome accord:

3.There are loved ones I know in that heavenly throngWhose sweet voices are raised in the triumphant song:

4.There's a place in that Kingdom for you and for me,And our anthem of praise shall eternally be:  Philip Paul Bliss (1838-76) (verse 1 and chorus), Brindley Boon (verses 2-4)


Jesus Saves! 703 1.We have heard the joyful sound:Jesus saves!Tell the message all around:Jesus saves!Bear the news to every land,Climb the steeps and cross the waves;Onward! 'tis our Lord's command:Jesus saves!

2.Waft it on the rolling tide:Jesus saves!Say to sinners far and wide:Jesus saves!Sing, ye islands of the sea,Echo back, ye ocean waves;Earth shall keep her jubilee:Jesus saves!

3.Sing above the toil and strife:Jesus saves!By his death and endless lifeJesus saves!Sing it softly through the gloom,When the heart for mercy craves;Sing in triumph o'er the tomb:Jesus saves!

4.Give the winds a mighty voice:Jesus saves!Let the nations now rejoice:Jesus saves!Shout salvation full and freeTo each land the ocean laves;This our song of victory:Jesus saves!  Priscilla Jane Owens (1829-1907)


Since Jesus came into my heart, 786 1.What a wonderful change in my life has been wroughtSince Jesus came into my heart.I have light in my soul for which long I had soughtSince Jesus came into my heart.

ChorusSince Jesus came into my heart,Since Jesus came into my heart,Floods of joy o'er my soulLike the sea billows roll,Since Jesus came into my heart.

2.I have ceased from my wandering and going astray,Since Jesus came into my heart.And my sins which were many are all washed awaySince Jesus came into my heart.

3.I'm possessed of a hope that is steadfast and sure,Since Jesus came into my heart.And no dark clouds of doubt now my pathway obscure,Since Jesus came into my heart.

4.I shall go there to dwell in that city I knowSince Jesus came into my heart.I am happy, so happy, as onward I go,Since Jesus came into my heart.  Rufus Henry McDaniel (1850-1940)


At the cross, 58012.9.12.9. 1.When my heart was so hardThat I ne'er would regardThe salvation held up to my sight,To the cross then I cameIn my darkness and shame,And 'twas there that I first saw the light.

ChorusAt the cross, at the cross, where I first saw the light,And the burden of my heart rolled away;It was there, by faith, I received my sight,And now I am happy all the day.

2.In my blindness I thoughtThat no power could have wroughtSuch a marvel of wonder and might;But 'twas done, for I felt,At the cross as I knelt,That my darkness was turned into light.

3.Then the gloom had all passed,And, rejoicing at last,I was sure that my soul was made right;For my Lord, I could see,In his love died for meOn the cross, where I first saw the light.  Herbert Howard Booth (1862-1926) (verses)


Count your blessings, 2026.5.6.5. D. 1.When upon life's billows you are tempest-tossed,When you are discouraged, thinking all is lost,Count your many blessings, name them one by one,And it will surprise you what the Lord hath done.

ChorusCount your blessings, name them one by one,Count your blessings, see what God hath done.Count your blessings, name them one by one,And it will surprise you what the Lord hath done.

2.Are you ever burdened with a load of care?Does the cross seem heavy you are called to bear?Count your many blessings, every doubt will fly.And you will keep singing as the days go by.

3.So amid the conflict, whether great or small,Do not be disheartened, God is over all;Count your many blessings, angels will attend,Help and comfort give you to your journey's end.  Johnson Oatman (1856-1922)


Trust and obey, 58612.9.12.9. 1.When we walk with the LordIn the light of his word.What a glory he sheds on our way;While we do his good will,He abides with us still.And with all who will trust and obey.

ChorusTrust and obey, for there's no other wayTo be happy in Jesus, but to trust and obey.

2.Not a shadow can rise,Not a cloud in the skies,But his smile quickly drives it away;Not a doubt nor a fear,Not a sigh nor a tear,Can abide while we trust and obey.

3.Not a burden we bear.Not a sorrow we share,But our toil he doth richly repay;Not a grief nor a loss,Not a frown nor a cross,But is blessed if we trust and obey.

4.But we never can proveThe delights of his love,Until all on the altar we lay;For the favor he shows,And the joy he bestows,Are for them who will trust and obey.

5.Then in fellowship sweetWe will sit at this feet,Or we'll walk by his side in the way;What he says we will do,Where he sends we will go,Never fear, only trust and obey.  John Henry Sammis (1846-1919)


I'll  serve my Lord alone, 27L.M. 1.When wondrous words my Lord would say,That I unto his mind may reach,He chooses out a lowly way,And robes his thoughts in childlike speech.

ChorusHe came right down to me,He came right down to me,To condescend to be my friend,He came right down to me.

2.The voice divine, those accents dearI languished for, yet had not heardTill Jesus came with message clear,And brought to me the living word.

3.Nor could I see my maker's face,Veiled from my sight his far abode,Till Christ made known the Father's grace,And shared with men their heavy load.

4.O Vision clear! O Voice divine!Dear Son of God and Son of man!Let all thy gifts of grace be mine;Complete in me thy perfect plan.  Albert Orsborn (1886-1967)


Pleasure in his service, 442;Bethany, 4298.7.8.7. D. Troch. 1.Where are now those doubts that hinderedAll his will from being done?When I saw my Lord they vanishedLike a mist before the sun.No one now to me is dearer,Daily I obey his call,And I've pleasure in his serviceMore than all.

ChorusI have pleasure in his service,More than all, more than all.

2.What would now be life without him,I can scarcely dare to think;Empty, purposeless and worthless,In despair my heart would sink.No, I'll never leave my Saviour,I am his whate'er befall;And I'll live with him for everAfter all.

3.O the happiness he gives meFar outweighs the toil and loss!Sweetest joy I find in leadingWeary sinners to the cross.Sore temptations may beset me,Sorrow on my heart may fall;But there's pleasure in his serviceMore than all.  Ruth Tracy (1870-1960)


Jesus is my light, 701 1.Why should life a weary journey seem?Jesus is my light and song.Why should I my cross a burden deem?Jesus is my light and song.All the way is marked by love divine,Round my path the rays of glory shine,Christ himself companion is of mine,Jesus is my light and song.

ChorusJesus is my light, Jesus is my light,Jesus is my light and song;Jesus is my light, I'll serve him with my might,Jesus is my light and song.

2.What though foes at every hand I meet?Jesus is my light and song.What though snares are ready for my feet?Jesus is my light and song.Christ himself was first to lead the way,He was first to battle in the fray,Now on him my every hope I stay,Jesus is my light and song.

3.When my feet shall reach the open door,Jesus is my light and song.When life's pilgrimage on earth is o'er,Jesus is my light and song.This through countless years my song shall be,Love for him who sets the prisoner free,Love for him who gave his life for me,Jesus is my light and song.  Emma Johnson


Zealley, 338; Christ for me, 3328. 1.With joy of heart I now can sing:Jesus saves!He doth to me deliverance bring,Jesus saves!I never shall forget the dayChrist saved me, when so far astray,And sent me singing on my way,Jesus saves!

2.From sins that filled my life with woe,Jesus saves!Beneath my feet he's put my foe,Jesus saves!From fear of man, from base desire,From folly's charm, from sin's deep mire,And from the everlasting fire,Jesus saves!

3.I'll shout the news where'er I go:Jesus saves!His blood doth cleanse as white as snow,Jesus saves!I'll sing it when death's flood I see,I'll sing it then, my joy 'twill be,I'll sing it in eternity:Jesus saves!  Anon


Catelinet, 626 1.With my heart so bright in the heavenly light,I live with Jesus all the time;And I know I am washed in his blood quite white,And I am his and he is mine.

ChorusMy soul is full of joy the devil can't destroy,I'm serving such a mighty, mighty King;And it doesn't matter nowWhat the world may do or vow,While Jesus is my Saviour I can sing.I've joined the Army of the Lord,Fighting for the King of kings;And it doesn't matter nowWhat the world may do or vow,While Jesus is my Saviour I can sing.

2.When my heart was dark, and my soul was lost,My Jesus spoke a pardon free;And he stilled by his power the ocean that tossedAnd bade me go and happy be.

3.By his death he bought me everlasting life,By his stripes my soul was healed;And for my transgression he has borne the strife,And by his sorrow joy revealed.  Herbert Howard Booth (1862-1926)


That means me, 809 1.With stains of sin upon meAnd burdened by my guilt,I dared not hope that for my soulThe Saviour's blood was spilt;But I opened up my BibleWhere I rejoiced to seeThat whosoever will may come,And that means me.

ChorusThat means me, that means me,Whosoever will may come, that means me;I am so very glad, because the Master said:Whosoever will may come; and that means me.

2.I came to him so sinfulBut trusting in his name,And freely Jesus pardoned meAnd lifted me from shame.O I'm glad my Lord has offeredHis grace so rich and freeTo whosoever comes to him,For that means me!

3.O sinner, come to Jesus,The promise is for you;The priceless gift is offered nowAnd all you have to doIs to come this very moment,And he will set you free,For whosoever means you, too,As well as me.  Henry Allen (1865-1943),alt


This is why, 404; The Reason, 4038.7.8.7. Troch. 1.Would you know why I love Jesus,Why he is so dear to me?'Tis because my blessed SaviourFrom my sins has ransomed me.

ChorusThis is why I love my Jesus,This is why I love him so:He has pardoned my transgressions,He has washed me white as snow.

2.Would you know why I love Jesus,Why he is so dear to me?'Tis because the blood of JesusFully saves and cleanses me.

3.Would you know why I love Jesus,'Tis because, amid temptation,He supports and strengthens me.

4.Would you know why I love Jesus, Why he is so dear to me?'Tis because in every conflictJesus gives me victory.

5.Would you know why I love Jesus,Why he is so dear to me?'Tis because my friend and SaviourHe will ever, ever be.  Anon


At Calvary, 611 1.Years I spent in vanity and pride,Caring not my Lord was crucified,Knowing not it was for me he diedOn Calvary.

ChorusMercy there was great, and grace was free;Pardon there was multiplied to me;There my burdened soul found libertyAt Calvary.

2.By God's word at last my sin I learned,Then I trembled at the law I'd spurned,Till my guilty soul imploring turnedTo Calvary.

3.Now I've given to Jesus everything,Now I gladly own him as my King;Now my raptured soul can only singOf Calvary.

4.O the love that drew salvation's plan!O the grace that brought it down to man!O the mighty gulf that God did spanAt Calvary!  William Reed Newell (1868-1956)


Numberless as the sands, 753 1.You may sing of the joys over JordanAnd the glories prepared for our sight,But the soldier of Jesus rejoicesOn the way to that city of light.

ChorusWonderful is the peace Jesus gives me,Wonderful is his power full and free;No tongue can e'er express all the glories I possess;Wonderful is the peace Jesus gives me.

2.You may talk of the harps of the angels,Of melodious praises they sing,But my heart's filled with heavenly musicWhile I'm marching to meet the great King.

3.You may long for the robes bright and shining,And the song, and the crown, and the palm;But your heart must be kept pure and spotlessIf you'd join in the song of the Lamb.

4.Would you reign with the King in his beauty?In his cross-bearing now you must share;For none but the soul who has conqueredMay dwell in that land over there.  A. Saker-Lynne,alt  see also:    22 To God be the glory                   65 Of all in earth or Heaven                  116 Jesus, thy blood and righteousness                  144 I know that my redeemer lives                  176 Deep were the scarlet stains of sin                  283 And can it be that I should gain                  418 Have you on the Lord believed                  730 I know not why God's wondrous grace                  969 I love to tell the story                  972 The way of the cross leads home 

The Life of Holiness



Ye banks and braes, 505;Solid Rock, 5018. Iambic 1.All things are possible to himThat can in Jesus' name believe;Lord, I no more thy truth blaspheme,Thy truth I lovingly receive;I can, I do believe in thee;All things are possible to me.

2.The most impossible of allIs that I e'er from sin should cease;Yet shall it be; I know it shall;Jesus, look to thy faithfulnessIf nothing is too hard for thee,All things are possible to me.

3.Though earth and Hell the word gainsay,The word of God can never fail;The Lamb shall take my sins away,'Tis certain, though impossible;The thing impossible shall be,All things are possible to me.

4.When thou the work of faith hast wrought,I here shall in thine image shine,Nor sin in deed or word or thought;Let men exclaim and fiends repine,They cannot break the firm decree;All things are possible to me.

5.Thy mouth, O Lord, to me hath swornThat I shall serve thee without fear,Shall find the pearl which others spurn,Holy and pure and perfect here;The servant as his Lord shall be;All things are possible to me.

6.All things are possible to God,To Christ, the power of God in man,To me, when I am all renewed,When I in Christ am formed again,And witness, from all sin set free,All things are possible to me.  Charles Wesley (1707-88)


Harton-Lea, 20; Duke Street, 17L.M. 1.Awake, awake! Fling off the night!For God has sent his glorious light;And we who live in Christ's new dayMust works of darkness put away.

2.Awake and rise, Like men renewed,Men with the Spirit's power endued;The light of life in us must glowAnd fruits of truth and goodness show.

3.Let in the light; all sin exposeTo Christ, whose life no darkness knows.Before his cross for guidance kneel;His light will judge and, judging, heal.

4.Awake and rise up from the dead,And Christ his light on you will shed;Its power will wrong desires destroy,And your whole nature fill with joy.

5.Then sing for joy, and use each day;Give thanks for everything alway;Lift up your hearts; with one accordPraise God through Jesus Christ our Lord.  John Raphael Peacey (1896-1971)


I hear thy welcome voice, 169S.M. 1.Before thy face, dear Lord,Myself I want to see;And while I every question sing,I want to answer thee.

ChorusWhile I speak to thee,Lord, thy goodness show;Am I what I ought to be?O Saviour, let me know.

2.Am I what once I was?Have I that ground maintainedWherein I walked in power with thee,And thou my soul sustained?

3.Have I a truthful heart,A conscience keen to feelThe baseness of a false excuse,The touch of aught unreal?

4.Have I the zeal I hadWhen thou didst me ordainTo preach thy word and seek the lost,Or do I feel it pain?

5.O Lord, if I am wrong,I will not grieve thee moreBy doubting thy great love and powerTo make and keep me pure.  Herbert Howard Booth (1862-1926)


Adeste Fideles, 55212.11.12.11. 1.Believe him! Believe him! the holy one is waitingTo perfect within you what grace has begun;God wills for his people an uttermost salvation;To sanctify you wholly the Spirit will come.

2.Surrender! Surrender! Reject the gift no longer,But say: Blessed Master, thy will shall be done.I cease from my striving, thy love shall be the conqueror;To sanctify me wholly, make haste, Lord, and come.

3.Salvation! Salvation! O tell to all the story,The thraldom of evil is broken and gone!My sun and my shield, the Lord gives grace and glory;He sanctifies me wholly; the Spirit has come.  Albert Orsborn (1886-1967)


Lascelles, 170; Franconia, 168;Dennis, 165S.M. 1.Blest are the pure in heart,For they shall see our God;The secret of the Lord is theirs;Their soul is Christ's abode.

2.The Lord, who left the heavens,Our life and peace to bring,To dwell in lowliness with men,Their pattern and their King;

3.Still to the lowly soulHe doth himself impart,And for his cradle and his throneChooseth the pure in heart.

4.Lord, we thy presence seek;May ours this blessing be;Give us a pure and lowly heart,A temple meet for thee.  John Keble (1792-1866) (verses 1 and 3), attr William John Hall (1793-1861) (verses 2 and 4)


Ramsgate, 312; Rousseau, 314;Tyndal, 3177. 1.Christ, whose glory fills the skies,Christ, the true, the only light,Sun of righteousness arise,Triumph o'er the shades of night;Dayspring from on high, be near;Daystar, in my heart appear.

2.O disclose thy lovely face!Quicken all my drooping powers;Gasps my fainting soul for graceAs a thirsty land for showers.Haste, my Lord, no more delay;Come, my Saviour, come away.

3.Dark and cheerless is the mornUnaccompanied by thee;Joyless is the day's returnTill thy mercy's beams I see,Till thou inward light impart,Glad my eyes and warm my heart.

4.Visit, then, this soul of mine,Pierce the gloom of sin and grief;Fill me, Radiance divine,Scatter all my unbelief;More and more thyself display,Shining to the perfect day.  Charles Wesley (1707-88)


Calvary's Stream, 247; To the uttermosthe saves, 267* D. Iambic 1.Come, with me visit CalvaryWhere our redeemer died;His blood now fills the fountain,'Tis deep, 'tis full, 'tis wide.He died from sin to severOur hearts and lives complete;He saves and keeps for everThose living at his feet.

ChorusCalvary's stream is flowing,Calvary's stream is flowing,Flowing so free for you and me;Calvary's stream is flowing. *To the uttermost he saves,To the uttermost he saves;Dare you now believeAnd his love receive?To the uttermost he saves.

2.God's great, free, full salvationIs offered here and now;Complete blood-bought redemptionCan be obtained by you.Reach out faith's hand, now claiming,The cleansing flood will flow;Look up just now, believing,His fulness you shall know.

3.I will surrender fullyAnd do my Saviour's will;He shall now make me holyAnd with himself me fill.He's saving, I'm believing,This blessing now I claim;His spirit I'm receiving,My heart is in a flame.

4.I've wondrous peace through trusting,A well of joy within;This rest is everlasting,My days fresh triumphs win.He gives me heavenly measure,Pressed down and running o'er;O what a priceless treasure,Glory for evermore!  John Lawley (1859-1922), James Conner Bateman (1855-88) (first chorus)


Rest, 124; Repron, 1238. 1.Eternal Light! Eternal Light!How pure the soul must be,When, placed within thy searching sight,It shrinks not, but with calm delight,Can live and look on thee.

2.The spirits that surround thy throneMay bear the burning bliss;But that is surely theirs alone,Since they have never, never knownA fallen world like this.

3.O how shall I, whose native sphereIs dark, whose mind is dim,Before the ineffable appear,And on my naked spirit bearThe uncreated beam?

4.There is a way for man to riseTo that sublime abode;An offering and a sacrifice,A Holy Spirit's energies,An advocate with God.

5.These, these prepare us for the sightOf holiness above;The sons of ignorance and nightMay dwell in the eternal light,Through the eternal love.  Thomas Binney (1798-1874)


For ever with the Lord, 183; Peace, 185D.S.M. 1.From every stain made clean,From every sin set free;O blessed Lord, this is the giftThat thou hast promised me.And pressing through the pastOf failure, fault and fear,Before thy cross my soul I cast,And dare to leave it there.

2.From thee I would not hideMy sin, because of fearWhat men may think; I hate my pride.And as I am appear, Just as I am, O Lord,Not what I'm thought to be,Just as I am, a struggling soulFor life and liberty.

3.While in thy light I stand,My heart, I seem to see,Has failed to take from thy own handThe gifts it offers me.O Lord, thy plenteous grace,Thy wisdom and thy power,I here proclaim, before thy face,Can keep me every hour.

4.Upon the altar hereI lay my treasure down;I only want to have thee near,King of my heart to crown.The fire doth surely burnMy every selfish claim;And while from them to thee I turn,I trust in thy great name.

5.A heart by blood made cleanIn every wish and thought,A heart that by God's power has beenInto subjection brought,To walk, to weep, to sing,Within the light of Heaven;This is the blessing, Saviour-King,That thou to me hast given.  Herbert Howard Booth (1892-1926)


Nuttal, 192; Marshall, 189 (verses) 1.Give me a holy life,Spotless and free,Cleansed by the crystal flowComing from thee.Purge the dark halls of thought,Here let thy work be wrought,Each wish and feeling broughtCaptive to thee.

2.Cleanse, thou refining Flame,All that is mine;Self only may remainIf thou refine.Fix the intention sure,Make my desire secure,With love my heart keep pure,Rooted in thee.

3.All my best works are naught,Please they not thee;Far past my busy handsThine eye doth seeInto the depths of mind,Searching the plan designed,Gladdened when thou dost findFirst of all, thee.

4.Now is my will resigned,Struggles are quelled;Clay on the wheel am I,Nothing withheld.Master, I yield to thee,Crumble, then fashion meFlawless, and fit to beIndwelt by thee.  Leslie Taylor-Hunt (1901-79)


Are you washed? 608 1.Have you been to Jesus for the cleansing power?Are you washed in the blood of the Lamb?Are you fully trusting in his grace this hour?Are you washed in the blood of the Lamb?

ChorusAre you washed in the blood,In the soul-cleansing blood of the Lamb?Are your garments spotless? Are they white as snow?Are you washed in the blood of the Lamb?

2.Are you walking daily by the Saviour's side?Are you washed in the blood of the Lamb?Do you rest each moment in the crucified?Are you washed in the blood of the Lamb?

3.Lay aside the garments that are stained with sin,And be washed in the blood of the Lamb;There's a fountain flowing for the soul unclean,O be washed in the blood of the Lamb  Elisha Albright Hoffman (1839-1929)


Near the cross, 272; Llanfair, 2717.6.7.6. Troch. 1.Have you on the Lord believed?Still there's more to follow;Of his grace have you received?Still there's more to follow.

ChorusMore and more, more and more,Always more to follow;O his matchless, boundless love!Still there's more to follow.

2.Have you felt the Saviour near?Still there's more to follow;Does his blessed presence cheer?Still there's more to follow.

3.O the grace the Father shows!Still there's more to follow;Freely he his grace bestows,Still there's more to follow.  Philip Paul Bliss (1838-76)


Boston 13; Rockingham, 43; Ernan, 19L.M. 1.He wills that I should holy be;That holiness I long to feel,That full divine conformityTo all my Saviour's righteous will.

2.On thee, O God, my soul is stayed.And waits to prove thine utmost will;The promise, by thy mercy made,Thou canst, thou wilt in me fulfill.

3.Thy loving Spirit, Christ, aloneCan lead me forth and make me free,Burst every bond through which I groanAnd set my heart at liberty.

4.Now let thy Spirit bring me in,And give thy servant to possessThe land of rest from inbred sin,The land of perfect holiness.

5.Lord, I believe thy power the same,The same thy grace and truth endure;And in thy blessed hands I am,And trust thee for a perfect cure.

6.Come, Saviour, come and make me whole,Entirely all my sins remove;To perfect health restore my soul,To perfect holiness and love.  Charles Wesley (1707-88)


I bring my heart to Jesus, 675 1.I bring my heart to Jesus, with its fears,With its hopes and feelings, and its tears;Him it seeks, and finding, it is blest;Him it loves, and loving, is at rest.Walking with my Saviour, heart in heart,None can part.

2.I bring my life to Jesus, with its care,And before his footstool leave it there;Faded are its treasures, poor and dim;It is not worth living without him.More than life is Jesus, love and peace,Ne'er to cease.

3.I bring my sins to Jesus, as I prayThat his blood will wash them all away;While I seek for favor at his feet,And with tears his promise still repeat,He doth tell me plainly; Jesus livesAnd forgives.

4.I bring my all to Jesus; he hath seenHow my soul desireth to be clean.Nothing from his altar I withholdWhen his cross of suffering I behold;And the fire descending brings to meLiberty.  Herbert Howard Booth (1862-1926)


Evening, 222; St John, 2286. 1.I bring my sins to thee,The sins I cannot count,That I may cleansed beIn thy once opened fount.I bring them, Saviour, all to thee;The burden is too great for me.

2.My heart to thee I bring,The heart I cannot read;A faithless, wandering thing,An evil heart indeed.I bring it, Saviour, now to theeThat fixed and faithful it may be.

3.To thee I bring my care,The care I cannot flee;Thou wilt not only share,But bear it all for me.O loving Saviour, now to theeI bring the load that wearies me.

4.I bring my grief to thee,The grief I cannot tell;No words shall needed be,Thou knowest all so well.I bring the sorrow laid on me,O suffering Saviour, now to thee.

5.My joys to thee I bring,The joys thy love has given,That each may be a wingTo lift me nearer Heaven.I bring them, Saviour, all to thee;For thou hast purchased all for me.

6. My life I bring to thee,I would not be my own;O Saviour, let me beThine ever, thine alone.My heart, my life, my all I bringTo thee, my Saviour and my King.  Frances Ridley Howergal (1836-79)


O Speak, 4828.8.8.8. Amph. 1.I bring thee, dear Jesus, my all,Nor hold back from thee any part;Obedient to thy welcome call.I yield thee the whole of my heart.

ChorusO speak, O speak while before thee I pray!And, O Lord, just what seemeth thee goodReveal, and my heart shall obey.

2.Perverse, stubborn once was my will.My feet ran in self-chosen ways;Thy pleasure henceforth to fulfil,I'll spend all the rest of my days.

3.The doubts that have darkened my soul,The shame and the fears that I hate,O banish, and bid me be whole,A clean heart within me create

4.O give me a heart that is true,Unspotted and pure in thy sight,A love that would anything do,A life given up to the fight!  Frederick Booth-Tucker (1853-1929) (verses)


I hear thy welcome voice, 169S.M. 1.I hear thy welcome voiceThat calls me, Lord, to thee,For cleansing in thy precious bloodThat flowed on Calvary.

ChorusI am coming, Lord,Coming now to thee;Wash me, cleanse me in thy bloodThat flowed on Calvary.

2.Though coming weak and vile,Thou dost my strength assure;Thou dost my vileness fully cleanseTill spotless all and pure.

3.Still Jesus calls me onTo perfect faith and love,To perfect hope and peace and trustFor earth and Heaven above.

4.'Tis Jesus who confirmsThe blessed work within.By adding grace to welcomed grace,Where reigned the power of sin.

5.And he the witness givesTo loyal hearts and free,That every promise is fulfilledIf faith but brings the plea.  Lewis Hartsough (1828-72)


Confidence, 15; Silver Hill, 48L.M. 1.I thirst, thou wounded Lamb of God,To wash me in thy cleansing blood,To dwell within thy wounds; then painIs sweet, and life or death is gain.

2.Take my poor heart and let it beFor ever closed to all but thee;Seal thou my breast, and let me wearThat pledge of love for ever there.

3.How blest are they who still abideClose sheltered in thy bleeding side,Who life and strength do thence derive,And for thee fight, and in thee live.

4.O conquering Jesus, Saviour thou,To thee, lo! all our souls we bow;To thee our hearts and hands we give;Thine we will die, thine we will live.  Nicolaus Ludwig von Zinzendorf (1700-60) (verses 1 and 2 ), Johann (1712-83) (verse 3 ) and Anna Nitschmann (1715-60) (verse 4),

trs john Wesley (1703-91)


Belmint, 76; Colne, 79C.M 1.I want a principle withinOf jealous, godly fear,A sensibility of sin,A pain to feel it near.

2.I want the first approach to feelOf pride or fond desire,To catch the wandering of my will,And quench the kindling fire.

3.Quick as the apple of an eye,O God, my conscience makeAwake my soul when sin is nigh,And keep it still awake.

4.O may the least omission painMy well-instructed soul,And drive me to the blood againWhich makes the wounded whole.  Charles Wesley (1707-88)


Begone, vain world, 617 1.I want, dear Lord, a heart that's true and clean,A sunlit heart, with not a cloud between;A heart like thine, a heart divine,A heart as white as snow;On me, dear Lord, a heart like this bestow.

2.I want, dear Lord, a love that cares for all,A deep, strong love that answers every call;A love like thine, a love divine,A love to come or go;On me, dear Lord, a love like this bestow.

3.I want, dear Lord, a soul on fire for thee,A soul baptized with heavenly energy;A willing mind, a ready handTo do whate'er I know,To spread thy light wherever I may go.  George Galloway Jackson (1866-93)


Living beneath the shadeof the cross, 719 1.If you want pardon, if you want peace,If you want sorrow and sighing to cease,Look up to Jesus who died on the treeTo purchase a full salvation.

ChorusLiving beneath the shade of the cross,Counting the jewels of earth but dross,Cleansed in the blood that flows from his side,Enjoying a full salvation.

2.If you want Jesus to reign in your soul,Plunge in the fountain and you shall be whole,Washed in the blood of the crucified one;Enjoying a full salvation.

3.If you want boldness, take part in the fight;If you want purity, walk in the light;If you want liberty, shout and be free;Enjoying a full salvation.

4.If you want holiness, cling to the cross,Counting the riches of earth as dross;Down at his feet you'll be cleansed and made free;Enjoying a full salvation.  George Phippen Ewens (1841-1926)


 Galilee, 371; Cross of Jesus, 3668.7.8.7. Troch. 1.Jesus calls us! O'er the tumultOf our life's wild. restless sea,Day by day his sweet voice soundeth,Saying: Christian, follow me.

2.As of old apostles heard itBy the Galilean lake,Turned from home and toil and kindred,Leaving all for his dear sake.

3.Jesus calls us from the worshipOf the vain world's golden store,From each idol that would keep us,Saying: Christian, love me more.

4.In our joys and in our sorrows,Days of toil and hours of ease,Still he calls, in cares and pleasures,That we love him more than these.

5.Jesus calls us! By thy mercies,Saviour, may we hear thy call,Give our hearts to thy obedience,Serve and love thee best of all.  Cecil Frances Alexander (1818-95)


Let the lower lights be burning, 3868.7.8.7. Troch. 1.Jesus, lead me up the mountain,Where the whitest robes are seen,Where the saints can see the fountain,Where we may be pure and clean.

ChorusLead me higher up the mountain.Give me fellowship with theeIn thy light I see the fountain,And the blood now cleanses me.

2.Higher up where light increases,Far beyond earth's fading dross,Where the life of sinning ceases,May I choose to gain through loss.

3.Jesus, Light of God, now show me Love that shall redeem, refineAll who walk with thee and know thee;To thy truth my heart incline.  William James Pearson (1832-92)


Near the cross, 2727.6.7.6. Troch. 1.Jesus, save me through and through,Save me from self-mending;Self-salvation will not do,Pass me through the cleansing.

ChorusThrough and through, through and through,Jesus, make me holy;Save me to the uttermostAll the way to Glory.

2.Through temptations save from sin,Self and pride subduing;Save me through and through within,Save me by renewing.

3.Through the tempest, through the calm,With the Master talking;On my own beloved's arm,Oft with Jesus walking.

4.Through my thoughts and through my heart,Through my flesh and spirit;Save me, Lord, through every part,Through thy saving merit.  William James Pearson (1832-92)


Nearer my home, 172;No sorrow there, 173S.M. 1.Jesus, thy fulness give,My soul and body bless;Cleanse me from sin that I may liveThe life of holiness.

ChorusIn white, in white, walking in white;He makes me worthy through his bloodTo walk with him in white.

2.With full salvation might,My heart and mind make strong;Help me to live and do the rightAnd part with all that's wrong.

3.Give me full joy and peace,Eternal inward restLead me to Calvary's holy feast,There let my soul be blest.

4.Saved from the power of sin,Kept by thy grace secure,Let all without and all withinBe pure, as thou art pure.  William James Pearson (1832-92)


Better World, 331; Goldsmith, 3348. 1.Jesus, thy purity bestowThrough the blood;The power of perfect cleansing showThrough the blood.Take every spot of sin away,Within my heart for ever stay,Give me full victory every day,Through the blood.

2.Increase the faith that conquers doubtThrough the blood;Cast every evil passion outThrough the blood.Give me the power to master wrong,Against the foe to march along,With holy valor make me strong,Through the blood.

3.Give me the love that never dies,Through the blood;That will thy cross and passion prize,Through the blood.Help me to conquer Satan's host,And keep me faithful at my post,Anoint me with the Holy Ghost,Through the blood.  William James Pearson (1832-92)


Whither Pilgrims? 453; Face to face, 3708.7.8.7. D. Troch. 1.Just outside the land of promiseYou have waited many years,And your life has been o'ercloudedWith a host of haunting fears.There is victory in Jesus.Come to him without delay;Seek just now a full salvationAnd the voice of God obey.

ChorusTo redeem and make you holyJesus left his throne above;Now believe and take the blessing.Nothing less than perfect love.

2.You have long been hesitating,Hindered by your unbelief,And your wilful disobedienceOft has caused you bitter grief.Stay no longer on the threshold,Now believe and enter in;Claim through Christ complete deliveranceFrom the slavery of sin.

3.Though you know your sins forgiven,Greater things await you still;Freedom here from sin's dominion,Power to do the Master's will.Fear no danger, he is with you,Let no foe your steps arrest;Seek today the Father's blessing,Enter now the land of rest.  Walter Henry Windybank (1872-1952)


None of self, 461 1.Lord, I come to thee beseechingFor a heart-renewing here;Up to thee my hands are stretching,After thee my heart is reaching;Saviour, in thy power draw near.

2.Holy Spirit, come revealingAll I must forsake, confess;'Tis for light, Lord, I'm appealing;I am here to seek thy healing,Thou art here to save and bless.

3.'Neath the searching light of Heaven,Here a deeper truth I see;Though the past was long forgiven,One more chain must yet be riven,Lord, from self I am not free.

4.Though thy light some pain is bringing,Thou art answering my prayer;To thy promises I'm clinging,At thy cross myself I'm flinging,For the blood is flowing there.

5.'Tis the blood, O wondrous river,Now its power has touched my soul!'Tis the blood from sin can sever,'Tis the blood that doth deliver,Here and now it makes me whole.  Ruth Tracy (1870-1960)


I surrender all, 3778.7.8.7. Troch. 1.Lord, I pray that I may know thee,Risen One, enthroned on high;Empty hands I'm stretching to thee,Show thyself to me, I cry.

ChorusShow thyself to me, show thyself to me,That I may reveal thy beauty;Show thyself to me.

2.All that once I thought most worthy,All of which I once did boast,In thy light seems poor and passing,'Tis thyself I covet most. Give thyself to me, give thyself to me,That I may show forth thy power;Give thyself to me.

3.Only as I truly know theeCan I make thee truly known;Only bring the power to othersWhich in my own life is shown. Show thy power in me, show thy power in me,That I may be used for others;Show thy power in me.  Ruth Tracy (1870-1960)


Lord Jesus, I long, 563; Cossar, 55611.11.11.11. 1.Lord Jesus, I long to be perfectly whole.I want thee for ever to live in my soul;Break down every idol, cast out every foe,Now wash me, and I shall be whiter than snow.

ChorusWhiter than snow, yes, whiter than snow,Now wash me, and I shall be whiter than snow.

2.Lord Jesus, let nothing unholy remain,Apply thine own blood and remove every stain;To get this blest washing I all things forgo;Now wash me, and I shall be whiter than snow.

3.Lord Jesus, thou seest I patiently wait;Come now, and within me a new heart create;To those who have sought thee thou never saidst; No!Now wash me, and I shall be whiter than snow.

4.The blessing by faith I receive from above.O glory, my soul is made perfect in love!My prayer has prevailed, and this moment I knowThe blood is applied, I am whiter than snow.  James Nicholson (c 1828-76)


Long, long ago, 513; Cleansing forme, 51210. 1.Lord, through the blood of the Lamb that was slain,Cleansing for me;From all the guilt of my sins now I claimCleansing from thee.Sinful and black though the past may have been,Many the crushing defeats I have seen,Yet on thy promise, O Lord, now I lean.Cleansing for me.

2.From all the sins over which I have wept,Cleansing for me;Far, far away by the blood-current swept,Cleansing for me.Jesus, thy promise I dare to believe,And as I come thou wilt surely receive,That over sin I may never more grieve,Cleansing for me.

3.From all the doubts that have filled me with gloom,Cleansing for me;From all the fears that would point me to doom,Cleansing for me.Jesus, although I may not understand,In childlike faith now I stretch forth my hand,And through thy word and thy grace I shall stand,Cleansed by thee.

4.From all the care of what men think or say,Cleansing for me;From ever fearing to speak, sing or pray,Cleansing for me.Lord, in thy love and thy power make me strongThat all may know that to thee I belong;When I am tempted, let this be my song,Cleansing for me.  Herbert Howard Booth (1862-1926)


Blaenwern, 430; Hyfrydol, 438;Stainer, 4008.7.8.7. D. Troch. 1.Love divine, all loves excelling,Joy of Heaven, to earth come down,Fix in us thy humble dwelling,All thy faithful mercies crown.Jesus, thou art all compassion,Pure, unbounded love thou art;Visit us with thy salvation,Enter every longing heart.

2.Come, almighty to deliver,Let us all thy grace receive;Suddenly return, and never,Never more thy temples leave.Thee we would be always blessing,Serve thee as thy hosts above;Pray and praise thee without ceasing,Glory in thy perfect love.

3.Finish then thy new creation,Pure and spotless let us be;Let us see thy great salvation,Perfectly restored in thee.Changed from glory into glory,Till in Heaven we take our place,Till we cast our crowns before thee,Lost in wonder, love and praise.  Charles Wesley (1707-88)


Love Divine, 418; Bithynia, 409;Cwm Rhodda, 414 Troch. 1.Love divine, from Jesus flowing,Living waters rich and free,Wondrous love without a limit,Flowing from eternity;Boundless ocean,I would cast myself on thee.

2.Love surpassing understanding,Angels would the mystery scan,Yet so tender that it reachesTo the lowest child of man.Let me, Jesus,Fuller know redemption's plan.

3.Love that pardons past transgression,Love that cleanses every stain,Love that fills to overflowingYet invites to drink again;Precious fountain,Which to open Christ was slain.

4.From my soul break every fetter,Thee to know is all my cry;Saviour, I am thine forever,Thine I'll live and thine I'll die.Only askingMore and more of love's supply.  Elizabeth Ann MacKenzie (1853- 1943)


Mozart, 496; St Catherine, 4998. Iambic 1.O Christ of pure and perfect love,Look on this sin-stained heart of mine!I thirst thy cleansing grace to prove,I want my life to be like thine.O see me at thy footstool bow,And come and sanctify me now!

2.What is it keeps me out of allThe love and faith and fire I need?O drive thy foes from out my soulWhate'er it cost, howe'er I bleed!No sin-cursed thing shall I allowIf thou wilt sanctify me now.

3.In vain my fearful heart points backTo failures in dark days gone by;These shall not drive me from the trackOf heavenly name once more brought nigh.To keep thy grace thou'lt show me how,So come and sanctify me now.

4.O pour on me the cleansing flood,Nor let thy side be cleft in vain!'Tis done, I feel the precious bloodDoes purge and keep from every stain.To all the world I dare avowThat Jesus sanctifies me now.  William Booth (1829-1912)


I hear thy welcome voice, 169;Lascelles, 170S.M. 1.O come and dwell in me,Spirit of power within!And bring the glorious libertyFrom sorrow, fear and sin.

ChorusHear my pleading, Lord;Make my spirit free;Fill my soul with perfect love;O come and dwell in me!

2.The whole of sin's disease,Spirit of health, remove,Spirit of perfect holiness,Spirit of perfect love.

3.I want the witness, Lord,That all I do is right,According to thy will and word,Well pleasing in thy sight.

4.I ask no higher state,Give me but grace for this;And then at last, dear Lord, translateMe to eternal bliss.  Charles Wesley (1707-88)


St Agnes, 126; Rest, 124C.M. 1.O for a closer walk with God,A calm and heavenly frame,A light to shine upon the roadThat leads me to the Lamb!

2.Where is the blessedness I knewWhen first I saw the Lord?Where is the soul-refreshing viewOf Jesus and his word?

3.What peaceful hours I once enjoyed;How sweet their memory still!But they have left an aching voidThe world can never fill.

4.Return, O holy Dove, returnSweet messenger of rest!I hate the sins that made thee mourn,And drove thee from my breast.

5.The dearest idol I have known,Whate'er that idol be,Help me to tear it from thy throne,And worship only thee.

6.So shall my walk be close with God,Calm and serene my frame;So purer light shall mark the roadThat leads me to the Lamb.  William Cowper (1731-1800)


O for a heart whiter than snow, 52810.10.10.10. Dact. 1.O for a heart that is whiter than snow,Kept, ever kept 'neath the life-giving flow,Cleansed from all evil, self-seeking and pride,Kept pure and holy by Calvary's tide!

ChorusO for a heart whiter than snow!Saviour divine, to whom else shall I go?Thou who didst die, loving me so,Give me a heart that is whiter than snow.

2.O for a heart that is whiter than snow,Calm in the peace that he loves to bestow,Daily refreshed by the heavenly dews,Ready for service whene'er he shall choose!

3.O for a heart that is whiter than snow,With the pure flame of the Spirit aglow,Filled with the love that is true and sincere,Love that is able to banish all fear!

4.O for a heart that is whiter than snow,Then in his grace and his knowledge to grow,Growing like him who my pattern shall be,Till in his beauty my King I shall see!  Eliza Edmunds Hewitt (1851-1920)


Richmond, 125; Margaret, 112C.M. 1.O for a heart to praise my God,A heart from sin set free,A heart that always feels the bloodSo freely spilt for me.

ChorusO come to my heart, Lord Jesus:There is room in my heart for thee.

2.A heart resigned, submissive, meek,My great redeemer's throne;Where only Christ is heard to speak,Where Jesus reigns alone.

3.A humble, lowly, contrite heart,Believing, true and clean;Which neither life nor death can partFrom him that dwells within.

4.A heart in every thought renewed,And full of love divine;Perfect and right, and pure and good,A copy, Lord, of thine.

5.Thy nature, gracious Lord, impart,Come quickly from above;Write thy new name upon my heart,Thy new best name of love.  Charles Wesley (1707-88) (verses), Emily Elizabeth Steele Elliott (1836-97) (chorus)


Beethoven, 9; Wareham, 55L.M. 1.O for a humbler walk with God!Lord, bend this stubborn heart of mine;Subdue each rising, rebel thought,And all my will conform to thine.

2.O for a holier walk with God!A heart from all pollution free;Expel, O Lord, each sinful love,And fill my soul with love to thee.

3.O for a nearer walk with God!Lord, turn my wandering heart to thee;Help me to live by faith in himWho lived and died and rose for me.

4.Lord, send thy Spirit from aboveWith light and love and power divine;And by his all-constraining graceMake me and keep me ever thine.  Edward Harland (1810-90)


Sagnia, 498; Mozart, 496 Iambic 1.O God of light, O God of love,Shine on my soul from Heaven above!Let sin appear in thy pure rayAs black as on the judgment day;Let perfect love apply the test,And all that's wrong make manifest.

2.O take thy plummet and thy line,Apply them to this heart of mine,And thus reveal each crooked placeBy contrast with true righteousness!Let holy truth condemn each sham;Show what thou art, and what I am.

3.O smite and spare not, faithful God!A Father's hand still holds the rod;O make my sin-stained conscience smart,And write thy law upon my heartSo plainly, that my will shall bowIn full surrender, here and now!

4.Work on in me thy perfect will,In me thy promise, Lord, fulfil;O make me quick to fight for thee,And set my soul at liberty!My soul can rest in nothing lessThan in a spotless holiness.  Arthur Sydney Booth-Clibborn (1854-1939)


Come on, my partners, 465;Pembroke, 467; 1.O Jesus, Saviour, Christ divine,When shall I know and feel thee mineWithout a doubt or fear?With anxious, longing thirst I comeTo beg thee make my heart thy home,And keep me holy here.

2.What is there that I will not giveTo have thee ever with me liveA conquering Christ within?My life, my all, this blessed dayDown at thy precious feet I lay,To be redeemed from sin.

3.O God of pentecostal fame,Can I not have that living flameBurning where'er I go?From sin and self and shame set free,Can I not lead lost souls to thee,And conquer every foe?

4.I can, I do just now believe,I do the heavenly grace receive,The Spirit makes me clean.Christ takes the whole of my poor heart,No sin shall ever from me partMy Lord who reigns supreme.  William Booth (1829-1912)


At thy feet I fall, 613 1.O lamb of God, thou wonderful sin-bearer,Hard after thee my soul doth follow on;As pants the hart for streams in desert dreary,So pants my soul for thee, O thou life-giving one.

ChorusAt thy feet I fall,Yield thee up my all,To suffer, live or die for my Lord crucified.

2.I mourn, I mourn the sin that drove thee from me,And blackest darkness brought into my soul;Now I renounce the cursed thing that hindered,And come once more to thee to be made fully whole.

3.Descend the heavens, thou whom my soul adoreth!Exchange thy throne for my poor longing heart.For thee, for thee I watch as for the morning;No rest, no joy I find when from thee I'm apart.

4.Come, Holy Ghost, thy mighty aid bestowing!Destroy the works of sin, the self, the pride;Burn, burn in me, my idols overthrowing;Prepare my heart for him, for my Lord crucified.  Catherine Booth-Clibborn (1858-1955)


Saved by grace, 47; He leadeth me! 21L.M. 1.O love, revealed on earth in Christ,In blindness once I sacrificedThy gifts for dross; I could not see,But Jesus brings me sight of thee.

ChorusI come to thee with quiet mind,Thyself to know, thy will to find;In Jesus' steps my steps must be,I follow him to follow thee.

2.O Love, invisible before,I see thee now, desire thee more;When Jesus speaks thy word is clear;I search his face and find thee near.

3.O Love, forever claim my eyes!Thy beauty be my chosen prize;I cast my load on timeless graceThat my free soul may run the race.  Catherine Baird (1895-1984)


Take all my sins away, 478;

Take me as I am, 4798.8.8.6. 1.O spotless Lamb, I come to thee,From thee no longer can I stay;Break every chain, now set me free,Take all my sins away.

ChorusTake all my sins away,Take all my sins away;O spotless Lamb, I come to thee,Take all my sins away.

2.My hungry soul cries out for thee,Come and for ever seal my breast;To thy dear arms at last I flee,There only can I rest.

3.Weary I am of inbred sin,O wilt thou not my soul release?Enter and speak me pure within,Give me thy perfect peace.

4.I plunge beneath thy precious blood,My hand in faith takes hold of thee;Thy promises just now I claim,Thou art enough for me.  Catherine Booth-Clibborn (1858-1955)


Thou art enough for me, 53L.M. 1.O that in me the mind of ChristA fixed abiding-place may find,That I may know the will of God,And live in him for lost mankind.

ChorusDoing the will of God,Doing the will of God,The best thing I know in this world belowIs doing the will of God.

2.The suffering servant he became,Yea more; in loneliness and lossHe bore for me in grief and shame,A crown of thorns. a heavy cross.

3.O that in me this mind might be,The will of God be all my joy,Prepared with him to go or stay,My chief delight his sweet employ.

4.More than all else I would becomeThe servant of my servant-Lord;My highest glory his reproach,To do his will my best reward.  Edward Henry Joy (1871-1949)


Bethany, 429; Love Divine, 418;Austria, 4088.7.8.7. D. Troch. 1.O thou God of full salvation,King of righteousness divine,Author of the new creation,Light of life, within us shine!Make us holy;With thy blessing make us thine.

2.From all self and sin deliver,With thy nature make us good;Make us kings and priests forever,Wash our garments in thy blood.O'er our ArmySend a great salvation flood.

3.Sun of righteousness arising,Cheer us while we bear the cross,Living, dying, sacrificing,Purify from sinful drossThy disciples;Teach us how to gain by loss.

4.Thou art love's unfathomed ocean,Wisdom's deepest, clearest sea,Heaven's and earth's salvation portion,Parent of eternity;Grace and gloryIn abundance flow from thee.  Lilian Beatrice Watkins (1879-1964)


Confidence, 15; Retreat, 41L.M. 1.O thou to whose all-searching sightThe darkness shineth as the light,Search, prove my heart, it pants for thee;O burst these bonds and set it free!

2.Wash out its stain, refine its dross,Nail my affections to the cross;Hallow each thought, let all withinBe clean, as thou, my Lord, art clean.

3.Saviour, where'er thy steps I see,Dauntless, untired, I'll follow thee;O let thy hand support me stillAnd lead me to thy holy hill!

4.If rough and thorny be the way,My strength proportion to my day,Till toil and grief and pain shall cease,Where all is calm and joy and peace.  Nicolaus Ludwig von Zinzendorf (1700-60), trs John Wesley (1703-91)


Almighty to save, 4808.8.8.8. Amph. 1.O when shall my soul find her rest,My strugglings and wrestlings be o'er?My heart, by my Saviour possessed,Be fearing and sinning no more?

2.Now search me, and try me, O Lord!Now Jesus, give ear to my cry!See! helpless I cling to thy word,My soul to my Saviour draws nigh.

3.My idols I cast at thy feet,My all I return thee, who gave;This moment the work is complete,For thou art almighty to save!

4.O Saviour, I dare to believe,Thy blood for my cleansing I see;And, asking in faith, I receiveSalvation, full, present and free.

5.O Lord, I shall now comprehendThy mercy so high and so deep;And long shall my praises ascend,For thou art almighty to keep!  Bramwell Booth (1856-1929)


O live thy life in me! 476;Take me as I am, 4798.8.8.6. 1.Saviour, I want thy love to know,That I in love may be like thee;O let it now my heart o'erflow,And live thy life in me!

ChorusI give my heart to thee,Thy dwelling-place to be;I want thee ever in my heart;O live thy life in me!

2.I want thy spotless purityForever in my heart to beA reflex of thy holiness;O live thy life in me!

3.I want thy wisdom from aboveThat I thy perfect way may see;To follow thee unblamable,Live thou thy life in me.

4.I want thy constant presence, Lord,Then e'en a dark adversityWill be a blessing in disguise;Live thou thy life in me.

5.Then to faith's vision thou shalt beEver a bright reality,Keeping my heart in purity,Living thy life in me.  Harry Anderson


Hold thou my hand! 54311.10.11.10. 1.Say but the word, thy servant shall be healed,I shall be loosed from my infirmity;And, once again, the fount of life unsealedShall upward spring and flow eternally.

2.Vainly I seek a cure for my soul's ailing,Vainly aspire to reach the life divine;Slave of myself, myself for ever failing,Helpless am I until thy grace be mine.

3.I dare not ask as though by right of pleading;Only my need lays hold upon thy name;Yet none can cry and find thy love unheeding,And none need fail thy saving grace to claim.

4.Thine is the name whereon I cry, believing;Thine is the love that sees and pities me;Thine is the power and mine the faith receivingCleansing and healing, life and liberty.  Albert Orsborn (1886-1967)


Jesus looking for thee, 457; Tell me  the story of Jesus, 4588.7.8.7. D. Dact. 1.Send out thy light and thy truth, Lord,Into my heart let them shine;Here while I'm waiting in faith, Lord,Hark to this pleading of mine.Search now my heart, do not spare it,Pour in thy Spirit's pure light;Tell me the truth, I will bear it,Hide not the worst from my sight.

ChorusSaviour, my all I will bring;How can I offer thee less?Widely the doors now I fling,Come and thy temple possess.

2.Send out thy light, let it lead me,Bring me to thy holy hill;When from all sin thou hast freed me,I shall delight in thy will.Jesus, thy wounding is tender,Kind is the light that reveals,Waiting until I surrender,Pouring the balm then that heals.

3.Fulness of joy in thy presence,Bliss at thy side evermore,This is the life that I enter,Now that my struggles are o'er.When with thy Spirit's rich treasureMy earthen vessel is stored,Mine is the service of pleasure,Thine all the glory, dear Lord.  Ruth Tracy (1870-1960)


Take time to be holy, 57111.11.11.11. 1.Take time to be holy, speak oft with thy Lord;Abide in him always, and feed on his word;Make friends of God's children; help those who are weak;Forgetting in nothing his blessing to seek.

2.Take time to be holy, the world rushes on;Spend much time in secret with Jesus alone;By looking to Jesus, like him thou shalt be;Thy friends in thy conduct his likeness shall see.

3.Take time to be holy, let him be thy guide,And run not before him whatever betide;In joy or in sorrow still follow thy Lord,And, looking to Jesus, still trust in his word.

4.Take time to be holy, be calm in thy soul;Each thought and each motive beneath his control;Thus led by his Spirit to fountains of love,Thou soon shalt be fitted for service above.  William Dunn Longstaff (1822-94)


Whiter than the snow, 858 1.Tell me what to do to be pureIn the sight of the all-seeing eyes;Tell me, is there no thorough cure,No escape from the sin I despise?Tell me, can I never be freeFrom this terrible bondage within?Is there no deliverance for meFrom the thraldom of indwelling sin?

ChorusWhiter than the snow! Whiter than the snow!Wash me in the blood of the Lamb,And I shall be whiter than snow.

2.Will my Saviour only pass by,Only show me how faulty I've been?Will he not attend to my cry?Can I not at this moment be clean?Blessed Lord, almighty to heal,I know that thy power cannot fail;Here and now I know, yes, I feelThe prayer of my heart does prevail.

3.Now I know to me thou wilt showWhat before I never could see;Now I know in me thou wilt dwellAnd united to thee I shall be.Surely now thy smile is on me,Thy love to my heart is made known.Now the face of God I shall see,And his power in my life shall be shown.  Samuel Horatio Hodges (d 1922) (verses), E.R. Latta (chorus)


While the Spirit passes by, 857 1.There are wants my heart is tellingWhile the Spirit passes by,And with hope my soul is swellingWhile the Spirit passes by.O what prospects now I see,What a life my life must be,If thy seal is placed on me,While the Spirit passes by!

ChorusWhile the Spirit passes by,While the Spirit passes by;Let my heart be sealed for theeWhile the Spirit passes by.

2.There are sins my lips confessingWhile the Spirit passes by,Treasures long my heart possessing,While the Spirit passes by.All the world's delight and cheer,All the things I held so dear,Ah, how worthless they appearWhile the Spirit passes by.

3.Here I stand, myself disdaining,While the Spirit passes by;Stand in faith, thy mercy claiming,While the Spirit passes by;Let thy power my soul refine,Let thy grace my will incline,Take my all and make it thine,While the Spirit passes by.  Herbert Howard Booth (1862-1926)


Behold the Saviour, 75; Rest, 124C.M. 1.There is a holy hill of God,Its heights by faith I see;Now to ascend my soul aspires,To leave earth's vanity.

ChorusLord, cleanse my hands, and cleanse my heart,All selfish aims I flee,My faith reward, thy love impart,And let me dwell with thee.

2.Though great the world's attractions be,I pass contented by;Gladly I sacrifice their charmsFor those enjoyed on high.

3.I seek the blessing from the LordThat humble saints receive,And righteousness, his own rewardTo all who dare believe.

4.O let me now thy hill ascend,Made worthy by thy grace,There in thy strength to stand and serveWithin the holy place!  William Drake Pennick (1884-1944)


The pathway of duty, 4488.7.8.7. D. Troch. 1.There's a path that's sometimes thorny,There's a narrow way, and straight;It is called the path of duty,And it leads to Heaven's gate.While we tread this path of duty,We will find our needs suppliedFrom the river of God's mercyThat is flowing close beside.

ChorusBy the pathway of dutyFlows the river of God's grace.By the pathway of dutyFlows the river of God's grace.

2.'Tis a blessed way and holy,'Tis a path of peace and joy;Though sometimes the way be stonyAnd the cares of life annoy.But this path that we call dutyIs the way the Master trod,And the smile of love and beautyLights the way that leads to God.

3.Let us walk this path of dutyWith our faces to the sun,Carry all our burdens gladly,Finish well what we've begun.From the river of God's mercyThat is flowing by the way,We may drink and find refreshingFor the burdens of the day.  Sidney Edward Cox (1887-1975)


South Shields, 444 (repeat second halffor chorus); The Vacant Chair, 4498.7.8.7. D. Troch. 1.Thou hast called me from the bywayTo proclaim thy wondrous love;Thou hast placed me on the highwayThat to all men I may proveThere is mission in my living,There is meaning in my word;Saviour, in my daily strivingMay this message yet be heard.

ChorusFor thy mission make me holy,For thy glory make me thine,Sanctify each moment fully,Fill my life with love divine.

2.Have I lost the sense of missionThat inspired my early zeal,When the fire of thy commissionDid my dedication seal?Let me hear thy tender pleading,Let me see thy beckoning hand,Let me feel thee gently leadingAs I bow to thy command.

3.Lord, release that latent passionWhich in me has dormant lain;Recreate a deep compassionThat will care and care again.Needy souls are still my mission,Sinners yet demand my love;This must be my life's ambition,This alone my heart shall move.  Brindley Boon


Walk in the light, 842 1.'Tis religion that can give--In the light, in the light--Sweetest pleasures while we liveIn the light of God.

ChorusO let us walk in the light,Walk in the light,Let us walk in the light,In the light of God.

2.'Tis religion must supply--In the light, in the light--Solid comfort when we dieIn the light of God.

3. After death its joys shall be--In the light, in the light--Lasting as eternity,In the light of God.

4.Be the living God my friend--In the light, in the light--Then my bliss shall never end,In the light of God.  Attr Mary Masters (verses 1-3), attr John Rippon (1751-1836) (verses 4 )


St Agnes, 126; Lloyd, 107C.M. 1.Walk in the light: so shalt thou knowThat fellowship of loveHis Spirit only can bestow,Who reigns in light above.

2.Walk in the light: and thou shalt findThy heart made truly hisWho dwells in cloudless light enshrined,In whom no darkness is.

3.Walk in the light: and thou shalt ownThy darkness passed away,Because that light hath on thee shoneIn which is perfect day.

4.Walk in the light: and e'en the tombNo fearful shade shall wear:Glory shall chase away its gloom,For Christ hath conquered there.

5.Walk in the light: and thine shall beA path. though thorny, bright;For God, by grace, shall dwell in thee,And God himself is light.  Bernard Barton (1784-1849)


Turner, 504; Melita, 4958. Iambic 1.We have not known thee as we ought,Nor learned thy wisdom, grace and power;The things of earth have filled our thought,And trifles of the passing hour.Lord, give us light thy truth to see,And make us wise in knowing thee.

2.We have not feared thee as we ought,Nor bowed beneath thine awful eye,Nor guarded deed and word and thought,Remembering that God was nigh.Lord, give us faith to know thee near,And grant the grace of holy fear.

3.We have not loved thee as we ought,Nor cared that we are loved by thee;Thy presence we have coldly sought,And feebly longed thy face to see.Lord, give a pure and loving heartTo feel and know the love thou art.

4.We have not served thee as we ought,Alas, the duties left undone,The work with little fervor wrought,The battles lost or scarcely won!Lord, give the zeal, and give the might,For thee to toil, for thee to fight.

5.When shall we know thee as we ought,And fear and love and serve aright?When shall we, out of trial brought,Be perfect in the land of light?Lord, may we day by day prepareTo see thy face and serve thee there.  Thomas Benson Pollock (1836-96)


Jesus is strong to deliver, 702 1.Why are you doubting and fearing?Why are you still under sin?Have you not found that his grace doth abound?He's mighty to save; let him in.

ChorusJesus is strong to deliver,Mighty to save! Mighty to save!Jesus is strong to deliver,Jesus is mighty to save.

2.Say, are you weak, are you helpless,Trying again and again?This may be true, but it's not what you do,'Tis he who is mighty to save.

3.When in my sorrow he found me,Found me and bade me be whole;Turned all my night into heavenly light,And from me my burden did roll.

4.When in the tempest he hides me,When in the storm he is near;O'er the long way the Lord is my stay,And now I have nothing to fear.  Herbert Howard Booth (1862-1926) alt


My beautiful home, 36L.M. 1.Why should I be a slave to sin,To foes without or foes within?Sometimes I mount, sometimes down,Sometimes all smile, sometimes all frown.

ChorusThere's victory for me! There's victory for me!Through the blood of the Lamb there is victory for me;He came to set his people freeAnd give them perfect victory.

2.Sin will abound till grace comes in,Then grace shall triumph over sin;Just now, dear Saviour. let it be,Now give me perfect victory.

3.Be thou my strength, be thou my all,Then surely I shall never fall;If none can pluck me from thy hand,I more than conqueror shall stand.

4.'Tis true I have no room to boast;When most I'm saved I'm humbled most;Kept low by grace, and not by sin,My soul shall make her boast in him.  William Baugh (1852-1942)


Sweet Heaven, 584; Home on the  range, 58112.9.12.9. 1.With my faint, weary soul to be made fully whole,And thy perfect salvation to see,With my heart all aglow to be washed white as snow,I am coming, dear Saviour, to thee.

ChorusI'm coming (to thee), I'm coming, dear Saviour, to thee,With my heart all aglow to be washed white as snow,I'm coming, dear Saviour, to thee.

2.I thy promise believe, that in thee I shall live,Through thy blood shed so freely for me;To obtain a pure heart and secure the good part,I am coming, dear Saviour, to thee.

3.All to thee now I give, thine to die, thine to live,Crucified to the world e'er to be;To be dead unto sin, with a new life within,I am coming, dear Saviour, to thee.

4.To be thine, wholly thine, precious Saviour divine,With my all consecrated to thee,To be kept every hour by thy love's wondrous power,I am coming, dear Saviour, to thee.  W.H. Burrell


O Saviour, I am coming, 4418.7.8.7. D. Troch. 1.With my heart so full of sadness,I am coming, Lord, to thee;Coming now to find thy gladness,And thy grace, so rich and free.Empty is the world's enjoyment,Fleeting is its glittering show;When I see my Saviour's brightnessAll is darkness here below.

ChorusO Saviour, I am coming,Coming, coming!O Saviour, I am coming,I'm coming now to thee.

2.Coming with my heart of sorrow,Coming with my life of care,Coming to the Lord of mercy,Coming to the God of prayer.Leaving all the world behind me,Leaving all my doubts and fears,Pressing on to find my Saviour,Who will wipe away my tears.

3.Giving now my soul and bodyAs an offering, Lord, to thee,I would follow in thy footsteps,Living, dying, thine to be.O in mercy let thy blessingFill and overflow my heart!All my ways and thoughts possessing,Come, dear Lord, no more to part.  Herbert Howard Booth (1862-1926)


Shall we gather at the river? 3988.7.8.7. Troch. 1.Yes, there flows a wondrous river,That can make the foulest clean;To the soul it is the giverOf the freedom from all sin.

ChorusRound us flows the cleansing river,The holy, mighty, wonder-working river,That can make a saint of a sinner;It flows from the throne of God.

2.All who seek this cleansing riverHave their deepest need supplied;From all ills its waves deliverWhen for healing they're applied.

3.Have you proved this precious river,Perfect cleansing gaining there?Losing burdens that need neverRise again to bring you care?

4.On the margin of this river,In your stains, why still delay?Why not now be free for everAnd the voice of God obey?  Richard Slater (1854-1939) see also:  490  I heard the voice so gently calling                 510  Mine to rise when thou dost call me 

Consecration and Service


Southport, 178; Dennis, 165S.M. 1.A charge to keep I have,A God to glorify,A never-dying soul to save,And fit it for the sky.

2.To serve the present age,My calling to fulfil,O may it all my powers engage,To do my Master's will!

3.Arm me with jealous care,As in thy sight to live;And O thy servant, Lord, prepareA strict account to give!

4.Help me to watch and pray,And on thyself rely,Assured, if I my trust betray,I shall forever die.  Charles Wesley (1707-88)


All I have I am bringing to thee, 601 1.All I have, by thy blood thou dost claim,Blessed Lord, who for me once was slain;Now thine own I will give thee,I know thou wilt take me,Though long thou hast pleaded in vain.

ChorusAll I have I am bringing to thee,All I have I am bringing to thee;In thy steps I will follow, come joy or come sorrow,Dear Saviour, I will follow thee.

2.All I have, it shall be nothing less,All I have thou shalt own, Lord, and bless;Loss and pain shall not hinder,I'll keep back no longerFrom being thine fully, my Lord.

3.Days of darkness there may be for me,Rough and steep, too, my pathway may be;But the joy or the sorrowThat comes with tomorrowWill just be the fittest for me.

4.Though by darkness my future is veiled,Here's my all, for thy love has prevailed;I no longer will doubt thee,I know thou dost save me,My life shall be wholly for thee.  Richard Slater (1854-1939) (verses), Herbert Howard Booth (1862-1926) (chorus)


I surrender all, 3778.7.8.7. Troch. 1.All to Jesus I surrender,All to him I freely give;I will ever love and trust him,In his presence daily live.

ChorusI surrender all, I surrender all.All to thee, my blessed Saviour,I surrender all.

2.All to Jesus I surrender,Humbly at his feet I bow,Worldly pleasures all forsaken;Take me, Jesus, take me now.

3.All to Jesus I surrender,Make me, Saviour, wholly thine;Let the Holy Spirit witness,I am thine and thou art mine.

4.All to Jesus I surrender,Lord, I give myself to thee;Fill me with thy love and power,Let thy blessing rest on me.

5.All to Jesus I surrender,Now I feel the sacred flame;O the joy of full salvation,Glory, glory to his name!  Judson Van de Venter (1855-1939)


Slater, 133C.M. 1.And is it so? A gift from meDost thou, dear Lord, request?Then speak thy will, whate'er it be:Obeying, I am blest.

ChorusI have not much to give thee, Lord,For that great love which made thee mine:I have not much to give thee, Lord,But all I have is thine.

2.And dost thou ask a gift from me:The talents I possess?Such as I have I give to theeThat others I may bless.

3.And dost thou ask a gift from me:The gift of passing time?My hours I'll give, not grudgingly,I feel by right they're thine.

4.And dost thou ask a gift from me:A loving, faithful heart?'Tis thine, for thou on CalvaryFor me with all didst part.  Richard Slater (1854-1939)


Beneath the cross, 618See also A.S. 989 1.Beneath the cross of JesusI fain would take my stand,The shadow of a mighty rockWithin a weary land;A home within the wilderness,A rest upon the way,From the burning of the noontide heatAnd the burden of the day.

2.Upon that cross of JesusMine eye at times can seeThe very dying form of oneWho suffered there for me;And from my smitten heart, with tears,Two wonders I confess:The wonder of his glorious love,And my own worthlessness.

3.I take, O cross, thy shadowFor my abiding place;I ask no other sunshine thanThe sunshine of his face;Content to let the world go by,To know no gain nor loss,My sinful self my only shame,My glory all the cross.  Elizabeth Cecilia Clephane (1830-69)


Breathe upon me, 3638.7.8.7. Troch. 1.Blessed Saviour, now behold meWaiting at thy bleeding feet;In thy mercy breathe upon me,Make me for thyself complete.

ChorusBreathe upon me, even me,Make me what I ought to be;In thy mercy breathe upon me,Make me for thyself complete.

2.Take my undivided being.Thou hast bought me with thy blood;All my sins thou hast forgiven;Let my future be for God.

3.Should my days be few or many,Should my strength be great or small,Be my talents two or fifty,Jesus, thou shalt have them all.

4.While I live be thou my leader,When I die be thou my share;In thy strength I'm bound to conquerWhile for thee my cross I bear.  William Baugh (1852-1942)


Let the lower lights be burning, 3868.7.8.7. Troch. 1.Brightly beams our Father's mercyFrom his lighthouse evermore;But to us he gives the keepingOf the lights along the shore.

ChorusLet the lower lights be burning,Send a gleam across the wave;Some poor fainting, struggling seamanYou may rescue, you may save.

2.Dark the night of sin has settled,Loud the angry billows roar;Eager eyes are watching, longing,For the lights along the shore.

3.Trim your feeble lamp, my brother;Some poor seaman, tempest-tossed,Trying now to make the harbor,In the darkness may be lost.  Philip Paul Bliss (1838-76)


Toplady, 316; Coles, 3057. 1.Christ of Glory, Prince of Peace,Let thy life in mine increase;Though I live may it be shown'Tis thy life and not my own.Dwell within, that men may seeChrist, the living Christ, in me.

2.Answer now my soul's desire,Purge my heart with holy fire,Soothe the hurt with gentle balm,Breathe within my life thy charm,Fill me now, so shall there beChrist, the holy Christ, in me.

3.Gracious Lord, thy grace apply,Both to save and sanctify;All my life wilt thou control,Calmly ordering the whole,That the world may ever seeChrist, and only Christ, in me.  Colin Fairclough


Maryton, 33; Deep Harmony, 16L.M. 1.Come, Saviour Jesus, from above,Assist me with thy heavenly grace;Empty my heart of earthly love,And for thyself prepare the place.

2.O let thy sacred presence fillAnd set my longing spirit free,Which wants to have no other will,But day and night to feast on thee!

3.Henceforth may no profane delightDivide this consecrated soul;Possess it thou, who hast the right,As Lord and Master of the whole.

4.Wealth, honor, pleasure, and what elseThis short-enduring world can give,Tempt as ye will, my soul repels;To Christ alone resolved to live.

5.Nothing on earth do I desireBut thy pure love within my breast;This, only this, do I require,And freely give up all the rest.  Antoinette Bourignon (1616-80), trs John Wesley (1703 -91)


Coming to the cross, 278; Christ

receiveth sinful men, 2777.7.7.7. 1.Come, thou burning Spirit, come;Lo! we stretch our hands to thee;From the Father and the SonLet us now thy glory see.

ChorusCome, O come great Spirit, come!Let the mighty deed be done;Satisfy our souls' desire,Now we trust thee for the fire.

2.On the altar now we laySoul and body, mind and will;All the evil passions slay,Come and every corner fill.

3.Now the sacrifice we make,Though as dear as a right eye,For our blessed Saviour's sakeWho for us did bleed and die.

4.Now by faith the gift I claim,Bought for me by blood divine,Through the all-prevailing nameAll the promises are mine.  Charles Fry (1838-82)


To the uttermost he saves, 2677.6.7.6. D. Iambic 1.Dear Lord, I do surrenderMyself, my all, to thee;My time, my store, my talents,So long withheld by me.I've heard the call for workers.The world's great need I see,O send me to the rescue,I'm here, my Lord, send me!

ChorusHere am I, my Lord, send me,Here am I, my Lord, send me,I surrender all to obey thy call,Here am I, my Lord, send me.

2.Too long at ease in ZionI've been content to dwell,While multitudes are dyingAnd sinking into Hell.I can no more be careless,And say there's naught to do,The fields are white to harvestAnd laborers are few.

3.O hear, thou God of Heaven,The vows that now I make!To thee my life is given,'Tis for the lost world's sake.To serve thee I am ready,Though friends and foes despise,I now present my bodyA living sacrifice.  W. Walker


Follow On, 644 1.Down in the valley with my Saviour I would go,Where the flowers are blooming and the sweet waters flow;Everywhere he leads me I would follow, follow on,Walking in his footsteps till the crown be won.

ChorusFollow, follow, I will follow Jesus,Anywhere, everywhere, I will follow on;Follow, follow, I will follow Jesus,Everywhere he leads me I will follow on.

2.Down in the valley with my Saviour I would go,Where the storms are sweeping and the dark waters flow;With his hand to lead me I will never, never fear;Dangers cannot fright me if my Lord is near.

3.Down in the valley, or upon the mountain steep,Close beside my Saviour would my soul ever keep;He will lead me safely in the path that he has trod,Up to where they gather on the hills of God.  William Orcutt Cushing (1823- 1902)


Jesus is calling, 700 1.Earnestly seeking to save and to heal,Working for thee, working for thee;Grant me, O Saviour, the marks of thy zeal,Earnestly working for thee.

ChorusWorking for thee, working for thee,Earnestly, constantly, faithfully working for thee.

2.Constantly working, I will not delay,Working for thee, working for thee;Keeping my trust through the whole of the day,Always and only for thee.

3.Faithfully working, my life's purpose claimedWholly for thee, wholly for thee,That of my work I may not be ashamedWhen I am summoned to thee.  Albert Orsborn (1886-1967)


Spohr, 1358. 1.Father, I know that all my lifeIs portioned out for me;The changes that will surely come,I do not fear to see;I ask thee for a patient mind,Intent on pleasing thee.

2.I ask thee for a thoughtful love,Through constant watching, wise,To meet the glad with joyful smiles,And wipe the weeping eyes;A heart at leisure from itself,To soothe and sympathize.

3.I ask thee for the daily strengthTo none that ask denied,A mind to blend with outward lifeWhile keeping at thy side;Content to fill a little spaceIf thou be glorified.

4.In service which thy love appointsThere are no bonds for me;My secret heart is taught the truthThat makes thy children free:A life of self-renouncing loveIs one of liberty.

5.Wherever in the world I am,In whatsoe'er estate,I have a fellowship with heartsTo keep and cultivate,A work of lowly love to doFor him on whom I wait.  Anna Laetitia Waring (1823-1910)


I bring thee all, 676 1.Father of love, of justice and of mercy,Thou art the dawn, the star at eventide;Show thou thy face, and light my way to Calvary,There all my sins in thee to hide.I bring thee all my sins,None can forgive but thee.

ChorusI bring thee all, I bring thee all;O give thyself to me,I bring thee all.

2.O thou, of whom the heavens are but a symbol,Be thou the sun that draws my heart to thee;Be thou the light the stars at night do kindle;Thy love is more than all to me.I bring thee all my heart,None do I love like thee.

3.O Man of sorrows, praying in the garden,Thy sweat as blood falls down upon the ground.In that dark agony my sins are pardoned; My solace in thy grief is found.I bring thee all my tears,None can console like thee.  Evangeline Booth (1865-1950)


Thine own way, Lord, 832 1.Have thine own way, Lord, have thine own way;Thou art the potter, I am the clay;Mold me and make me after thy will,While I am waiting yielded and still.

2.Have thine own way, Lord, have thine own way;Search me and try me, Master, today;Whiter than snow, Lord, wash me just now,As in thy presence humbly I bow.

3.Have thine own way, Lord, have thine own way;Wounded and weary, help me I pray;Power, all power, surely is thine,Touch me and heal me, Saviour divine.

4.Have thine own way, Lord, have thine own way;Hold o'er my being absolute sway;Fill with thy Spirit till all shall seeChrist only, always, living in me.  Adelaide Addison Pollard (1862-1934)


Here at the cross, 22; Ernan, 19L.M. 1.How can I better serve thee, Lord,Thou who hast done so much for me?Faltering and weak my labor has been;O that my life may tell for thee!

ChorusHere at the cross in this sacred hour,Here at the source of reviving power,Helpless indeed, I come with my need;Lord, for thy service, fit me I plead.

2.Dull are my ears to hear thy voice,Slow are my hands to work for thee,Loath are my feet to conquer the steepsThat lead me to my Calvary.

3.Strength for my weakness, Lord, impart;Sight for my blindness give to me;Faith for my doubtings, Lord, I would crave,That I may serve thee worthily.  Bramwell Coles (1887-1960)


Christ is all, 4638. 1.I bring to thee my heart to fill;I feel how weak I am, but stillTo thee for help I call.In joy or grief, to live or die,For earth or Heaven, this is my cry,Be thou my all in all.

ChorusChrist is all, yes, all in all.My Christ is all in all.

2.Around me in the world I seeNo joy that turns my soul from thee;Its honors fade and fall;But with thee, though I mount the cross,I count it gain to suffer loss,For thou art all in all.

3.I've little strength to call my own,And what I've done, before thy throneI here confess, is small;But on thy strength. O God, I lean,And through the blood that makes me clean,Thou art my all in all.

4.No tempest can my courage shake,My love from thee no pain can take,No fear my heart appall;And where I cannot see I'll trust,For then I know thou surely mustBe still my all in all.  Herbert Howard Booth (1862-1926) (verses), W.H. Williams (chorus)


I'll follow thee, 685 1.I heard a voice so gently calling:Take up thy cross and follow me.A tempest on my heart was falling,A living cross this was to be;I struggled sore, I struggled vainly,No other light my eyes could see.

ChorusI'll follow thee, of life the giver,I'll follow thee, suffering redeemer,I'll follow thee, deny thee never,By thy grace I'll follow thee.

2.I heard his voice unto me saying:Take up thy cross and follow me.My heart is thine, now thee obeying,Speak all thy will, dear Lord, to me.Make weakness strength, thy power now give me,And from this hour I'll follow thee.  Agnes Heathcote


Pilgrims, 54811.10.11.10. 1.I would be true, for there are those who trust me;I would be pure, for there are those who care;I would be strong, for there is much to suffer;I would be brave, for there is much to dare.

ChorusJesus will help me,He is my friend;He'll lead and I will followTill life's very end.

2.I would be friend of all--the foe, the friendless;I would be giving, and forget the gift;I would be humble, for I know my weakness;I would look up and laugh and love and lift.  Howard Arnold Walter (1883-1918) (verses)


Rouseau, 314; Norwood, 3117. 1.If so poor a soul as IMay to thy great glory live,All my actions sanctify,All my words and thoughts receive;Claim me for thy service, claimAll I have and all I am.

2.Take my soul and body's powers,Take my memory, mind and will,All my goods and all my hours,All I know and all I feel,All I think or speak or do;Take my heart, but make it new!

3.Now, O God, thine own I am,Now I give thee back thine own;Freedom, friends and health and fameConsecrate to thee alone;Thine I live, thrice happy I,Happier still if thine I die.  Charles Wesley (1707-88)


In deeper consecration, 688 1.In the depths of my soul's greatest longingI am coming, dear Saviour, to thee,Offering each thought and deed for refining;Let thy touch now descend upon me.

ChorusDraw me close to thee in deeper consecration;Wash me, Lord, and cleanse my soul from fear and dross;Sanctify me with the fire of thy indwellingAs I tarry in the shadow of the cross.

2.Grant me patience to wait love's bestowalAs I seek for that blessing divine;Quicken each inner wish with thy powerTill my will becomes blended with thine.

3.With the saints, I am now comprehendingHigher heights, deeper depths of thy love,Serving thee with a heart of compassion,Day by day my devotion to prove.  Margaret MacMillan


Chalvey, 181; Peace, 185D.S.M. 1.In their appointed daysAll things their maker praise,For all are lovely in their timeAnd in their varied ways;Yet true it is to say,All beauty fades awaySave that which in the heart residesAnd cannot know decay.

2.As gently falling dewBids nature smile anew,So does the beauty of the LordTrue comeliness renew;It glorifies our Lord,Shows forth the living word,So men beholding must confessThe saving grace of God.

3.Come, Saviour, and refineThis sinful heart of mine,Removing everything that marsThe loveliness divine;O make and keep me clean,Spare not one lurking sin,So shall my life each day proclaimThe Christ who dwells within.  Albert Orsborn (1886-1967)


My soul is now united, 257; Aurelia, 2467.6.7.6. D. Iambic 1.I'm set apart for Jesus,To be a king and priest;His life in me increases,Upon his love I feast.From evil separated,Made holy by his blood,My all is consecratedUnto the living God.

2.I'm set apart for Jesus,His goodness I have seen,He makes my heart his altar,He keeps his temple clean.Our union none can sever,Together every hour,His life is mine for everWith resurrection power.

3.I'm set apart for Jesus,With him to ever stay,My spirit he releases,He drives my foes away.He gives full strength for trialAnd shields when darts are hurled;With him and self-denialI overcome the world.  William James Pearson (1832-92)


Colne, 79; Bishopthorpe, 77C.M. 1.Immortal love, forever full,Forever flowing free,Forever shared, forever whole,A never-ebbing sea.

2.Our outward lips confess the nameAll other names above;Love only knoweth whence it came,And comprehendeth love.

3.We may not climb the heavenly steepsTo bring the Lord Christ down;In vain we search the lowest deeps,For him no depth can drown.

4.In joy of inward peace, or senseOf sorrow over sin,He is his own best evidence,His witness is within.

5.For warm, sweet, tender, even yetA present help is he;And faith has still its Olivet,And love its Galilee.  John Greenleaf Whittier (1807-92)


Weber, 301; Last Hope, 2847.7.7.7. 1.Jesus, all-atoning Lamb,Thine, and only thine, I am;Take my body, spirit, soul;Only thou possess the whole.

2.Thou my one thing needful be;Let me ever cleave to thee;Let me choose the better part;Let me give thee all my heart.

3.Fairer than the sons of men,Do not let me turn again,Leave the fountain-head of bliss,Stoop to worldly happiness.

4.All my treasure is above,All my riches is thy love;Who the worth of love can tell?Infinite, unsearchable.  Charles Wesley (1707-88)


I will follow thee, my Saviour, 378;Bethany, 4298.7.8.7. Troch. 1.Jesus, I my cross have taken,All to leave, and follow thee;Though I be despised, forsaken,Thou from hence my all shalt be.

ChorusI will follow thee, my Saviour,Thou hast shed thy blood for me:And though all the world forsake thee,By thy grace I'll follow thee.

2.Perish every fond ambition,All I've sought or hoped or known;Yet how rich is my condition,God and Heaven are still my own.

3.Let the world despise and leave me,They have left my Saviour too;Human hearts and looks deceive me,Thou art not like them, untrue.

4.And while thou shalt smile upon me,God of wisdom, love and might,Foes may hate and friends may shun me,Show thy face and all is bright.

5.O 'tis not in grief to harm me,While thy love is left to me!O 'twere not in joy to charm me,Were that joy not found in thee!  Henry Francis Lyte (1793-1847) (verses), James Lawson (chorus)


Anything for Jesus, 199;Princethorpe, 2066.5.6.5. D. 1.Jesus, precious Saviour, thou hast saved my soul,From sin's foul corruption made me fully whole;Every hour I'll serve thee, whate'er may befall,Till in Heaven I crown thee King and Lord of all.

ChorusAll my heart I give thee,Day by day, come what may.All my life I give thee,Dying men to save.

2.From the lowly manger I will follow thee,In the desert and the strife near thee I will be;E'en the sufferings of the cross I will gladly bear,And with thee in Heaven I a crown shall wear.

3.In the toils and conflicts faithful I will be,All things I will gladly bear, they'll be good for me;As a savior of mankind, slaves of sin to bring,Give me holy courage, mighty, mighty King.

4.Precious souls are dying, nerve me for the fight,Help me spread the glorious news, liberty and light;Fiercer gets the contest, Satan's power shall fall,Then on earth I'll crown thee glorious Lord of all.  Harry Davis (d 1919)


Triumph, 427; Bethany, 4298. Troch. 1.King of love so condescending,Spurning not our sinful race,Bearing death, our cause defending,Lavishing thy gifts of grace,We adore thee, we adore thee,And thy Kingdom's cause embrace.

2.Spurning now the world's enticing,Love of ease and passing show,Heavenly grace our souls sufficing,We obey thy word to goBearing tidings, precious tidings,All the world may Jesus know.

3.When the toils of life are overAnd the realms of Glory won,We shall reap in Heaven the harvest,Hear the Saviour's glad well done.Hallelujah! Hallelujah!Jesus' reign has now begun.  William Drake Pennick (1884-1944)


Into thy hands, Lord, 692 1.Kneeling before thee, Lord, I am praying,Claiming a closer communion with thee,Longing to sever from selfish ambition;Break thou each fetter and set my soul free.

ChorusInto thy hands, Lord, take me and mold me,E'en as the potter handles the clay;Make me a vessel fit for thy service;Cleanse me and fill me, and use me today.

2.Fruitless has been the way of my choosing;Now I am leaving the future with thee;Treading the pathway of joyful obedience,Lord, see me ready thy servant to be.

3.Not in my own strength can I accomplishAn thou art planning for me, day by day;Owning the limit of human endeavor,Humbly I seek, Lord, the grace to obey.  Jessie Mountain (1895-1981)


Speak, Saviour, speak, 4458.7.8.7. D. Troch. 1.Let me hear thy voice now speaking,Let me hear and I'll obey;While before thy cross I'm seeking,O chase my fears away!O let the light now fallingReveal my every need,Now hear me while I'm calling,O speak, and I will heed!

ChorusSpeak, Saviour, speak!Obey thee I will ever,Now at thy cross I seekFrom all that's wrong to sever.

2.Let me hear and I will followThough the path be strewed with thorns;It is joy to share thy sorrow,Thou makest calm the storm.Now my heart thy temple making,In thy fulness dwell with me;Every evil way forsaking,Thine only I will be.

3.Let the blood of Christ foreverFlood and cleanse my heart within,That to grieve thee I may neverMore stain my soul with sin.Farewell to worldly pleasure,Farewell to self and pride;How wondrous is my treasureWith Jesus at my side.  Herbert Howard Booth (1862-1926)


Let me love thee, 439; Blaenwern, 4308.7.8.7. D.Troch. 1.Let me love thee, thou art claimingEvery feeling of my soul;Let that love, in power prevailing,Render thee my life, my all.For life's burdens they are easy,And life's sorrows lose their sting,If they're carried, Lord, to please thee.If their pain thy smile should win.

ChorusLet me love thee, Saviour,Take my heart forever;Nothing but thy favorMy soul can satisfy.

2.Let me love thee, come revealingAll thy love has done for me.Help my heart, so unbelieving,By the sight of Calvary.Let me see thy love, despisingAll the shame my sin has brought,By thy torments realizingWhat a price my pardon bought.

3.Let me love thee, I am gladdestWhen I'm loving thee the best;For in sunshine or in sadnessI can find in thee my rest.Love will soften every sorrow,Love will lighten every care,Love unquestioning will follow,Love will triumph, love will dare.  Herbert Howard Booth (1862-1926)


Full Surrender, 650 1.Lord, I make a full surrender,All I have I yield to thee;For thy love, so great and tender,Asks the gift of me.Lord, I bring my whole affection,Claim it, take it for thine own,Safely kept by thy protection,Fixed on thee alone.

ChorusGlory, glory, hallelujah!I have given my all to God;And I now have full salvationThrough the precious blood.

2.Lord, my will I here present theeGladly, now no longer mine;Let no evil thing prevent meBlending it with thine.Lord, my life I lay before thee;Hear this hour the sacred vow;All thine own I now restore thee,Thine forever now.

3.Blessed Spirit, thou hast brought meThus my all to thee to give;For the blood of Christ has bought me,And by faith I live.Show thyself, O God of power,My unchanging, loving friend;Keep me till, in death's glad hour,Faith in sight shall end.  Attr Lowell Mason (1792-1972)


Dennis, 165; Silchester, 177S.M. 1.Lord, in the strength of grace,With a glad heart and free,Myself, my residue of days,I consecrate to thee.

2.Thy ransomed servant, IRestore to thee thy own,And from this moment, live or dieTo serve my God alone.  Charles Wesley (1707-88)


Slane, 789 1.Lord of creation, to you be all praise;Most mighty your working, most wondrous your ways;Your glory and might are beyond us to tell,And yet in the heart of the humble you dwell.

2.Lord of all power, I give you my will,In joyful obedience your tasks to fulfil.Your bondage is freedom, your service is song,And, held in your keeping, my weakness is strong.

3.Lord of all wisdom, I give you my mind,Rich truth that surpasses man's knowledge to find.What eye has not seen and what ear has not heardIs taught by your Spirit and shines from your word.

4.Lord of all bounty, I give you my heart;I praise and adore you for all you impart:Your love to inspire me, your counsel to guide,Your presence to cheer me, whatever betide.

5.Lord of all being, I give you my all;If e'er I disown you I stumble and fall;But sworn in glad service your word to obey,I walk in your freedom to the end of the way.  John Copley Winslow (1882-1974)


O for a heart whiter than snow, 528;The Glory Song, 52910.10.10.10. Dact. 1.Lord, thou art questioning: Lovest thou me?Yea, Lord, thou knowest, my answer must be;But since love's value is proved by love's test,Jesus, I'll give thee the dearest and best.

ChorusAll in my heart, Lord, thou canst read;Master, thou knowest I love thee indeed.Ask what thou wilt my devotion to test,I will surrender the dearest and best.

2.How couldst thou smile on me if, in my heart,I were unwilling from treasures to part?Since my redemption cost thee such a price,Utmost surrender alone will suffice.

3.Down at thy feet all my fears I let go,Back on thy strength all my weakness I throw;Lord, in my life thou shalt have thine own way,Speak but the word, and thy child will obey.  Ruth Tracy (1870-1960)


Chalvey, 181D.S.M. 1.Make me a captive, Lord,And then I shall be free;Force me to render up my sword,And I shall conqueror be.I sink in life's alarmsWhen by myself I stand;Imprison me within thine armsAnd strong shall be my hand.

2.My heart is weak and poorUntil it master find;It has no spring of action sure,It varies with the wind.It cannot freely moveTill thou hast wrought its chain;Enslave it with thy matchless loveAnd deathless it shall reign.

3.My will is not my ownTill thou hast made it thine;If it would reach a monarch's throneIt must its crown resign;It only stands unbentAmid the clashing strife,When on thy bosom it has leantAnd found in thee its life.  George Matheson (1842-1906)


Sagnia, 498; Old 23rd, 4978. Iambic 1.Master, I own thy lawful claim,Thine, wholly thine, I long to be;Thou seest, at last, I willing amWhere'er thou goest to follow thee;Myself in all things to deny,Thine, wholly thine, to live and die.

2.Pleasure and wealth and praise no moreShall lead my captive soul astray;These fond pursuits I all give o'er,Thee, only thee. resolved to obey;My will in all things to resign,And know no other will but thine.

3.Wherefore to thee I all resign,Being thou art of love and power;Thy only will be done, not mine;Thee, Lord, let Heaven and earth adore;Flow back the rivers to the sea,And let my all be lost in thee.  Charles Wesley (1707-88)


I will follow thee, my Saviour, 378;Let the lower lights be burning, 389;Mine and thins, 3888.7.8.7. Troch. 1.Mine to rise when thou dost call me,Lifelong though the journey be;Thine to measure all its windings,Leading step by step to thee.

ChorusI am thine, O Lord and Master,Thine to follow to the endThou art mine, O Christ my Saviour.Guide and helper, lover, friend!

2.Mine to follow, even blindly,Thine, O Christ, to go before;Mine to try and scale the barrier,Thine to fling an open door.

3.Mine to smile in face of failure,Thine to gladden my defeat;Mine to kneel and drink of Marah,Thine to make its waters sweet.

4.Thine the sealing and revealingAll the outcome of my vow,As I give thee soul and body,Mine no longer, thine just now.  Susie Forrest Swift (1862-1916)


My all is on the altar, 242; The CrimsonStream, 2667.6.7.6. D. Iambic 1.My body, soul and spirit,Jesus, I give to thee,A consecrated offering,Thine evermore to be.

ChorusMy all is on the altar,I'm waiting for the fire;Waiting, waiting, waiting,I'm waiting for the fire.

2.O Jesus, mighty Saviour,I trust in thy great name;I look for thy salvation,Thy promise now I claim.

3.O let the fire, descendingJust now upon my soul,Consume my humble offering,And cleanse and make me whole.

4.I'm thine, O blessed Jesus,Washed by thy precious blood;Now seal me by thy SpiritA sacrifice to God.  Mary Dagworthy James (1810-83) (verses)


Spohr, 1358. 1.My life must be Christ's broken bread,My love his outpoured wine,A cup o'erfilled, a table spreadBeneath his name and sign.That other souls, refreshed and fed,May share his life through mine.

2.My all is in the Master's handsFor him to bless and break;Beyond the brook his winepress standsAnd thence my way I take,Resolved the whole of love's demandsTo give, for his dear sake.

3.Lord, let me share that grace of thineWherewith thou didst sustainThe burden of the fruitful vine,The gift of buried grain.Who dies with thee, O Word divine,Shall rise and live again.  Albert Orsborn (1886-1967)


Saviour, dear Saviour, draw nearer, 782 1.My mind upon thee, Lord, is stayed,My all upon thy altar laid,O hear my prayer!And since, in singleness of aim,I part with all, thy power to gain,O God, draw near!

ChorusSaviour, dear Saviour, draw nearer,Humble in spirit I kneel at thy cross;Speak out thy wishes still clearer,And I will obey at all cost.

2.By every promise thou hast madeAnd by the price thy love has paidFor my release,I claim the power to make me whole,And keep through every hour my soulIn perfect peace.

3.And now by faith the deed is done,And thou again to live hast comeWithin my heart.And rising now with thee, my Lord,To lose the world I can afford,For mine thou art.  Herbert Howard Booth (1862-1926)


Not my own, 3898.7.8.7. Troch. 1.Not my own, but saved by Jesus,Who redeemed me by his blood;Gladly I accept the message,I belong to Christ the Lord.

ChorusNot my own, not my own,Saviour, I belong to thee;All I have and all I hope for,Thine for all eternity.

2.Not my own; to Christ my Saviour,I, believing, trust my soul,Everything to him committed,While eternal ages roll.

3.Not my own; my time. my talents,Freely all to Christ I bring,To be used in joyful serviceFor the glory of my King.

4.Not my own; the Lord accepts me,One among the ransomed throngWho in Heaven shall see his glory,And to Jesus Christ belong.  Daniel Webster Whittle (1840-1901)


French, 88; Wiltshire, 143C.M. 1.O Blessed Saviour, is thy loveSo great, so full, so free?Behold we give our thoughts, our hearts,Our lives, our all, to thee.

2.We love thee for the glorious worthWhich in thyself we see;We love thee for that cross of shameEndured so patiently.

3.No man of greater love can boastThan for his friend to die;Thou for thine enemies wast slain;What love with thine can vie?

4.Make us like thee in meekness, love,And every beauteous grace,From glory unto glory changedTill we behold thy face.  Joseph Stennett (1663-1713)


Euphony, 493; Eaton, 491;Solid Rock, 5018. Iambic 1.O God, what offering shall I giveTo thee, the Lord of earth and skies?My spirit, soul and flesh receive,A holy, living sacrifice;Small as it is, 'tis all my store,More shouldst thou have if I had more.

2.Now, O my God, thou hast my soul,No longer mine, but thine I am;Guard thou thine own, possess it whole,Cheer it with hope, with love inflame;Thou hast my spirit, there displayThy glory to the perfect day.

3.Thou hast my flesh, thy hallowed shrine,Devoted solely to thy will;Here let thy light forever shine,This house still let thy presence fill;O Source of life, live, dwell and moveIn me, till all my life be love!

4.Send down thy likeness from above,And let this my adorning be;Clothe me with wisdom, patience, love,With lowliness and purity,Than gold and pearls more precious far,And brighter than the morning star.

5.Lord, arm me with thy Spirit's might,Since I am called by thy great name;In thee let all my thoughts unite,Of all my works be thou the aim;Thy love attend me all my days,And my sole business be thy praise.  Joachim Lange (1670-1744), trs John Wesley (1703-91)


Holly, 24L.M. 1.O Lord, thy heavenly grace impart,And fix my frail, inconstant heart!Henceforth my chief desire shall beTo dedicate myself to thee.

2.Whate'er pursuits my time employ,One thought shall fill my soul with joy:That silent, secret thought shall beThat all my hopes are fixed on thee.

3.Thy glorious eye pervadeth space;Thou'rt present, Lord, in every place;And wheresoe'er my lot may be,Still shall my spirit cleave to thee.

4.Renouncing every worldly thing.Safe 'neath the shelter of thy wing,My sweetest thought henceforth shall beThat all I want I find in thee.  John Frederic Oberlin (1740-1826), trs Lucy Wilson (1802-63)


Melcombe, 34; Armdale, 8L.M. 1.O Lord, whose human hands were quickTo feed the hungry, heal the sick,Who love by loving deed expressed,Help me to comfort the distressed.

2.What is divine about my creedIf I am blind to human need?For you have said they serve you bestWho serve the helpless and oppressed.

3.Lord, may your love translucent shineThrough every loving deed of mine,That men may see the works I doAnd give the glory all to you.  Malcolm Bale


Maryton, 33; Angelus, 6L.M. 1.O Master, let me walk with theeIn lowly paths of service free;Tell me thy secret; help me bearThe strain of toil. the fret of care.

2.Help me the slow of heart to moveBy some clear, winning word of love;Teach me the wayward feet to stay,And guide them in the homeward way.

3.Teach me thy patience; still with theeIn closer, dearer company,In work that keeps faith sweet and strong,In trust that triumphs over wrong; 4.In hope that sends a shining rayFar down the future's broadening way,In peace that only thou canst give,For thee, O Master, let me live.  Washington Gladden (1836-1918)


Glory to the Lamb, 372;Denmark Hill, 3688.7.8.7. Troch. 1.Precious Jesus, O to love thee!O to know that thou art mine!Jesus, all my heart I give theeIf thou wilt but make it thine.

ChorusGlory, glory, Jesus saves me,Glory, glory to the Lamb!O the cleansing blood has reached me,Glory, glory to the Lamb!

2.Take my warmest, best affection,Take my memory, mind and will;Then with all thy loving SpiritAll my emptied nature fill.

3.Bold I touch thy sacred garment,Fearless stretch my eager hand;Virtue, like a healing fountain,Freely flows at love's command.

4.O how precious, dear Redeemer,Is the love that fills my soul!It is done, the word is spoken:Be thou every whit made whole.

5.Lo, a new creation dawning!Lo, I rise to life divine!In my soul an Easter morning;I am Christ's and Christ is mine.  Attr Francis Bottome (1823-94)


Nearer to thee, 191; Nuttall, 1926. 1.Saviour, I long to beNearer to thee;In word and deed and thoughtHoly to be.O take this heart of mineAnd seal me ever thine,Fill me with love divine,For service, Lord!

2.Make me a blazing fireWhere'er I go,That to a dying worldThee I may show:How thou hast bled and diedThat none may be denied,But in thy bleeding sideA refuge find.

3.So shall my moments flowIn praising thee,For thou hast never failedTo strengthen me.Filled with the Holy Ghost,Saved to the uttermost,In Christ alone I'll boastAnd forward go.  Anon


The Vacant Chair, 449; Face to face, 3708.7.8.7. D. Troch. 1.Saviour, if my feet have falteredOn the pathway of the cross,If my purposes have alteredOr my gold be mixed with dross,O forbid me not thy service,Keep me yet in thy employ.Pass me through a sterner cleansingIf I may but give thee joy!

ChorusAll my work is for the Master,He is all my heart's desire;O that he may count me faithfulIn the day that tries by fire!

2.Have I worked for hireling wages,Or as one with vows to keep,With a heart whose love engagesLife or death, to save the sheep?All is known to thee, my Master,All is known, and that is whyI can work and wait the verdictOf thy kind but searching eye.

3.I must love thee, love must rule me,Springing up and flowing forthFrom a childlike heart within me,Or my work is nothing worth.Love with passion and with patience,Love with principle and fire,Love with heart and mind and utterance,Serving Christ my one desire.  Albert Orsborn (1886-1967)


Lord, with my all I part, 723 1.Saviour, my all I'm bringing to thee;Speak, Lord, and I thy voice will obey;Seal me just now thy servant to be,For more of thy power, dear Lord, I pray.

ChorusLord, with my all I part,Closer to thee I'll cling,All earthly things that bind my heart,Dear Lord, to thy feet I bring.

2.Give me more love, dear Lord, that I mayHasten thy blessed news to proclaimTo all lost sinners, that there's one wayBy which they eternal life may obtain.

3.Give me more power, that sinners aroundMay feel that thou in me now dost live;Let my light shine that souls who are boundMay say: To thee, Lord, now myself I give.

4.Sometimes, O Lord, the way may seem rough;Then that's the time when thou wilt be near.Help me in thee forever to trust,Then in death's dark valley I'll have no fear.  Alice Georgina Edwards (1878-1958)


Marshall, 189 (verse); Santa Lucia, 1946. 1.Saviour, thy dying love Thou gavest me,Nor should I aught withhold,My Lord, from thee.In love my soul would bow,My heart fulfil its vow,Some offering bring thee now,Something for thee.

2.At the blest mercy seat,Pleading for me,My feeble faith looks up,Jesus, to thee.Help me the cross to bear,Thy wondrous love declare,Some song to raise, or prayer,Something for thee.

3.Give me a faithful heart,Likeness to thee,That each departing dayHenceforth may seeSome work of love begun,Some deed of kindness done,Some wanderer sought and won,Something for thee.

4.All that I am and have,Thy gifts so free,In joy, in grief, through life,I yield to thee.And when thy face I see,My ransomed soul shall beThrough all eternityAll, all for thee.  Sylvanus Dryden Phelps (1816-95)


Nottingham, 289; Randolph, 292;Consecration Hymn, 279; Hendon, 2827.7.7.7. 1.Take my life, and let it beConsecrated, Lord, to thee;Take my moments and my days,Let them flow in ceaseless praise.

2.Take my hands, and let them moveAt the impulse of thy love;Take my feet, and let them beSwift and beautiful for thee.

3.Take my voice, and let me singAlways, only for my King;Take my lips, and let them beFilled with messages from thee.

4.Take my silver and my gold,Not a mite would I withhold;Take my intellect, and useEvery power as thou shalt choose.

5.Take my will, and make it thine,It shall be no longer mine;Take my heart, it is thine own,It shall be thy royal throne. 6. Take my love; my Lord, I pourAt thy feet its treasure-store;Take myself, and I will beEver, only, all for thee.  Frances Ridley Havergal (1836-79)


Arizona, 7; Accrington, 3L.M. 1.The love of Christ doth me constrainTo seek the wandering souls of men;With cries, entreaties, tears, to save,To snatch them from the gaping grave.

2.For this let men revile my name;No cross I shun; I fear no shame;All hail reproach, and welcome pain,Only thy terrors, Lord, restrain.

3.To thee I all my powers present,That for thy truth they may be spent;Fulfil thy sovereign counsel, Lord;Thy will be done, thy name adored.

4.Give me thy strength, O God of power,Then winds may blow, or thunders roar,Thy faithful witness will I be;'Tis fixed, I can do all through thee.  Johann Joseph Winckler (1670-1722), trs John Wesley (1703-91)


The old rustic bridge, 54011.8.11.8. D. 1.The Saviour of men came to seek and to saveThe souls who were lost to the good;His Spirit was moved for the world which he lovedWith the boundless compassion of God.And still there are fields where the laborers are few,And still there are souls without bread,And still eyes that weep where the darkness is deep,And still straying sheep to be led.

ChorusExcept I am moved with compassion,How dwelleth thy Spirit in me?In word and in deedBurning love is my need;I know I can find this in thee.

2.O is not the Christ 'midst the crowd of todayWhose questioning cries do not cease?And will he not show to the hearts that would knowThe things that belong to their peace?But how shall they hear if the preacher forbearOr lack in compassionate zeal?Or how shall hearts move with the Master's own love,Without his anointing and seal?

3.It is not with might to establish the right,Nor yet with the wise to give rest;The mind cannot show what the heart longs to knowNor comfort a people distressed.O Saviour of men, touch my spirit again,And grant that thy servant may beIntense every day, as I labor and pray,Both instant and constant for thee.  Albert Orsborn (1886-1967)


Denmark Hill, 368; Govaars, 3738.7.8.7. Troch. 1.Thou art holy, Lord of Glory,From thy altar blessings flow;I, unworthy, kneel before thee,Cleanse from sin and peace bestow.

ChorusCome, O Lord, with tender healing,Touch my lips with living coal;Sanctify each human feeling,Speak and make me fully whole.

2.If my strength is at its weakestAnd my weariness brings pain,With my spirit at its meekest,Thou canst lift me up again.

3.Thou hast touched me, I am fittedFor the task that thou hast given;In thy ministry committed,Wayward men to lead to Heaven.

4.I will go where thou canst use me;Help me see my mission plain;Ask, for I cannot refuse thee;Lose I all. the crown I'll gain.  Brindley Boon


Finlandia, 643; Thou art the way, 835 1.Thou art the way, none other dare I follow;Thou art the truth, and thou hast made me free;Thou art the life, the hope of my tomorrow;Thou art the Christ who died for me.This is my creed, that 'mid earth's sin and sorrow,My life may guide men unto thee.

2.Hold thou my feet, let there be no returningAlong the path which thou hast bid me tread;Train thou my mind, I would be ever learningThe better way thy fame to spread;Keep thou my heart ablaze with holy burningThat love for souls may ne'er be dead.

3.I would bring peace to lives now torn asunder,Ease aching hearts with words that soothe and heal;I would bring peace when, breaking like the thunder,Men rise in war, and hatred feel.Peacemaker, Lord! Now I am stirred to wonder;O take me, and my calling seal!  Arch R. Wiggins (1893-1976)


The greatest of these, 817 1.Though in declaring Christ to the sinner,I may all men surpass,If love impassioned seal not the message,I am naught but sounding brass.

ChorusLove suffereth patiently;Love worketh silently;Love seeketh not her own.Love never faileth;Love still prevaileth;Lord, in me thy love enthrone!

2.Though I have wisdom lighting all mysteries;Though I may all things know;Though great my faith be, removing mountains,Without love 'tis empty show.

3.Though I distribute all my possessions;Though as a martyr die;My sacrifices profit me nothing.Unless love doth sanctify.  Arch R. Wiggins (1893-1976)


In me, Lord, 3838.7.8.7. Troch. 1.Touch me with thy healing hand, Lord,Take the life I fully yield,Teach thy word and tell thy will, Lord,Test the heart that thou hast sealed.

ChorusIn me, Lord, in me, Lord,Thy will fulfil in me, Lord.

2.Melt the hardness and the coldness,Mold the life I yield to thee,Mark for pureness and for boldness,Make thy presence felt in me.

3.Show me how to win the lost ones,Send me where I ought to go,Satisfy my deepest longings,Sanctifying power bestow.

4.Feed me with the bread of Heaven,Fill me with thy love divine,Fit me for yet wider service,Finish, Lord, this work of thine.  Hugh Sladen (1878-1962)


Maidstone, 325; Holy Spirit, faithfulguide, 3247.7.7.7. D. 1.Unto thee, O Saviour-King,Our allegiance now we bring,Body, soul and spirit, allIn obedience to thy call.Naught have we thou didst not give,By thy life and grace we live,Selfish aims do we forsake,Service with our Lord to take.

2.We are with thee 'gainst thy foe,Fighting for his overthrow;Though the fight be doubly fierce,Though the venomed dart should pierce,Satan never shall prevail,Thou, O Christ, shalt never fail;We who fight with thee shall win,Conquer over Hell and sin.

3.We are with thee 'neath the cross,Henceforth earthly things are dross;Thine, resigned to mortal ill,Thine to die if thou shouldst will.Thou who hast the winepress trod.Reconciling us to God,Help us each returning day,Be thou with us all the way.

4.We are with thee, Christ of love,Thou who camest from above.Thou whose blood was spilt to save,Thou whose might burst e'en the grave.From thy throne again come down;Take thy Kingdom, take thy crown;Hear us as with joy we sing;We are with thee, Saviour-King.  Charles Coller (1863-1935)


Warrington, 56; Boston, 13L.M. 1.What shall we offer to our LordIn gratitude for all his grace?Fain would we his great name recordAnd worthily set forth his praise.

2.O thou, who callest forth our love,To whom our more than all we owe,Open the fountain from above,And let thy love our souls o'erflow.

3.So shall our lives thy power proclaim,Thy grace for every sinner free,Till all mankind shall learn thy name,Shall all stretch out their hands to thee.

4.Open a door which earth and HellMay strive to shut, but strive in vain;Let thy word richly in us dwell,And let our gracious fruit remain.

5.We all, in perfect love renewed,Shall know the greatness of thy power,Stand in the temple of our GodAs pillars, and go out no more.  August Gottlieb Spangenberg (1704-92), trs John Wesley (1703-91)


Trust in God, 838 1.When from sin's dark hold thy love had won me,And its wounds thy tender hands had healed,As thy blest commands were laid upon me,Growing light my growing need revealed.Thus I sought the path of consecrationWhen to thee, dear Lord, my vows were given;And the joy which came with full salvationWinged my feet and filled my heart with Heaven.

ChorusBy the love that never ceased to hold me,By the blood which thou didst shed for me,While thy presence and thy power enfold me,I renew my covenant with thee.

2.But my heart at times with care is crowded,Oft I serve with weak, o'erladen hands,And that early joy grows dim and cloudedAs each day its heavy toll demands.Have I ceased from walking close beside thee?Have I grieved thee with an ill-kept vow?In my heart of hearts have I denied thee?Speak, dear Lord, O speak and tell me now.

3.By the love that never ceased to hold meIn a bond nor life nor death shall break,As thy presence and thy power enfold me,I would plead fresh covenant to make.From before thy face, each vow renewing,Strong in heart, with purpose pure and deep,I will go henceforth thy will pursuing,With my Lord unbroken faith to keep.  Will J. Brand (1889-1977) see also:   23  What shall I render to my God                 136  When I survey the wondrous                         cross                 706  What can I say to cheer a world of                         sorrow                 720  Give me the faith which can                         remove                 786  I would be thy holy temple                 788  Jesus, thou hast won us                 789  Lord of life and love and power                 832  We are witnesses for Jesus                 862  O Jesus, I have promised                 978  Take up thy cross 

Praise and Thanksgiving


Thou Shepherd of Israel, 487; The crossnow covers my sins, 4868.8.8.8. D. Amph. 1.All glory to Jesus be givenThat life and salvation are free;And all may be washed and forgivenFor Jesus has cleansed even me.

ChorusYes, Jesus is mighty to save,And all full salvation may know;Come, plunge in the sin-cleansing wave,His blood washes whiter than snow.

2.From darkness, from sin and despair.Out into the light of his loveHe brought me, and made me an heirTo kingdoms and mansions above.

3.O rapturous heights of his love!O measureless depths of his grace!My soul all his fulness would prove,And live in his loving embrace.

4.In him all my wants are supplied,His love makes my Heaven below;And freely his blood is applied.And makes my heart whiter than snow.  Sarah Ann Wittenmyer (1827-1900)


At peace with God, 612 1.At peace with God! How great the blessingIn fellowship with him to be,And from all stains of sin set free;How rich am I such wealth possessing!

ChorusMy soul has found a resting place,And I am now, through heavenly grace,At peace with God, at peace with God.

2.The fear of death has gone forever,No more to cause my heart to grieve;There is a place, I dare believe,In Heaven for me beyond the river.

3.At peace with God! No change can harm meWhichever way my course may run;One wish alone, God's will be done,I seek, since I have known his mercy.  Richard Slater (1854-1939)


Be glad in the Lord, 4818.8.8.8. Amph. 1.Be glad in the Lord and rejoice,All ye that are upright in heart;And ye that have made him your choice,Bid sadness and sorrow depart.

ChorusRejoice, rejoice! Be glad in the Lord and rejoice!

2.What though in the conflict for rightYour enemies almost prevail,God's armies, just hid from your sight,Are more than the foes which assail.

3.Though darkness surround you by day,Your sky by the night be o'ercast,Let nothing your spirit dismay,But trust till the danger is past.

4.Be glad in the Lord and rejoice,His praises proclaiming in song;Acclaim him with trumpet and voice,The loud hallelujahs prolong.  Mary Elizabeth Servoss (b 1849)


Thou art a mighty Saviour, 2987.7.7.7. 1.Blessed Lamb of Calvary,Thou hast done great things for me,Thou didst leave thy throne above,Thou didst suffer out of love.

ChorusThou art a mighty Saviour,Thy love doth never waver,Thou shalt be mine forever,And thine alone I'll be.

2.Thou wast to the slaughter led,Thou didst bow thy sacred head,'Twas for me thy blood was spiltThat I might be cleansed from guilt.

3.In thy mercy, rich and free,Thou hast pardoned even me;Thou dost keep me every hour,By thy Holy Spirit's power.

4.Draw me closer, Lord, to thee;May my life a blessing be;May it be a life of love;Lord, supply me from above.

5.Now, Lord, let my light so shineThat the world may know I'm thine;May I bear much fruit in theeThat will stand eternally.  George Samuel Smith (1865-1944)


Ellan Vannin, 434; Salvator, 4438.7.8.7. D. Troch. 1.From the heart of Jesus flowing,Cometh Heaven's peace to me,Ever deeper, richer growing,Through the cross of Calvary.Passing mortal understanding,Yet to seeking ones made known,And, for all the race expanding,Gift of God unto his own.

2.To the heart where strife was reigning,Jesus spake, dissension ceased;From the bonds, so long enchaining,I was instantly released.Pardon for all past transgression,Grace for every time of need;With such treasure in possession,Happy is my lot indeed.

3.Undisturbed, throughout the ages,Heaven's peace is in God's will,Present though the conflict rages,Blessing me through good or ill.Jesus, source of calm unfailing,With his peace my heart has filled,He abides, o'er all prevailing,And, in him, life's storms are stilled.  Charles Coller (1863-1935)


Bithynia, 409; Vesper Hymn, 450; Guideme, great Jehovah, 4158. Troch. 1.Full salvation, full salvation,Lo the fountain, opened wide,Streams through every land and nationFrom the Saviour's wounded side!Full salvation, full salvation,Streams an endless crimson tide.

2.O the glorious revelationSee the cleansing current flow,Washing stains of condemnationWhiter than the driven snow.Full salvation, full salvation,O the rapturous bliss to know!

3.Love's resistless current sweepingAll the regions deep within,Thought and wish and senses keepingNow, and every instant, clean.Full salvation, full salvation,From the guilt and power of sin.

4.Life immortal, Heaven descending,Lo! my heart the Spirit's shrine;God and man in oneness blending,O what fellowship is mineFull salvation, full salvation,Raised in Christ to life divine.

5.Care and doubting, gloom and sorrow,Fear and shame are mine no more;Faith knows naught of dark tomorrow,For my Saviour goes before.Full salvation, full salvation,Full and free for evermore.  Francis Bottome (1823-94)


Jesus is good to me, 473 (verse);Childhood, 4718.8.8.6. 1.I sought for love and strength and light,For grace and power to win the fight;And prayed that Christ would come in mightWithin my heart to reign.

2.I saw the treasure I might win,Freedom from self, from inbred sin;A holy fire to burn within,If Christ came in to reign.

3.O wondrous change, there's victory within,All fear cast out, the soul kept clean;Joy, peace and rest, and hatred of sin,Now Christ has come to reign.

4.Now Christ is King, my heart his throne.He reigns in love, he reigns alone;O wondrous grace that he should come,King of my heart to reign.  Alfred Humphrey (1864-1933)


The cross now covers my sins, 486;Crugybar, 5079.8.9.8. D. 1.I stand all bewildered with wonderAnd gaze on the ocean of love,And over its waves to my spiritComes peace like a heavenly dove.

ChorusThe cross now covers my sins.The past is under the blood:I'm trusting in Jesus for all.My will is the will of my God.

2.I struggled and wrestled to win it,The blessing that setteth me free;But, when I had ceased from my struggling,His peace Jesus gave unto me.

3.He laid his hand on me and healed me,And bade me be every whit whole;I touched but the hem of his garment,And glory came thrilling my soul.

4.The Prince of my peace is now passing,The light of his face is on me;But listen, beloved, he speaketh:My peace I will give unto thee.  Wilbur Fisk Crafts (1850-1922)


Cleansing for me, 512; Long, longago, 51310. 1.Jesus, my Lord, through thy triumph I claimVictory for me, victory for me;Lover of souls, by thy conquering name,Victory for me, victory for me.Canst thou not save a poor sinner like me?Didst thou not suffer my soul to set free?Thou didst provide by thy death on the treeVictory for me, victory for me.

2.Here, Lord, I yield thee the whole of my heart,Victory for me, victory for me;From all that hinders at last I will part;Victory for me, victory for me.Called to thy service, I gladly obey,Humbly my all at thy feet now I lay,Trusting and fighting till life's latest day;Victory for me, victory for me.

3.Singing, I feel I shall conqueror be,Victory for me, victory for me;Boundless salvation is coming to me,Victory for me, victory for me.Cleansed by thy blood I shall walk in the light,Held in thine arms I shall live in thy sight,Filled with thy love I shall win in the fight;Victory for me, victory for me.

4.Finished my work, I shall mount to the skies,Victory for me, victory for me;Comrades and kindred will shout as I rise,Victory for me, victory for me.Then saints and angels their welcomes will sing,Then in his glory I'll see my great King,Then in loud rapture I'll make Heaven ring;Victory for me, victory for me.  William Booth (1829-1912)


Life is great! (Praise, my soul, 422) For words and music see Song 987American Supplement 


Ramsgate, 312; Titchfield, 3277.7.7.7.D. 1.Loved with everlasting love,Led by grace that love to know;Spirit, breathing from above,Thou hast taught me this is so.O this full and perfect peace!O this transport all divine!In a love which cannot ceaseI am his and he is mine.

2.Heaven above is softer blue,Earth around is sweeter green;Something lives in every hue,Christless eyes have never seen;Birds with gladder songs o'erflow,Flowers with deeper beauties shine,Since I know, as now I know,I am his and he is mine.

3.His for ever, only his;Who the Lord and me shall part?Ah with what a rest of blissChrist can fill the loving heart.Heaven and earth may fade and flee,First-born light in gloom decline,But, throughout eternity,I am his and he is mine.  George Wade Robinson (1838-77)


Llanfair, 2717.6.7.6. D. Troch. 1.Now I feel the sacred fire,Kindling, flaming, glowing,Higher still, and rising higher,All my soul o'erflowing.Life immortal I receive,O the wondrous story!I was dead, but now I live,Glory, glory, glory!

2.Now I am from bondage freed,Every bond is riven,Jesus makes me free indeed,Just as free as Heaven.'Tis a glorious liberty,O the wondrous story!I was bound, but now I'm free,Glory, glory, glory!

3.Let the glorious message roll,Roll through every nation,Witnessing from soul to soulThis immense salvation.Now I know 'tis full and free,O the wondrous story!For I feel 'tis saving me,Glory, glory, glory!  Anon


None but Christ can satisfy, 118;Covenant, 81C.M. 1.O Christ, in thee my soul hath found,And found in thee alone,The peace, the joy, I sought so long,The bliss till now unknown.

ChorusNow none but Christ can satisfy,No other name for me;There's love and life and lasting joy,Lord Jesus, found in thee.

2.I sighed for rest and happiness,I yearned for them, not thee;But while I passed my Saviour by,His love laid hold on me.

3.I tried the broken cisterns, Lord,But, ah the waters failed;E'en as I stooped to drink they fled,And mocked me as I wailed.

4.The pleasures lost I sadly mourned,But never wept for thee.Till grace my sightless eyes received,Thy loveliness to see.  B. E.


None of thy self, 461 1.O the bitter shame and sorrowThat a time could ever beWhen I let the Saviour's pityPlead in vain, and proudly answered:All of self and none of thee!

2.Yet he found me; I beheld himBleeding on th' accursed tree,Heard him pray: Forgive them, Father!And my wistful heart said faintly:Some of self and some of thee!

3.Day by day his tender mercy,Healing, helping, full and free,Sweet and strong and, ah! so patient,Brought me lower, while I whispered:Less of self and more of thee!

4.Higher than the highest Heaven,Deeper than the deepest sea,Lord, thy love at last has conquered;Grant me now my spirit's longing:None of self and all of thee!  Theodore Monod (1836-1921)


O the peace, 391; Walk with me, 4058.7.8.7. Troch. 1.Once I thought I walked with Jesus,Yet such changeful feelings had,Sometimes trusting, sometimes doubting,Sometimes joyful, sometimes sad.

ChorusO the peace my Saviour gives,Peace I never knew before!And my way has brighter grownSince I learned to trust him more.

2.But he called me closer to him,Bade by doubts and fears all cease,And, when I had fully yielded,Filled my soul with perfect peace.

3.Now I'm trusting every moment,Nothing less can be enough;And my Saviour bears me gentlyO'er the places once so rough.  F. A. Blackmer


Ring the bells of Heaven, 777 1.Ring the bells of Heaven, there is joy todayFor a soul returning from the wild!See, the Father meets him out upon the way,Welcoming his weary, wandering child.

ChorusGlory, glory, how the angels sing!Glory, glory, how the loud harps ring!'Tis the ransomed army, like a mighty sea,Pealing forth the anthem of the free.

2.Ring the bells of Heaven, there is joy todayFor the wanderer now is reconciled!Yes, a soul is rescued from his sinful wayAnd is born anew, a ransomed child.

3.Ring the bells of Heaven, spread the feast today;Angels, swell the glad, triumphant strain!Tell the joyful tidings, bear them far away,For a precious soul is born again.  William Orcutt Cushing (1823-1902)


St Matthew, 157; Behold the Saviour, 75D.C.M. 1.Show me thy face, one transient gleamOf loveliness divine,And I shall never think or dreamOf other love save thine;All lesser light will darken quite,All lower glories wane,The beautiful of earth will scarceSeem beautiful again.

2.Show me thy face, I shall forgetThe weary days of yore,The fretting ghosts of vain regretShall haunt my soul no more.All doubts and fears for future yearsIn quiet trust subside,And naught but blest content and calmWithin my breast abide.

3.Show me thy face, the heaviest crossWill then seem light to bear,There will be gain in every loss,And peace with every care.With such light feet the years will fleet,Life seem as brief as blest.Till I have laid my burden down,And entered into rest.  Anon


Tack, min Gud, 447; He the pearly gateswill open, 4368.7.8.7. D. Troch. 1.Thank you, Lord, for all your goodness:Through the years of yesterday;Thank you, too, for present merciesAnd your blessing on my way.Thank you for each revelation,And for what you choose to hide;Thank you, Lord, for grace sustainingAs I in your love abide.

2.Thank you, Lord, for sunlit pathways,Thank you, too, for byways rough;Thank you for the fruitful summersAlso for the winters tough.Thank you, Lord, for fragrant flowersGrowing right amid the weeds;Thank you for the peace you give meEven when my spirit bleeds.

ChorusThank you, Lord, for wayside roses,Even for the thorns beside;Thank you for the prayers you grantedAnd for those that you denied;Thank you, Lord, for precious comfortIn my hours of grief and pain;Thank you for your precious promiseLife eternal I shall gain.  August Ludvig Storm (1862-1914), trs Flora Larsson


Crudgybar, 507; The cross now coversmy sins, 4869.8.9.8. D. 1.When Jesus from Calvary called me,Unfolding its meaning to me,The life which he offered enthralled me,Abundant, enduring and free.I hungered to make a beginningMy meeting with Jesus to show,And, ceasing that moment from sinning,Salvation's full measure to know.

2.But oh, as the journey grew longer,Temptations my pathway beset;When I, self-deceiving, felt stronger,Then only with failure I met.But troubled with much condemnation,And weakened by many a wound,In seeking for God's full salvationThe secret of victory I found.

3.For, held by my halting behavior,No progress I truly had gained;How greatly I needed the Saviour,How rooted my weakness remained.And so, my unworthiness pressing,I yielded, my will to resign,And as I reached out for the blessing,That moment the blessing was mine.

4.Now daily the Saviour is showingHow gracious his presence can be;The life which he promised is growingAnd finding fulfilment in me.Engaged in his sacred employmentAnd furnished with all that I need,In him I have fullest enjoyment,In him perfect friendship indeed.  Will J. Brand (1889-1977)


St Oswald, 396; Galilee, 3718.7.8.7. Troch. 1.Who shall dare to separate usFrom the love of Christ, our Lord?Neither pain nor tribulation,Persecution, want nor sword.

2.Nay in all things that may hurt usWe shall more than conquerors be,Through the Christ who proved he loved usBy his dying on the tree.

3.Neither death. nor life, nor angels,Principalities nor powers.Nor things present, nor things futureCan disturb this faith of ours.

4.Height, nor depth, nor any creature--'Tis the promise of his word--Shall have power to separate usFrom the love of Christ, our Lord.  Arch R. Wiggins (1893-1976)


Bethany, 429; Austria, 4088.7.8.7. D. Troch. 1.Who the child of God shall severFrom the faith in which he stands?Who shall wound or who shall pluck himFrom the careful shepherd's hands?Not distress or persecution,Neither peril nor the sword;For in days of tribulationShines the glory of the Lord.

2.His abundant grace is givenTo the heart resigned and meek,Mercy moves the King of HeavenTo the penitent and weak;Lowly paths our Lord has taken,And he proved by word and deed,For the lonely and forsakenThere is grace beyond all need.

3.Faith is not afraid of darkness,Hope will triumph over loss,Love is not afraid of hardness,Patience helps to bear the cross;These are all the gifts of Heaven,Beautiful are they and free,Graces that the Lord has given;O that they may shine in me!

4.Works or wealth can never buy them,Nor a single grace impart;God himself has sanctified themIn the meek and lowly heart;All besides is vain endeavor.Failure every work of mine;Saviour, let thy grace for everCleanse and blend my will with thine.  Albert Orsborn (1886-1967)                    *       *       * see also:     59  I know thee who thou art                  616  My maker and my King                  970  We gather together                  982  Rejoice, ye pure in heart                  984  In my heart there rings a melody 

Means of Grace



Warrington, 56; Abends, 2; Alstone, 4L.M. 1.All scenes alike engaging proveTo souls impressed with sacred love;Where'er they dwell, they dwell in thee,In Heaven, in earth, or on the sea.

2.To me remains nor place nor time,My country is in every clime;I can be calm and free from careOn any shore, since God is there.

3.While place we seek, or place we shun,The soul finds happiness in none;But with my God to guide my way'Tis equal joy to go or stay.

4.My dwelling place art thou alone;No other can I claim or own,The point where all my wishes meet,My law, my love, life's only sweet.

5.Then let me to thy throne repairAnd never be a stranger there;There love divine shall be my guard,And peace and safety my reward.  Jeanne de la Mothe Guyon (1648-1717), trs William Cowper (1731-1800)


Spohr, 135; Stracathro, 136  C.M. 1.As pants the hart for cooling streams,When heated in the chase,So longs my soul, O Lord, for thee,And thy refreshing grace.

2.For thee, my God, the living God,My thirsty soul doth pine;O when shall I behold thy face,Thou majesty divine?

3.I sigh to think of happier days,When thou, O Lord, wast nigh,When every heart was tuned to praise,And none more blest than I.

4.Why restless, why cast down, my soul?Hope still, and thou shalt singThe praise of him who is thy God.Thy health's eternal spring.  Nahum Tate (1652-1715), Nicholas Brady (1659-1726)


Angelus, 6; Abends, 2L.M. 1.At even, ere the sun was set,The sick, O Lord, around thee lay;O in what divers pains they met!O with what joy they went away!

2.Once more 'tis eventide, and we,Oppressed with various ills, draw near;What if thy form we cannot see!We know and feel that thou art here.

3.O Saviour Christ, our woes dispel,For some are sick and some are sad,And some have never loved thee well,And some have lost the love they had.

4.O Saviour Christ, thou too art man;Thou hast been troubled, tempted, tried;Thy kind but searching glance can scanThe very wounds that shame would hide.

5.Thy touch has still its ancient power;No word from thee can fruitless fall;Hear in this solemn evening hour,And in thy mercy heal us all.  Henry Twells (1823-1900)


Morning Hymn, 35; Duke Street, 17L.M. 1.Awake, our souls; away, our fears!Let every trembling thought be gone;Awake, and run the heavenly race,And put a cheerful courage on.

2.True, 'tis a strait and thorny road,And mortal spirits tire and faint;But they forget the mighty GodThat feeds the strength of every saint.

3.O mighty God, thy matchless powerIs ever new, and ever young,And firm endures, while endless yearsTheir everlasting circles run.

4.From thee, the ever-flowing spring,Our souls shall drink a fresh supply;While such as trust their native strengthShall melt away and droop and die.

5.Swift as the eagle cuts the airWe'll mount aloft to thine abode;On wings of love our souls shall fly,Nor tire along the heavenly road.  Isaac Watts (1674-1748)


Silchester, 177; Downham, 166S.M. 1.Behold the throne of grace,The promise calls me near;There Jesus shows a smiling faceAnd waits to answer prayer.

2.My soul, ask what thou wilt,Thou canst not be too bold;Since his own blood for thee he spilt,What else can he withhold?

3.Beyond thy utmost wantsHis love and power can bless;To praying souls he always grantsMore than they can express.

4.Thine image, Lord, bestow,Thy presence and thy love;I ask to serve thee here below,And reign with thee above.

5.Teach me to live by faith;Conform my will to thine;Let me victorious be in death,And then in Glory shine.  John Newton (1725-1807)


Harlan, 215; Moscow, 2176. 1.Blessed and glorious King,To thee our praise we bringIn this glad hour.Thou God of peace and love,Thou Christ enthroned above,Spirit whose fruit is love,Display thy power.

2.Come to our hearts and bless,Give strength and happiness,And every good.Direct and safely lead,Supply each daily needFor thought and word and deed,Most gracious God.

3.Grant to thy people allThy grace for every call,In this their day;That heart and life may beIn joyful harmony,United, Lord, with thee,Life, truth and way.

4.Help by thy Spirit's sword,The true and living word,Souls to inspire.With lips now touched by thee,And hearts from sin set free,Let us forever beAll flames of fire.  Thomas Hodgson Mundell (1849-1934)


Diademata, 182; Chalvey, 181D.S.M. 1.Come in, my Lord, come inAnd make my heart thy home;Come in and cleanse my soul from sin,And dwell with me alone.Thyself to me be given,In fulness of thy love;Thyself alone wilt make my HeavenThough all thy gifts remove.

2.Come in, my Lord, come in,Show forth thy saving power;Restore, renew, release from sin,O save this very hour!Thy promise now I claim,By faith put in my plea,And trust in that almighty name,

3.My Lord, thou dost come in,I feel it in my soul;I hear thy words, my Saviour-King:Be every whit made whole.Glory to God on high!Let Heaven and earth agreeMy risen Christ to magnify,For lo he lives with me.  Bramwell Booth (1856-1929)


Newton, 288; Last Hope, 2847.7.7.7. 1.Come, my soul, thy suit prepare,Jesus loves to answer prayer;He himself has bid thee pray,Therefore will not say thee nay.

2.Thou art coming to a King,Large petitions with thee bring,For his grace and power are suchNone can ever ask too much.

3.With my burden I begin:Lord, remove this load of sin;Let thy blood, for sinners spilt,Set my conscience free from guilt.

4.Lord, I come to thee for rest,Take possession of my breast,Then thy blood-bought right maintain,And without a rival reign.

5.While I am a soldier here,Let thy love my spirit cheer;As my guide, my guard. my friend,Lead me to my journey's end.  John Newton (1725-1807)


Sunset, 522; Bartholomew, 51810.10.10.10. Iambic 1.Come ye yourselves apart and rest awhile,Weary, I know it, of the press and throng;Wipe from your brow the sweat and dust of toil,And in my quiet strength again be strong.

2.Come ye aside from all the world holds dear,For converse which the world has never known,Alone with me and with my Father here,With me and with my Father not alone.

3.Come, tell me all that ye have said and done,Your victories and your failures, hopes and fears;I know how hardly souls are wooed and won;My choicest laurels are bedewed with tears.

4.Then fresh from converse with your Lord, returnAnd work till daylight softens into even;The brief hours are not lost in which you learnMore of your Master, and his rest in Heaven.  Edward Henry Bickersteth (1825-1906)


Bishopthorpe, 77; Irish, 99; Evan, 85C.M. 1.Compared with Christ, in all besideNo fairer charm I see;The one thing needful, dearest Lord,Is to be one with thee.

2.The knowledge of thy dying loveInto my soul convey;Thyself bestow; for thee alone,My all-in-all, I pray.

3.Less than thyself will not sufficeMy comfort to restore;More than thyself I cannot have,And thou canst give no more.

4.Whate'er conforms not to thy love,O teach me to resign!I'm rich to all intents of blissIf thou, O Christ, art mine.  Augustus Montague Toplady (1740-78), alt


Last Hope, 284; Weber, 3017.7.7.7. 1.Day by day the manna fell;O to learn this lesson wellStill, by constant mercy fed,Give me, Lord, my daily bread.

2.Day by day, the promise reads,Daily strength for daily needs;Cast foreboding fears away,Take the manna of today.

3.Lord, my times are in thy hand;All my sanguine hopes have plannedTo thy wisdom I resign,And would make thy purpose mine.

4.Thou my daily task shalt give,Day by day to thee I live;So shall added years fulfilNot my own, my Father's will.

5.O to live exempt from careBy the energy of prayer;Strong in faith, with mind subdued,Yet elate with gratitude!  Josiah Conder (1789-1855)


Repton, 123; Rest, 1248. 1.Dear Lord and Father of mankind,Forgive our foolish ways;Reclothe us in our rightful mind;In purer lives thy service find,In deeper reverence, praise.

2.In simple trust like theirs who heard,Beside the Syrian sea,The gracious calling of the Lord, Let us, like them, without a wordRise up and follow thee.

3.O Sabbath rest by Galilee!O calm of hills above,Where Jesus knelt to share with theeThe silence of eternity,Interpreted by love!

4.Drop thy still dews of quietnessTill all our strivings cease;Take from our souls the strain and stress,And let our ordered lives confessThe beauty of thy peace.

5.Breathe through the heats of our desireThy coolness and thy balm;Let sense be dumb, let flesh retire;Speak through the earthquake, wind and fire,O still small voice of calm!  John Greenleaf Whittier (1807-92)


Diademata, 182; Terra Beata, 186D.S.M. 1.Equip me for the war,And teach my hands to fight,My simple, upright heart prepare,And guide my words aright;Control my every thought,The whole of sin remove;Let all my works in thee be wrought,Let all be wrought in love.

2.O arm me with the mind,Meek Lamb, which was in thee,And let my earnest zeal be foundWith perfect charity!Let me enforce thy call,And vindicate thy gracious willWhich offers life to all.

3.O may I love like thee,In all thy footsteps tread!Thou hatest all iniquity,But nothing thou hast made.O may I learn the artWith meekness to reprove,To hate the sin with all my heart,But still the sinner love!  Charles Wesley (1707-88)


Melita, 4958. Iambic 1.Eternal Father, strong to save,Whose arm hath bound the restless wave,Who bidd'st the mighty ocean deepIts own appointed limits keep:O hear us when we cry to theeFor those in peril on the sea

2.O Saviour, whose almighty wordThe winds and waves submissive heard,Who walkedst on the foaming deep,And calm amid its rage didst sleep:O hear us when we cry to theeFor those in peril on the sea.

3.O Holy Spirit, who didst broodUpon the chaos dark and rude,And bid its angry tumult cease,And give, for wild confusion, peace:O hear us when we cry to theeFor those in peril on the sea.

4.O Trinity of love and power,Our brethren shield in danger's hour;From rock and tempest, fire and foe,Protect them wheresoe'er they go:And ever let there rise to theeGlad hymns of praise from land and sea.  William Whiting (1825-78)


St Oswald, 396; Stainer, 400; Galilee,  3718.7.8.7. Troch. 1.Father, hear the prayer we offer;Not for ease that prayer shall be,But for strength that we may everLive our lives courageously.

2.Not for ever in green pasturesDo we ask our way to be;But the steep and rugged pathwayMay we tread rejoicingly.

3.Be our strength in hours of weakness,In our wanderings be our guide,Through endeavor, failure, danger,Father, be thou at our side.  Love Maria Willis (1824-1908)


Harlan, 215; Moscow, 2176. 1.Firm in thy strong control,O Father, hold my soulFaithful to thee!If e'er I fear to fall,Then let me hear thee call:I am thy all in all,Trust thou in me.

2.A revelation newOf what thy grace can do,O God, be mine!The need is all my own,The grace is thine alone,Grace, deep as need, made known,Thy grace divine.

3.A power within reveal,Thy power to help and heal,Strong, changeless, free.O by temptations sore.By sorrows that he bore,Who loves me evermore,Give victory!

4.A freeman, once a slave,Freedom to serve I crave,To serve but thee.Blessing and being blest,Be this my only quest,How I may serve thee best,Till thee I see.  Anon


Gerontius, 89; Irish, 99; St Peter, 129C.M. 1.Forgive our sins as we forgive,You taught us, Lord, to pray;But you alone can grant us graceTo live the words we say.

2.How can your pardon reach and blessThe unforgiving heartThat broods on wrongs, and will not letOld bitterness depart?

3.In blazing light your cross revealsThe truth we dimly knew;How small the debts men owe to us,How great our debt to you!

4.Lord, cleanse the depths within our soulsAnd bid resentment cease;Then reconciled to God and man,Our lives will spread your peace.  Rosamond  Eleanor Herklots


Retreat, 41; Hursley, 26L.M. 1.From every stormy wind that blowsFrom every swelling tide of woes,There is a calm, a sure retreat;'Tis found beneath the mercy seat.

2.There is a place where Jesus shedsThe oil of gladness on our heads,A place than all besides more sweet;It is the blood-stained mercy seat.

3.There is a scene where spirits blend,And friend holds fellowship with friend;Though sundered far, by faith they meetAround one common mercy seat.

4.There, there on eagle wings we soar,And time and sense seem all no more;And Heaven comes down our souls to greet,And glory crowns the mercy seat.

5.O let my hand forget her skill,My tongue be silent, cold and stillThis throbbing heart forget to beatIf I forget the mercy seat!  Hugh Stowell (1799-1865)


Silchester, 177; Southport, 178S.M. 1.Give me a restful mind,One that in calm reposeSafe in thy love though tempests rage,Peace and refreshment knows.

2.Give me a trustful mindWhen doubts and fears assail;Help me confide in thee, assuredThy grace can never fail.

3.Give me an earnest mind,Set thou my zeal aflame,So that with willing service hereI may extol thy name.

4.Give me a steadfast mind,Firm as a rock, and sure;Unswerving, loyal, I would standAnd to the end endure.

5.Give me a thankful mind,So that in full accord,Mind, heart and voice shall ever singGlad praise to Christ, my Lord.  Frederick George Hawkes (1869-1959)


To the uttermost he saves, 2677.6.7.6. D. Iambic 1.Give us a day of wonders,Jehovah, bare thine arm;Pour out thy Holy Spirit,Make known thy healing balm;Give blessings without number,Supply us from thy store;Dear Saviour, richly bless us,Baptize us more and more.

ChorusLord, hear us while we pray!Lord, hear us while we pray!Now thy Spirit give, let the dying live,And bless us here today.

2.We offer thee this temple.With power, Lord, enter inAnd teach us when we worshipOr wage the war with sin.O may the sinner find theeWithin these hallowed walls,Here may young, eager spiritsObey when Jesus calls!

3.Give courage for the battle,Give strength thy foes to slay;Give light to cheer the darkness,Give grace from day to day;Give rest amidst life's conflict,Give peace when lions roar;Give faith to fight with patienceTill fighting days are o'er.  John Lawley (1859-1922)


South Shields, 444; Bethany, 4298.7.8.7. D. Troch. 1.God of comfort and compassion,God of wisdom, grace and power,Hear our earnest intercessionIn this quiet evening hour.Strengthen all who fight thy battlesIn this land and lands afar,Be companion, friend and shepherdWhereso'er thy children are.

2.Some we love bear heavy burdens,Some have wandered from the way;Be their guide, and their Deliverer,Heavenly Father, now we pray.O'er our world so filled with sorrow,Fear and hunger, pain and strife,Shed thy light of hope and mercy,Gift of love, eternal life.

3.Sovereign Lord, we bow before thee,Thou art merciful and kind;Our petitions now presenting,All we need in thee we find.Lord, we seek thy strength, thy guidance,And the Holy Spirit's dower;Grant thy fortitude and courageIn temptation's threatening hour.

4.May thy grace and peace o'ershadowThose for whom we pray tonight;May thy mighty arm uphold them;They are precious in thy sight.Lord, for answered prayer we thank thee,Thou art good in all thy ways;With thanksgiving we adore thee,Fill our hearts with love and praise.  Doris N. Rendell


Regent Square, 4238. Troch. 1.God of grace and God of glory,On thy people pour thy power;Now fulfil thy Church's story,Bring her bud to glorious flower.Grant us wisdom, grant us courage,For the facing of this hour.

2.Lo, the hosts of evil round usScorn thy Christ, assail his ways;From the fears that long have bound usFree our hearts to faith and praise.Grant us wisdom, grant us courage,For the living of these days.

3.Cure thy children's warring madness,Bend our pride to thy control;Shame our wanton, selfish gladness,Rich in goods and poor in soul.Grant us wisdom, grant us courage,Lest we miss thy Kingdom's goal.

4.Set our feet on lofty places,Gird our lives that they may beArmored with all Christlike gracesIn the fight to set men free.Grant us wisdom, grant us courage,That we fail not man nor thee.  Harry Emerson Fosdick (1878-1969)


Bread of Heaven, 411; Cwm Rhondda,414; Calabar, 4318. Troch. 1.Guide me, O thou great Jehovah,Pilgrim through this barren land;I am weak, but thou art mighty;Hold me with thy powerful hand.Bread of Heaven,Feed me now and evermore.

2.Open thou the crystal fountainWhence the healing stream shall flow;Let the fiery. cloudy pillarLead me all my journey through.Strong Deliverer,Be thou still my strength and shield.

3.When I tread the verge of Jordan,Bid my anxious fears subside;Death of death and Hell's destruction,Land me safe on Canaan's side.Songs of praisesI will ever give to thee.  William Williams (1717-91)


Blacklands, 591; The Ash Grove, 59212.11.12.11. 1.He giveth more grace as our burdens grow greater,He sendeth more strength as our labors increase,To added afflictions he addeth his mercy,To multiplied trials he multiplies peace.

2.When we have exhausted our store of endurance,When our strength has failed ere the day is half done,When we reach the end of our hoarded resourcesOur Father's full giving is only begun.

3.His love has no limits, his grace has no measure,His power no boundary known unto men;For out of his infinite riches in JesusHe giveth, and giveth, and giveth again.  Annie Johnson Flint (1866-1932)


Sunset, 522; Ellers, 51910.10.10.10. Iambic 1.He walks with God who speaks to God in prayer,And daily brings to him his daily care;Possessing inward peace, he truly knowsA heart's refreshment and a soul's repose.

2.He walks with God who, as he onward moves,Follows the footsteps of the Lord he loves,And keeping him forever in his view,His Saviour sees and his example too.

3.He walks with God who turns his face to Heaven,And keeps the blest commands by Jesus given;His life upright, his end untroubled peace,Whom God will crown when all his labors cease.  Dorothy Ann Thrupp (1779-1847), alt


Wareham, 55; Benediction, 11L.M. 1.Here, Lord, assembled in thy nameThy work to do, thy help we claim,And pray for grace that we may beInspired by purest love to thee.

2.Not might, nor power, thyself hast said,Can vice destroy or virtue spread;Thy Spirit, Lord, this work must do,Who only can our hearts renew.

3.Come, then, to us reveal thy love,And pour the Spirit from above,That we with holy motives mayThe impulse of his will obey.

4.O touch our lips, that we may speakTo guard the tempted, help the weak,And guide the wandering to retraceTheir steps, and seek a Father's face!  Edward Boaden (1827-1913)


Bullinger, 342; Stephanos, 3438.5.8.3. 1.Holy Father, in thy mercyHear our anxious prayer;Keep our loved ones, now far distant,'Neath thy care.

2.Jesus, Saviour, let thy presenceBe their light and guide;Keep, O keep them, in their weakness,At thy side.

3.When in sorrow, when in danger,When in loneliness,In thy love look down and comfortTheir distress.

4.May the joy of thy salvationBe their strength and stay;May they love and may they praise theeDay by day.

5.Holy Spirit, let thy teachingSanctify their life;Send thy grace that they may conquerIn the strife.  Isabel Stephana Stevenson (1843-90)


Ellers, 519; Sunset, 52210.10.10.10. Iambic 1.How wonderful it is to walk with GodAlong the road that holy men have trod;How wonderful it is to hear him say:Fear not, have faith, 'tis I who lead the way!

2.How wonderful it is to talk with GodWhen cares sweep o'er my spirit like a flood;How wonderful it is to hear his voice,For when he speaks the desert lands rejoice!

3.How wonderful it is to praise my God,Who comforts and protects me with his rod;How wonderful to praise him every hour,My heart attuned to sing his wondrous power!

4.How wonderful it is to fight for God,And point poor sinners to the precious blood;How wonderful it is to wield his sword'Gainst sin, the enemy of Christ, my Lord!

5.How wonderful 'twill be to live with GodWhen I have crossed death's deep and swelling flood;How wonderful to see him face to faceWhen I have fought the fight and won the race!  Theodore Hopkins Kitching (1866-1930)


I am praying, blessed Saviour, 3748.7.8.7. D. Troch. 1.I am praying, blessed Saviour,To be more and more like thee;I am praying that thy SpiritLike a dove may rest on me.

ChorusThou who knowest all my weakness,Thou who knowest all my care,While I plead each precious promise,Hear, O hear, and answer prayer!

2.I am praying to be humbledBy the power of grace divine;To be clothed upon with meeknessAnd to have no will but thine.

3.I am praying, blessed Saviour,And my constant prayer shall beFor a perfect consecrationThat shall make me more like thee.  Fanny Crosby (1820-1915)


Draw me nearer, 637 1.I am thine, O Lord; I have heard thy voice,And it told thy love to me;But I long to rise in the arms of faith,And be closer drawn to thee.

ChorusDraw me nearer, nearer, nearer, blessed Lord,To the cross where thou hast died;Draw me nearer, nearer, nearer, blessed Lord,To thy precious bleeding side.

2.Consecrate me now to thy service, Lord,By the power of grace divine;Let my soul look up with a steadfast hope,And my will be lost in thine.

3.O the pure delight of a single hourThat before thy throne I spend,When I kneel in prayer, and with thee, my God,I commune as friend with friend!

4.There are depths of love that I cannot knowTill I cross the narrow sea;There are heights of joy that I may not reachTill I rest in peace with thee.  Fanny Crosby (1820-1915)


For ever with the Lord, 183; Chalvey, 181D.S.M. 1.I do not ask thee, Lord,That all my life may beAn easy, smooth and pleasant path;'Twould not be good for me.But O I ask todayThat grace and strength be givenTo keep me fighting all the wayThat leads to God and Heaven!

2.I do not ask thee, Lord,That tears may never flow,Or that the world may always smileUpon me as I go.From thee fell drops of blood;A thorn-crown pressed thy brow;Thy suffering brought thee victory then,And thou canst help me now.

3.And what if strength should fail,And heart more deeply bleed?Or what if dark and lonely daysDraw forth the cry of need?That cry will bring thee downMy needy soul to fill,And thou wilt teach my yearning heartTo know and do thy will.  Fannie Jolliffe (1862-1943)


I need thee, 680 1.I need thee every hour,Most gracious Lord,No tender voice like thineCan peace afford.

ChorusI need thee, O I need thee,Every hour I need thee;O bless me now, my Saviour,I come to thee.

2.I need thee every hour,Stay thou near by;Temptations lose their powerWhen thou art nigh.

3.I need thee every hour,In joy or pain;Come quickly and abide,Or life is vain.

4.I need thee every hour,Teach me thy will,And thy rich promisesIn me fulfil.  Annie Sherwood Hawkes (1835-1918) (verses), Robert Lowry (1826-99) (chorus)


Carlisle, 164; St Michael, 175;Trentham, 180S.M. 1.I often say my prayers;But do I ever pray?And do the wishes of my heartGo with the words I say?

2.I may as well kneel downAnd worship gods of stone,As offer to the living GodA prayer of words alone.

3.For words without the heartThe Lord will never hear;Nor will he to those lips attendWhose prayers are not sincere.

4.Lord, show me what I need,And teach me how to pray;Nor let me ask thee for thy grace,Not feeling what I say.  John Burton, Jr. (1803-77)


O Speak, 4828.8.8.8. Amph. 1.I want that adorning divineThou only, my God, canst bestow;I want in those garments to shineWhich mark out thy household below.

ChorusO speak, O speak while before thee I pray!And, O Lord, just what seemeth thee goodReveal, and my heart shall obey.

2.I want, O I want to attainMore likeness, my Saviour, to thee;That longed-for resemblance to gain,Thy comeliness put upon me!

3.I want to be marked for thine own,Thy seal in my forehead to wear,Each talent and grace thine alone,Each act thy approval to bear.

4.I want every moment to feelThy Spirit indwelling my heart,Thy power ever present to healAnd newness of life to impart.

5.I want, and this sums up my prayer,To glorify thee till I die;Then yield up my soul to thy care,And breathe out in faith my last sigh.  Charlotte Elliot (1789-1871) (verses)


Behold the Saviour, 75D.C.M. 1.In  days long past the mercy seatWas made of purest gold;'Twas placed upon the sacred ark,Love's meaning to unfold.Within the holiest place God plannedRedemption's grace to show;More sacred now is Calvary's hillWhere healing waters flow.

2.Thy blood, O Jesus, spotless Lamb,Once lifted up to die,Was shed to cleanse our fallen raceAnd lead to realms on high.No one too sinful, or too low,Too desolate, too blind,But here before the mercy seatCan full deliverance find.

3.O hallow now our mercy seat,Thou Son of God most high!Here may the lame man leap for joy,The dumb sound joyful cry,The sin-sick soul, though wearied sore,By evil power possessed,The halt, the blind, the great, the small,Find peace from sins confessed.

4.We seek the healing of thy cross,The mercy of thy grace;Here at this sacred mercy seatMay we behold thy face;Here may we glimpse thy holiness,Here on our souls descend,Here may we meet, and talk with thee,Our Master and our friend.  Doris N. Rendell


The Vacant Chair, 4498.7.8.7. D. Troch. 1.In the secret of thy presence,Where the pure in heart may dwell,Are the springs of sacred serviceAnd a power that none can tell.There my love must bring its offering,There my heart must yield its praise,And the Lord will come, revealingAll the secrets of his ways.

ChorusIn the secret of thy presence,In the hiding of thy power,Let me love thee, let me serve thee,Every consecrated hour.

2.More than all my lips may utter,More than all I do or bring,Is the depth of my devotionTo my Saviour, Lord and King.Nothing less will keep me tender;Nothing less will keep me true;Nothing less will keep the fragranceAnd the bloom on all I do!

3.Blessed Lord, to see thee truly,Then to tell as I have seen,This shall rule my life supremely,This shall be the sacred gleam.Sealed again is all the sealing,Pledged again my willing heart,First to know thee, then to serve thee,Then to see thee as thou art.  Albert Orsborn (1886-1967)


Eden, 18; Holly, 24L.M. 1.Jesus, and shall it ever beA sinful man ashamed of thee?Ashamed of thee, whom angels praise,Whose glory shines through endless days?

2.Ashamed of Jesus! that dear friendOn whom my hopes of Heaven depend?Whene'er I blush, be this my shame,That I no more revere his name.

3.Ashamed of Jesus! Yes, I may,When I've no sin to wash away,No tears to wipe, no good to crave,And no immortal soul to save.

4.Till then, nor is the boasting vain,Till then, I'll boast the Saviour slain;And O may this my glory be,That Christ is not ashamed of me.  Joseph Grigg (c 1728-68)


Guide me, great Jehovah, 415;Bithynia, 4098. Troch. 1.Jesus, give thy blood-washed ArmyUniversal liberty;Keep us fighting, trusting calmlyFor a world-wide jubilee.Hallelujah!We shall have the victory.

2.Thou hast bound brave hearts together,Clothed us with the Spirit's might,Made us warriors forever,Sent us in the field to fight.In the ArmyWe will serve thee day and night.

3.'Neath thy scepter foes are bending,And thy name makes devils fly;Captives' fetters thou art rending.And thy blood doth sin destroy.For thy gloryWe will fight until we die.

4.Lift up valleys, cast down mountains,Make all evil natures good;Wash the world in Calvary's fountain,Send a great salvation flood.All the nationsWe shall win with fire and blood.  William James Pearson  (1832-92)


St Michael, 175; Franconia, 168;Dennis, 165S.M. 1.Jesus, I fain would findThy zeal for God in me,Thy yearning pity for mankind,Thy burning charity.

2.In me thy Spirit dwell,In me thy mercies move,So shall the fervor of my zealBe the pure flame of love.  Charles Wesley (1707-88)


Beautiful Zion, 428; Salvator, 4438.7.8.7. D. Troch. 1.Jesus, Lord, we come to hail thee,Love of God to us made known,From thy lips his word is spoken,Through thy life, his life is shown;We are come to seek the Father,Come with burdens, joy and care;Lead us to his holy presenceThrough the open door of prayer.

2.Loving Friend, we stand before theeWithout merit or pretence;Teach us, guide us as we follow,Trusting in thy sure defense;We would contemplate thy goodness,Finding fortitude and grace,Learning of our Father's mercyIn the beauty of thy face.

3.Saviour-King, we wait beside thee,When earth's deepening shades descend,Still with thee in faith abidingWhile the storms of trial rend;Drawing closer as thou prayest:Father, let thy will be done;Sharing in the new communionWhen the victory is won.  Catherine Baird (1895-1984)


Chalvey, 181; For ever with the Lord, 183D.S.M. 1.Jesus, my strength. my hope,On thee I cast my care,With humble confidence look up,And know thou hearest prayer.Give me on thee to wait,Till I can all things do,On thee, almighty to create,Almighty to renew.

2.I want a sober mind,A self-renouncing will,That tramples down and casts behindThe baits of pleasing ill;A soul inured to pain,To hardship, grief and loss,Bold to take up, firm to sustain,The consecrated cross.

3.I want a godly fear,A quick-discerning eye,That looks to thee when sin is near,And sees the tempter fly;A spirit still preparedAnd armed with jealous care,Forever standing on its guard,And watching unto prayer.

4.I rest upon thy word;The promise is for me;My succor and salvation, Lord,Shall surely come from thee.But let me still abide,Nor from my hope remove,Till thou my patient spirit guideInto thy perfect love.  Charles Wesley (1707-88)


Carlisle, 164; St Ethelwald, 174;Silchester, 177S.M. 1.Jesus, my truth, my way,My sure, unerring light,On thee my feeble steps I stay,Which thou wilt guide aright.

2.My wisdom and my guide,My Counselor thou art;O never let me leave thy side,Or from thy paths depart!

3.Teach me the happy artIn all things to dependOn thee; O never, Lord, depart,But love me to the end!

4.Let me thy witness live,When sin is all destroyed;And then my spotless soul receive,And take me home to God.  Charles Wesley (1707-88)


Jesus, Saviour, pilot me, 309;Toplady, 3167. 1.Jesus, Saviour, pilot meOver life's tempestuous sea;Unknown waves before me roll,Hiding rocks and treacherous shoal;Chart and compass come from thee,Jesus, Saviour, pilot me.

2.As a mother stills her child,Thou canst hush the ocean wild.Raging waves obey thy will,When thou say'st to them: Be still.Wondrous Sovereign of the sea,Jesus, Saviour, pilot me.

3.When at last I near the shore,And the fearful breakers roar'Twixt me and the peaceful rest,Then, while leaning on thy breast,May I hear thee say to me:Fear not, I will pilot thee.  Edward Hopper (1818-88)


Eudoxia, 197; Barnby, 1956.5.6.5. 1.Jesus, stand among usIn thy risen power;Let this time of worshipBe a hallowed hour.

2.Breathe the Holy SpiritInto every heart;Bid the fears and sorrowsFrom each soul depart.

3.Thus with quickened footstepsWe'll pursue our way,Watching for the dawningOf eternal day.  William Pennefather (1816-73)


Jesus, thou art everything to me, 705 1.Jesus, tender lover of my soul,Pardoner of my sins, and friend indeed,Keeper of the garden of my heart,Jesus, thou art everything to me.

ChorusJesus, thou art everything to me,Jesus, thou art everything to me,All my lasting joys are found in thee;Jesus, thou art everything to me.

2.What to me are all the joys of earth?What to me is every sight I see,Save the sight of thee, O Friend of mine?Jesus, thou art everything to me.

3.Here I lay me at thy bleeding feet,Deepest homage now I give to thee;Hear thy whispered love within my soul;Jesus, thou art everything to me.  Edward Henry Joy (1871-1949) (verses), Arthur Smith Arnott (1870-1941) (chorus)


Mozart, 496; St Catherine, 4998. Iambic 1.Jesus, the gift divine I know;The gift divine I ask of thee;That living water now bestow,Thy Spirit and thyself, on me;Thou, Lord, of life the fountain art,Now let me find thee in my heart.

2.Thee let me drink, and thirst no moreFor drops of finite happiness;Spring up, O Well, in heavenly power,In streams of pure perennial peace,In joy that none can take away,In life which shall for ever stay.

3.Father, on me the grace bestow.And make me blameless in thy sight,Whence all the streams of mercy flow;Mercy, thine own supreme delight,To me, for Jesus' sake impart,And plant thy nature in my heart.  Charles Wesley (1707-88)


Maryton, 33; Harton-Lea, 20; Boston, 13L.M. 1.Jesus, thou joy of loving hearts,Thou fount of life, thou light of men,From the best bliss that earth impartsWe turn unfilled to thee again.

2.Thy truth unchanged hath ever stood;Thou savest those that on thee call;To them that seek thee thou art good,To them that find thee, all in all.

3.Our restless spirits yearn for thee.Where'er our changeful lot is cast;Glad when thy gracious smile we see,Blest when our faith can hold thee fast.

4.O Jesus, ever with us stay,Make all our moments calm and bright!Chase the dark night of sin away,Shed o'er the world thy holy light.  Attr Bernard of Clairvaux (1091-1153), trs Ray Palmer (1808-87)


Dennis, 165; St Michael, 175S.M. 1.Jesus, we look to thee,Thy promised presence claim;Thou in the midst of us shalt be,Assembled in thy name.

2.Thy name salvation is,Which here we come to prove;Thy name is life and health and peaceAnd everlasting love.

3.We meet, the grace to takeWhich thou hast freely given;We meet on earth for thy dear sakeThat we may meet in Heaven.

4.Present we know thou art;But, O thyself reveal!Now, Lord, let every waiting heartThy mighty comfort feel!

5.O may thy quickening voiceThe death of sin remove,And bid our inmost souls rejoiceIn hope of perfect love!  Charles Wesley (1707-88)


Warrington, 56; Harton-Lea, 20L.M. 1.Jesus, where'er thy people meet,There they behold the mercy seat;Where'er they seek thee thou art found,And every place is hallowed ground.

2.For thou, within no walls confined,Inhabitest the humble mind;Such ever bring thee where they come,And going take thee to their home.

3.Here may we prove the power of prayerTo strengthen faith and sweeten care,To teach our faint desires to rise,And bring all Heaven before our eyes.

4.Lord, we are few, but thou art near,Nor short thine arm, nor deaf thine ear;O rend the heavens, come quickly down,And make a thousand hearts thine own!  William Cowper (1731-1800)


Penitence, 193; Nuttall, 1926. 1.Kneeling in penitence I make my prayer,Owning my weaknesses and my despair;Failure I cannot hide,Broken my selfish pride,Pardon thou dost provide,Pardon declare.

2.Nothing can I achieve, nothing attain;He that without thee builds, labors in vain;Shatter my own design,Shaping a plan divine,Come to this heart of mine,Saviour, again.

3.Though few the gifts I have that thou canst use,Make thy demands on me; I'll not refuse;Take all there is of me,Take what I hope to be;Thy way at last I see,Thy way I choose.  John Gowans


Sandon, 511; Lux Benigna, 51010. 1.Lead, kindly Light, amid the encircling gloom,Lead thou me on!The night is dark, and I am far from home;Lead thou me on!Keep thou my feet; I do not ask to seeThe distant scene: one step enough for me.

2.I was not ever thus, nor prayed that thouShouldst lead me on.I loved to choose and see my path; but nowLead thou me on!I loved the garish day and, spite of fears,Pride ruled my will: remember not past years.

3.So long thy power hath blest me, sure it stillWill lead me onO'er moor and fen, o'er crag and torrent, tillThe night is gone;And with the morn those angel faces smileWhich I have loved long since, and lost awhile.  John Henry Newman (1801-90)


Mannheim, 419; Praise, my soul, 4228. Troch. 1.Lead us, heavenly Father, lead usO'er the world's tempestuous sea;Guard us, guide us, keep us, feed us,For we have no help but thee,Yet possessing every blessingIf our God our Father be.

2.Saviour. breathe forgiveness o'er us;All our weakness thou dost know;Thou didst tread this earth before us;Thou didst feel its keenest woe;Lone and dreary, faint and weary,Through the desert thou didst go.

3.Spirit of our God, descending,Fill our hearts with heavenly joy,Love with every passion blending,Pleasure that can never cloy;Thus provided, pardoned, guided,Nothing can our peace destroy.  James Edmeston (1791-1867)


Long, long ago, 513; Cleansingfor me, 51210. 1.Lord, for a mighty revival we plead,Lord, give us souls, Lord, give us souls;Thy saving power in this meeting we need,Lord, give us souls; Lord, give us souls.Quicken our hearts by the Holy Ghost's power,Pour out thy Spirit, a great, mighty shower,Of sin the sinner convict, Lord, this hour,Lord, give us souls; Lord, give us souls.

2.Let every heart on this object be set,Lord, give us souls, Lord, give us souls;Help us to pray till the answer we get,Lord, give us souls; Lord, give us souls.Give us the faith that will not let thee go,Faith that says, yes, though the devil says, no;Lord, thy salvation in this meeting show,Lord, give us souls; Lord, give us souls.

3.Lord, we believe thou art going to save,Lord, we believe, Lord, we believe;Floods of salvation and power we shall have,Lord, we believe; Lord, we believe.Souls shall be truly converted to thee,From all the bondage of Satan be free,Made into soldiers to fight well for thee,Lord, we believe; Lord, we believe.  Henry Davis (d 1919)


Praise, 468; Pembroke, 467;He Lives, 4668. 1.Lord, give me more soul-saving love,Send a revival from above,Thy mighty Spirit pour.The Army of salvation blessWith righteousness and holiness,Pressed down and running o'er.

2.Spread Calvary's great salvation fame,Make every tongue a living flame,Soul-saving truth inspire.With zeal inflame thy fighting host,Baptize us with the Holy Ghost,And set us all on fire.

3.Give power to speak thy conquering word,To wield the Spirit's two-edged sword,And all Hell's legions rout.O touch us with the living coal,And kindle fire in every soulThat never will die out!  William James Pearson (1832-92)


Wonderful Healer, 863 1.Lord, here today my great need I am feeling;Wilt thou not visit my soul once again?I long to feel thy sweet touch and its healing;Wonderful Healer, touch me again.

ChorusTouch me again, touch me again,Wonderful Healer, touch me again.

2.Often I've pressed through the throng for the blessingWhich, through my doubting, I've failed to obtain;Here once again to thy feet I am pressing;Wonderful Healer, touch me again.

3.Only in thee can I find liberation,Cleansing and freedom from sin's hidden stain;Only in thee can I find full salvation,Wonderful Healer, touch me again.  William Henry Woulds (1874-1940)


Slane, 789 1.Lord of all hopefulness, Lord of all joy,Whose trust, ever childlike, no cares could destroy,Be there at our waking, and give us, we pray,Your bliss in our hearts, Lord, at the break of the day.

2.Lord of all eagerness, Lord of all faith,Whose strong hands were skilled at the plane and the lathe,Be there at our labors, and give us, we pray,Your strength in our hearts, Lord, at the noon of the day.

3.Lord of all kindliness, Lord of all grace,Your hands swift to welcome, your arms to embrace,Be there at our homing, and give us, we prayYour love in our hearts, Lord, at the eve of the day.

4.Lord of all gentleness, Lord of all calm,Whose voice is contentment. whose presence is balm,Be there at our sleeping. and give us, we pray,Your peace in our hearts, Lord, at the end of the day.  Jan Struther (1901-53)


Maryton, 33;Beethoven, 9L.M. 1.Lord, speak to me, that I may speakIn living echoes of thy tone;As thou hast sought, so let me seekThy erring children lost and lone.

2.O lead me, Lord, that I may leadThe wandering and the wavering feet;O feed me, Lord, that I may feedThy hungering ones with manna sweet.

3.O strengthen me, that while I standFirm on the rock, and strong in thee,I may stretch out a loving handTo wrestlers with the troubled sea.

4.O teach me, Lord, that I may teachThe precious things thou dost impart;And wing my words. that they may reachThe hidden depths of many a heart.

5.O give thine own sweet rest to me,That I may speak with soothing powerA word in season, as from thee,To weary ones in needful hour.

6.O fill me with thy fulness, Lord,Until my very heart o'erflowIn kindling thought and glowing word,Thy love to tell, thy praise to show.

7.O use me, Lord, use even me,Just as thou wilt and when and where,Until thy blessed face I see,Thy rest, thy joy, thy glory share.  Frances Ridley Havergal (1836-79)


St Catherine, 499; Make me aware of thee, 4948. Iambic 1.Make me aware of thee, O Lord,As in thy temple I give praise;Attentive to thy holy word.Or in glad song my voice to raise.That I may feel thy Spirit's power,O come, invade my soul this hour.

2.Make me aware of thee, O Lord,As supplicant, I bow the knee.My faith. though small, wilt thou rewardThat contact I may make with theeAnd thus obtain that inward calmThat makes of life a living psalm.

3.Make me aware of thee, O Lord,As with thy children I uniteTo share that wondrous heritageOf Calvary and Easter lightO Master, let thy people beConsistently aware of thee.  Victor Ottaway


Ottawa, 462; Govaars, 3738. 1.Master, speak: thy servant heareth,Waiting for thy gracious word,Longing for thy voice that cheereth;Master, let it now be heard.I am listening, Lord, for thee;What hast thou to say to me?

2.Speak to me by name, O Master,Let me know it is to me.Speak, that I may follow faster,With a step more firm and free,Where the shepherd leads the flockIn the shadow of the rock.

3.Master, speak: though least and lowest,Let me not unheard depart.Master, speak! for O thou knowestAll the yearning of my heart,Knowest all its truest need;Speak! and make me blest indeed.

4.Master, speak: and make me ready,When thy voice is truly heard,With obedience glad and steadyStill to follow every word.I am listening, Lord, for thee;Master, speak: O speak to me!  Frances Ridley Havergal (1836-79)


Colne, 79; Lloyd, 107C.M. 1.'Mid all the traffic of the ways,Turmoils without, within,Make in my heart a quiet place,And come and dwell therein:

2.A little shrine of quietness,All sacred to thyself,Where thou shalt all my soul possess,And I may find myself:

3.A little place of mystic grace,Of self and sin swept bare,Where I may look into thy face,And talk with thee in prayer.

4.Come, occupy my silent place,And make thy dwelling there!More grace is wrought in quietnessThan any is aware.  John Oxenham (1852-1941)


Downham, 166; No sorrow there, 173;I hear thy welcome voice, 169S.M. 1.My  Maker and my King,To thee my all I owe;Thy constant goodness is the springWhence all my blessings flow.

2.The creature of thy hand,On thee alone I live;Thy countless benefits demandMore praise than I can give.

3.O let thy grace inspireMy soul with strength divine!Let all my powers to thee aspire,And all my days be thine.  Anne Steele (1716-78)


Nearer, my God, to thee, 190;Horbury, 1876. 1.Nearer, my God, to thee,Nearer to thee!E'en though it be a crossThat raiseth me;Still all my song shall be,Nearer, my God, to thee,Nearer to thee.

2.Though like a wanderer,The sun gone down,Darkness be over me,My rest a stone,Yet in my dreams I'd beNearer, my God, to thee,Nearer to thee.

3.There let my way appearSteps unto Heaven;All that thou sendest meIn mercy given;Angels to beckon meNearer, my God. to thee,Nearer to thee.

4.Then with my waking thoughtsBright with thy praise,Out of my stony griefsBethel I'll raise;So by my woes to beNearer, my God, to thee,Nearer to thee.

5.Or if on joyful wing,Cleaving the sky,Sun, moon and stars forgot,Upward I fly,Still all my song shall be,Nearer, my God, to thee,Nearer to thee.  Sarah Fuller Adams (1805-48)


He wipes the tear, 63;Saved by grace, 47D.L.M. 1.Not only, Lord, on that great dayWhen men before thy throne shall standI ask that thou my judge shalt be,With every thought and motive scanned;But in the midst of common days,O let me know that thou art nigh,And teach me, Lord, to meet thy gazeWith frank and unaverted eye!

ChorusO Saviour, search my heart todayAnd tell me all thou findest there!I must more closely dwell with thee;O grant me this, my earnest prayer!

2.I would not meet at life's far endThy final judgment with dismay;I need thy keen appraisal nowThat I may live, from day to day,A life that only seeks thy ways,A life more closely linked with theeWho art the Christ of working days,The man who walked by Galilee.

3.And if thy judgments make me quailAnd give me cause for grief and pain,Yet shall thy love uphold me stillAnd bid my spirit rise again;And so, with eyes that see anewThe task that thou to me hast given,Let me my covenant renewAnd bring a worthier gift to Heaven.  Miriam M. Richards


French, 88; St Ann, 127C.M. 1.O God, if still the holy placeIs found of those in prayer,By all the promises of graceI claim an entrance there.

2.Give me a self-denying soul,Enlarged and unconfined;Abide within me, and controlThe wanderings of the mind.

3.Give me the strength of faith that daresTo die to self each day,That bravely takes the cross, nor caresTo find an easier way.

4.Help me to make more sacrifice,To walk where Christ would lead,That in my life he may ariseTo hallow every deed.  Albert Orsborn (1886-1967)


St Catherine, 499; Stella, 5038. Iambic 1.O Jesus, Saviour, hear my cry,And all my need just now supply!New power I want, and strength and light,That I may conquer in the fight.O let me have, where'er I go,Thy strength to conquer every foe!

2.I need thy love my heart to fill,To tell to all thy blessed will.And to the hopeless souls make knownThe power that dwells in thee alone;And then wherever I shall goThy power shall conquer every foe.

3.O make my life one blazing fireOf pure and fervent heart-desireThe lost to find, the low to raise,And give them cause thy name to praise,Because wherever I may goI show thy power to every foe!

4.Let love be first, let love be last,Its light o'er all my life be cast;Come now, my Saviour, from aboveAnd deluge all my soul with love,So that wherever I may goThy love shall conquer every foe.  Thomas Charles Marshall (1854-1942)  


St Margaret, 4778.8.8.6. 1.O love that wilt not let me go,I rest my weary soul in thee;I give thee back the life I owe,That in thine ocean depths its flowMay richer, fuller be.

2.O Light that followest all my way,I yield my flickering torch to thee;My heart restores its borrowed ray,That in thy sunshine's blaze its dayMay brighter, fairer be.

3.O Joy that seekest me through pain,I cannot close my heart to thee;I trace the rainbow through the rainAnd feel the promise is not vain,That morn shall tearless be.

4.O cross that liftest up my head,I dare not ask to fly from thee;I lay in dust life's glory dead,And from the ground there blossoms redLife that shall endless be.  George Matheson (1842-1906)


Austria, 408; Regent Square, 4238. Troch. 1.O thou God of every nation,We now for thy blessing call;Fit us for full consecration,Let the fire from Heaven fall.Bless our Army! Bless our Army!With thy power baptize us all.

2.Fill us with thy Holy Spirit;Make our soldiers white as snow;Save the world through Jesus' merit,Satan's kingdom overthrow.Bless our Army! Bless our Army!Send us where we ought to go.

3.Give us all more holy living,Fill us with abundant power;Give the Army more thanksgiving,Greater victories every hour.Bless our Army! Bless our Army!Be our rock, our shield, our tower.

4.Bless our General, bless our leaders,Bless our officers as well.Bless our converts, bless our soldiers;Speed the war 'gainst sin and Hell.Bless our Army! Bless our Army!We will all thy goodness tell.  William James Pearson (1832-92)


Calabar, 431; Morning has broken, 735 1.O to be like thee! blessed Redeemer,This is my constant longing and prayer,Gladly I'll forfeit all of earth's treasures.Jesus, thy perfect likeness to wear.

ChorusO to be like thee! O to be like thee,Blessed Redeemer, pure as thou art!Come in thy sweetness, come in thy fulness;Stamp thine own image deep on my heart.

2.O to be like thee! full of compassion,Loving, forgiving, tender and kind,Helping the helpless, cheering the fainting,Seeking the wandering sinner to find.

3.O to be like thee! lowly in spirit,Holy and harmless, patient and brave;Meekly enduring cruel reproaches,Willing to suffer, others to save.

4.O to be like thee! while I am pleading,Pour out thy Spirit, fill with thy love;Make me a temple meet for thy dwelling.Fit me for life and Heaven above.  Thomas Obediah Chisholm (1866-1960)


Salzburg, 131; Fewster, 86C.M. 1.Our Father, who in Heaven art,All hallowed be thy name,Thy Kingdom come to every heartTo light the holy flame.

2.Help us on earth to do thy willAs angels do in Heaven,And may to us in good and illThy gracious gifts be given.

3.Our trespasses, O Lord, forgive,And grant us grace to showTo all with whom we move and liveThe grace thou dost bestow.

4.Be near us in temptation's hour,Let strength divine abound;Deliver by thy mighty powerWhen evil shall surround.

5.The kingdoms of the world are thine,Thine too the praise shall be;Grant us to worship at thy shrineTo all eternity.  Charles Coller (1863-1935)


St Agnes, 126; Bedford, 74C.M. 1.Prayer is the soul's sincere desireUttered or unexpressed,The motion of a hidden fireThat trembles in the breast.

2.Prayer is the burden of a sigh,The falling of a tear,The upward glancing of an eyeWhen none but God is near.

3.Prayer is the simplest form of speechThat infant lips can try;Prayer the sublimest strains that reachThe majesty on high.

4.Prayer is the contrite sinner's voiceReturning from his ways,While angels in their songs rejoiceAnd cry: Behold, he prays!

5.Prayer is the Christian's vital breath,The Christian's native air,His watchword at the gates of death;He enters Heaven with prayer.

6.O thou by whom we come to God,The life, the truth, the way!The path of prayer thyself hast trod:Lord, teach us how to pray!  James Montgomery (1771-1854)


Chalvey, 181; Peace, 185D.S.M. 1.Revive thy work, O Lord,Thy mighty arm make bare;Speak with the voice that wakes the dead,And make thy people hear.Revive thy work, O Lord,While here to thee we bow;Descend, O gracious Lord, descend!O come and bless us now.

2.Revive thy work, O Lord,Create soul-thirst for thee;And hungering for the bread of lifeO may our spirits be!Revive thy work, O Lord,Exalt thy precious name;And by the Holy Ghost, our loveFor thee and thine inflame.

3.Revive thy work, O Lord,Give power unto thy word;Grant that thy blessed gospel mayIn living faith be heard.Revive thy work, O Lord,And give refreshing showers;The glory shall be all thine own,The blessing shall be ours.  Albert Midlane (1825-1909)


Saviour, lead me, 2947.7.7.7. 1.Saviour, lead me, lest I stray,Gently lead me all the way;I am safe when by thy side,I would in thy love abide.

ChorusLead me, lead me,Saviour, lead me, lest I stray,Gently down the stream of time:Saviour, lead me all the way.

2.Thou the refuge of my soulWhen the stormy billows roll;I am safe when thou art nigh,On thy mercy I rely.

3.Saviour, lead me, lead at last,When the storm of life is past,To the land of endless day,Where all tears are wiped away.  Frank M. Davis (1839-96)


O Man of Galilee, 754 1.Saviour of light, I look just now to thee;Brighten my path, so only shall I seeThy footprints, Lord, which mark the way for me;Light of my life, so surely thou wilt be.O Man of Galilee!

ChorusO Man of Galilee,Stay with and strengthen me;Walk thou through life with me,O Man of Galilee!

2.Another touch, I ask another still,That daily, hourly, I may do thy will;Healer of wounds and bearer of all pain,Thy touch, thy power are evermore the same,O Man of Galilee!

3.Lord of my life, I dare step out to theeWho stilled the waves and stayed the tossing sea;When floods o'erwhelm, my safety thou wilt be;When nightfall comes, O Lord, abide with me:O Man of Galilee!

4.Pilot of souls, I trust thy guiding hand;Take thou the helm and, at thy blest command,I sail straight on until, the harbor won,I reach the glory of thy sweet well done;O Man of Galilee!  Robert Hoggard (1861-1935)


Darwells, 221; Samuel, 2296. 1.Saviour, we know thou artIn every age the same;Now, Lord, in ours exertThe virtue of thy name;And daily, through thy word, increaseThy blood-besprinkled witnesses.

2.Thy people, saved belowFrom every sinful stain,Shall multiply and growIf thy command ordain;And one into a thousand rise,And spread thy praise through earth and skies.

3.In many a soul. and mine,Thou hast displayed thy power;But to thy people joinTen thousand thousand more,Saved from the guilt and strength of sin,In life and heart entirely clean.  Charles Wesley (1707-88)


Fellowship with thee, 642 1.Spirit of eternal love,Guide me, or I blindly rove;Set my heart on things above,Draw me after thee.Earthly things are paltry show,Phantom charms, they come and go;Give me constantly to knowFellowship with thee.

ChorusFellowship with thee,Fellowship with thee,Give me constantly to knowFellowship with thee.

2.Come, O Spirit, take controlWhere the fires of passion roll;Let the yearnings of my soulCenter all in thee.Call into thy fold of peaceThoughts that seek forbidden ways;Calm and order all my days,Hide my life in thee.

3.Thus supported, even I,Knowing thee forever nigh,Shall attain that deepest joy,Living unto thee.No distracting thoughts within,No surviving hidden sin,Thus shall Heaven indeed beginHere and now in me.  Albert Orsborn (1886-1967)


Mendelssohn, 547; Still with thee, 54911.10.11.10. 1.Spirit of God, thou art the bread of HeavenCome for my need in Jesus Christ the Lord;Broken in him whose life was freely givenIn deathless love he only could afford.

2.Thou art the bread that satisfies forever,The inward health that overcomes disease,The love that lives through death. subsiding never,My secret fortress and my soul's release.

3.O Bread from God, I choose thee now with gladness,Though sweet the taste of earthly gain may be;My spirit pines in poverty and sadnessUnless my sustenance be found in thee.

4.Lord God, I come, thy life in mine is waking;Whate'er I am I bring into thy care.Thy loving hands will bless me in the breakingOf bread thou gavest and I long to share.  Catherine Baird (1895-1984)


Still with thee, 549; Mendelssohn, 54711.10.11.10. 1.Still, still with thee, when purple morning breaketh,When the bird waketh, and the shadows nee;Fairer than morning, lovelier than daylight,Dawns the sweet consciousness, I am with thee.

2.Still, still with thee! As to each newborn morningA fresh and solemn splendor still is given,So does this blessed consciousness, awaking,Breathe each day nearness unto thee and Heaven.

3.When sinks the soul, subdued by toil to slumber,Its closing eye looks up to thee in prayer;Sweet the repose beneath thy wings o'ershading,But sweeter still, to wake and find thee there.

4.So shall it be at last, in that bright morning,When the soul waketh, and life's shadows neeO in that hour, fairer than daylight dawning,Shall rise the glorious thought, I am with thee!  Harriet Beecher Stowe (1812-96)


Sweet hour of prayer, 66D.L.M. 1.Sweet hour of prayer, sweet hour of prayer,That calls me from a world of care,And bids me at my Father's throneMake all my wants and wishes known;In seasons of distress and griefMy soul has often found relief,And oft escaped the tempter's snareBy thy return, sweet hour of prayer.

2.Sweet hour of prayer, sweet hour of prayer,Thy wings shall my petition bearTo him whose truth and faithfulnessEngage the waiting soul to bless;And since he bids me seek his face,Believe his word, and trust his grace,I'll cast on him my every careAnd wait for thee. sweet hour of prayer.

3.Sweet hour of prayer, sweet hour of prayer,May I thy consolation share,Till from Mount Pisgah's lofty heightI view my home, and at the sightPut off this robe of flesh, and riseTo gain the everlasting prize,And realize forever thereThe fruits of the sweet hour of prayer.  W.W. Walford


Sardis, 397; In me, Lord, 3838.7.8.7. Troch. 1.Sweet the moments, rich in blessing,Which before the cross I spend,Life and health and peace possessingFrom the sinner's dying friend.

ChorusIn me, Lord, in me, Lord,Thy will fulfil in me, Lord.

2.Here it is I find my Heaven,While upon the Lamb I gaze;Love I much? I'm much forgiven,I'm a miracle of grace.

3.Love and grief my heart dividing,With my tears his feet I'll bathe;Constant still in faith abiding,Life deriving from his death.

4.May I still enjoy this blessing,In all need to Jesus go;Prove his death each day more healing,And himself more fully know.  William Walter Shirley (1725-86)


Take thou my hand, 806 1.Take thou my hand and guide meTill life be o'er,To rest with thee beside meFor evermore.My Saviour, do not leave meOne single day;In Heaven with thee receive meTo dwell alway.

2.When faint my heart with sadness,Bid cares all cease;Grant me in pain or gladnessThy perfect peace.In lowliness I bend meBefore thy throne;O let thine eyes defend me,For blind my own!

3.E'en though my weak endeavorFeel not thy might,Yet thou wilt lead me everAll through the night.Then, take my hand and guide meTill life be o'er,To rest with thee beside meFor evermore.  Julie von Hausmann (1826-1901), trs F.S. Cooper


Irish, 99; Bishopthorpe, 77; Sawley, 132C.M. 1.Talk with me, Lord, thyself reveal,While here o'er earth I rove;Speak to my heart and let me feelThe kindling of thy love.

2.With thee conversing, I forgetAll time and toil and care;Labor is rest, and pain is sweet,If thou, my God, art here.

3.Here then, my God, vouchsafe to stay,And bid my heart rejoice;My longing heart shall own thy swayAnd echo to thy voice.

4.Thou callest me to seek thy face;'Tis all I wish to seek;To attend the whispers of thy grace,And hear thee inly speak.

5.Let this my every hour employTill I thy glory see,Enter into my Master's joy,And find my Heaven in thee.  Charles Wesley (1707-88)


Showers of blessing, 4568.7.8.7. Dact. 1.There shall be showers of blessing:This is the promise of love;There shall be seasons refreshing,Sent from the Saviour above.

ChorusShowers of blessing,Showers of blessing we need;Mercy drops round us are falling,But for the showers we plead.

2.There shall be showers of blessing:Precious reviving again;Over the hills and the valleys,Sound of abundance of rain.

3.There shall be showers of blessing:Send them upon us, O LordGrant to us now a refreshing;Come, and now honor thy word.

4.There shall be showers of blessing:O that today they might fall,Now as to God we're confessing,Now as on Jesus we call!  Daniel Webster Whittle (1840-1901)


Carey's, 489; Euphony, 493; Stella, 5038. Iambic 1.Thou Lamb of God. whose precious bloodFor every guilty sinner flows,A cleansing, efficacious flood,A healing stream for human woes,Now let us feel its quickening power,O cleanse our souls this very hour!

2.Assembled here with one accord,We claim thy promised blessing now,And dare believe thy precious wordWhile humbly at thy throne we bow.O fill us with thy mighty power,And save, O Lord, this very hour!

3.O solemnize each waiting heart,And let us feel thy presence nowSubdue, dear Lord, the stubborn heart,That all in penitence may bow.Convict us by thy mighty power,And save, dear Lord, this very hour.  Harry Davis (d 1919)


Thou Shepherd of Israel, 487; Israel'sShepherd, 6948.8.8.8. D. Amph. 1.Thou Shepherd of Israel, and mine,The joy and desire of my heart,For closer communion I pine,I long to reside where thou art.The pastures I languish to findWhere all who their shepherd obeyAre fed, on thy bosom reclined,And screened from the heat of the day.

2.Ah show me that happiest place,The place of thy people's abode,Where saints in true happiness gazeAnd hang on a crucified God.Thy love for a sinner declare,Thy passion and death on the tree;My spirit to Calvary bear,To suffer and triumph with thee.

3.'Tis there, with the lambs of thy flock,There only, I covet to rest,To lie at the foot of the rock,Or rise to be hid in thy breast.'Tis there I would always abide,And never a moment depart,Concealed in the cleft of thy side,Eternally held in thy heart.  Charles Wesley (1707-88)


Montgomery, 535; St Denio, 569;Foundation, A.S. 976; 1.To God be the glory, a Saviour is mine,Whose power is almighty. whose grace is divine;My heart he hath cleansed, he is dwelling within,So wondrously saving from sinning and sin.

2.O wonder of wonders, to God be the praise,I joy in his will, I delight in his ways!And through every conflict, without and within,He saves me and keeps me from sinning and sin.

3.No longer in bondage, my freedom I'll useMy Master to serve in the way he shall choose;To work or to witness, to go or remain,His smile of approval my infinite gain.

4.Earth's pleasures and treasures no longer allure,My spirit aspires to the things which endure;To walk with my Saviour in garments of white,My highest ambition, my constant delight.

5.The world overcoming by limitless grace,I worship the Lord in the light of his face;So with him communing, like him I shall grow,And life everlasting enjoy here below.  Charles Coller (1863-1935)


Shepherd, hear my prayer! 784 1.Unto thee will I cry,Shepherd, hear my prayer!Poor and needy am 1,Shepherd, hear my prayer!Deep is calling unto deep.Rugged are the heights, and steep;Guide my steps and keep;Hear, O hear my prayer!Hear, O hear my prayer!

2.Where the tempest is loud,Shepherd, hear my prayer!'Mid the darkness and cloud,Shepherd, hear my prayerLet me hear thy voice afar,Coming with the morning star;True thy mercies are!Hear, O hear my prayer!Hear, O hear my prayer!

3.Let the foe not prevail,Shepherd, hear my prayer!My resources would fail,Shepherd, hear my prayer!Order all my steps aright,Carry me from height to height;Yonder shines the light!Shepherd, lead me there!Lead me safely there!  Albert Orsborn (1886-1967)


Stella, 503; St Catherine, 4998. Iambic 1.We thank thee, Lord, for answered prayer,For every token of thy care;Since our requests to thee we brought,We have received more than we sought.More than we ask, thy word declares,Shall be thy answer to our prayers.

2.We thank thee that our cry was heard,And that, according to thy word,Before thy promise we could plead,Thou hadst begun to meet our need.More than we ask, and greater farThan we can think, thy mercies are.

3.As in this place our hearts are madeTo bless thee for thy mighty aid,Help us, as more for thee we dare,To prove still more the strength of prayer.Thy word is sure, thou canst not failTo bless those who in prayer prevail.  Leslie Rusher


Near the cross, 272; Troch. 1.We the people of thy host,Standing here before thee,For thy power, O Holy Ghost.We, as one, implore thee!

ChorusSend the power, send the power,Send it, we implore thee.Fill us with the Holy Ghost,As we bow before thee.

2.God of ages, God of grace.Search these hearts before thee;With thy power come fill this place,We, as one, implore thee.

3.Let not self hold any part,All we lay before thee;Be thou conqueror of each heart,We, as one, implore thee.

4.Thine for time, and thine for aye,Battling, conquering for thee.Till, when ended life's short day,We in Heaven adore thee.  Emma Moss Booth-Tucker (1860-1903)


Saved by Grace, 47; Harton-Lea, 20L.M. 1.Weaver divine, thy matchless skillHath planned the pattern of my ways;Within the fabric of thy willI yield my residue of days.

ChorusI dwell in thy abiding care,And find my soul's refreshment there;Content to trust my way to theeThy overruling plan I see.

2.Somber the colors are and gay,Varied the workings of thy hand;I would not wish to know the way,Nor seek thy will to understand.

3.Human design may cause me pain,And test my faith through doubt and fear,Grant me to feel thy touch again,Thy reassuring voice to hear.

4.Christ of the loom, thy loving handDoth thread the pattern for my good;I too would weave at thy commandUntil thy will be understood.  Brindley Boon


What a friend, 451; Hyfrydol, 438;Blaenwern, 4308.7.8.7. D. Troch. 1.What a friend we have in Jesus,All our sins and griefs to bear!What a privilege to carryEverything to God in prayer!O what peace we often forfeit,O what needless pain we bear,All because we do not carryEverything to God in prayer!

2.Have we trials and temptations?Is there trouble anywhere?We should never be discouraged:Take it to the Lord in prayer.Can we find a friend so faithful,Who will all our sorrows share?Jesus knows our every weakness:Take it to the Lord in prayer.

3.Are we weak and heavy laden,Cumbered with a load of care?Precious Saviour, still our refuge:Take it to the Lord in prayer.Do thy friends despise, forsake thee?Take it to the Lord in prayer;In his arms he'll take and shield thee,Thou wilt find a solace there.  Joseph Scriven (1819-86)


Armadale, 8; Whitburn, 58L.M. 1.What various hindrances we meetIn coming to the mercy seat!Yet who that knows the worth of prayerBut wishes to be often there!

2.Prayer makes the darkest cloud withdraw,Prayer climbs the ladder Jacob saw,Gives exercise to faith and love,Brings every blessing from above.

3.Restraining prayer, we cease to fight;Prayer makes the soldier's armor bright;And Satan trembles when he seesThe weakest saint upon his knees.

4.O Lord, increase our faith and love,So shall we all thy goodness proveAnd gain from thine own boundless storeThe fruits of prayer for evermore.  William Cowper (1731-1800)


At thy feet I fall, 613 1.When shall I come unto the healing waters?Lifting my heart, I cry to thee my prayer.Spirit of peace, my Comforter and healer,In whom my springs are found, let my soul meet thee there.

ChorusFrom a hill I know,Healing waters, flow:O rise, Immanuel's tide,And my soul overflow!

2.Wash from my hands the dust of earthly striving;Take from my mind the stress of secret fear;Cleanse thou the wounds from all but thee far hidden.And when the waters flow let my healing appear.

3.Light, life and love are in that healing fountain,All I require to cleanse me and restore;Flow through my soul, redeem its desert places,And make a garden there for the Lord I adore.  Albert Orsborn (1886-1967)


Nuttal, 1926. 1.Where lowly spirits meetInstant in prayer,All at one mercy seat,One plea to share,With thee we intercede,Leader of those who lead,Heart of our Army's need,Make us thy care.

2.Let not thy people boast,Empty are we,Martial and mighty hostThough we may be.Naught of our own we claim,Forth from thy heart we came,Thou art our altar-flame;We live by thee.

3.Where secret rivers rise,Lead us to grace;Even through clouded skiesShow us thy face.Own us thy people still,Seal us within thy will,And in thy holy hillStablish our place.  Albert Orsborn (1886-1967)


Lord, fill my craving heart, 108C.M. 1.While here before thy cross I kneel,To me thy love impart;With a deep, burning love for souls,Lord, fill my craving heart.

ChorusLord, fill my craving heart,Lord, fill my craving heart,With a deep, burning love for souls,Lord, fill my craving heart.

2.Deepen in me thy work of grace,Teach me to do thy will,Help me to live a spotless life,Thy holy laws fulfil.

3.With mighty power my soul baptize,My longing heart inspire,That I may from this moment riseA living flame of fire.

4.I want in this dark world to shine,And ever faithful be,That all around shall know I'm thineIn blest reality.  William Henry Hutchins (c 1870-1945)             *         *         * see also:    32  God who touchest earth with                           beauty                 181  O Christ, who came to share our                           human life                 295  Lord, I hear of showers of                          blessing                 458  Take time to be holy                 827  Peace in our time, O Lord                 839  Hushed was the evening hymn                 971  I come to the Garden                 973  Near to the heart of God 



Lathbury, 713 1.Break thou the bread of life,O Lord, to me,As thou didst break the loavesBeside the sea;Beyond the sacred pageI seek thee, Lord;My spirit pants for thee,O living Word!

2.Thou art the bread of life,O Lord, to me,Thy holy word the truthThat saveth me;Give me to eat and liveWith thee above;Teach me to love thy truth,For thou art love.

3.O send thy Spirit, Lord,Now unto me,That he may touch my eyesAnd make me see;Show me the truth concealedWithin thy word,And in thy book revealedI see the Lord.  Mary Artemisia Lathbury (1841-1913), (verse 1 ) Alexander Groves (1843-1909) (verses 2 and 3 )


Richmond, 125; St Stephen, 130;Azmon, A.S. 988C.M. 1.Come, Holy Ghost, our hearts inspire,Let us thine influence prove,Source of the old prophetic fire,Fountain of light and love.

2.Come, Holy Ghost, for moved by theeThe prophets wrote and spoke;Unlock the truth, thyself the key,Unseal the sacred book.

3.Expand thy wings, celestial Dove,Brood o'er our nature's night;On our disordered spirits move,And let there now be light.

4.God, through himself, we then shall know,If thou within us shine,And sound, with all thy saints below,The depths of love divine.  Charles Wesley (1707-88)


Buckland, 275; Weber, 3017.7.7.7. 1.Holy Bible, book divine,Precious treasure, thou art mine;Mine, to tell me whence I came;Mine, to teach me what I am.

2.Mine, to call me when I rove;Mine, to show a Saviour's love;Mine art thou to guide my feet;Mine, to judge, condemn, acquit.

3.Mine, to comfort in distress,If the Holy Spirit bless;Mine, to show by living faithMan can triumph over death.

4.Mine, to tell of joys to come,And the rebel sinner's doom;Holy Bible, book divine,Precious treasure, thou art mine.  John Burton, Sr. (1773-1822)


St Denio, 569; No, never alone, 566;Foundation, A.S. 97611.11.11.11. 1.How firm a foundation, ye saints of the Lord,Is laid for your faith in his excellent word!What more can he say than to you he hath said,To you who for refuge to Jesus have fled:

ChorusNo, never alone, no, never alone,He promised he never would leave me,Never, no never, alone.

2.Fear not, I am with thee, O be not dismayed,For I am thy God, I will still give thee aid!I'll strengthen thee, help thee, and cause thee to stand,Upheld by my gracious, omnipotent hand.When through the deep waters I call thee to go,The rivers of grief shall not thee overflow,For I will be with thee thy trials to bless,And sanctify to thee thy deepest distress.

4.When through fiery trials thy pathway shall lie,My grace all-sufficient shall be thy supply;The flames shall not hurt thee; I only designThy dross to consume, and thy gold to refine.

5.The soul that on Jesus hath leaned for repose,I will not, I will not, desert to its foes;That soul, though all Hell should endeavor to shake,I'll never, no never, no never forsake.  Anon


Abridge, 69; Westminster, 142;Down in the garden, 84C.M. 1.Lamp of our feet, whereby we traceOur path when wont to stray,Stream from the fount of heavenly grace,Brook by the traveler's way;

2.Bread of our souls, whereon we feed,True manna from on high,Our guide and chart, wherein we readOf realms beyond the sky;

3.Pillar of fire through watches dark,And radiant cloud by day,When waves would whelm our tossing bark,Our anchor and our stay;

4.Word of the ever-living God,Will of his glorious Son,Without thee how could earth be trod,Or Heaven itself be won?

5.Lord, grant that we aright may learnThe wisdom it imparts,And to its heavenly teaching turnWith simple, childlike hearts.  Bernard Barton (1784-1849)


Ravenshaw, 774 1.Lord, thy word abideth,And our footsteps guideth;Who its truth believethLight and joy receiveth.

2.When our foes are near us,Then thy word doth cheer us,Word of consolation,Message of salvation.

3.When the storms are o'er us,And dark clouds before us,Then its light directeth,And our way protecteth.

4.Who can tell the pleasure,Who recount the treasure,By thy word impartedTo the simple-hearted?

5.Word of mercy, givingSuccor to the living;Word of life, supplyingComfort to the dying.

6.O that we, discerningIts most holy learning,Lord, may love and fear thee,Evermore be near thee!  Henry Williams Baker (1821-77)


Turner, 504; St Matthias, 500;Solid Rock, 5018. Iambic 1.Set forth within the sacred wordThe path of life is plainly shown;The ways of God its lines record,For every soul of man made known.The truth, of all our hopes the ground,Is here within its pages found.

2.God's ample grace for fallen man,His care for our eternal good,The depth of his salvation plan,The doctrine of atoning blood,The Scriptures' living words expressAnd point the way to holiness.

3.But how shall we that truth declare,Thy grace, thy love, thy beauty show?Only as we thy nature wearShall men that nature truly know;And as we walk with thee abroadThey shall perceive the mind of God.

4.So teach us, Lord, to use each powerAs we the doctrine shall adorn,That truth and grace shall spring to flowerIn lives renewed and souls reborn;As we to all the world unfoldThe glory of the faith we hold.  Will J. Brand (1889-1977)


Rest, 124; St Peter, 129C.M. 1.The Spirit breathes upon the word,And brings the truth to sight;Precepts and promises affordA sanctifying light.

2.A glory gilds the sacred page,Majestic, like the sun;It gives a light to every age;It gives, but borrows none.

3.Let everlasting thanks be thineFor such a bright displayAs makes a world of darkness shineWith beams of heavenly day.

4.My soul rejoices to pursueThe steps of him I love,Till glory breaks upon my viewIn brighter worlds above.  William Cowper (1731-1800)


Lakeside, 104; Westminster, 142;Belmont, 76C.M. 1.Thy word is like a garden, Lord,With flowers bright and fair;And everyone who seeks may pluckA lovely garland there.

2.Thy word is like a deep, deep mine;And jewels rich and rareAre hidden in its mighty depths,For every searcher there.

3.Thy word is like a starry host;A thousand rays of lightAre seen, to guide the travelerAnd make his pathway bright.

4.Thy word is like an armory,Where soldiers may repair,And find for life's long battle-dayAll needful weapons there.

5.O may I love thy precious word,May I explore the mine,May I its fragrant flowers glean,May light upon me shine!

6.O may I find my armor there,Thy word my trusty sword!I'll learn to fight with every foeThe battle of the Lord.  Edwin Hodder (1837-1904)                 *         *         * see also:      95  Blessed are the poor in spirit                   856  For your holy book we thank you 

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Sawley, 132; French, 88C.M. 1.Blest be the dear uniting loveThat will not let us part;Our bodies may far off remove,We still are one in heart.

2.Joined in one spirit to our head,Where he appoints we go;And still in Jesus' footsteps tread,And show his praise below.

3.O may we ever walk in him,And nothing know beside,Nothing desire, nothing esteem,But Jesus crucified.

4.Closer and closer let us cleave,To his beloved embrace;Expect his fulness to receive,And grace to answer grace.

5.Partakers of the Saviour's grace,The same in mind and heart,Nor joy, nor grief, nor time, nor place,Nor life, nor death can part.  Charles Wesley (1707-88)


Dennis, 165; Carlisle, 164S.M. 1.Blest be the tie that bindsOur hearts in Christian love;The fellowship of kindred mindsIs like to that above.

2.Before our Father's throneWe pour our ardent prayers;Our fears, our hopes, our aims are one,Our comforts and our cares.

3.We share our mutual woes,Our mutual burdens bear;And often for each other flowsThe sympathizing tear.

4.When we asunder part,It gives us inward pain;But we shall still be joined in heartAnd hope to meet again.

5.From sorrow, toil and pain,And sin, we shall be free;And perfect love and friendship reignThrough all eternity.  John Fawcett (1740-1817)


Nativity New, 117; Fewster, 86C.M. 1.Happy the home when God is thereAnd love fills every breast,Where one their wish, and one their prayer,And one their heavenly rest.

2.Happy the home where Jesus' nameIs sweet to every ear,Where children early lisp his fameAnd parents hold him dear.

3.Happy the home where prayer is heardAnd praise is wont to rise,Where parents love the sacred word,And live but for the skies.

4.Lord! let us in our homes agreeThis blessed peace to gain;Unite our hearts in love to thee.And love to all will reign.  Henry Ware (1794-1843)


My Shepherd, 115; Bedford, 74C.M. 1.Help us to help each other, Lord,Each other's cross to bear;Let each his friendly aid afford,And feel his brother's care.

2.Help us to build each other up,Our little stock improve;Increase our faith, confirm our hope,And perfect us in love.

3.Up into thee, our living head,Let us in all things grow,Till thou hast made us free indeedAnd spotless here below.  Charles Wesley (1707-88)


Bethany, 429; Whither Pilgrims? 453;What a friend, 4518.7.8.7. D. Troch. 1.Home is home, however lowly,Home is sweet when love is there,Home is home when hearts are holy,Earth has ne'er a spot so fair.Jesus makes our home a heaven,Sacred in the fireside warm;After battling through the long day,Home's a shelter from the storm.

2.To a little home in BethanyJesus loved to wend his way;Tender hearts were waiting for himIn the evening of the day.Jesus there dispelled the sadness,There the humble meal he blessed;There they worshiped him with gladness;There his sacred form would rest.

3.Let us make our home the thresholdOf the city bright and fair,Each the other's joy possessing,Each the other's burden share.In the storm of deep afflictionLet us seek the heavenly balm,In life's tempest just rememberPrayer will make the storm a calm.  Arthur Smith Arnott (1870-1941)


Love at home, 2377. 1.O there's joy in every heartWhen there's love at home;There's a smile on every faceWhen there's love at home!Voices have a kindly sound,Happiness beams all around.Peace and gentleness aboundWhen there's love at home.

ChorusLove at home! Love at home!There's an angel in the houseWhen there's love at home.

2.O there's sunshine on the hearthWhen there's love at home,And there's music in the airWhen there's love at home!Faces at the door are sweet,Laughter echoes in the street,Paths are smooth for little feetWhen there's love at home.

3.When there's Jesus in the midst,There is love at home;He will teach you what to doWhen there's love at home;Help you in life's busy mart;Whisper softly in your heartOf the bright and better part,When there's love at home.  Anon



Tallis, 52; Morning Hymn, 35L.M. 1.Awake, my soul, and with the sunThy daily stage of duty run;Shake off dull sloth, and joyful riseTo pay thy morning sacrifice.

2.Let all thy converse be sincere,Thy conscience as the noonday clear;For God's all-seeing eye surveysThy secret thoughts, thy words and ways.

3.All praise to thee, who safe has keptAnd hast refreshed me while I slept;Grant, Lord, when I from death shall wakeI may of endless life partake.

4.Lord, I my vows to thee renew;Disperse my sins as morning dew;Guard my first springs of thought and will,And with thyself my spirit fill.

5.Direct, control, suggest, this day,All I may think, or do, or say;That all my powers, with all their might,In thy sole glory may unite.

6.Praise God, from whom all blessings flow;Praise him, all creatures here below;Praise him above, ye heavenly hostPraise Father, Son and Holy Ghost.  Thomas Ken (1637-1711)


Each day is a gift, 639 1.Each day is a gift supernal,A shining new chance to live;Each day brings a heavenly challengeTo all that I have to give.

2.Each day is a golden treasure,Whose riches I cannot guess,A store of created beautyThat humbly I may possess.

3.Each day is a round of duty,A pressing, absorbing quest;Each evening the Lord will question:Today have you done your best?

4.Each nighttime the glittering starlightStands watch at the day's closed door;Each morning anew God calls meTo rise and to try once more.  Mads Nielsen (1879-1958) trs Flora Larsson


Melcombe, 34; Morning Hymn, 35;Job, 30; Duke Street, 17L.M. 1.Forth in thy name, O Lord, I goMy daily labor to pursue,Thee, only thee, resolved to knowIn all I think, or speak, or do.

2.Thee may I set at my right hand,Whose eyes my inmost purpose see;And labor on at thy command,And offer all my works to thee.

3.Give me to bear thy easy yoke,And every moment watch and pray,And still to things eternal look,And hasten to thy glorious day.

4.For thee delightfully employWhate'er thy bounteous grace hath given,And run my course with even joy,And closely walk with thee to Heaven.  Charles Wesley (1707-88)


Melcombe, 34; Morning Hymn, 35;Ernan, 19  L.M. 1.New every morning is the loveOur wakening and uprising prove,Through sleep and darkness safely brought,Restored to life and power and thought.

2.If on our daily course our mindBe set to hallow all we find,New treasures still of countless priceGod will provide for sacrifice.

3.Old friends, old scenes, will lovelier beAs more of Heaven in each we see;Some softening gleam of love and prayerShall dawn on every cross and care.

4.The trivial round, the common task,Will furnish all we ought to ask;Room to deny ourselves, a roadTo bring us daily nearer God.

5.Only, O Lord, in thy great love,Fit us for perfect rest above;And help us, this and every day,To live more nearly as we pray.  John Keble (1792-1866)


Carlisle, 164; Lascelles, 179;Southport, 178S.M. 1.This is the day of light;Let there be light today;O Dayspring, rise upon our night,And chase its gloom away.

2.This is the day of rest:Our failing strength renew;On weary brain and troubled breastShed thou thy freshening dew.

3.This is the day of peace:Thy peace our spirits fill;Bid thou the blasts of discord cease,The waves of strife be still.

4.This is the day of prayer:Let earth and Heaven draw near;Lift up our hearts to seek thee there,Come down to meet us here.

5.This is the first of days:Send forth thy quickening breath,And wake dead souls to love and praise,Thou vanquisher of death!  John Ellerton (1826-93)



Abide with me, 517; Sunset, 552;Emerson, 52010.10.10.10. Iambic 1.Abide with me; fast falls the eventide;The darkness deepens; Lord, with me abide!When other helpers fail, and comforts flee,Help of the helpless, O abide with me!

2.Swift to its close ebbs out life's little day;Earth's joys grow dim, its glories pass away;Change and decay in all around I see;O thou who changest not, abide with me!

3.I need thy presence every passing hour;What but thy grace can foil the tempter's power?Who like thyself my guide and stay can be?Through cloud and sunshine, O abide with me!

4.I fear no foe, with thee at hand to bless;Ills have no weight, and tears no bitterness.Where is death's sting? Where, grave, thy victory?I triumph still if thou abide with me.

5.Hold thou thy cross before my closing eyes;Shine through the gloom, and point me to the skies;Heaven's morning breaks, and earth's vain shadows flee;In life, in death, O Lord, abide with me!  Henry Francis Lyte (1793-1847)


Tallis, 52; Hursley, 26L.M. 1.Glory to thee, my God, this night,For all the blessings of the light;Keep me, O keep me, King of kings,Beneath thine own almighty wings.

2.Forgive me, Lord, for thy dear Son,The ill that I this day have done;That with the world, myself and thee,I, ere I sleep, at peace may be.

3.If in the night I sleepless lie,My soul with heavenly thoughts supply;Let no ill dreams disturb my rest,No powers of darkness me molest.

4.O may my soul on thee repose,And with sweet sleep mine eyelids close,Sleep that may me more vigorous makeTo serve my God when I awake.  Thomas Ken (1637-1711)


St Luke, 46; Deep Harmony, 16L.M. 1.My God, how endless is thy love!Thy gifts are every evening new,And morning mercies from aboveGently distil like early dew.

2.Thou spread'st the curtains of the night,Great Guardian of my sleeping hours;Thy sovereign word restores the light,And quickens all my drowsy powers.

3.I yield my powers to thy command,To thee I consecrate my days;Perpetual blessings from thy handDemand perpetual songs of praise.   Isaac Watts (1674-1748)


Eudoxia , 197; Barnby, 1956.5.6.5. 1.Now the day is over,Night is drawing nigh,Shadows of the eveningSteal across the sky.

2.Now the darkness gathers,Stars begin to peep,Birds and beasts and flowersSoon will be asleep.

3.Jesus, give the wearyCalm and sweet repose;With thy tenderest blessingMay their eyelids close.

4.When the morning wakens,Then may I arisePure and fresh and sinlessIn thy holy eyes.  Sabine Baring-Gould 91834-1924)


Ellers, 519; Bartholomew, 51810.10.10.10. Iambic 1.Saviour, again to thy dear name we raiseWith one accord our parting hymn of praise;We stand to bless thee ere our worship cease,Then, lowly kneeling, wait thy word of peace.

2.Grant us thy peace upon our homeward way;With thee begun, with thee shall end the day;Guard thou the lips from sin, the hearts from shame,That in this house have called upon thy name.

3.Grant us thy peace, Lord, through the coming night,Turn thou for us its darkness into light;From harm and danger keep thy children free,For dark and light are both alike to thee.

4.Grant us thy peace throughout our earthly life,Our balm in sorrow, and our stay in strife;Then, when thy voice shall bid our conflict cease,Call us, O Lord, to thine eternal peace.  John Ellerton (1826-93)


Marshall, 1896. 1.Softly the shadows fall o'er land and sea,Voices of evening call, speaking to me,Busy my hands this day,Small time to think or pray;Now at the close of day I come to thee.

ChorusLord, 'tis thy tender touch now we implore;Day with its toil is done, labor is o'er;Now in the evening while shadows fall,Grant us thy peace, who give to thee our all.

2.What can I bring to thee, fruit of today?Have I walked worthily in work and playLightened my brother's load,Walking life's toilsome road,New strength and love bestowed, Master, I pray?

3.As the birds homeward wend, seeking their nest,Thou who hast called me friend knowest me best;Forgive if I should roam,And grant that I may comeTo find at last my home safe in thy breast.  Ivy Mawby (1903-83)


Hursley, 26; Abends, 2L.M. 1.Sun of my soul, thou Saviour dear,It is not night if thou be near;O may no earth-born cloud ariseTo hide thee from thy servant's eyes.

2.When the soft dews of kindly sleepMy wearied eyelids gently steep,Be my last thought: How sweet to restForever on my Saviour's breast.

3.Abide with me from morn till eve,For without thee I cannot live;Abide with me when night is nigh,For without thee I dare not die.

4.If some poor wandering child of thineHave spurned today the voice divine,Now, Lord, the gracious work begin;Let him no more lie down in sin.

5.Watch by the sick; enrich the poorWith blessings from thy boundless store;Be every mourner's sleep tonight,Like infant's slumbers, pure and light.

6.Come near and bless us when we wake,Ere through the world our way we take,Till in the ocean of thy loveWe lose ourselves in Heaven above.  John Keble (1792-1866)


St Clements, 44 1.The day thou gavest, Lord, is ended,The darkness falls at thy behest;To thee our morning hymns ascended,Thy praise shall sanctify our rest.

2.We thank thee that thy Church unsleeping,While earth rolls onward into light,Through all the world her watch is keeping,And rests not now by day or night.

3.As o'er each continent and islandThe dawn leads on another day,The voice of prayer is never silent.Nor dies the strain of praise away.

4.The sun that bids us rest is wakingOur brethren 'neath the western sky,And hour by hour fresh lips are makingThy wondrous doings heard on high.

5.So be it, Lord; thy throne shall never,Like earth's proud empires, pass away;Thy Kingdom stands. and grows forever,Till all thy creatures own thy sway.  John Ellerton (1826-93)           *          *           * see also:   558  At even, ere the sun was set 

The Salvation Soldier



A Soldier of the cross, 68; Gerontius, 89C.M. 1.Am I a soldier of the cross,A follower of the Lamb,And shall I fear to own his cause,Or blush to speak his name?

ChorusIn the name, the precious nameOf him who died for me.Through grace I'll win the promised crown,Whate'er my cross may be.

2.Must I be carried to the skiesOn flowery beds of ease,While others fight to win the prize,And sail through stormy seas?

3.Are there no foes for me to face?Must I not stem the flood?Is this vile world a friend to grace,To help me on to God?

4.Since I must fight if I would reign.Increase my courage, Lord!I'll bear the toil, endure the pain,Supported by thy word.  Isaac Watts (1674-1748) (verses)


Be glad in the Lord, 4818.8.8.8. Amph.  1.Be strong in the grace of the Lord,Be noble and upright and true,Be valiant for God and the right,Live daily your duty to do.Be strong! Be strong!And God will your courage renew.

2.Be strong in the grace of the Lord,For wholehearted service prepare;Be thoughtful for all who are weak,And hasten their burdens to share.Be strong! Be strong!Be eager to do and to dare.

3.Be strong in the grace of the Lord,Be armed with the power of his might;Be daring when dangers abound,Courageous and brave in the fight.Be strong! Be strong!And victory will be your delight.  Walter Henry Windybank (1872-1952)


Follow thou me, 645 1.By the peaceful shores of Galilee,Mending their nets by the silvery sea,The fishermen toiled at their tasks each day,Till the Master walked along that way.

ChorusFollow thou me, he calls again,And I will make you fishers of men;As in the days by Galilee,Jesus is calling you and me.

2.And they left their nets when they heard his voice.Making the Master's call their choice;And they toiled with him for the world astray,To bring men back to the Father's way.

3.And the self-same voice is heard today,Calling to men in the self-same wayAs the fishermen heard by Galilee:Leave now your nets and follow me.  Sidney Edward Cox (1887-1975)


Ring the bell, watchman, 776 1.Come, join our Army, to battle we go,Jesus will help us to conquer the foe;Fighting for right and opposing the wrong,The Salvation Army is marching along.

ChorusMarching along, marching along,The Salvation Army is marching along;Soldiers of Jesus, be valiant and strong;The Salvation Army is marching along.

2.Come, join our Army, the foe must be driven;To Jesus, our captain, the world shall be given;Foes may surround us, we'll press through the throng;The Salvation Army is marching along.

3.Come, join our Army, the foe we defy,True to our colors, we'll fight till we die;Saved from all sin is our war cry and song;The Salvation Army is marching along.

4.Come, join our Army, and do not delay,The time for enlisting is passing away;Fierce is the battle, but victory will come;The Salvation Army is marching along.  William James Pearson (1832-92)


Forward! be our Watchman, 203;Princethorpe, 2066.5.6.5. D. 1.Forward! be our watchword,Steps and voices joined;Seek the things before us,Not a look behind.Burns the fiery pillarAt our army's head;Who shall dream of shrinking,By our captain led?Forward through the desert,Through the toil and fight;Jordan flows before us,Zion beams with light.

2.Forward, flock of Jesus,Salt of all the earth,Till each yearning purposeSprings to glorious birth.Sick, they ask for healing,Blind, they grope for day;Pour upon the nationsWisdom's loving ray.Forward, out of error,Leave behind the night;Forward through the darkness,Forward into light.

3.Glories upon gloriesHath our God prepared,By the souls that love himOne day to be shared.Eye hath not beheld them,Ear hath never heard,Nor of these hath utteredThought or speech a word.Forward, ever forward,Where the heaven is bright;Till the veil be lifted,Till our faith be sight.  Henry Alford (1810-71)


Warrington, 56; Truro, 54; Ernan, 19L.M. 1.Go, labor on, spend and be spent,Thy joy to do the Father's will;It is the way the Master went;Should not the servant tread it still?

2.Go, labor on, 'tis not for naught,Thy earthly loss is heavenly gain;Men heed thee, love thee, praise thee not;The Master praises; what are men?

3.Go, labor on, enough while hereIf he shall praise thee; if he deignThy willing heart to mark and cheer,No toil for him shall be in vain.

4.Go, labor on while it is day,The world's dark night is hastening on;Speed. speed thy work, cast sloth away,'Tis only thus that souls are won.

5.Men die in darkness at your side,Without a hope to cheer the tomb;Take up the torch and wave it wide,The torch that lights time's thickest gloom.

6.Toil on, faint not, keep watch, and pray;Be wise the sinning soul to win;Go forth into the world's highway,Compel the wanderer to come in.  Horatius Bonar (1808-89)


Stand like the brave, 570; St Denio,569; Foundation, A.S. 97611.11.11.11. 1.God's trumpet is sounding: To arms! is the call;More warriors are wanted to help on the war;My King's in the battle, he's calling for me,A salvation soldier for Jesus I'll be.

ChorusStand like the brave! Stand like the brave!Stand like the brave, with thy face to the foe I

2.On land and on water my colors I'll show,Through ten thousand battles with Jesus I'll go,In danger I'm certain he'll take care of me,His blood and fire soldier forever I'll be.

3.I'll fight to the last with the Lord's sword and shield,And count it an honor to die in the field;In death and the grave there is victory for me,A salvation soldier in Glory I'll be.

4.The war will go on till the world is possessed,The Salvation Army Jehovah has blessed;More heroes of faith on the roll we shall see;The Salvation Army's the Army for me.  Frederick Booth-Tucker (1853-1929) (verses), Fanny Crosby (1820-1915) (chorus)


Monks Gate, 212; Pilgrim Song, 2136. 1.He who would valiant be'Gainst all disaster,Let him in constancyFollow the Master!There's no discouragementShall make him once relentHis first avowed intentTo be a pilgrim.

2.Who so beset him roundWith dismal stories,Do but themselves confound,His strength the more is.No foes shall stay his might,Though he with giants fight;He will make good his rightTo be a pilgrim.

3.Since, Lord, thou dost defendUs with thy Spirit;We know we at the endShall life inherit.Then fancies flee away,I'll fear not what men say,I'll labor night and dayTo be a pilgrim.  John Bunyan (1628-88), alt Percy Dearmer (1867-1936)


Gird on the armour, 651 1.I have read of men of faithWho have bravely fought till death,Who now the crown of life are wearing;Then the thought comes back to me,Can I not a soldier be,Like to those martyrs bold and daring?

ChorusI'll gird on the armor and rush to the field,Determined to conquer, and never to yield;So the enemy shall know, Wheresoever I may go,That I am fighting for Jehovah.

2.I, like them, will take my standWith the sword of God in hand,Smiling amid opposing legions;I the victor's crown will gain,And at last go home to reignIn Heaven's bright and sunny regions.

3.I will join at once the fight,Leaning on my Saviour's might,He is almighty to deliver;From my post I Will not shrink,Though of death's cup I should drink;Hell to defeat is my endeavor.

4.Will you not enlist with me,And a valiant soldier be?Vain 'tis to waste your time in slumber;Jesus calls for men of warWho will fight and ne'er give o'er,Routing the foe in fear and wonder.  Mark Williams Sanders (1862-1943)


I'll stand for Christ, 686 1.In the Army of Jesus we've taken our standTo fight 'gainst the forces of sin,To the rescue we go, Satan's power to o'erthrow,And his captives to Jesus we'll win.

ChorusI'll stand for Christ, for Christ aloneAmid the tempest and the storm.Where Jesus leads I'll follow on;I'll stand, I'll stand for Christ alone.

2.We go forth not to fight 'gainst the sinner, but sin;The lost and the outcast we love;And the claims of our King we before them will bringAs we urge them his mercy to prove.

3.Jesus pitied our case, and he died for our race,To save a lost world he was slain;But he rose and now lives, and his pardon he givesUnto all who will call on his name.

4.Though our trials be great and God's enemies strong,To battle undaunted we go,For our warfare's the Lord's and to him we belong,In his strength we shall conquer the foe.  Frederick William Fry (1859-1939), alt


Armdale, 8; Maryton, 33L.M. 1.Lord, as we take our chosen wayIn commerce, industry or art,The state or science, we would prayTo serve with singleness of heart.

2.Thou, Lord, a craftsman's tools hast plied,A craftsman's excellence hast shown,And honest labor sanctifiedBy making human toil thine own.

3.In works or office, field or mart,Where our appointments, Lord, may be,Grant that with mind and hand and heartWe labor as we would for thee.

4.So shall our light be shed abroadAnd we, as Christians truly named,Shall strive to be approved of God.His workmen, not to be ashamed.  Will J. Brand (1889-1977)


Stand like the brave, 57011.11.11.11. 1.O soldier, awake, for the strife is at hand,With helmet and shield, and a sword in thy hand,To meet the bold tempter, go, fearlessly go,And stand like the brave, with thy face to the foe.

ChorusStand like the brave! Stand like the brave!Stand like the brave, with thy face to the foe!

2.Whatever thy danger take heed and beware,But turn not thy back, for no armor is there;If thou wouldst the legions of darkness o'erthrow,Then stand like the brave with thy face to the foe.

3.Press on, never doubting, thy captain is nearWith grace to support, and with comfort to cheer;His love like a stream in the desert will flow;Then stand like the brave, with thy face to the foe.  Fanny Crosby (1820-1915)


Onward, Christian soldiers, 205;Armageddon, 2006.5.6.5. D. 1.Onward, Christian soldiers,Marching as to war,With the cross of JesusGoing on before!Christ, the royal Master,Leads against the foe;Forward into battleSee his banners go.

ChorusOnward Christian soldiers,Marching as to war,With the cross of JesusGoing on before!

2.At the sign of triumphSatan's host doth flee;On then, Christian soldiers,On to victory!Hell's foundations quiverAt the shout of praise;Brothers, lift your voices,Loud your anthems raise.

3.Like a mighty armyMoves the Church of God;Brothers, we are treadingWhere the saints have trod.We are not divided,All one body we,One in hope, in doctrine,One in charity.

4.Crowns and thrones may perish.Kingdoms rise and wane,But the Church of JesusConstant will remain.Gates of Hell can never'Gainst the Church prevail;We have Christ's own promise,And that cannot fail.

5.Onward then, ye people!Join our happy throng,Blend with ours your voicesIn the triumph song.Glory, laud and honorUnto Christ the King,This through countless agesMen and angels sing.  Sabine Baring-Gould (1834-1924)


Rescue the perishing, 775 1.Rescue the perishing, care for the dying,Snatch them in pity from sin and the grave;Weep o'er the erring one, lift up the fallen,Tell them of Jesus, the mighty to save.

ChorusRescue the perishing, care for the dying,Jesus is merciful, Jesus will save.

2.Though they are slighting him, still he is waiting,Waiting the penitent child to receive;Plead with them earnestly, plead with them gently,He will forgive if they on him believe.

3.Down in the human heart, crushed by the tempter,Feelings lie buried that grace can restore;Touched by a loving hand, wakened by kindness,Chords that were broken will vibrate once more.

4.Rescue the perishing, duty demands it;Strength for thy labor the Lord will provide;Back to the narrow way patiently win them;Tell the poor wanderer a Saviour has died.  Fanny Crosby (1820-1915)


Armadale, 8; Arizona, 7L.M. 1.Saviour and Lord, we pray to thee,Thy people ever would we be;To thee whose love our lives has sealed,To thee our lives we gladly yield.

2.A people called by thee to fight,We stand united in thy sight,One in our aim to vanquish sin,And bring thy glorious Kingdom in.

3.In this glad moment while we sing,Thy Army, we salute our King;By thee we live, on thee rely,By thee we'll conquer or we'll die.

4.Our strength for warfare is thy might,Our hope of guidance is thy light;Pour out thy Spirit while we wait,And let thy love thy will dictate.

5.Beneath thy standard still we'll stay;Thy cause shall every purpose sway;Nor will we lay our armor downTill we exchange it for a crown.  Thomas Hodgson Mundell (1849-1934)


Men of Hariech, 732 1.Soldier, rouse thee! War is raging,God and fiends are battle waging;Every ransomed power engaging,Break the tempter's spell.Dare ye still lie fondly dreaming,Wrapped in ease and worldly scheming,While the multitudes are streamingDownwards into Hell?

ChorusThrough the world resounding,Let the gospel sounding,Summon all, at Jesus' call,His glorious cross surrounding.Sons of God, earth's trifles leaving,Be not faithless but believing;To your conquering captain cleaving,Forward to the fight.

2.Lord, we come, and from thee neverSelf nor earth our hearts shall sever;Thine entirely, thine for ever,We will fight and die.To a world of rebels dying,Heaven and Hell and God defying,Everywhere we'll still be crying:Will ye perish, why?

3.Hark! I hear the warriors shouting;Now the hosts of Hell we're routing;Courage! onward! never doubtingWe shall win the day.See the foe before us falling,Sinners on the Saviour calling,Throwing off the bondage galling,Join our glad array.  Attr George Scott Railton (1849-1913)


All hail, I'm saved! 600 1.Soldiers fighting round the cross,Fight for your Lord;Reckon all things else but loss,Fight for your Lord.

ChorusAll hail, I'm saved!O come and join our conquering bandAll hail, I'm saved!We'll conquer if we die.

2.In the name of Christ, your friend,Fight for your Lord;With the powers of Hell contend,Fight for your Lord.

3.Fight the fight of faith with me,Fight for your Lord;Jesus gives the victory,Fight for your Lord.

4.Be thou faithful, hear him cry,Fight for your Lord;In my service fight and die,Fight for your Lord.

5.Faithfully your weapons wield,Fight for your Lord;Stand your ground, and win the field.Fight for your Lord.  Anon


Falcon Street, 167; From strength tostrength, 184; St Ethelwald, 174S.M. 1.Soldiers of Christ, arise,And put your armor on,Strong in the strength which God suppliesThrough his eternal Son.

2.Strong in the Lord of hosts,And in his mighty power,Who in the strength of Jesus trustsIs more than conqueror.

3.Leave no unguarded place,No weakness of the soul;Take every virtue, every grace,And fortify the whole.

4.To keep your armor brightAttend with constant care,Still walking in your captain's sightAnd watching unto prayer.

5.That, having all things done,And all your conflicts past,Ye may o'ercome through Christ alone,And stand complete at last.

6.From strength to strength go on,Wrestle and fight and pray;Tread all the powers of darkness down,And win the well-fought day.  Charles Wesley (1707-88) (verses)


Storm the Forts of darkness, 802 1.Soldiers of our God, arise!The day is drawing nearer;Shake the slumber from your eyes,The light is growing clearer.Sit no longer idly by,While the heedless millions die,Lift the blood-stained banner high,And take the field for Jesus.

ChorusStorm the forts of darkness,Bring them down, bring them down!Storm the forts of darkness,Bring them down, bring them down!Pull down the devil's kingdom,Where'er he holds dominion;Storm the forts of darkness, bring them down!Glory, honor to the Lamb,Praise and power to the Lamb,Glory, honor, praise and power,Be forever to the Lamb!

2.See the brazen hosts of Hell,Their art and power employing,More than human tongue can tell,The blood-bought souls destroying.Hark! from ruin's ghastly roadVictims groan beneath their load;Forward, O ye sons of God,And dare or die for Jesus.

3.Warriors of the risen King,Great Army of salvation,Spread his fame, his praises singAnd conquer every nation.Raise the glorious standard higher,Work for victory, never tire;Forward march with blood and fire,And win the world for Jesus.  Robert Johnson


Monkland, 286; University College, 300;Michael, row the boat ashore(with hallelujahs), 2857.7.7.7. 1.Soldiers of the cross, arise,Gird you with your armor bright;Mighty are your enemies,Hard the battle ye must fight.

2.O'er a faithless, fallen worldRaise your banner in the sky;Let it float there wide unfurled;Bear it onward; lift it high.

3.'Mid the homes of want and woe,Strangers to the living word,Let the Saviour's herald go,Let the voice of hope be heard.

4.Where the shadows deepest lie,Carry truth's unsullied ray;Where are crimes of blackest dye,There the saving sign display.

5.To the weary and the wornTell of realms where sorrows cease;To the outcast and forlornSpeak of mercy and of peace.

6.Be the banner still unfurled,Still unsheathed the Spirit's sword,Till the kingdoms of the worldAre the Kingdom of the Lord.  William Walsham How (1823-97)


Sound the battle cry! 794 1.Sound the battle cry!See, the foe is nigh,Raise the standard highFor the Lord.Gird your armor on;Stand firm every one;Rest your cause uponHis holy word.

ChorusRouse, then, soldiers, rally round the banner!Ready, steady, pass the word along;Onward, forward, shout aloud hosanna!Christ is captain of the mighty throng.

2.Strong to meet the foe,Marching on we go,While our cause we knowMust prevail.Shield and banner bright,Gleaming in the light,Battling for the right,We ne'er can fail.

3.O thou God of all,Hear us when we call,Help us one and allBy thy grace!When the battle's done,And the victory won,May we wear the crownBefore thy face.  William Fiske Sherwin (1826-88)


Stand up for Jesus, 264; Geibel, 251;God bless the Prince of Wales, 2527.6.7.6. D. Iambic 1.Stand up, stand up for Jesus,Ye soldiers of the cross!Lift high his royal banner.It must not suffer loss.From victory unto victoryHis army he shall leadTill every foe is vanquished,And Christ is Lord indeed.

2.Stand up, stand up for Jesus!The trumpet call obey;Forth to the mighty conflictIn this his glorious day.Ye that are men now serve himAgainst unnumbered foes;Let courage rise with danger,And strength to strength oppose.

3.Stand up, stand up for Jesus!Stand in his strength alone;The arm of flesh will fail you,Ye dare not trust your own.Put on salvation armor,And watching unto prayer,Where duty calls or danger,Be never wanting there.

4.Stand up, stand up for Jesus!The strife will not be long;This day the noise of battle,The next the victor's song.To him that overcomethA crown of life shall be,He with the King of GloryShall reign eternally.  George Duffield (1818-88)


On we march, 763 1.The Lord's command to go into the worldand preach the gospel unto all,Is just as true today as whenhis first disciples heard this mighty call;So let us gird ourselves and go to battle'gainst the powers of sin and wrong,Join the fight for the right,in his everlasting might,and sing our marching song:

ChorusOn we march with the blood and the fire,To the ends of the earth we will go;And the Saviour's love will be the theme of our songBecause we love him so.

2.O'er land and seathe Saviour shows the wayto every soul sunk deep in sin;From Calvary's rugged cross thereflows a stream to make the foulest sinner clean;We'll fill the ranks and,trusting in the God of hoststo lead our mighty throng,Join the fight for the right,in his everlasting might,and sing our marching song:

3.The victory's sure;we're trusting in the promise ofour Saviour, Lord and King;Lo, I am with you,keeps us free from doubting;to the heavens our praises ring;The whole wide world shallcome beneath the sway of Christ;proclaim it loud and long,Join the fight for the right,in his everlasting might,and sing our marching song:  Charles Mehling (1889-1969)


Ellacombe, 147; St Matthew, 157;The voice of Jesus, 159D.C.M. 1.The Son of God goes forth to war,A kingly crown to gain,His blood-red banner streams afar;Who follows in his train?Who best can drink his cup of woe,Triumphant over pain,Who patient bears his cross below,He follows in his train.

ChorusWe shall not lose the fight of faith,For Jesus is our Lord,We lay all carnal weapons downTo take his shining sword

2.The martyr first, whose eagle eyeCould pierce beyond the grave,Who saw his Master in the sky,And called on him to save;Like him, with pardon on his tongueIn midst of mortal pain,He prayed for them that did the wrong;Who follows in his train?

3.A glorious band, the chosen fewOn whom the Spirit came,Twelve valiant saints, their hope they knew,And mocked the cross and flameThey met the tyrant's brandished steelThe lion's gory mane,They bowed their necks the death to feel;Who follows in their train?

4.A noble army, men and boys,The matron and the maid,Around the Saviour's throne rejoice,In robes of light arrayed;They climbed the steep ascent of Heaven,Through peril, toil and painO God, to us may grace be givenTo follow in their train!  Reginald Heber (1783-1826), Catherine Baird (1895-1984) (chorus)


Victory for me, 841 1.To the front! the cry is ringing;To the front! your place is there;In the conflict men are wanted,Men of hope and faith and prayer.Selfish ends shall claim no rightFrom the battle's post to take us;Fear shall vanish in the fight,For triumphant God will make us.

ChorusNo retreating, Hell defeating,Shoulder to shoulder we stand;God look down. with glory crownOur conquering band.Victory for meThrough the blood of Christ, my Saviour;Victory for meThrough the precious blood.

2.To the front! the fight is raging;Christ's own banner leads the way;Every power and thought engaging,Might divine shall be our stay.We have heard the cry for helpFrom the dying millions round us,We've received the royal commandFrom our dying Lord who found us.

3.To the front! no more delaying,Wounded spirits need thy care;To the front! thy Lord obeying,Stoop to help the dying there.Broken hearts and blighted hopes,Slaves of sin and degradation,Wait for thee, in love to bringHoly peace and liberation.  Herbert Howard Booth (1862-1926)


Fighting On, 557 1.To the war! to the war! loud and long sounds the cry;To the war! every soldier who fears not to die;See the millions who're drifting to Hell's endless woe,O who in the name of Jehovah will go?

ChorusFighting on, fighting on;Fighting on, fighting on;With the blood and fireWe will never tire.We'll fight until the Master calls.

2.To the war! to the war! who'll the war cry obey?'Tis the great God who calls you to fight while 'tis day;Though the battle be fierce, and though mighty the foe,The Salvation Army to victory must go.

3.To the war! to the war! louder rings out the cry;Who'll enlist in this Army all Hell to defy?All the armor of Heaven our God will bestow,O who in the might of Jehovah will go?

4.To the war! to the war! every man to his post;Go, care for the dying; go, seek for the lost;Hark! converts are singing, their bright faces glow,As they joyfully shout: To the war we will go!  M. Stark


Meet me at the Fountain, 440;Hyfrydol, 438; Salvator, 4438.7.8.7. D. Troch. 1.Wanted, hearts baptized with fire,Hearts completely cleansed from sin,Hearts that will go to the mire,Hearts that dare do aught for him;Hearts that will be firmer, braver,Hearts like heroes gone before,Hearts enjoying God's full favor,Hearts to love him more and more.

ChorusHearts to hoist the colors bravely,Hearts to share the hardest fight,Hearts that know their duty clearly,Hearts to dare and do the right.

2.Wanted, hearts that beat true ever,Hearts that can for others feel,Hearts that prove the traitor never,Hearts that will the wounded heal;Hearts o'erflowing with compassion,Hearts renewed by grace divine,Hearts aglow with full salvation,Hearts to say: Thy will, not mine!

3.Wanted, hearts to love the masses,Hearts to help him seek the lost,Hearts to help him save all classes,Hearts to help him save the worst;Hearts to share with him the weeping,Hearts to bear with him the cross,Hearts to help him with the reaping,Hearts to trust through gain or loss.

4.Wanted, hearts like thine, Lord, holy,Hearts that in thine image shine,Hearts that turn from sin and folly,Hearts to know no way but thine;Hearts that unto thee are given,Hearts possessed with dying love,Hearts on earth but filled with Heaven,Hearts inspired from above.  John Lawley (1859-1922)


The voice of Jesus, 159D.C.M. 1.We're in God's Army and we fightWherever wrong is found;A lowly cot or stately homeMay be our battle ground.We own no man as enemy,Sin is our challenged foe;We follow Jesus, Son of God,As to the war we go.

ChorusWe shall not lose the fight of faith,For Jesus is our Lord,We lay all carnal weapons downTo take his shining sword.

2.When our invading forces march,In every tongue we sing;We are of every class and race,Yet one in Christ, the King.Our Master's darkest battlefield,Upon a lonely height,Reveals God's sword to everyone,A cross of love and light.

3.His Kingdom cometh not by forceBut, by the gentle powerOf righteousness and truth and grace,He triumphs every hour.Sometimes his happy people marchWith banners floating high,Though often in secluded ways,They fight that self may die.

4.The good fight is the fight of faith,Heaven's victories are wonBy men unarmed, save with the mindThat was in Christ, the Son.As morning overwhelms the night,So truth shall sin o'erthrow,And love at last shall vanquish hateAs sunshine melts the snow.  Catherine Baird (1895-1984)


Just where he needs me, 54611.10.11.10. 1.What can I say to cheer a world of sorrow?How bring back hope where men have sorely failed?Just where I am I'll speak the word of comfort,Tell how for me Christ's sacrifice availed.

ChorusJust where he needs me, my Lord has placed me,Just where he needs me, there would I be!And since he found me, by love he's bound meTo serve him joyfully.

2.What can I do to ease life's heavy burdens?What can I do to help mankind in need?Just where I am I'll share my neighbor's hardship,Lighten his load, and prove a friend indeed.

3.What can I do to justify my living?What can I be to worthwhile?I'll be a voice to call men to the Saviour,Just where I am, and win my Father's smile.  Miriam M. Richards


Armageddon, 200; Rachie, 2076.5.6.5. D. 1.Who is on the Lord's side?Who will serve the King?Who will be his helpersOther lives to bring?Who will leave the world's side?Who will face the foe?Who is on the Lord's side?Who for him will go?

ChorusBy thy grand redemption,By thy grace divine,We are on the Lord's side;Saviour, we are thine.

2.Not for weight of glory,Not for crown and palm,Enter we the army,Raise the warrior psalm;But for love that claimethLives for whom he died;He whom Jesus namethMust be on his side.

3.Jesus, thou hast bought us,Not with gold or gem,But with thine own life-bloodFor thy diadem.With thy blessing fillingEach who comes to thee,Thou hast made us willing,Thou hast made us free.

4.Fierce may be the conflict,Strong may be the foe,But the King's own armyNone can overthrow.Round his standard ranging,Victory is secure,For this truth unchangingMakes the triumph sure.dMaster, thou wilt keep us,By thy grace divine.Always on the Lord's side,Saviour, always thine.  Frances Ridley Havergal (1836-79)


The home over there, 483; We speak of  the realms, 4848.8.8.8. Amph. 1.Who'll fight for the Lord everywhere,Till we march by the river of light,Where the Lamb leads his hosts free from careAll robed in their garments of white?

ChorusEverywhere, everywhere, who'll fight for the Lord everywhere?

2.O think of the sin everywhere,And how grievous man's darkness and loss,Of the burden of shame he must bearTill, repentant, he kneels at the cross.

3.O Lord, lead us forth everywhereTill each sin-burdened soul knows thy rest,Till thy name and thy nature they share,And with peace all the nations are blessed.

4.I'll fight for the Lord everywhere,For the need of the lost I can see;Many dying in sin everywhere.My Jesus alone can set free.  George Scott Railton (1849-1913), alt              *          *          * see also:   564  Come ye yourselves apart                   749  Oft have I heard thy tender voice                   977  Lead on O King eternal                   979  Are ye able                   980  Truehearted, whole hearted  

Faith and Trust


Down in the garden, 84C.M. 1.A friend of Jesus! O what blissThat one, so vile as I,Should ever have a friend like thisTo lead me to the sky

ChorusFriendship with Jesus, fellowship divine,O what blessed sweet communion,Jesus is a friend of mine!

2.A friend when other friendships cease,A friend when others fail,A friend who gives me joy and peace,A friend who will prevail.

3.A friend when sickness lays me low,A friend when death draws near,A friend as through the vale I go,A friend to help and cheer.

4.A friend when life s short race is o'er,A friend when earth is past,A friend to meet on Heaven's shore,A friend when home at last.  Joseph C. Ludgate (d 1947)


He hideth my soul, 537;Behold Him! 53611.8.11.8. 1.A wonderful Saviour is Jesus, my Lord,A wonderful Saviour to me:He hideth my soul in the cleft of the rock,Where rivers of pleasure I see.

ChorusHe hideth my soul in the cleft of the rockThat shadows a dry, thirsty land;He hideth my life in the depths of his love,And covers me there with his hand.

2.A wonderful Saviour is Jesus, my Lord,He taketh my burden away;He holdeth me up and I shall not be moved,He giveth me strength as my day.

3.With numberless blessings each moment he crowns,And, filled with his goodness divine,I sing in my rapture: O glory to GodFor such a redeemer as mine!  Fanny Crosby (1820-1915)


Trust in God, 838 1.As the varied way of life we journey,Come the plains and then the mountainside,Come the days of joy when birds are singing,And the world is fair and sweet and wide;Then a deeper joy comes, overfilling,From the everlasting throne of love,And all other joy is but an echoFrom the ever-blessed heights above.

2.There are shadows on the earthly pathwayWhere, at times uncertainly, we tread;In perplexity we halt and lingerTill our faith again is upward led.For the heights of truth are ever calling,And celestial radiance from afarOn our pilgrim way is gently fallingFor our comfort where the shadows are.

3.In the days of peace and golden sunshine,In the days of joy. or days of woe,There is confidence in him who holds us;There is light to guide us here below.And beyond await the heights of raptureWhere all earthly joys, transcended, fadeIn the glory of the Saviour's presence,In the home eternal he has made.  Lily Sampson


Montgomery, 535; Houghton, 533;Begone, Unbelief, 53010.10.11.11. 1.Begone, unbelief,My Saviour is near,And for my reliefWill surely appear;By prayer let me wrestle,And he will perform;With Christ in the vessel,I smile at the storm.

2.Though dark be my way,Since he is my guide,'Tis mine to obey,'Tis his to provide;Though cisterns be brokenAnd creatures all fail,The word he has spokenWill surely prevail.

3.His love in time pastForbids me to thinkHe'll leave me at lastIn trouble to sink;Each sweet EbenezerI have in reviewConfirms his good pleasureTo help me quite through.

4.Since all that I meetShall work for my good,The bitter is sweet,The medicine food;Though painful at present,'Twill cease before long,And then O how pleasantThe conqueror's song!  John Newton (1725-1807)


Blessed Lord, 410; Helmsley, 4178. Troch. 1.Blessed Lord, in thee is refuge,Safety for my trembling soul,Power to lift my head when drooping'Midst the angry billows' roll.I will trust thee,All my life thou shalt control.

2.In the past too unbelieving'Midst the tempest I have been,And my heart has slowly trustedWhat my eyes have never seen.Blessed Jesus,Teach me on thy arm to lean.

3.O for trust that brings the triumphWhen defeat seems strangely nearO for faith that changes fightingInto victory's ringing cheer;Faith triumphant,Knowing not defeat or fear!  Herbert Howard Booth (1862-1926)


Pembroke, 467; He Lives, 4668. 1.But can it be that I should proveForever faithful to thy love,From sin forever cease?I thank thee for the blessed hope;It lifts my drooping spirit up,It gives me back my peace.

ChorusHe lives, He lives,I know that my redeemer lives.

2.In thee, O Lord, I put my trust,Mighty and merciful and just;Thy sacred word is passed;And I, who dare thy word receive,Without committing sin shall live,Shall live to God at last.

3.I rest in thine almighty power;The name of Jesus is a towerThat hides my life above;Thou canst, thou wilt my helper be;My confidence is all in thee,The faithful God of love.

4.Wherefore, in never-ceasing prayer,My soul to thy continual careI faithfully commend;Assured that thou through life shalt save,And show thyself beyond the graveMy everlasting friend.  Charles Wesley (1707-88)


St Michael, 175; Silchester, 177S.M. 1.Commit thou all thy griefsAnd ways into his hands,To his sure trust and tender careWho Heaven and earth commands.

2.Who points the clouds their course,Whom winds and seas obey,He shall direct thy wandering feet,He shall prepare thy way.

3.Thou on the Lord rely,So safe shalt thou go on;Fix on his work thy steadfast eye,So shall thy work be done.

4.No profit canst thou gainBy self-consuming care;To him commend thy cause, his earAttends the softest prayer.

5.Thy everlasting truth,Father, thy ceaseless loveSees all thy children's wants, and knowsWhat best for each will prove.  Paulus Gerhardt (1607-76), trs John Wesley (1703-91)


Courage, Brother, 432; Bethany, 4298.7.8.7. D. Troch. 1.Courage, brother, do not stumble,Though thy path be dark as night;There's a star to guide the humble:Trust in God and do the right.Let the road be long and dreary,And its end far out of sight,Foot it bravely. strong or weary:Trust in God and do the right.

2.Simple rule and safest guiding,Inward peace and inward light,Star upon our path abiding:Trust in God and do the right.Courage, brother, do not stumble,Though thy path be dark as night;There's a star to guide the humble:Trust in God and do the right.  Norman Macleod (1812-72)


Wiltshire, 143; Ellacombe, 147C.M. 1.Dear Lord, I lift my heart to thee,My helplessness I own;The way before I cannot see,I dare not walk alone.

2.More clearly would I realizeThy presence and thy power,Not only under summer skies,But in the darkest hour.

3.Not only when I sense thee nearArt thou most surely nigh,Nor hast thou, Lord, a quicker earBecause my faith is high.

4.My changing moods do not controlThy covenanted aid;Thou hast the guarding of my soul,And I am not afraid.

5.So often in the pleasant placeOur faith depends on sight;The temper of my trust must faceIts trial in the night.

6.Then quietness and confidenceAnd waiting on the LordShall be my strength, my sure defense,And peace be my reward.  John Izzard


Duke Street, 17; Pentecost, 40L.M. 1.Fight the good fight with all thy might,Christ is thy strength, and Christ thy right;Lay hold on life, and it shall beThy joy and crown eternally.

2.Run the straight race through God's good grace,Lift up thine eyes and seek his face;Life with its way before us lies,Christ is the path, and Christ the prize.

3.Cast care aside, lean on thy guide,His boundless mercy will provide;Lean, and the trusting soul shall proveChrist is thy life, and Christ thy love.

4.Faint not, nor fear, his arms are near,He changeth not, and thou art dear;Only believe, and thou shalt seeThat Christ is all in all to thee.  John Samuel Bewley Monsell (1811-75)


Troyte, 4708.8.8.4. 1.For thy sweet comfort in distress,For aid when heavy burdens press,My love for thee I will confess,And thank thee, Lord.

2.For strength to tread a lonely way,For darkness changed to shining day,For burdens lifted when I pray,I thank thee, Lord.

3.For ease which comes swift after pain,For peace which follows after strain,For seeming loss now turned to gain,I thank thee, Lord.

4.When shadows fall and dark the night,When clouds hang low, no ray of light,Thy loveliness breaks on my sight,I thank thee, Lord.

5.Lord, grant me courage, make me strong,However steep the way, and long,That I may sing the conqueror's song,And thank thee, Lord.  Doris N. Rendell


Stella, 503; Eaton, 4918. Iambic 1.Give me the faith which can removeAnd sink the mountain to a plain;Give me the childlike praying loveWhich longs to build thy house again;Thy love let it my heart o'erpower,And all my simple soul devour.

2.I want an even, strong desire,I want a calmly fervent zeal,To save poor souls out of the fire,To snatch these from the verge of Hell,And turn them to a pardoning God,And quench the brands in Jesus' blood.

3.I would the precious time redeem,And longer live for this alone,To spend, and to be spent for themWho have not yet my Saviour known;Fully on them my labors prove,And only breathe to breathe thy love.

4.My talents, gifts, and graces, Lord,Into thy blessed hands receive;And let me live to preach thy word,And let me to thy glory live;My every sacred moment spendIn publishing the sinner's friend.

5.Enlarge, inflame and fill my heartWith boundless charity divine;So shall I all my strength exert,And love them with a zeal like thine,And lead them to thy open side,The sheep for whom their shepherd died.  Charles Wesley (1707-88)


Lascelles, 170; Franconia, 168;Southport, 178S.M. 1.Give to the winds thy fears;Hope, and be undismayed;God hears thy sighs and counts thy tears,God shall lift up thy head.

2.Through waves and clouds and stormsHe gently clears thy way;Wait thou his time, so shall this nightSoon end in joyous day.

3.What though thou rulest not?Yet Heaven and earth and HellProclaim God sitteth on the throne,And ruleth all things well.

4.Far, far above thy thoughtHis counsel shall appear,When fully he the work hath wroughtThat caused thy needless fear.

5.Let us in life, in death,Thy steadfast truth declare,And publish with our latest breathThy love and guardian care.  Paulus Gerhardt (1607-76), trs John Wesley (1703-91)


Happy People, 416; Praise, my soul, 4228. Troch. 1.Happy we who trust in Jesus,Sweet our portion is and sure;When despair or doubt would seize us,By his grace we shall endure.Happy people,Happy, in his love secure!

2.God in love and mercy found us,We are precious in his sight;And though Satan's hosts surround us,They shall all be put to flight,For our FatherKeeps us safe by day and night.

3.Lo! our Father never slumbers,Ever watchful is his care;We rely not on our numbers,In his strength secure we are.Sweet our portionWho the Father's kindness share.

4.As the bird beneath her feathersGuards the objects of her care,So the Lord his children gathers,Spreads his wings, and hides us there;Thus protected,All our foes we boldly dare.  Thomas Kelly (1769-1855), alt


Dennis, 165; Southport, 178S.M. 1.Have faith in God, my heart,Trust and be unafraid;God will fulfil in every partEach promise he has made.

2.Have faith in God, my mind,Though oft thy light burns low;God's mercy holds a wiser planThan thou canst fully know.

3.Have faith in God, my soul,His cross for ever stands;And neither life nor death can pluckHis children from his hands.

4.Lord Jesus, make me whole;Grant me no resting place,Until I rest, heart, mind and soul,The captive of thy grace.  Bryn Austin Rees (1911-83)


Kitching, 710 1.Have we not known it, have we not heard it?Power unto God belongs.Yet do we daily find in his mercyThemes for the sweetest songs;Healing the wounded, raising the fallen,Making the blind to see,Saying to all who seek his faceThese precious words of redeeming grace:

ChorusNo more! No more! He remembers sins no more,They are pardoned for ever, And he will neverBring them up against me any more.I'll hear no moreOf the evil days of yore;I'm a pardoned offender,And God will remember them no more.

2.Joy-bursts of singing gaily are springingWith every day that starts;If we were silent then would the stones cryShame on our fainting hearts.O banish sadness, sing now for gladnessGlory in Christ, the Lord!Who is a God like unto thee,One who can pardon iniquity?

3.Safe in the dark day; safe in the bright day;Safe till my latest breath;There is endurance in this assurance,Stronger than fear of death.When the accuser comes to the judgment,Seeking my soul to claim,I have a token in the blood.I have the word of a pardoning God.  Albert Orsborn (1886-1967)


He leadeth me! 21;He wipes the tear, 63L.M. 1.He leadeth me! O blessed thought!O words with heavenly comfort fraught!Whate'er I do, where'er I be,Still 'tis God's hand that leadeth me.

ChorusHe leadeth me, he leadeth me!By his own hand he leadeth me;His faithful follower I will be,For by his hand he leadeth me.

2.Sometimes 'mid scenes of deepest gloom,Sometimes where Eden's bowers bloom,By waters still, o'er troubled sea,Still 'tis his hand that leadeth me.

3.Lord, I would clasp thy hand in mine,Nor ever murmur or repine,Content, whatever lot I see,Since 'tis my God that leadeth me.

4.And when my task on earth is done,When by thy grace the victory's won,E'en death's cold wave I will not flee,Since God through Jordan leadeth me.  Joseph Henry Gilmore (1834-1918)


Hold thou my hand! 54311.10.11.10. 1.Hold thou my hand! so weak I am, and helpless,I dare not take one step without thy aid;Hold thou my hand! for then, O loving Saviour,No dread of ill shall make my soul afraid.

2.Hold thou my hand! and closer, closer draw meTo thy dear self, my hope, my joy, my all;Hold thou my hand, lest haply I should wander,And, missing thee, my trembling feet should fall.

3.Hold thou my hand! the way is dark before meWithout the sunlight of thy face divine;But when by faith I catch its radiant glory,What heights of joy, what rapturous songs are mine.

4.Hold thou my hand! that when I reach the marginOf that lone river thou didst cross for me,A heavenly light may flash across its waters,And every wave like crystal bright shall be.  Fanny Crosby (1820-1915)


Bullinger, 342; Stephanos, 3438.5.8.3. 1.I am trusting thee, Lord Jesus,Trusting only thee;Trusting thee for full salvation,Great and free.

2.I am trusting thee for pardon,At thy feet I bow;For thy grace and tender mercyTrusting now.

3.I am trusting thee for cleansingIn the crimson flood;Trusting thee to make me holyBy thy blood.

4.I am trusting thee to guide me;Thou alone shalt lead,Every day and hour supplyingAll my need.

5.I am trusting thee for power,Thine can never fail;Words which thou thyself shalt give meMust prevail.

6.I am trusting thee, Lord Jesus,Never let me fall;I am trusting thee for ever,And for all.  Frances Ridley Havergal (1836- 79)


Mozart, 4968. Iambic 1.I dwell within the secret placeWhere refuge from my foes I find;And leaving cumbering cares with himEnsures for me an even mind.The guest of God! O thought sublime,That he my host should be through time!

2.While in his dwelling place I stay,A favored and contented guest,His angels hold a charge divineTo keep my feet in ways of rest.The guest of God! What ecstasyThat I should share his sanctuary!

3.No fears can wake my darkest nights,No clouds can spoil my brightest days;While sheltering 'neath his holy roofHis guardian care evokes my praise.The guest of God, below, above!My life surrounded is by love!

4.But more is he than host to meAnd I am more to him than guest;He is my Saviour and my friend,Eternal love made manifest.The guest of God! Such happinessMy simple tongue fails to express!  Arch R. Wiggins (1893-1976)


Thou art enough for me, 53L.M. 1.I kneel beside thy sacred cross,And count for thee my life as dross;O satisfy my soul this hourWith thy dear love, my healing power.

ChorusThou art enough for me,Thou art enough for me;O precious, living, loving Lord,Yes, thou art enough for me!

2.My helpless soul, rest thou in GodAnd lean upon his faithful word,So in my heart, Lord, thou shalt findThat I am to thy will resigned.

3.At times 'tis hard for flesh and bloodTo say: Thy will be done. my God;But if my grief means others' gain,O what to me are loss and pain!

4.Through every fear my soul doth climbAbove the things of passing time,And to my eyes the sight is givenWhich makes my earth a present Heaven.  William Elwin Oliphant (1860-1941)


I know whom I have believed, 97C.M. 1.I know not why God's wondrous graceTo me he hath made known;Nor why, unworthy of such grace,He claimed me for his own.

ChorusBut I know whom I have believed,And am persuaded that he is ableTo keep that which I've committedUnto him against that day.

2.I know not how this saving faithTo me he did impart,Nor how believing in his wordWrought peace within my heart.

3.I know not how the Spirit moves,Convincing men of sin;Revealing Jesus through the word,Creating faith in him.

4.I know not what of good or illMay be reserved for me,Of weary ways or golden days,Before his face I see.  Daniel Webster Whittle (1840-1901)


I must have the Saviour with me, 3768.7.8.7. Troch. 1.I must have the Saviour with me,For I dare not walk alone;I must feel his presence near me,And his arm around me thrown.

ChorusThen my soul shall fear no ill;Let him lead me where he will,I will go without a murmur,And his footsteps follow still.

2.I must have the Saviour with me,For my faith at best is weak;He can whisper words of comfortThat no other voice can speak.

3.I must have the Saviour with meIn the onward march of life;Through the tempest and the sunshine,Through the battle and the strife.  Fanny Crosby (1820-1915)


I'm in his hands, 687 1.I shall not fear though darkened clouds may gather round me;The God I serve is one who cares and understands.Although the storms I face would threaten to confound me,Of this I am assured: I'm in his hands.

ChorusI'm in his hands, I'm in his hands;Whate'er the future holdsI'm in his hands,The days I cannot seeHave all been planned for me;His way is best, you see;I'm in his hands.

2.What though I cannot know the way that lies before me?I still can trust and freely follow his commands;My faith is firm since it is he that watches o'er me;Of this I'm confident: I'm in his hands.

3.In days gone by my Lord has always proved sufficient,When I have yielded to the law of love's demands;Why should I doubt that he would evermore be presentTo make his will my own? I'm in his hands!  Stanley E. Ditmer


Trentham, 180; Silchester, 177S.M. 1.I want the faith of God.Great mountains to remove,Full confidence in Jesus' blood,The faith that works by love.

2.The faith that will rejoice,To saints by Jesus given,That turns the key of ParadiseAnd saves from earth to Heaven.

3.I want the faith that wears,That can Jehovah see,That glad life's heaviest burden bears,That grips eternity.

4.The faith that cannot fail,That makes salvation sure,Anchored within the heavenly veil,The faith that will endure.

5.I want the faith that fires,And gives me heat and light,That all my soul with zeal inspires,That makes me love to fight.

6.The faith that saves from sin,That will for victory strive,That brings the power of God withinAnd keeps my soul alive.  William James Pearson (1832-92)


Thou Shepherd of Israel, 487;In the strength of the Lord, 4858.8.8.8. D. Amph.1.I'll go in the strength of the Lord,In paths he has marked for my feet;I'll follow the light of his word,Nor shrink from the dangers I meet,His presence my steps shall attend,His fulness my wants shall supply;On him, till my journey shall end,My unwavering faith shall rely.

ChorusI'll go, I'll go in the strength,I'll go in the strength of the LordI'll go, I'll go in the strength,I'll go in the strength of the Lord.

2.I'll go in the strength of the LordTo work he appoints me to do;In joy which his smile doth affordMy soul shall her vigor renew.His wisdom shall guard me from harm.His power my sufficiency prove;I'll trust his omnipotent arm,And prove his unchangeable love.

3.I'll go in the strength of the LordTo conflicts which faith will require,His grace as my shield and reward,My courage and zeal shall inspire.Since he gives the word of command.To meet and encounter the foe,With his sword of truth in my hand.To suffer and triumph I'll go.  Edward Turney (1816-72)


Gerontius, 89; Colne, 79C.M. 1.I'm not ashamed to own my Lord,Or to defend his cause,Maintain the honor of his word,The glory of his cross.

2.Jesus, my God! I know his name,His name is all my trust;Nor will he put my soul to shame,Nor let my hope be lost.

3.Firm as his throne his promise stands,And he can well secureWhat I've committed to his handsTill the decisive hour.

4.Then will he own my worthless nameBefore his Father's face,And in the new JerusalemAppoint my soul a place.  Isaac Watts (1674-1748)


Penlan, 259; Rutherford, 2607.6.7.6. D. Iambic 1.In heavenly love abiding,No change my heart shall fear;And safe is such confiding,For nothing changes here.The storm may roar without me,My heart may low be laid;But God is round about me,And can I be dismayed?

2.Wherever he may guide me,No want shall turn me back;My shepherd is beside me,And nothing can I lack.His wisdom ever waketh,His sight is never dim;He knows the way he taketh,And I will walk with him.

3.Green pastures are before meWhich yet I have not seen;Bright skies will soon be o'er me,Where the dark clouds have been.My hope I cannot measure,My path to life is free;My Saviour has my treasure,And he will walk with me.  Anna Laetitia Waring (1823-1910)


Hollingside, 323; Aberystwyth, 320;Ramsgate, 3127.7.7.7. D. 1.Jesus,, lover of my soul,Let me to thy bosom fly,While the nearer waters roll,While the tempest still is high.Hide me, O my Saviour, hide,Till the storm of life be past;Safe into the haven guide;O receive my soul at last!

2.Other refuge have I none,Hangs my helpless soul on thee;Leave, ah! leave me not alone,Still support and comfort me.All my trust on thee is stayed,All my help from thee I bring;Cover my defenseless headWith the shadow of thy wing.

3.Thou, O Christ, art all I want,More than all in thee I find;Raise the fallen, cheer the faint,Heal the sick. and lead the blind.Just and holy is thy name,I am all unrighteousness;False and full of sin I am,Thou art full of truth and grace.

4.Plenteous grace with thee is found,Grace to cover all my sin;Let the healing streams aboundMake and keep me pure within.Thou of life the fountain art,Freely let me take of thee;Spring thou up within my heart,Rise to all eternity.  Charles Wesley (1707-88)


St Matthias, 500; Solid Rock, 5018. Iambic 1.Leave God to order all thy ways,And hope in him whate'er betide;Thou'lt find him in the evil daysThy all-sufficient strength and guide;Who trusts in God's unchanging loveBuilds on the rock that naught can move.

2.Only thy restless heart keep still,And wait in cheerful hope, contentTo take whate'er his gracious will,His all-discerning love, hath sent;Nor doubt our inmost wants are knownTo him who chose us for his own.

3.Sing, pray, and swerve not from his ways,But do thine own part faithfully;Trust his rich promises of grace,So shall they be fulfilled in thee;God never yet forsook at needThe soul that trusted him indeed.  Georg Christian Neumark (1621-81), trs Catherine Winkworth (1827-78)


Brahms' Lullaby, 623 1.Let thy heart be at rest,For the Father is shownIn the love of our MasterWhose work is made known;Only walk in his wayAnd thy soul shall be free,For the peace of the LordShall be laid upon thee.

2.Let thy heart be at restWhen life's pathway runs steep,And with death there's a trystThat the body must keep;Though the future is veiledThou shalt not be afraid,For the peace of the LordOn thy heart has been laid.

3.He has journeyed before thee,A place to prepare;Now the Comforter guides theeTo be with him there;In the heart of the FatherThy dwelling shall be,For the peace of the LordHas been laid upon thee.  Catherine Baird (1895-1984)


Hammond, 524; Love's old sweet song,52510. 1.Like to a lamb who from the fold has strayedFar on the mountain, of the dark afraid,Seeking a shelter from the night's alarm,Longing for comfort of the shepherd's arm,So Jesus found me on sin's mountain drear,Gathered me close and banished all my fear.

ChorusIn the Love of Jesus there is all I need,While I follow closely where my Lord may lead;By his grace forgiven,In his presence blest,In the love of Jesus,In the love of Jesus, is perfect rest.In the love of Jesus is all I need,While I follow closely where my Lord may lead;By his grace forgiven,In his presence blest,In the love of Jesus, is perfect rest,Is perfect rest.

2.Like to a pilgrim in an unknown landSeeking the comfort of a guiding hand,Fearing the perils of the winding way,Pleading for strength sufficient every day,I met my Lord; and, though the path be dim,He knows the way and I will walk with him.

3.Like to a child who, when the night may fall,Out of the darkness hears his father call,Far and a-weary though his feet may roam,Sees in the distance shining lights of home,So at the last the music of his voiceWill calm my fears and make my heart rejoice.  Ivy Mawby (1903-83)


Pembroke, 467; Praise, 468;Christ is all, 4638. 1.Lord Jesus, thou dost keep thy childThrough sunshine or through tempest wild;Jesus, I trust in thee.Thine is such wondrous power to save;Thine is the mighty love that gaveIts all on Calvary.

ChorusChrist is all, yes, all in all,My Christ is all in all.

2.O glorious Saviour, thee I praiseTo thee my new glad song I raise,And tell of what thou art.Thy grace is boundless in its store;Thy face of love shines evermore;Thou givest me thy heart.

3.Upon thy promises I stand,Trusting in thee; thine own right handDoth keep and comfort me.My soul doth triumph in thy word;Thine, thine be all the praise, dear Lord,As thine the victory.

4.Love perfecteth what it begins;Thy power doth save me from my sins;Thy grace upholdeth me.This life of trust, how glad, how sweet;My need and thy great fulness meet,And I have all in thee.  Jean Sophia Pigott (1845-82) W.H. Williams (chorus)


Chalvey, 181; Diademata, 182D.S.M. 1.My faith looks up to thee,My faith so small, so slow;It lifts its drooping eyes to thee,And claims the blessing now.Thy wondrous gift, O Lord,By faith it sees afar,Thy perfect love it claims to share;It doth not, cannot fear.

2.My faith takes hold of thee,My faith so weak, so faint;It lifts its trembling hands to thee,Trembling, but violent.The Kingdom of thy love,E'en now, it takes by force,And waits till thou, its last resource,Shall seal and sanctify.

3.My faith holds fast on thee,My faith still small, but sure;Its anchor holds alone to thee,Whose presence keeps me pure.And thou, all-conquering Lord,Always to see and hear,By night, by day, art ever near,Art ever near to me.  Bramwell Booth (1856-1929)


Harlan, 215; Light, 2166. 1.My faith looks up to thee,Thou Lamb of Calvary,Saviour divine;Now here me while I pray,Take all my guilt away,O let me from this dayBe wholly thine

2.May thy rich grace impartStrength to my fainting heart,My zeal inspire;As thou hast died for me,O may my love to theePure, warm and changeless be,A living fire!

3.While life's dark maze I tread, And griefs around me spread,Be thou my guide;Bid darkness turn to day,Wipe sorrow's tears away,Nor let me ever strayFrom thee aside.

4.When ends life's transient dream,When death's cold, sullen streamShall o'er me roll,Blest Saviour, then in love,Fear and distrust remove;O bear me safe above, A ransomed soul!  Ray Palmer (1808-87)


Almsgiving, 469; Troyte, 4708.8.8.4. 1.My God, my Father, make me strong,When tasks of life seem hard and long,To greet them with this triumph-song:Thy will be done.

2.Draw from my timid eyes the veil,To show, where earthly forces fail,Thy power and love must still prevail,Thy will be done.

3.With confident and humble mind,Freedom in service I would find,Praying through every toil assigned,Thy will be done.

4.Things deemed impossible I dare,Thine is the call and thine the care;Thy wisdom shall the way prepare,Thy will be done.

5.All power is here and round me now,Faithful I stand in rule and vow,While 'tis not I, but ever thou:Thy will be done.

6.Heaven's music chimes the glad days in,Hope soars beyond death, pain and sin,Faith shouts in triumph, love must win,Thy will be done.  Frederic Mann (1846-1928)


Will your anchor hold? 60;Solid Rock, 501L.M. 1.My hope is built on nothing lessThan Jesus' blood and righteousness,I dare not trust the sweetest frame,But wholly lean on Jesus' name.

ChorusOn Christ, the solid rock, I stand,All other ground is sinking sand.

2.When darkness seems to veil his face,I rest on his unchanging grace;In every high and stormy gale,My anchor holds within the veil.

3.His oath, his covenant and blood,Support me in the 'whelming flood;When all around my soul gives way,He then is all my hope and stay.  Edward Mote (1797-1874)


Euphony, 493; Solid Rock, 5018. 1.Now I have found the ground whereinSure my soul's anchor may remain,The wounds of Jesus, for my sinBefore the world's foundation slain;Whose mercy shall unshaken stayWhen Heaven and earth are fled away.

2.O Love, thou bottomless abyss.My sins are swallowed up in thee!Covered is my unrighteousness,Nor spot of guilt remains on me,While Jesus' blood, through earth and skies:Mercy, free, boundless mercy, cries.

3.With faith I plunge me in this sea,Here is my hope, my joy, my rest;Hither, when Hell assails, I flee,I look into my Saviour's breast;Away, sad doubt and anxious fear!Mercy is all that's written there.

4.Though waves and storms go o'er my head,Though strength and health and friends be gone,Though joys be withered all and dead,Though every comfort be withdrawn,On this my steadfast soul relies:Father, thy mercy never dies.

5.Fixed on this ground will I remain,Though my heart fail and flesh decay;This anchor shall my soul sustain,When earth's foundations melt away;Mercy's full power I then shall prove,Loved with an everlasting love.  Johann Andreas Rothe (1688-1758), trs John Wesley (1703-91)


Pembroke, 467; 1.O Lord, how often should we beDefeated, were it not for thee;Cast down, but for thy grace!When all the arts of Hell oppose,We find a refuge from our foesWithin the holy place.

2.We dare not boast, O Lord of light,In human wisdom. or in might,To keep us pure within.Do thou assist, we humbly pray,Lest in our blindness we should strayInto the toils of sin.

3.Thee will we serve, and thee alone,No other ruler will we own,But with a godly fearRedeem the time at thy command,Then, with the saints at thy right hand,Triumphantly appear.  Albert Orsborn (1886-1967)


Carey's, 489; Eaton, 4918. 1.O Lord, we long to see your face,To know you risen from the grave;But we have missed the joy and graceOf seeing you, as others have.Yet in your company we'll wait,And we shall see you, soon or late.

2.O Lord, we do not know the way,Nor clearly see the path ahead;So often, therefore, we delayAnd doubt your power to raise the dead.Yet with you we will firmly stay;You are the truth, the life, the way.

3.We find it hard, Lord, to believe;All habit makes us want to prove;We would with eye and hand perceiveThe truth and person whom we love.Yet, as in fellowship we meet,You come yourself each one to greet.

4.You come to us, our God, our Lord;You do not show your hands and side;But faith has its more blest reward;In love's assurance we confide.Now we believe, that we may know,And in that knowledge daily grow.  John Raphael Peacey (1896-1971)


Land of pure delight, 154;Ellacombe, 147D.C.M. 1.Oft have I heard thy tender voiceWhich calls, dear Lord, to me,And asks a quick yet lasting choice'Twixt worldly joys and thee;It stirs my heart's deep fountain springs,And breaks the barriers down;It bids me rise on faith's strong wings,And cries: No cross, no crown!

2.And yet, alas! a storm-tossed seaOf care and doubt and fearStill parts me, Saviour Lord, from thee,Although thou art so near.O speak again and bid me come,From every fear set free,In spite of self and sin and storm,Upon the waves to thee.

3.O Lord, I dare to trust in thee,Who maketh all things new,My sins to slay, my tears to stay,My sorrows to subdue;And in the battle's blazing heat,When flesh and blood would quail,I'll fight and trust, and still repeatThat Jesus cannot fail.  Bramwell Booth (1856-1929)


Yesterday, today, forever, 349;Hold the fort, 3448.5.8.5. 1.Oft our trust has known betrayal,Oft our hopes were vain,But there's one in every trialConstant will remain.

ChorusYesterday, today, forever,Jesus is the same:We may change, but Jesus never;Glory to his name!

2.Like a rock 'midst dashing billowsHolding fast its place,Jesus is in all life's sorrowsWhen we trust his grace.

3.Do your duty, shirk it never,Leave the rest with God;Stand your ground, today, forever;Victory through the blood!  Richard Slater (1854-1939) (verses), Albert Benjamin Simpson (1843-1919) (chorus)


Leizden, 716 1.Peace, perfect peace, far beyond all understanding;Peace, perfect peace, left with us by Christ, our Lord;Peace, perfect peace, through eternities expanding;Peace, perfect peace! Peace, perfect peace!

2.Peace, perfect peace, in each trial and disaster;Peace, perfect peace, fresh and sweet with every dawn;Peace, perfect peace, is the greeting of the Master:Peace, perfect peace! Peace, perfect peace!

3.Peace, perfect peace, though the tempest round me rages;Peace, perfect peace, stronger than the powers of Hell;Peace, perfect peace, still unchanging through the ages;Peace, perfect peace! Peace, perfect peace!

4.Peace, perfect peace, when at last death shall o'ertake me;Peace, perfect peace, shall surround my lowly grave;Peace, perfect peace, when the songs of angels wake me;Peace, perfect peace! Peace, perfect peace!  Erik Leizden (1894-1962)


Pax Tecum, 51610.10. 1.Peace, perfect peace, in this dark world of sin?The blood of Jesus whispers peace within.

2.Peace, perfect peace, by thronging duties pressed?To do the will of Jesus, this is rest.

3.Peace, perfect peace, with sorrows surging round?On Jesus' bosom naught but calm is found.

4.Peace, perfect peace, with loved ones far away?In Jesus' keeping we are safe, and they.

5.Peace, perfect peace, our future all unknown?Jesus we know, and he is on the throne.

6.Peace, perfect peace, death shadowing us and ours?Jesus has vanquished death and all its powers.

7.It is enough: earth's struggles soon shall cease,And Jesus call us to Heaven's perfect peace.  Edward Henry Bickersteth (1825-1906)


I will guide thee, 379; Bethany, 4298.7.8.7 Troch. 1.Precious promise God hath givenTo the weary passerby,All the way from earth to Heaven;I will guide thee with mine eye.

ChorusI will guide thee, I will guide thee,I will guide thee with mine eye;All the way from earth to Heaven,I will guide thee with mine eye.

2.When temptations almost win thee,And thy trusted watchers fly,Let this promise ring within thee:I will guide thee with mine eye.

3.When thy secret hopes have perishedIn the grave of years gone by,Let this promise still be cherished:I will guide thee with mine eye.

4.When the shades of life are falling,And the hour has come to die,Hear thy trusted leader calling:I will guide thee with mine eye.  Nathaniel Niles (1835-1917)


Trusting as the moments fly, 2997.7.7.7. 1.Simply trusting every day.Trusting through a stormy way,Even when my faith is small,Trusting Jesus, that is all.

ChorusTrusting as the moments fly,Trusting as the days go by,Trusting him whate'er befall,Trusting Jesus, that is all.

2.Brightly doth his Spirit shineInto this poor heart of mine;While he leads I need not fall,Trusting Jesus, that is all.

3.Singing, if my way be clear,Praying, if the path be drear,If in danger, for him call;Trusting Jesus, that is all.

4.Trusting him while life shall last,Trusting him till earth be past,Till within the jasper wall;Trusting Jesus, that is all.  Edgar Page Stites (1836-1921)


Count your blessings, 2026.5.6.5. D. 1.Since the Lord redeemed us from the power of sin,Since his Spirit sealed us other lives to win,Grace enough is given that we may endure,And we prove the promises of God are sure.

ChorusAll the promises of God are sure,Through the ages shall their truth endure;Hallelujah! To the heart that's pureAll the gracious promises of God are sure.

2.What the Lord ordaineth will be for the best,Just to trust and follow him is perfect rest;Never will he fail us if our faith is pureFor we know the promises of God are sure.

3.Hope will give us courage in the darkest night,Faith and love will make the heavy burden light;Let us then be cheerful and our hearts assureThat the gracious promises of God are sure.  Albert Orsborn (1886-1967)


Dennis, 165; St Ethelwals, 174S.M. 1.Spirit of faith, come down,Reveal the things of God,And make to us the Godhead known,And witness with the blood.

2.'Tis thine the blood to apply,And give us eyes to seeWho did for every sinner dieHath surely died for me.

3.Then, only then, we feelOur interest in his blood,And cry, with joy unspeakable:Thou art my Lord, my God!

4.Inspire the living faith,Which whosoe'er receives,The witness in himself he hathAnd consciously believes;

5.The faith that conquers all,And doth the mountain move,And saves whoe'er on Jesus call,And perfects them in love.  Charles Wesley (1707-88)


Standing on the promises, 797 1.Standing on the promises of Christ my King,Through eternal ages let his praises ring;Glory in the highest, I will shout and sing,Standing on the promises of God

ChorusStanding, standing,Standing on the promises of God my Saviour;Standing, standing,I'm standing on the promises of God

2.Standing on the promises that cannot fail,When the howling storms of doubt and fear assail;By the living word of God I shall prevail,Standing on the promises of God.

3.Standing on the promises of Christ my Lord,Bound to him eternally by love's strong cord,Overcoming daily with the Spirit's sword,Standing on the promises of God.

4.Standing on the promises I cannot fall,Listening every moment to the Spirit's call,Resting in my Saviour as my all in all,Standing on the promises of God.

5.Standing on the promises I now can see,Perfect, present cleansing in the blood for me;Standing in the liberty where Christ makes free,Standing on the promises of God.  Russell Kelso Carter (1849-1926)


The cross is not greater than his grace,814 1.The cross that he gave may be heavy,But it ne'er outweighs his grace;The storm that I feared may surround me,But it ne'er excludes his face.

ChorusThe cross is not greater than his grace,The storm cannot hide his blessed face;I am satisfied to know, that with Jesus here below,I can conquer every foe.

2.The thorns in my path are not sharperThan composed his crown for me;The cup which I drink not more bitterThan he drank in Gethsemane.

3.The scorn of my foes may be daring,For they scoffed and mocked my God;They'll hate me for my holy living,For they crucified my Lord.

4.The light of his love shines the brighterAs it falls on paths of woe;The toil of my work will grow lighterAs I stoop to raise the low.  Ballington Booth (1857-1940)


Casting all your care on him, 3658.7.8.7 Troch. 1.There is strength in knowing JesusWhen your heart is bowed with care,'Mid the problems that distress you;O what joy to feel him there!

ChorusCasting all your care on him,Casting all your care on him,In his promises confidingIn his mighty love abiding,Casting all your care on him.

2.When the darkness round you gathers,When your path seems hid from sight,Jesus then in love is watching,And he always leads aright.

3.There is peace which passes knowledgeAnd a joy no tongue can tell,When we bring our cares to Jesus,Hear him whisper: All is well.  Ivy Mawby (1803-83)


Saved by grace, 47L.M. 1.Those first disciples of the LordReceived the promise of his wordAnd in their lives such power did dwellTo speed the message they should tellTo all mankind, that Jesus lives,And grace to each believer gives;May that same grace inspire todayTo live for Christ, the life and way.

2.Revival is our present need,And can be ours if we will heedThat promise ratified by grace,Declared in Christ for every race;For power from God is very sureTo men of faith who will endure,And love will triumph over sinTo bring God's glorious Kingdom in.

3.The powers of evil long have soughtTo ruin man in deed and thought;His longings for the true and goodHave been frustrated, though he wouldDesire to conquer; yet we knowGod wills, indeed, this should be so.The promise now we may receive;'Tis sure for all who dare believe.

4.Our deeds must ever match our creed,Then God our way will truly leadAs when those first disciples heardAnd boldly trusted God's great word.If we believed as they believed,Great grace would hallow every deed,Light would be ours his truth to knowAnd send us forth his love to show.  John Hunt (1897-1982)


Sandon, 51110. 1.Though thunders roll and darkened be the sky,I'll trust in thee!Though joys may fade and prospects droop and die,I'll trust in thee!No light may shine upon life's rugged way,Sufficient is thy grace from day to day.

2.I'm not outside thy providential care,I'll trust in thee!I'll walk by faith thy chosen cross to bear,I'll trust in thee!Thy will and wish I know are for the best,This gives to me abundant peace and rest.

3.Thy word is sure, thy promise never fails,I'll trust in thee!A hiding place thou art when Hell assails,I'll trust in thee!I conquer all while hiding 'neath thy wing,And in the storm sweet songs of triumph sing.

4.I'm pressing on towards my home in Heaven,I'll trust in thee!Where crowns of life to faithful ones are given,I'll trust in thee!This hope is mine, through Jesus crucified,And all through grace I shall be glorified.  John Lawley (1859-1922)


Trust in God, 838 1.Though thy waves and billows are gone o'er me,Night and day my meat has been my tears,Fain I would pour out my soul before thee,At whose hand my advocate appears.Only thou art still my soul's defender,Hand of strength, and all-prevenient grace;Frail am I, but thou art my befriender,And I trust the shining of thy face.

2.As the hart that panteth for the fountain,So I long for thee, the living God;To the spring that flows from out the mountain,Lead me forth with thine unerring rod.From the depths my soul has called upon thee,From the hill shall make thy praises known,For my foes shall not prevail upon me,By thy strength shall they be overthrown.

3.By thy loving-kindness so unfailing,Never once hast thou forsaken me;O for grace that I, by prayer prevailing,May in faithful love remember thee!Lo! my soul before thine altar kneeling,Renders up the sacrifice of praise;Place thy hand upon me for my sealing,Thine alone, throughout my length of days.  Albert Orsborn (1886-1967)


Houghton, 533; Hanover, 53110.10.11.11. 1.Though troubles assail,And dangers affright,Though friends should all fail,And foes all unite,Yet one thing secures us,Whatever betide,The Bible assures usThe Lord will provide.

2.The birds without barnOr storehouse are fed,From them let us learnTo trust for our bread;His saints what is fittingShall ne'er be denied,So long as 'tis written:The Lord will provide.

3.His call we obey,Like Abr'ham of old,Not knowing our way,But faith makes us bold;For though we are strangers,We have a good guide,And trust, in all dangers,The Lord will provide.

4.No strength of our ownOr goodness we claim;Yet, since we have knownThe Saviour's great name,In this our strong towerFor safety we hide,The Lord is our power,The Lord will provide.

5.When life sinks apace,And death is in view,The word of his graceShall comfort us through;No fearing or doubtingWith Christ on our side.We hope to die shouting:The Lord will provide!  John Newton (1725-1807)


All through the night, 339; Caritas, 3408. 1.Through the love of God our SaviourAll will be well;Free and changeless is his favor,All, all is well.Precious is the blood that healed us,Perfect is the grace that sealed us,Strong the hand stretched forth to shield us,All must be well.

2.Though we pass through tribulation,All will be well;Ours is such a full salvation,All, all is well.Happy, still in God confiding,Fruitful, if in Christ abiding,Holy, through the Spirit's guiding,All must be well.

3.We expect a bright tomorrow,All will be well;Faith can sing through days of sorrow,All, all is well.On our Father's love relying,Jesus every need supplying,Or in living, or in dying,All must be well.  Mary Peters (1813-56)


Marching, 387; St Oswald, 3968.7.8.7. Troch. 1.Through the night of doubt and sorrowOnward goes the pilgrim band,Singing songs of expectation,Marching to the promised land.

2.Clear before us through the darknessGleams and burns the guiding light;Brother clasps the hand of brother,Stepping fearless through the night.

3.One the light of God's own presenceO'er his ransomed people shed,Chasing far the gloom and terror,Brightening all the path we tread.

4.One the object of our journey,One the faith which never tires,One the earnest looking forward,One the hope our God inspires.

5.One the strain that lips of thousandsLift as from the heart of one;One the Conflict, one the peril,One the march in God begun.

6.One the gladness of rejoicingOn the far eternal shore,Where the one almighty FatherReigns in love for evermore.  Bernhardt Severin Ingemann (1789-1862), trs Sabine Baring-Gould (1834-1924)


Ochills, 762 1.To the hills I lift my eyes,The distant hills before me;Hills that rise to reach the skies,And spread their glory o'er me.Planted by omnipotent hand,By divine appointment they stand,To the hills I lift my eyes,The beckoning hills before me.

2.Eyes may scan the dizzy height,And human feet stand on it;Only faith, in mystic flight,Can see the realms beyond it.Steeper than the mountains of time,Higher than the loftiest climb,O'er the hills I lift my eyes;From thence my help is coming.

3.To the hills I'll turn again,Away from earthly slumber,There to gain the topmost plain;May naught my way encumber.On the highest summit I'll stand,There to view the long-promised land;Though my eyes look to the skies,I lift my heart to Heaven.  Ernest Rance


Sandon, 51110. 1.Unto the hills around do I lift upMy longing eyes;O whence for me shall my salvation come,From whence arise?From God, the Lord, does come my certain aid,From God, the Lord, who Heaven and earth hath made.

2.He will not suffer that thy foot be moved,Safe shalt thou be;No careless slumber shall his eyelids closeWho keepeth thee.Behold, he sleepeth not; he slumbereth ne'erWho keepeth Israel in his holy care.

3.Jehovah is himself thy keeper true,Thy changeless shade;Jehovah thy defense on thy right handHimself hath made.And thee no sun by day shall ever smite,No moon shall harm thee in the silent night.

4.From every evil shall he keep thy soul,From every sin.Jehovah shall preserve thy going out,Thy coming in.Above thee watching, he whom we adoreShall keep thee henceforth, yea, for evermore.  John Douglas Sutherland Campbell (1845-1914)


Leaning on the everlasting arms, 715 1.What a fellowship, what a joy divine,Leaning on the everlasting arms;What a blessedness, what a peace is mine,Leaning on the everlasting arms.

ChorusLeaning, leaning,Safe and secure from all alarmsLeaning, leaning,Leaning on the everlasting arms.

2.O how sweet to walk in this pilgrim way,Leaning on the everlasting arms!O how bright the path grows from day to day,Leaning on the everlasting arms!

3.What have I to dread, what have I to fear,Leaning on the everlasting arms?I have blessed peace with my Lord so near,Leaning on the everlasting arms.  Elisha Albright Hoffman (1839-1929)


Love at home, 2377. 1.What a work the Lord has doneBy his saving grace;Let us praise him, every one,In his holy place.He has saved us gloriously,Led us onward faithfully,Yet he promised we should seeEven greater things.

ChorusGreater things! Greater things!Give us faith, O Lord, we pray,Faith for greater things.

2.Sanctify thy name, O Lord,By thy people here,For the altar or the sword!Save us from our fearWhen the battle rages fast;Help us in the fiery blast,Let us not be overcast,Prove thy greater things.

3.Every comrade, Lord, we pray,Thou wilt richly bless;Lead us forth into the fray,One in holiness,One in faith and harmony,One in perfect charity;Then we know that we shall seeEven greater things.  Albert Orsborn (1886-1967)


A Perfect Trust, 4598. Troch. 1.When I ponder o'er the storyOf my life's defeat and grief,How much misery and blindnessI can trace to unbelief!O how many fights I've lost,All for want of faith to trust!

ChorusO for a deeper, O for a greater,O for a perfect trust in the Lord!

2.Can I wonder I have faltered?Can I be surprised to fall?When my faith could most have saved me,I have trusted least of all.When my own resources fail,Then his power should most prevail.

3.If to grace there is no limit,Why should I be slow to plead?If thy power is not restricted,Why not speak my every need?All the treasures of his throne,Faith will make them all my own.

4.Yes, dear Saviour, I will trust thee,Live by faith and not by sight,Knowing thou art close beside me,Giving victory in the fightJesus, while thou art so near,I will never, never fear.  Cornelie Booth (1864-1919)


It is well with my soul, 695 1.When peace like a river attendeth my way,When sorrows like sea billows roll,Whatever my lot, thou hast taught me to knowIt is well, it is well with my soul.

ChorusIt is well with my soul,It is well, it is well with my soul.

2.Though Satan should buffet, though trials should come,Let this blest assurance control,That Christ hath regarded my helpless estate,And hath shed his own blood for my soul.

3.For me be it Christ, be it Christ hence to live;If Jordan above me shall roll,No pang shall be mine, for in death as in life,Thou wilt whisper thy peace to my soul.

4.But Lord, 'tis for thee, for thy coming we wait,The sky, not the grave, is our goal;O trump of the angel! O voice of the Lord!Blessed hope, blessed rest of my soul!  Horatio Gates Spafford (1828-88)


Theodora, 297;St Bees, 2937.7.7.7. 1.When we cannot see our way,Let us trust and still obey;He who bids us forward go,Cannot fail the way to show.

2.Though the sea be deep and wide,Though a passage seem denied,Fearless let us still proceed,Since the Lord vouchsafes to lead.

3.Though it be the gloom of night,Though we see no ray of light,Since the Lord himself is there,'Tis not meet that we should fear.

4.Night with him is never night,Where he is, there all is light;When he calls us, why delay?They are happy who obey.

5.Be it ours, then, while we're here,Him to follow without fear,Where he calls us, there to go,What he bids us, that to do.  Thomas Kelly (1769-1855)


Keep on believing, 708;Blessed Assurance, 621 1.When you feel weakest, dangers surround,Subtle temptations, troubles abound,Nothing seems hopeful, nothing seems glad,All is despairing, everything sad:

ChorusKeep on believing, Jesus is near;Keep on believing, there's nothing to fear;Keep on believing, this is the way;Faith in the night as well as the day.

2.If all were easy, if all were bright,Where would the cross be, and where the fight?But in the hardness, God gives to youChances of proving that you are true.

3.God is your wisdom, God is your might,God's ever near you, guiding aright;He understands you, knows all you need;Trusting in him you'll surely succeed.

4.Let us press on then, never despair,Live above feeling, victory's there;Jesus can keep us so near to himThat nevermore our faith shall grow dim.  Lucy Milward Booth-Hellberg (1868-1953)             *                  *                      * see also:     47  God's love is as high as the heavens                  397  When we walk with the Lord                  485  Father, I know that all my life                  556  All scenes alike engaging move                  559  Awake, our souls; away, our fears                  579  He giveth more grace                  653  How firm a foundation                  790  When you find the cross is heavy                  917  My times are in thy hand                  918  O God of Bethel, by whose hand                  974  How firm a foundation                  987  Life is great                  991  'Tis so sweet to trust in Jesus  

The Flag


Haste away to Jesus, 151;Ellacombe, 147D.C.M. 1.Above the world-wide battlefieldthrough long and warring years,A flag of many victories triumphantly appears;And as we fight beneath its foldsfor all that most we prize,O God of battles, in thy name our flag unhindered flies.

Chorus'Neath our colors, waving, we will fight, nor will we tireWhile our God is saving the world by blood and fire.

2.O flag of hallowed memories a thousand times retold,The chronicles of twice-born men beneath thy shade enrolled;Glad trophies won from Satan's powerwho fight nor count the odds,Contented that the wounds be theirs,they claim the victory God's.

3.And when, in solemn covenant, its folds hung over me,I promised God most earnestly his soldier I would be;I pray that when the trumpet calls, my last great battle won,The Army flag shall cover all that death can seize upon.

4.A standard for the multitude uplifted everywhere;For this and nothing less than this, thine Army, Lord, prepare;'Gainst sin and darkness still to fight to bring that day tobirthWhen folded lies the blood and fire, thy Kingdom come on earth.  Will J. Brand (1889-1977)


Poor old Joe, 769 1.All round the world the Army chariot rolls,All round the world the Lord is saving souls,All round the world our soldiers will be brave,Around our colors we will rally,Wave, soldiers, wave.

ChorusKeep waving, keep waving, keep every flag unfurled,We soon shall have our colors waving all round the world.

2.All round the world with music and with song,All round the world we'll boldly march along,All round the world to free each sin-bound slave,We'll wave our Army flags for Jesus,Wave, soldiers, wave.

3.All round the world redeeming grace shall flow,All round the world we will to battle go,All round the world the universe to save,With blood and fire, with faith and feeling,Wave, soldiers, wave.  William James Pearson (1832-92)


Austria, 4088.7.8.7. D. Troch. 1.Army flag! Thy threefold gloryGreets the rising of the sun;Radiant is the way before thee,Rich the trophies to be won;Onward in the cause of Jesus!Witness where the dawning glows,Flying on the wings of morning,Follow where the Saviour goes.

2.Slowly sinks the reign of darkness,Yielding to the Saviour's day,When the slaves of sinful bondageCast their evil chains away.Upward, Christward, homeward, Godward!Millions who are now afarShall be brought into the Kingdom,Where the Father's children are.

3.Army flag! We too will follow,Follow as with willing heart,Honored in the cause we fight for,Glad to take a soldier's part,Until men confess Christ's KingdomVaster than the world has seen,Crown with glory and dominionChrist, the lowly Nazarene.  Albert Orsborn (1886-1926)


Bethany, 429; Europe, 4358.7.8.7. D. Troch. 1.Emblem of a thousand battles,In the war for truth and right,Leading onward through the darknessTo the everlasting light.Proudly we salute the colors,For this flag our love confess,Which, when flown o'er all the nations,Stands for peace and righteousness.

2.Red reveals the love of Calvary,Where the healing fountains flow,Richness of our Saviour's givingTo mankind in need and woe,Proof supreme of heavenly pityFor a lost and sinning race,Over which our heavenly FatherPoured his tenderness and grace.

3.Blue, the sign of holy living,Speaks of inward purity,Yellow stands for fire from Heaven,Healing, cleansing, setting free.First the cross to bear for Jesus,Bearing shame for his dear sake;Then the crown of fadeless gloryWhich we from his hands shall take.

4.Lo! the flag again is liftedSo that all may plainly seeRed and blue and yellow gleaming,Proof of final victory.We will pledge a fresh allegianceTo the cause of Christ, our King;Offer him our heart's devotion,Dearest treasures to him bring.  Doris N. Rendell, alt


I'll be true, 684 1.'Neath our standard, we're engagingFoes of God around us raging,And the battle we are waging'Neath the yellow, red and blue.

ChorusI'll be true! I'll be true!True to my colors, the yellow, red and blue;I'll be true! I'll be true!True to my Saviour in the Army.

2.In this warfare we're delighting,For our Saviour we are fighting;'Gainst the host of Hell uniting,'Neath the yellow, red and blue.

3.Onward! each success repeating,Never from the foe retreating,All our enemies defeating,'Neath the yellow, red and blue.  Alexander Adolphus Gustavuas Grozinsky (c 1862-1937)


Yellow Star and red and blue, 162D.C.M. 1.The flag is yours, the flag is mine,That flies o'er lands and seas;From north to south, from east to west,Unfurled by every breeze.The blood-stained flag, the fiery flag,The flag of purity,That brings new life, new hope, new joy,And tells of victory.

ChorusYellow star and red and blue,Blood and fire, through and through;That's the flag for me and you,The flag of the dear old Army.

2.The flag is yours, the flag is mine,With all its colors mean;The Saviour's blood, the Holy Ghost,A love that's pure and clean.That heart of yours, this heart of mine,Must beat for ever trueTo the flag of God's great Army,The yellow, red and blue.  Arch R. Wiggins (1893-1976)


We'd Better bide a wee, 161D.C.M. 1.They bid me choose an easier path,And seek a lighter cross;Thy bid me mingle with Heaven's goldA little of earth's dross;They bid me, but in vain, once moreThe world's illusions try;I cannot leave the dear old flag,'Twere better far to die.

2.They say the fighting is too hard,My strength of small avail,When foes beset and friends are fled,My faith must surely fail.But, O how can I quit my postWhile millions sin-bound lie?I cannot leave the dear old flag,'Twere better far to die.

3.They say I can a Christian be,And serve God quite as well,And reach Heaven just as surely byThe music of church bell;But, O the drum and clarion callOf band make my pulse fly!I cannot leave the dear old flag,'Twere better far to die.

4.I answer, life is fleeting fast,I cannot, cannot wait;For me my comrades beckoning standBeyond the pearly gate;I hear their hallelujahs grand,I hear their battle cry:O do not leave the dear old flag,'Twere better far to die!  Frederick Booth-Tucker (1853-1929)


Stand up for Jesus, 2647.6.7.6. D. Iambic 1.Unfurl the Army banner,The yellow, red and blue;Its colors so resplendentDisplay for all to view.Its message is eternal,Inspired from Heaven above,Bright emblem of salvation,Of holiness and love.

2.Lift high the Army bannerIn every land and clime;It calls to deeds of valor,It speaks of grace divine.Salvation, O salvation!For every sinner free,For every tribe and nation,To all eternity.

3.Beneath this glorious bannerBy Jesus' grace we standIn bonds of love eternal,A holy, blood-washed band.To arms, Salvation Army!Loud rings the clarion call,Nor weary in the conflictTill Christ is Lord of all.  William Drake Pennick (1884-1944)


Lift up the banner, 106C.M. 1.We'll shout aloud throughout the landThe praises of our God,Well fight beneath our flag unfurled,Kept by his precious blood.

ChorusSo we'll lift up the banner on high,The salvation banner of love;We'll fight beneath its colors till we die,Then go to our home above.

2.Salvation full shall be our cry,Whatever men may say;We'll fight for God until we die;We're bound to win the day.

3.Salvation soldiers, fighting on,Be more courageous still;To God the world shall yet belong,And bend its stubborn will.  James Conner Bateman (1855-88) (verses), William Thomas Giffe (b 1848) (chorus)


Lift up the Army banner, 718 1.Would you of our banner know the meaning,With its yellow, red and blue?In the breeze, its crimson glory streamingWaves a message grand and true.

ChorusLift up the Army banner, blood and fire,Blood and fire, lift it higher;Lift up the Army banner, blood and fire,For it tells of full salvation.

2.Blood-red crimson tells of God's salvation,Bids us think of Christ who diedFor the sins of every tribe and nation,When the blood flowed from his side.

3.Fiery yellow, emblem of the Spirit,Leads us back to Pentecost;He was sent to plead the Saviour's merit,And to help us save the lost.

4.Heavenly blue suggests we may be holy,Purified from inbred sin;Evil tempers, pride, and worldly folly,Nevermore to dwell within.  William Drake Pennick (1884-1944)              *             *               * see also:   382  Salvation! O the joyful sound  

Swearing-in of Soldiers


French, 88; Martyrdom, 113C.M. 1.Come, let us use the grace divine,And all, with one accord,In a perpetual covenant joinOurselves to Christ the Lord;

2.Give up ourselves, through Jesus' power,His name to glorify;And promise in this sacred hourFor God to live and die.

3.The covenant we this moment makeBe ever kept in mind:We will no more our God forsake,Or cast his words behind.

4.We never will throw off his fearWho hears our solemn vow;And if thou art well pleased to hear,Come down and meet us now.  Charles Wesley (1707-88)


Pembroke, 467; 1.For every rule of life requiredOur heavenly Father has inspiredThe Scriptures, we believe.Preserver through our length of days,He is the object of our praise,Creator, we believe.

2.With God the Father dwell the SonAnd Holy Spirit, Three in One,The Godhead, we believe.While Christ the Son as man is known,He still is God, and thus are shownTwo natures, we believe.

3.When tempted our first parents strayedFrom God (and thus the world) though madeQuite sinless, we believe.Atoning for a whole world's sinBy love that we might pardon win,Christ suffered, we believe.

4.We must repent before God's faceIf we would have by his full graceSalvation, we believe.The covenant is ratifiedAnd we by grace are justifiedThrough Jesus, we believe.

5.Continuance in this state demandsThat we obey divine commandsAnd constantly believe.We may be wholly sanctified,Kept by the Spirit, and abideAll blameless, we believe.

6.As we have lived, so shall we gainEternal joy or lasting pain;God judges, we believe.He is our maker, Saviour, friend;We give him worship without end,And now his grace receive.  Dorothy Olive Joy (1903-82)


Showers of blessing, 456; Jesus islooking for thee, 4578.7.8.7. Dact. 1.I would be thy holy temple,Sacred and indwelt by thee;Naught then could stain my commission,'Tis thy divine charge to me.

ChorusTake thou my life, Lord,In deep submission I pray,My all to thee dedicating,Accept my offering today.Take thou my life, Lord, I pray;Take thou my life, Lord, I pray;My all to thee dedicating,Accept my offering today.

2.Seeking to mirror thy glory,Living to answer thy call,Each faithful vow now renewing,Gladly I yield thee my all.

3.Time, health and talents presenting,All that I have shall be thine;Heart mind and will consecrating,No longer shall they be mine.

4.O for a heart of compassion,Moved at the impulse of love,Lost ones to bring to thy footstool,Thy gracious riches to prove!  Brindley Boon


Pass me not, 347; My Humble cry, 3468.5.8.5. 1.In this hour of dedication,As we kneel to pray,Holy Spirit, come upon us,Fit us for the fray.

ChorusJesus, Saviour,Hear us as we pray;Keep us, Lord, thy faithful soldiersTill the crowning day.

2.Christ has need of dauntless soldiers;Teach us how to fight,Keep us ever in the vanguardFor the cause of right.

3.'Tis a war 'gainst Hell we're waging,Mighty is the foe;In the conquering name of JesusWe to victory go.

4.Ours a life of self-denial,But of glory, too,As each day in dedicationWe our vows renew.  Doris N. Rendell


Anything for Jesus, 199; Forward! be  our watchword, 2036.5.6.5. D. 1.Jesus, thou hast won us,Saved us, set us free;Now thy hand upon usBids us follow thee;Sin's dark ways forsaking,Filled with new desire,We our vows are making'Neath the blood and fire.

ChorusLord, our vow performing,We will fight for thee;Hell's dominions storming,Other souls to free.

2.Comrades here remind usWe are not alone,Thou to them dost bind us,They and we are one;All, our vows observing,One great Army make;Praying, fighting, servingFor thy Kingdom's sake.

3.On to full salvation,This shall be our goal;Thine in consecration,Body, mind and soul;On to holy living,Weakness left behind;Perfect service giving,Perfect joy to find.  Will J. Brand (1889-1977)


Buckland, 275; Theodora, 297;Last Hope, 2847.7.7.7. 1.Lord of life and love and power,In this sacrificial hour,We would dedicate to theeAll we are for days to be.

2.We are eager to obey,Send us, Lord, into the fray;Fearless in thy name we goForth to battle 'gainst the foe.

3.Mighty are the tasks ahead,But by our commander led,When temptations fierce assail,In thy strength we shall prevail.

4.Sin is rampant, fear and shameBlight men's souls, their bodies maim;Joyous tidings we proclaim,That for such our Saviour came.

5.Saints of old obeyed the call;At thy word they gave up all;Where they trod so valiantly,May we follow fearlessly.

6.Mighty Captain of the host,Fill us with the Holy Ghost;Suffer not our feet to strayFrom this new and living way.  Doris N. Rendell


When the mists have rolled away, 452;Heavenly Mansions, 437;Ellan Vannin, 4348.7.8.7. D. Troch. 1.When you find the cross is heavy,And you feel like giving in,Take your weakness straight to Jesus,He will strengthen you within;He will give you grace and power,He will bring you safely through;Countless hosts he leads to victory,He will do the same for you.

ChorusHe will bring you safely through,He will bring you safely through;He will give you grace and powerIn temptation's darkest hour;He is with his hosts in battle,He will surely be with you.

2.Foes may scoff and friends may wound youAs you tread the narrow way,When they spurn or misinterpretAll the kindly words you say,As you daily strive to lead themFrom the paths of sin and shame,Pointing them unto the SaviourWho for sinners once was slain.

3.You will find that trusting JesusMakes your daily pathway bright,And the glory of believingTurns your darkness into light;There's a gladness which increasesAs to serve him you aspire,And a peace which comes with trustingWhen his will is your desire.  Frederick Alfred Trevillian (1858-1925), alt

Dedication of Children


Horsley, 95; Colne, 79C.M. 1.Father, we for our children plead,The children thou hast given;Where shall we go in time of needBut to the God of Heaven?

2.We ask for them not wealth or fameAmid the worldly strife:But, in the all-prevailing name,We ask eternal life.

3.We seek the Spirit's quickening graceTo make them pure in heart,That they may stand before thy faceAnd see thee as thou art.  Thomas Hastings (1784-1872)


Ruth, 208; Anything for Jesus, 1996.5.6.5. D. 1.Gentle arms of JesusTake this little child,Fold him (her) in your comfort'Neath your glance so mild;In your care and shelterLet him (her) lie at rest,Knowing that you hold him (her)Feeling safe and blest.

2.Loving arms of Jesus,Shield this baby smallFrom the many dangersThreatening us all.But above all other,Earnestly we pray:Keep his (her) heart from evil,Let him (her) walk your way.

3.Sacred arms of Jesus,Bless this baby dear,In your heavenly KingdomLet his (her) name appear.As he (she) grows in knowledge,Seal him (her) as your own,Let your guiding presenceIn his (her) life be shown.  Flora Larsson


Innocents, 283; Buckland, 275;Prayer of childhood, 2917.7.7.7. 1.Gentle Jesus, meek and mild,Look upon a little child,Pity my simplicity,Suffer me to come to thee.

2.Fain I would to thee be brought,Gracious Lord, forbid it not;In the Kingdom of thy graceGive a little child a place.

3.Loving Jesus, gentle Lamb,In thy gracious hands I am;Make me, Saviour, what thou art,Live thyself within my heart.

4.Lamb of God, I look to thee,Thou shalt my example be;Thou art gentle, meek and mild;Thou wast once a little child.

5.Now I would be as thou art;Give me an obedient heart;Thou art pitiful and kind,Let me have thy loving mind.

6.I shall then show forth thy praise,Serve thee all my happy days;Then the world shall always seeChrist, the holy child, in me.  Charles Wesley (1707-88)


I think when I read, 53811.8.11.8. D. 1.I think, when I read that sweet story of old,When Jesus was here among men,How he called little children as lambs to his fold,I should like to have been with them then.I wish that his hands had been placed on my head,That his arm had been thrown around me,And that I might have seen his kind look when he said:Let the little ones come unto me!

2.Yet still to his footstool in prayer I may go,And ask for a share in his love;And if I now earnestly seek him below,I shall see him and hear him above,In that beautiful place he is gone to prepareFor all who are washed and forgiven;And many dear children are gathering there,For of such is the Kingdom of Heaven.

3.But thousands and thousands who wander and fallNever heard of that heavenly home;I should like them to know there is room for them all,And that Jesus has bid them to come.I long for the joys of that glorious time,The sweetest and brightest and best,When the dear little children of every climeShall crowd to his arms and be blessed.  Jemima Luke (1813-1906)


South Shieds, 4448.7.8.7. D. Troch. 1.Lord, with joyful hearts we worship,Eager to express our praise;For each blessing you have grantedWe would thank you all our days.At this moment we're rejoicing,Conscious you are very near,As these parents, for your blessingBring their baby boy (girl) so dear.

2.Lord, we pray that you will grant themStrength and wisdom from above,Patience too, with understanding,As they raise this child they love.Grant the pledges they're now makingWill forever be held true,And as baby grows, discerning,He (she) will choose them to pursue.

3.May the love that here surrounds him (her)Be his (her) portion through the years,And our prayers for him (her) continueAs he (she) learns earth's joys and fears;May your Spirit fall upon him (her)In this dedication hour,Keep him (her), Lord, from all that's evil,Fill him (her) now with grace and power.  Marjorie Davies


Alstone, 4; Melcombe, 34L.M. 1.O Father, friend of all mankind,Our prayer with thankful hearts we singAs joyfully our little child,In Jesus' name, to thee we bring.

2.O guide us that we too may guide,And teach us faithfully to shareThe wealth of God, more bountifulThan this world's bidders have to spare.

3.We dedicate to Heaven's causeThy gift; O may he (she) early chooseTo heed thy voice, and for thy sakeThe passing gains of earth to lose!

4.Receive and bless our child, great God;When to full stature he (she) is grownMay his (her) devotion to thy wordIn ceaseless love for men be shown.  Catherine Baird (1895-1984)


Mothers of Salem, 737 1.When mothers of SalemTheir children brought to Jesus,The stern disciples drove them back,And bade them depart;But Jesus saw them ere they fled,And sweetly smiled and kindly said:Suffer little children to come unto me.

2.For I will receive themAnd fold them to my bosom;I'll be a shepherd to these lambs,O drive them not away!For if their hearts to me they give,They shall with me in Glory live;Suffer little children to come unto me.

3.How kind was our SaviourTo bid these children welcome!But there are many thousands whoHave never heard his name;O shine upon them from above,And show thyself a God of love!Teach the little children to come unto thee.  William Medlen Hutchings (1827-76)



Come, shout and sing, 633 1.Come, shout and sing, make Heaven ringWith praises to our King,Who bled and died, was crucified,That he might pardon bring.His blood doth save the soul,Doth cleanse and make it whole,The blood of Jesus cleanses white as snow.

ChorusO the blood of Jesus cleanses white as snow, yes, I know!The blood of Jesus cleanses white as snow,I bless the happy day,When he washed my sins away,The blood of Jesus cleanses white as snow.

2.Come, join our band, and make a standTo drive sin from our land;To do or die, our battle cry,We fight at God's command.With banner wide unfurled,We tell to all the world:The blood of Jesus cleanses white as snow.

3.The Lord is near when foes appear,With him we shall not fear,But fight the fight for God and right,Nor count the cost too dear.Then when we come to die,We'll shout our battle cry:The blood of Jesus cleanses white as snow.  James Conner Bateman (1855-88)


Titchfield, 327; Maidstone, 325;Ramsgate, 3127.7.7.7. D. 1.Earthly kingdoms rise and fall,Kings and nations come and go,Thou, O God, art over all,None thine empire shall o'erthrow.Of thy grace are we enrolledIn the train of thy dear Son,Pledged our faith undimmed to holdUntil victory is won.

2.High o'er rampart, tower and wall,Faith her standard proudly flies;Youth obeys her trumpet call,Marching forth to grand emprise.In each hand uplifted highGleams a consecrated sword;Hark! they shout their battle cry:Rise and fight for Christ, our Lord.

3.Seasoned in a hundred fights,Warriors lend their strength and skill;Time but deepens their delightsIn the conquest over ill.With unceasing war grown wise,None will on himself depend;Each upon his Lord relies,Now, and till the war shall end.

4.Thine, O faith, the victory!Thou shalt overcome the world;In that day thy foes shall beDown to final darkness hurled.Thine it is our hearts to cheer,Thine to make us brave and strong;Ours to press the battle here,Then to swell the triumph song.  Will J. Brand (1889-1977)


God is keeping his soldiers fighting, 655 1.God is keeping his soldiers fighting,Evermore we shall conquerors be;All the hosts of Hell are uniting,But we're sure to have victory.Though to beat us they've been trying,Our colors still are flying,And our flag shall wave forever,For we never will give in.

ChorusNo, we never, never, never will give in,No we won't! No we won't!No, we never, never, never will give in,For we mean to have the victory for ever.

2.We will follow our conquering Saviour,From before him Hell's legions shall fly;Our battalions never shall waver,They're determined to conquer or die.From holiness and HeavenWe never will be driven;We will stand our ground forever,For we never will give in.

3.With salvation for every nation,To the ends of the earth we will go,With a free and full salvation,All the power of the cross we'll show.Well tear Hell's throne to pieces,And win the world for Jesus,We'll be conquerors forever,For we never will give in.  William James Pearson (1832-92)


God's Soldier, 62D.L.M. God's soldier marches as to war,A soldier on an alien shore,A soldier true, a soldier whoWill keep the highest aims in view.God's soldier goes where sin is found;Where evil reigns, his battleground;A cunning foe to overthrowAnd strike for truth a telling blow.

ChorusWe're going to fill, fill, fill the world with glory;We're going to smile, smile, smile and not frown;We're going to sing, sing, sing the gospel story;We're going to turn the world upside down.

2.God's soldier has to stand alone,Accepting burdens not his own;A lonely work he cannot shirk,Where dark and deadly dangers lurk.God's soldier must courageous be,And from his duties never flee,For millions wait, whose need is great,And he must not God's plan frustrate.  Harry Read


Hark, hark, my soul, 542; Pilgrims, 54811.10.11.10. 1.Hark, hark, my soul, what warlike songs are swellingThrough all the land and on from door to door;How grand the truths those burning strains are tellingOf that great war till sin shall be no more.

ChorusSalvation Army, Army of God,Onward to conquer the world with fire and blood.Onward to conquer the world with fire and blood.

2.Onward we go, the world shall hear our singing:Come guilty souls, for Jesus bids you come;And through the dark its echoes, loudly ringing,Shall lead the wretched, lost and wandering home.

3.Far, far away, like thunder grandly pealing,We'll send the call for mercy full and free,And burdened souls, by thousands humbly kneeling,Shall yield, dear Lord, their contrite hearts to thee.

4.Conquerors at last, though long the fight and dreary!Bright days shall dawn and sin's dark night be past;Our battles end in saving sinners weary,And Satan's kingdom down shall fall at last.  Frederick William Faber (1814-63), alt George Scott Railton (1849-1913)


Rachie, 207; Armageddon, 2006.5.6.5. D. 1.Hark! the sounds of singingComing on the breeze,Notes of triumph wingingOver lands and seas.Martial hosts assemble,Flushed with victory,Hell's battalions trembleAnd prepare to flee.

ChorusArmy of salvation!Army of the Lord!Christ our inspiration,Christ our great reward.

2.Whence have come these legions,Valiant, free and strong?Worldwide are the regionsWhere they combat wrong.Gathering 'neath our bannerWhile the trumpets blend,Here in fervent mannerLet our praise ascend.

3.Plucked as brands from burning,Saved by Jesus' might,Earth's allurement spurning,We for Christ will fight.He who found and freed usFrom our captive chain,Surely he shall lead usTo eternal gain.

4.Wondrous, wondrous storyOf our God-made host,Unto Jesus glory,'Tis in him we boast.Out of every nation,By his might restored,Army of salvation,Army of the Lord.  Charles Coller (1863-1935)


Hold the fort, 3448.5.8.5. 1.Ho, my comrades, see the signalWaving in the sky!Reinforcements now appearing,Victory is nigh.

ChorusHold the fort, for I am coming,Jesus signals still;Wave the answer back to Heaven:By thy grace we will.

2.See the mighty host advancing,Satan leading on;Mighty men around us falling,Courage almost gone.

3.See the glorious banner waving,Hear the trumpet blow;In our leader's name well triumphOver every foe.

4.Fierce and long the battle rages,But our help is near;Onward comes our great commander;Cheer, my comrades, cheer!  Philip Paul Bliss (1838-76)


Never mind, go on! 746 1.In the fight, say, does your heart grow weary?Do you find your path is rough and thorny,And above the sky is dark and stormy?Never mind, go on!Lay aside all fear, and onward pressing,Bravely fight and God will give his blessing;Though the war at times may prove distressing,Never mind, go on!

ChorusWhen the road we tread is rough,Let us bear in mind,In our Saviour strength enoughWe may always find;Though the fighting may be toughLet our motto be:Go on, go on to victory!

2.Faithful be, delaying not to followWhere Christ leads, though it may be through sorrow;If the strife should fiercer grow tomorrow,Never mind, go on!Cheerful be, it will your burdens lighten,One glad heart will always others brighten;Though the strife the coward's soul may frighten,Never mind, go on!

3.When downhearted, look away to Jesus,Who for you did shed his blood most precious;Let us say, though all the world should hate us:Never mind, go on!Do your best in fighting for your Saviour,For his sake fear not to lose men's favor;If beside you should a comrade waver,Never mind, go on!  Richard Slater (1854-1939)


Maryland, 64D.L.M. 1.I've found the secret of success,'Tis holding on, 'tis holding on;The way to every blessedness,'Tis holding on, 'tis holding on.Our warfare may be hard and fierce,Oft Satan's arrows wound and pierce,But still we get more smiles than tearsBy holding on, by holding on.

2.Have you your fighting just begun?Keep holding on, keep holding on;The hardest battles have been wonBy holding on, by holding on.Though you may meet with runawaysWho mourn their weakness half their days,Yet you can gain eternal praiseBy holding on, by holding on.

3.If full salvation you would gain,Keep holding on, keep holding on;To conquer sins that bring you pain,Keep holding on, keeping holding on.God loves to give the better part,Not unto those who only start,But those who seek with all their heart,And then in faith keep holding on.  Ruth Tracy (1870-1960)


Joy in The Salvation Army, 706 1.Joy! joy! joy! there is joy in The Salvation Army,Joy! joy! joy! in the Army of the Lord.Sing to God, sing to God, with loud joyful songs of praise;Beat the drums, beat the drums, while salvation music plays.Play the music, play, sing the happy song,Loud hosannas shout with the happy throng,To the happy land well march along,And be joyful all the way.

2.Joy! joy! joy! there is joy in The Salvation Army,Joy! joy! joy! in the Army of the Lord.Blood and fire, blood and fire, is the Army soldier's might;Blood and fire, blood and fire, is our victory in the fight.'Tis the blood and fire gives the battle cry,'Tis the blood and fire makes the foe to fly,'Tis the blood and fire gives the Army joyAnd victory all the way.

3.Joy! joy! joy! there is joy in The Salvation Army,Joy! joy! joy! in the Army of the Lord.We will sing, we will sing, till the world is full of joy;We will shout, we will shout, till glad voices rend the sky.With a thousand bands and a thousand drumsWe will praise the Lord in bright, happy homes,We will sing and shout till the Master comes,We will ever praise the Lord.  William James Pearson (1832-92)


We shall win, 5089.9.9.9. 1.Let us sing of his love once again,Of the love that can never decay,Of the blood of the Lamb who was slain,Till we praise him again in that day.

ChorusI believe Jesus saves,And his blood makes me whiter than snow.

2.There is cleansing and healing for allWho will wash in the life-giving flood;There is perfect deliverance and joyTo be had in this world through the blood.

3.Even now while we taste of his love,We are filled with delight through his name;But what will it be when aboveWe shall join in the song of the Lamb!

4.Then we'll march in his name, till we comeAt his bidding to cease from the fight;And our Saviour shall welcome us homeTo the mansions of glory and light.

5.So with banners unfurled to the breeze,Our motto shall holiness be,Till the crown from his hand we shall seize,And the King in his glory we see.  Francis Bottome (1823-94)


Over Jordan, 768 1.Make the world with music ring,While with heart and voice we singPraises to our God and King,Hallelujah!Tell with no uncertain sound,To the nations all around,Of the Saviour we have found,

ChorusHallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah!We shall conquer through the bloodGive the glory all to God;Hallelujah! Hallelujah!We shall conquer through the blood,Hallelujah!

2.Through the blood we shall prevail,Though both earth and Hell assail,God in man can never fail,Hallelujah!Keep your weapons sharp and bright,Buckle on the armor tight,Fighting is our great delight,Hallelujah!

3.Everlasting arms are round,Walls of fire the saints surround,Enemies we shall confound,Hallelujah!Forward with the sword and shield,Victory waits us on the field,Stand your ground and never yield,Hallelujah!

4.Sing your songs, ye saints of light,Soon we shall escape from night,Up to glory wing our flight, Hallelujah!Face to face we then shall seeHim who died upon the tree,Crowned with glory we shall be,Hallelujah!  Charles Coller (1863-1935)


The day of victory's coming, 815 1.March on, salvation soldiers,March forward to the fight,With Jesus as our leader,We'll put the foe to flight;In spite of men and devilsWell raise our banner high,For the day of victory's coming by and by.

ChorusThe day of victory's coming,'tis coming by and by,When to the cross of Calvary all nations they will fly;We're soldiers in the Army, we'll fight until we die,For the day of victory's coming by and by.

2.Hell's forces may be mighty,A strong opposing band,Yet never be discouraged,For Jesus boldly stand;With blood and fire we'll conquer,Our every foe defy,For the day of victory's coming by and by.

3.Though some would try to crush us,We're rising every day,And soon o'er every land and seaOur flag shall have the sway;Salvation free to all menShall be our battle cry,For the day of victory's coming by and by.  James Conner Bateman (1855-88)


A robe of white, 598 1.Marching on in the light of God,Marching on, I am marching on;Up the path that the Master trod,Marching, marching on.

ChorusA robe of white, a crown of gold,A harp, a home, a mansion fair,A victor's palm, a joy untold,Are mine when I get there. For Jesus is my Saviour,he's washed my sins away,Died for me on Calvary's mountain;I'm happy in his wondrous love,singing all the day,I'm living, yes,I'm living in the fountain.

2.Marching on through the hosts of sin,Marching on, I am marching on;Victory's mine while I've Christ within;Marching, marching on.

3.Marching on in the Spirit's might,Marching on, I am marching on;More than conqueror in every fight;Marching, marching on.

4.Marching on with the flag unfurled,Marching on, I am marching on;Preaching Christ to a dying world;Marching, marching on.  Robert Johnson


Carlisle, 164; St Michael, 175S.M. 1.My soul, be on thy guard!Ten thousand foes arise,The hosts of sin are pressing hardTo draw thee from the skies.

2.O watch and fight and pray,The battle ne'er give o'er!Renew it boldly every day,And help divine implore.

3.Ne'er think the victory won,Nor lay thine armor down;The work of faith will not be doneTill thou obtain the crown.  George Heath (1750-1822)


War Cry, 843 1.On to the conflict, soldiers, for the right,Arm you with the Spirit's sword and march to fight;Truth be your watchword, sound the ringing cry:Victory, victory, victory!

ChorusEver is the war cry,Victory, victory!Ever is the war cry,Victory!Write it on your banners,Get it on your knees,Victory, victory, victory!

2.Fiercely it rages, deadly is the strife,But the prize that you shall win is endless life;Jesus shall crown you, your reward shall beVictory, victory, victory!

3.Valiant and cheerful, marching right along,Every foe shall quit the field, though proud and strong;Fear shall oppress them; truth shall make them flee;Victory, victory, victory!

4.Soon shall the warfare and the conflict cease,Soon shall dawn the welcome day of lasting peace;Foes all subdued, we'll raise the joyful cry:Victory, victory, victory!  William Howard Doane (1832-1915)


Steadily forward march! 799 1.Salvation is our motto,Salvation is our song,And round the wide, wide world,We'll send the cry along.Yes, Jesus is the sinners' friend,The Bible tells us so;Their many sins he will forgive,And wash them white as snow.

ChorusSteadily forward march! to Jesus we will bringSinners of every kind, and he will take them in.Rich and poor as well, it does not matter who,Bring them in with all their sin;He'll wash them white as snow.

2.Though all the world oppose us,Yet we will never fear,With Jesus as our leaderHis presence ever near;A wall of fire around us,We'll never doubt his power,But forward go the lost to save,Yes, from this very hour.

3.Then forward to the conflict,As through the world we goRejoicing in the bloodThat washes white as snow.Yes, we will fight for Jesus,Though fierce the battle be;O'er sin and Satan he will giveHis soldiers victory.  James Slack (c 1888)


Shout aloud salvation, 785 1.Shout aloud salvation, and we'll have another song;Sing it with a spirit that will start the world along;Sing it as our comrades sang it many a thousand strong,As they were marching to Glory.

ChorusMarch on, march on! we bring the jubilee;Fight on, fight on! salvation makes us free;We'll shout our Saviour's praises over every land and seaAs we go marching to Glory.

2.How the anxious shout it when they hear the joyful sound!How the weakest conquer when the Saviour they have found!How our grand battalions with triumphant power abound,As we go marching to Glory.

3.So well make a thoroughfare for Jesus and his train;All the world shall hear us as fresh converts still we gain;Sin shall fly before us for resistance is in vain,As we go marching to Glory.  George Scott Railton (1849-1913)


Theodora, 297; Hendon, 2827.7.7.7. 1.Strive, when thou art called of God,When he draws thee by his grace,Strive to cast away the loadThat would hinder in the race.

2.Fight, though it may cost thy life;Storm the kingdom, but prevail;Let not Satan's fiercest strifeMake thee, warrior, faint or quail.

3.Art thou faithful? Wake and watch.Love with all thy heart Christ's ways;Seek not worldly ease to snatch,Look not for reward or praise.

4.Soldiers of the cross, be strong!Watch and war through fear or pain,Daily conquering sin and wrong,Till our King o'er earth shall reign.  Johann Joseph Winckler (1670-1722), trs Catherine Winkworth (1827-78)


Keep in step, 707 1.Valiant soldier, marching to the fray,Keep in step all the time.Do not lag or falter by the way,Keep in step all the time.You may find the way is long and drear,Many dangers may cause you to fear;Do not give in but strive and persevereAnd keep in step all the time.

ChorusKeep in step all the time,Keep in step all the time;Don't fall out and rest for a while,Follow Jesus all the way, and smile.Keep in step all the time,Keep in step all the time;You will find each day your pathway easyIf you keep in step all the time.

2.Valiant soldier, you must not despair,Keep in step all the time.Follow Jesus gladly everywhere,Keep in step all the time.March on bravely o'er the battlefield,In the mighty conflict never yield,But trust in Jesus, he's your guide and shield,So keep in step all the time.

3.Valiant soldier, fighting for the Lord,Keep in step all the time;Don your armor, take your shield sword,Keep in step all the time.Forward, forward, 'tis the Lord's command,In the cause of right now take your stand,Go marching forward to the promised land,And keep in step all the time.  Alfred Herbert Vickery (1894-1976)


Happy Song, 661 1.We are marching on with shield and banner bright,We will work for God and battle for the rightWe will praise his name, rejoicing in his might,And we'll work till Jesus calls.

ChorusThen awake, then awake, happy song, happy song;Shout for joy, shout for joy, as we gladly march along.We are marching onward, singing as we go,To the promised land where living waters flow;Come and join our ranks as soldiers here below,Come and work till Jesus calls.

2.In the open air our Army we prepare,As we rally round our blessed standard there;And the Saviour's cross we gladly learn to shareWhile we work till Jesus calls.

3.We are marching on; our captain, ever nearWill protect us still, his guiding voice we hear;Let the foe advance, we'll never, never fear,But we'll work till Jesus calls.

4.We are marching on and pressing t'wards the prize,To a glorious crown beyond the glowing skies,To the radiant fields where pleasure never dies,And we'll work till Jesus calls.  Fanny Crosby (1820-1915)


With the conquering Son of God, 862 1.We are sweeping through the land,With the sword of God in hand,We are watching and we're praying while we fight;On the wings of love we'll flyTo the souls about to die,And we'll lead them to behold the precious light.

ChorusWith the conquering Son of GodWho has washed us in his blood,Dangers braving, sinners saving,We are sweeping through the land.

2.O the blessed Lord of light,We will serve him with our might,And his arm shall bring salvation to the poorThey shall lean upon his breast,Know the sweetness of his rest;Of his pardon he the vilest will assure.

3.We are sweeping on to winPerfect victory over sin,And we'll shout the Saviour's praises evermore;When the strife on earth is done,And the final victory's won,Well rejoin our conquering comrades gone before.  George Scott Railton (1849-1913)


We shall win, 5089.9.9.9. 1.We're a band that shall conquer the foe,If we fight in the strength of the King;With the sword of the Spirit, we know,We sinners to Jesus shall bring.

ChorusI believe we shall win,If we fight in the strength of the King.

2.We have conquered in times that are past,And scattered the foe from the field;So we'll fight for the King to the last,And the sword of the Spirit we'll wield.

3.Our foe may be mighty and brave,And the fighting be hard and severe;But the King is the mighty to save,And in conflict he always is near.

4.In the name of the King we will fight,With our banners unfurled to the breeze;We will battle for God and the right,And the kingdom of Satan we'll seize.

5.Ever true to the Army and God,We will fight in the name of the King;We shall win with the fire and the blood,And the world to his feet we shall bring.  William Hodgson (1853-1926)


Happy Song, 661 1.We're an Army fighting for a glorious King;We will make the world with hallelujahs ring;With victorious voices we will ever sing:There's salvation for the world.

ChorusFor the world, for the world, Jesus died, Jesus died,For the world, for the world, there is room in Jesus' side.All the world to save, to battle we will go,And we ever will our colors boldly show,With a trumpet voice we'll let the millions knowThere's salvation for the world.

2.We're an Army brave, arrayed in armor bright;We will turn the world from darkness into light;As we march along we'll shout with all our might:There's salvation for the world.

3.We're an Army saved, by blood and fire made strong;And with righteousness we mean to conquer wrong;This shall be our universal battle song:There's salvation for the world.  William James Pearson (1832-92)


We're the Army, 848 1.We're the soldiers of the Army of salvation,That God is raising now to save the world;And we won't lay down our arms till every nationShall have seen the flag of blood and fire unfurled.

ChorusWe're the Army that shall conquer,As we go to seek the lost and to bring them back to God;And his salvation to every nationWe will carry with the fire and the blood.

2.Though the hosts of Hell and darkness all surround us,By suffering and temptation we are tried,But we know that not a foe can e'er confound usWhile Jehovah's mighty power is on our side.

3.So we'll put our trust in God who ne'er will fail us,We know that his salvation we shall see;And through all the fighting, those who shall assail usShall be conquered through the blood of Calvary.  Thomas Charles Marshall (1854-1942)


Yield not to temptation, 57911.11.11.11. 1.Yield not to temptation, for yielding is sin;Each victory will help you some other to win.Fight manfully onward, dark passions subdue;Look ever to Jesus, he will carry you through.

ChorusAsk the Saviour to help you,Comfort, strengthen and keep you;He is willing to aid you,He will carry you through.

2.Shun evil companions, bad language disdain,God's name hold in reverence, nor take it in vain.Be thoughtful and earnest, kind-hearted and true;Look ever to Jesus, he will carry you through.

3.To him that o'ercometh God giveth a crown;Through faith we shall conquer though often cast down.He who is our Saviour our strength will renew;Look ever to Jesus, he will carry you through.  Horatio Richmond Palmer (1834-1907)                   *            *            * see also:    700  The Lord's command to go into the world                   859  Jesus, with what gladness                   866  Soldiers of King Jesus 

The World for God


Whosoever will may come, 860 1.All have need of God's salvation,If with him they'd live forever;But a promise he has given,It is written: Whosoever.

ChorusWhosoever will may come,And who comes to him shall neverDisappointed turn away;Praise the Lord! 'tis whosoever.

2.And this word it reaches nations;Not the rich or learned or cleverOnly shall by him be rescued,O praise God! 'tis whosoever.

3.For the poor and brokenheartedThere's a hope, and they need neverHave a fear about their coming,For the book says: Whosoever.

4.To all kingdoms and all peoples'Tis the same, and shall be ever;There's no difference in the message,But to all 'tis whosoever.  William John McAlonan (1863-1925)


Harlan, 215; Moscow, 2176. 1.Christ for the world, we sing;The world to Christ we bringWith loving zeal;The poor and those who mourn,The faint and overborne,Sin-sick and sorrow-worn,Whom Christ doth heal.

2.Christ for the world, we sing;The world to Christ we bringWith fervent prayer;The wayward and the lostBy restless passions tossed,Redeemed at countless costFrom dark despair.

3.Christ for the world, we sing;The world to Christ we bringWith joyful song;The new-born souls, whose daysReclaimed from sin's dark ways,Inspired with hope and praise,To Christ belong.

4.Christ for the world, we sing;The world to Christ we bringWith one accord;With us the work to share,With us reproach to dare,With us the cross to bear,For Christ our Lord.  Samuel Wolcott (1813-86)


Westminster, 142; St Peter, 129C.M. 1.In Christ there is no east or west,In him no south or north,But one great fellowship of loveThroughout the whole wide earth.

2.In him shall true hearts everywhereTheir high communion find;His service is the golden cordClose-binding all mankind.

3.Join hands then, brothers of the faith,Whate'er your race may be;Who serves my Father as a sonIs surely kin to me.

4.In Christ now meet both east and west,In him meet south and north;All Christly souls are one in himThroughout the whole wide earth.  John Oxenham (1852-1941)


Peace, 185; Diademata, 182D.S.M. 1.Peace in our time, O Lord,To all the peoples--peacePeace surely based upon thy willAnd built in righteousness.Thy power alone can breakThe fetters that enchainThe sorely stricken soul of life,And make it live again.

2.Too long mistrust and fearHave held our souls in thrall;Sweep through the earth, keenBreath of Heaven,And sound a nobler call!Come, as thou didst of old,In love so great that menShall cast aside all other godsAnd turn to thee again.

3.O shall we never learnThe truth all time has taught,That without God as architectOur building comes to naught?Lord, help us, and inspireOur hearts and lives that weMay build, with all thy wondrous gifts,A Kingdom meet for thee.

4.Peace in our time, O Lord,To all the peoples--peace!Peace that shall build a glad new world,And make for life's increase.O living Christ, who stillDost all our burdens share,Come now and dwell within the heartsOf all men everywhere.  John Oxenham (1852-1941)


Alford, 245; St Theodulph, 2627.6.7.6. D. Iambic 1.Salvation! Shout salvation,We who God's gifts enjoy;Let sanctified elationOur grateful songs employ.The sweet redemption storyTo us is ever new;To Jesus be the glory,Our Saviour strong and true.

2.Salvation! Sing salvation;Was e'er so grand a theme?Sing on till every nationShall hear of Calvary's stream.Sing out the tidings gloriousThat God so loved the world,Till Christ shall be victoriousAnd Hell be backward hurled.

3.Salvation! Speak salvationIn every sinner's ear;It carries consolation,It stanches sorrow's tear.The sad, the sick, the dying,In Christ are fully blest;Yea, all on him relyingIn him find perfect rest.

4.Salvation! Shout salvationTill Jesus comes againTo claim each blood-bought nationAnd o'er his Kingdom reign.Soon we in realms of GloryShall join the ransomed throng,And sing the deathless story,Redemption's endless song.  Charles Coller (1863-1935)


Christ for the whole wide world, 628 1.Tell them in the east and in the west,Tell them of the one you love the best.Tell them how to find the sweetest restLeaning on the loving Saviour's breast.Tell them all about the dear old book,Tell them there is life just for a look;Let this banner be unfurled:Christ for the whole wide world.

ChorusTell them of the baby in the manger laid,Sent from Heaven above;Tell them how for them he was a ransom paid,Just because of love.Tell them with your lips and by your actions too,And with flag unfurled,Tell it out with a shout, tell it out with a shout:Christ for the whole wide world.

2.To the beat of Army drums, make knownThat the Saviour-King has sin o'erthrown;Tell the rich and poor, the sad and lone,Till his power to everyone is shown.Tell it to the people you may meet,Tell it in the hall and in the street;Let this banner be unfurled:Christ for the whole wide world.

3.Tell it to the young and to the old,Tell them they may all be warriors bold,Tell them of the shepherd and the fold,Tell them of the heavenly harps of gold.Tell it with a clarion voice so clear,Let the story ring out far and near,Let this banner be unfurled:Christ for the whole wide world.  Arthur Smith Arnott (1870-1941), alt


The world for God, 827 1.The world for God! The world for God!There's nothing else will meet the hunger of my soul.I see forsaken children, I see the tears that fallFrom women's eyes, once merry, now never laugh at all;I see the sins and sorrows of those who sit in darkness;I see in lands far distant, the hungry and oppressed.But behold! On a hill, Calvary! Calvary!

ChorusThe world for God! The world for God!I give my heart! I'll do my part!The world for God! The world for God!I give my heart! I will do my part!

2.The world for God! The world for God!I call to arms the soldiers of the blood and fire:Go with the Holy Bible. Its words are peace and lifeTo multitudes who struggle with crime and want and strife.Go with your songs of mercy, show Christ in loving kindness,Make known the sufferings of the cross, the sacrifice of God;For behold! On a hill, Calvary! Calvary!

3.The world for God! The world for God!For this, dear Lord, give to my soul consuming fire.Give fire that makes men heroes, turns weakness into might,The fire that gives the courage to suffer for the fight,The fire that changes fearing to pentecostal daring,The fire that makes me willing for Christ to live or die;For behold! On a hill, Calvary! Calvary!  Evangeline Booth (1865-1950)


Give to Jesus glory, 3548.7.8.7. Iambic 1.To save the world the Saviour came;It was for this in mercyHe gave his life; the news proclaimAnd give to Jesus glory.

ChorusGive to Jesus glory,Give to Jesus glory,Proclaim redemption's wondrous planAnd give to Jesus glory.

2.What matchless grace, how rich, how free!Our Saviour calls all to him;A Saviour he to all would be;O give to Jesus glory!

3.In every land where man is found,Let us make known the storyOf love divine; its praises soundAnd give to Jesus glory.

4.There pardon is for all who comeTheir sins confessing truly;Then pardon claim, O guilty one,And give to Jesus glory.  Richard Slater (1854-1939) (verses), W.H. Clark (chorus)


When the mists have rolled away, 4528.7.8.7. D. Troch. 1.We are witnesses for JesusIn the haunts of sin and shame,In the underworld of sorrowWhere men seldom hear his name;For to bind the brokenheartedAnd their liberty proclaim,We are witnesses for JesusIn the haunts of sin and shame.

ChorusTell the world, O tell the world!Make salvation's story heardIn the highways, in the byways,And in lands beyond the sea,Do some witnessing for JesusWheresoever you may be.

2.We are witnesses for JesusIn the lands beyond the sea,Where the millions bound by evilHave no hope of liberty;As we tell the gospel tidings,Lo! the captives are set free;We are witnesses for JesusIn the lands beyond the sea.

3.We are witnesses for JesusIn the home and in the mart,Where the cares of life and fashionCrowd the Saviour from the heart;When we urge his claims with wisdomMany choose the better part;We are witnesses for JesusIn the home and in the mart.  William Drake Pennick (1884-1944)


Austria, 408; Blaenwern, 4308.7.8.7. D. Troch. 1.We have caught the vision splendidOf a world which is to be,When the pardoning love of JesusFreely flows from sea to sea,When all men from strife and anger,Greed and selfishness are free,When the nations live togetherIn sweet peace and harmony.

2.We would help to build the cityOf our God, so wondrous fair;Give our time, bring all our talents,And each gift of beauty rare,Powers of mind, and strength of purpose,Days of labor, nights of strain,That God's will may be accomplished,O'er the kingdoms he shall reign.

3.Founded on the rock of ages,Built upon God's promise sure,Strengthened by the cords of service,We shall stand firm and secure;When the Father, Son and SpiritCrown our labors with success,Men and angels then unitingShall God's mighty love confess.  Doris N. Rendell             *              *               * see also:  160  Jesus shall reign where'er the sun                  981  We've a story to tell to the nations

The Young Salvationist



Children of Jerusalem, 2767.7.7.7. 1.Children of JerusalemSang the praise of Jesus' name;Children, too. of modern days,Join to sing the Saviour's praise.

ChorusHark, hark, hark, while children's voices sing!Hark, hark, hark, while children's voices sing!Loud hosannas, loud hosannas, loud hosannas to our King!

2.We are taught to love the Lord,We are taught to read his word,We are taught the way to Heaven,Praise for all to God be given.

3.Parents, teachers, old and young,All unite to swell the song,Higher and yet higher riseTill hosannas reach the skies.  John Henley (1800-42) alt


Strike for victory, 211; Ruth, 2086.5.6.5. D. 1.Children, sing for gladness,Tell the world in songOf the Saviour's goodness,Who forgives the wrong;Spread the tidings everywhere,Tell it all around,What a loving SaviourMay by all be found.

ChorusSing, sing for gladness.Children, sing;Sing, sing in sweetnessFor your King;Sound out the praisesEverywhere,Of a loving SaviourEver near.

2.Sing about the mercyOf our heavenly King,Shout aloud the victoriesHe for us did bring.How he left his throne above,Pain and death to bear.To reveal Heaven's gloryAnd to lead us there.

3.Sing aloud of Heaven,Where the holy go,Who through Jesus' powerConquer every foe;There in songs unbroken,Bowed before his face,Sing 'mid bliss unspokenOf his wondrous grace.  Anon


Come with happy faces, 1966.5.6.5. D. 1.Come with happy facesTo the place of prayer;Jesus now is waiting,We shall find him there.

ChorusWith a grateful spirit,Now our vices raise;Thank him for his goodnessIn a song of praise.

2.Come with happy faces;Jesus rose today;Leave the world behind us,Seek the narrow way.

3.Come with happy faces,Come with hearts sincere;God our thought is reading,He is ever near.

4.Come with happy faces,Learn the words of truth;Jesus loves his children;Trust him in your youth.  Fanny Crosby (1820-1915)


Buckland, 275; Monkland, 286;Last Hope, 2847.7.7.7. 1.Father, lead me day by day,Ever in thine own sweet way;Teach me to be pure and true,Show me what I ought to do.

2.When in danger make me brave,Make me know that thou canst save,Keep me safe by thy dear side,Let me in thy love abide.

3.When I'm tempted to do wrong,Make me steadfast, wise and strong;And when all alone I stand,Shield me with thy mighty hand.

4.When my heart is full of glee,Help me to remember thee;Happy most of all to knowThat my Father loves me so.

5.When my work seems hard and dry,May I press on cheerily;Help me patiently to bearPain and hardship, toil and care.

6.May I do the good I know,Be thy loving child below;Then at last go home to thee,Evermore thy child to be.  John Page Hopps (1834-1911)


Horsley, 95; Sawley, 132C.M. 1.God make my life a little lightWithin the world to glow;A little flame that burneth brightWherever I may go.

2.God make my life a little flowerThat giveth joy to all,Content to bloom in native bowerAlthough the place be small.

3.God make my life a little songThat comforteth the sad,That helpeth others to be strong,And makes the singer glad.

4.God make my life a little staffWhereon the weak may rest,That so what strength and health I haveMay serve my neighbors best.  Matilda Barbara Betham-Edwards (1836-1919)


Samuel, 229; Evening, 2226. 1.Hushed was the evening hymn,The temple courts were dark,The lamp was burning dimBefore the sacred ark;When suddenly a voice divineRang through the silence of the shrine.

2.The old man, meek and mild,The priest of Israel, slept;His watch the temple child,The little Levite, kept;And what from Eli's sense was sealed,The Lord to Hannah's son revealed.

3.O give me Samuel's ear,The open ear, O Lord,Alive and quick to hearEach whisper of thy word;Like him to answer at thy callAnd to obey thee first of all.

4.O give me Samuel's heart,A lowly heart, that waitsWhere in thy house thou art,Or watches at thy gatesBy day and night, a heart that stillMoves at the breathing of thy will.

5.O give me Samuel's mind.A sweet unmurmuring faith,Obedient and resignedTo thee in life and death;That I may read with childlike eyesTruths that are hidden from the wise.  James Drummond Burns (1823-64)


Festive Carol, 250; Tyrolese, 268;I love to tell the story, A.S. 9697.6.7.6. D. Iambic 1.I love to hear the storyWhich angel voices tell,How once the King of GloryCame down on earth to dwellI am both weak and sinful,But this I surely know:The Lord came down to save meBecause he loved me so.

2.I'm glad my blessed SaviourWas once a child like me,To show how pure and holyHis little ones might be;And if I try to followHis footsteps here below,He never will forsake meBecause he loves me so.

3.To sing his love and mercyMy sweetest songs I'll raise;For though I cannot see him,I know he hears my praise;And mine his loving promiseThat even I may goTo sing among the angels,Because he loves me so.  Emily Huntington Miller (1833-1913)


Jesus bids us shine, 698 1.Jesus bids us shine with a clear, pure light,Like a little candle burning in the night;In the world is darkness, so we must shine,You in your small corner and I in mine.

2.Jesus bids us shine first of all for him;Well he sees and knows it if our light is dim.He looks down from Heaven to see us shine;You in your small corner and I in mine,

3.Jesus bids us shine, then, for all aroundMany kinds of darkness in this world abound:Sin and want and sorrow; so we must shine,You in your small corner and I in mine.  Susan Bogart Warner (1819-85)


Stephanos, 343; Bristow, 341;Bullinger, 3428.5.8.3. 1.Jesus, friend of little children,Be a friend to me;Take my hand and ever keep meClose to thee.

2.Show me what my love should cherish,What, too, it should shun,Lest my feet for poison flowersSwift should run.

3.Teach me how to grow in goodness,Daily as I grow;Thou hast been a child, and surelyThou dost know.

4.Step by step, O lead me onward,Upward into youth;Wiser, stronger, still becomingIn thy truth.  Walter John Mathams (1853-1931)


Yes, Jesus loves me, 304; Bowes, 2747.7.7.7. 1.Jesus loves me! This I know,For the Bible tells me so;Little ones to him belong;They are weak. but he is strong.

ChorusYes, Jesus loves me:The Bible tells me so.

2.Jesus loves me, he who diedHeaven's gate to open wide;He will wash away my sin,Let his little child come in.

3.Jesus loves me! He will stayClose beside me all the way;If I love him, when I dieHe will take me home on high.  Anna Bartlett Warner (1817-1915)


A Sunbeam, 3508.6.8.6. 1.Jesus wants me for a sunbeam,To shine for him each day,In every way try to please him,At home, at school, at play.

ChorusA sunbeam, a sunbeam,Jesus wants me for a sunbeam;A sunbeam, a sunbeam,I'll be a sunbeam for him.

2.Jesus wants me to be lovingAnd kind to all I see,Showing how pleasant and happyHis little one may be.

3.I will ask Jesus to help meTo keep my heart from sin;Ever reflecting his goodness,And always shine for him.

4.I'll be a sunbeam for Jesus,I can if I but try,Serving him moment by moment,Then live with him on high.  Nellie Talbot


Saviour, like a shepherd, 424;Shepherd, 4258. Troch. 1.Saviour, like a shepherd lead us,Much we need thy tender care;In thy pleasant pastures feed us,For our use thy folds prepare.Blessed Jesus, blessed Jesus,Thou hast bought us, thine we are.

2. We are thine; do thou befriend us;Be the guardian of our way;Keep thy flock, from sin defend us,Seek us when we go astray.Blessed Jesus, blessed Jesus,Hear, O hear us when we pray!

3.Thou hast promised to receive us,Poor and sinful though we be;Thou hast mercy to relieve us,Grace to cleanse and power to free.Blessed Jesus, blessed Jesus,Let us early turn to thee.

4.Early let us seek thy favor;Early let us do thy will;Gracious Lord, our only Saviour,With thyself our hearts now fill.Blessed Jesus, blessed Jesus,Thou hast loved us, love us still.  Attr Dorothy Ann Thrupp (1779-1847)


Buckland, 275; University College, 3007.7.7.7. 1.Saviour, teach me day by dayLove's sweet lesson to obey;Sweeter lesson cannot be,Loving him who first loved me.

2.How shall I my life employ?Love will be my only joy;Ever new that joy will be,Loving him who first loved me.

3.Teach me, Lord, thy steps to know.By the way which thou didst go;Ever keeping close to thee,Loving him who first loved me.

4.So will I rejoice to showAll the love I feel and owe;Ever serving, ever free,Loving him who first loved me.  Jane Eliza Lesson (1809-81)


Dare to be a Daniel, 635 1.Standing by a purpose true,Heeding God's command,Honor them, the faithful few;All hail to Daniel's band!

ChorusDare to be a Daniel,Dare to stand alone,Dare to have a purpose firm,Dare to make it known.

2.Many mighty men are lost,Daring not to stand,Who for God had been a hostBy joining Daniel's band.

3.Many giants, great and tall,Stalking through the land,Headlong to the earth would fallIf met by Daniel's band.

4.Hold the gospel banner high;On to victory grand;Satan and his host defyAnd shout for Daniel's band.  Philip Paul Bliss (1838-76)


Stories of Jesus, 801 1.Tell me the stories of JesusI love to hear;Things I would ask him to tell meIf he were here:Scenes by the wayside,Tales of the sea,Stories of Jesus.Tell them to me.

2.First let me hear how the childrenStood round his knee;And I shall fancy his blessingResting on me;Words full of kindness,Deeds full of grace,All in the love-lightOf Jesus' face.

3.Tell me, in accents of wonder,How rolled the sea,Tossing the boat in a tempestOn Galilee;And how the Master,Ready and kind,Chided the billowsAnd hushed the wind.

4.Into the city I'd followThe children's band,Waving a branch of the palm treeHigh in my hand;One of his heralds,Yes, I would singLoudest hosannas:Jesus is King!

5.Show me that scene, in the garden,Of bitter pain;And of the cross where my SaviourFor me was slain;Sad ones or bright ones,So that they beStories of Jesus;Tell them to me.  William Henry Parker (1845-1929)


Festive Carol, 250; Tyrolese, 2687.6.7.6. D. Iambic 1.The wise may bring their learning,The rich may bring their wealth,And some may bring their greatness,And some bring strength and health.We, too, would bring our treasuresTo offer to the King;We have no wealth or learning,What shall we children bring?

2.We'll bring him hearts that love him,We'll bring him thankful praise,And young souls meekly strivingTo walk in holy ways;And these shall be the treasuresWe offer to the King,And these are gifts that even he poorest child may bring.

3.We'll bring the little dutiesWe have to do each day;We'll try our best to please himAt home, at school, at play;And better are these treasuresTo offer to our KingThan richest gifts without them;Yet these a child may bring.  Anon


Hundreds and thousands, 672 1.There are hundreds of sparrows, thousands, millions,They're two a penny, far too many there must be;There are hundreds and thousands, millions of sparrows,But God knows every one and God knows me.

2.There are hundreds of flowers, thousands, millions,And flowers fair the meadows wear for all to see;There are hundreds and thousands, millions of flowers,But God knows every one and God knows me.

3.There are hundreds of planets, thousands, millions,Way out in space each has a place by God's decree;There are hundreds and thousands, millions of planets,But God knows every one and God knows me.

4.There are hundreds of children, thousands, millions,And yet their names are written on God's memory;There are hundreds and thousands, millions of children,But God knows every one and God knows me.  John Gowans


Carlisle, 164; Franconia, 168S.M. 1.We are the hands of Christ;He uses us each dayTo show his love to everyoneIn every kind of way.

2.We are the feet of Christ;His errands we must runTo fetch, to carry and to helpIn every way we can.

3.We are the eyes of Christ;All beauty we must share,And hope one day to bring to youAll those who do not care.

4.We are the lips of Christ;He speaks through us to men,To cheer, to comfort and to tellOf his great love for them.

5.We are the friends of Christ;We love his work to do;His friendship is so wonderfulWill you not share it too?  David Fraser


When he cometh, 578 1.When he cometh, when he comethTo make up his jewels,All his jewels, precious jewels,His loved and his own;Like the stars of the morning,His bright crown adorning,They shall shine in their beautyBright gems for his crown.

2.He will gather, he will gatherThe gems for his Kingdom;All the pure ones, all the bright ones,His loved and his own.

3.Little children, little childrenWho love their redeemer,Are his jewels, precious jewels,His loved and his own.  William Orcutt Cushing (1823-1902)


Day of rest, 248; Hosanna, 2557.6.7.6. D. Iambic 1.When, his salvation bringing,To Zion Jesus came,The children all stood singingHosanna to his name;Nor did their zeal offend him,But, as he rode along,He bade them still attend him,And smiled to hear their son.

2.And since the Lord retainethHis love for children still,Though now as King he reignethOn Zion's heavenly hill,Well serve beneath his bannerTill victory s won,And sing aloud: HosannaTo David's royal Son!

3.For should we fail proclaimingOur great redeemer's praise,The stones, our silence shaming,Would their hosannas raise;But shall we only renderThe tribute of our words?No, while our hearts are tender,They, too, shall be the Lord's.  John King (1789-1858)


You can't stop God from loving you, 3618.7.8.7. D. Iambic 1.You can't stop rain from falling down,Prevent the sun from shining,You can't stop spring from coming in,Or winter from resigning,Or still the waves or stay the winds,Or keep the day from dawning,You can't stop God from loving you,His love is new each morning.

2.You can't stop ice from being cold,You can't stop fire from burning.Or hold the tide that's going out,Delay its sure returning,Or halt the progress of the years,The flight of fame or fashion,You can't stop God from loving you,His nature is compassion.

3.You can't stop God from loving youThough you may disobey him,You can't stop God from loving you,However you betray him;From love like this no power on earthThe human heart can sever,You can't stop God from loving you,Not God--not now, nor ever.  John Gowans               *          *          * see also:  323  I am so glad that our Father in Heaven



Alstone, 4L.M. 1.A boy was born in BethlehemWith tiny hands and downy head;The shepherds came to worship himAsleep within a manger bed.

2.A boy grew up in Nazareth,A sturdy lad and full of grace;He laughed and ran and studied too,And God smiled through his glowing face.

3.A young man walked by Galilee,He talked about a Kingdom fairWhere love alone can reign and rule,And God was speaking through him there.

4.On Calvary a young man died,In sorrow bowed beneath the skiesHe grieved for every child of manWhile love beamed through his suffering eyes.

5.On Easter morning Jesus cameTo hail the friends who mourned him dead;And lo, with bright, unclouded eyes,They looked upon their living head.  Catherine Baird (1895-1984)


Ottawa, 4628. 1.For your holy book we thank you,And for all who served you well,Writing, guarding and translating,That its pages might forthtellYour strong love and tender careFor your people everywhere.

2.For your holy book we thank you,And for those who work today,That the people of all nations,Reading it, and following, mayKnow your love and tender careFor your people everywhere.

3.For your holy book we thank you;May its message be our guide,May we understand the wisdomOf the laws it will provide;And your love and tender careFor your people everywhere.

4.For your holy book we thank you;May its message in our heartsLead us now to see in JesusAll the grace your word imparts;All your love and tender careFor your people everywhere.  Ruth Carter (1900-82)


Happy Service, 660 1.Greatest joy is found in serving JesusIn the glad days of youth;He alone can know the way, and lead meInto the paths of truth.

ChorusLasting happiness and peace unendingDoes the Saviour bestow on his children;Greatest joy is found in serving JesusIn the glad days of youth.

2.There's no other friend to help and cheer me,None else to be my guide;I can tread the road of life in triumphWith Jesus by my side.

3.He has saved me, he will surely keep meFree from the power of sin;My desire is now to love him always,Others for him to win.  Jarl Wahlstrom, versification by Brindley Boon


A miracle of grace, 597 1.I'm going to make my life into a melody,I'm going to praise my Saviour all day long,I'm going to make my life into a symphony,A glorious symphony of song.

ChorusFor God will fill me with his power,My pathway trace;He's going to make my life into a miracle,A mighty miracle of grace.

2.I'm going to set my face to climb the highest heights,I'm going to conquer all the foes ahead,I'm going to tread the noble way the saints have trod,Those warrior saints whom God has led.

3.I'm going to turn my life into an active quest,I'm going to plumb the depths of God's design,I'm going to taste the riches of his wondrous love,His gracious gifts of love divine.  Flora Larsson


Song of the highway, 210;Camberwell, 2016.5.6.5. D. 1.Jesus, with what gladness I can truly sing:Thou art my redeemer, friend and guide and King;Thou art mine for ever; I will give to theeAll my life and treasure; thine alone I'll be.

ChorusAll I have I give thee, though my powers are small,Life and time and talents, Jesus, take them all.All I have I give thee, though my powers are small,Life and time and talents, Jesus, take them all.

2.I will be a warrior, fighting the good fight,Battling 'gainst all evil in the cause of right;Jesus, give me courage. make me true and braveThat the lost and dying I may help to save.

3.I will be a pilgrim in the great crusade,Following thy footsteps, ever unafraid;Thou wilt lead me upward on the narrow way,Though it be through darkness, to thy glorious day.  Gladys M. Taylor


Misericordia, 475; Childhood, 471:

Just as thou art, 4748.8.8.6. 1.Just as I am, thine own to be,Friend of the young who lovest me,To consecrate myself to thee,O Jesus Christ, I come.

2.In the glad morning of my day,My life to give, my vows to pay,With no reserve, and no delay,With all my heart, I come.

3.Just as I am, young, strong and free,To be the best that I can beFor truth and righteousness and thee,Lord of my life, I come.

4.With many dreams of fame and gold,Success and joy to make me bold;But dearer still my faith to hold,For my whole life, I come.

5.And for thy sake to win renown,And then to take my victor's crown,And at thy feet to cast it down,O Master, Lord, I come.  Marianne Farningham (1834-1909)


Harton-Lea, 20; Rimington, 42L.M. 1.Lord of my youth, teach me thy waysThat I may serve thee all my days;Naught to withhold from thee who gaveThy greatest gift the world to save.

2.Lord of my youth, this heart of mineEnfold within thy love divine;With each emotion sanctified,Thy life in me be glorified.

3.Lord of my youth, in thought and deedI would from sin be ever freed;Pure be my tongue and clean my mind,In service bold, in action kind.

4.Lord of my youth, take thou my hands,Use them as thy great love demands;Swift be my feet to stay the paceOf running in the heavenly race.

5.Lord of my youth, I bring to theeAll the blest gifts thou lendest me;Treasures of earth shall have no placeBeside the riches of thy grace.  Brindley Boon


Day of rest, 248; Aurelia, 2467.6.7.6. D. Iambic 1.O Jesus, I have promisedTo serve thee to the end,Be thou for ever near me,My Master and my friend.I shall not fear the battleIf thou art by my side, Nor wander from the pathway,If thou wilt be my guide.

2.O let me feel thee near me;The world is ever near;I see the sights that dazzle,The tempting sounds I hear.My foes are ever near me,Around me and within;But, Jesus, draw thou nearerAnd shield my soul from sin.

3.O let me hear thee speakingIn accents clear and still,Above the storms of passion,The murmurs of self-will.O speak to reassure me,To chasten or control;O speak to make me listen,Thou Guardian of my soul.

4.O Jesus, thou hast promisedTo all who follow thee,That where thou art in Glory,There shall thy servant be;And, Jesus, I have promisedTo serve thee to the end;O give me grace to follow,My Master and my friend.  John Ernest Bode (1816-74)


Sardis, 397; Stainer, 400; Galilee, 3718.7.8.7. Troch. 1.Plan our life, O gracious Saviour,Call upon us in our youth;May we be, with high endeavor,Bearers of thy love and truth.

2.Hear us, Lord, our faults confessing,We would be renewed within,Then, when armed with inward blessing,Shall our outward work begin.

3.Fill us with thy inspiration,All our works confirmed by thee;Let them be thy revelation,Pure as thou wouldst have them be.

4.Give us courage when we falter,Balance thought before the act,Placing talents on thine altar,Facing up to sternest fact.

5.With thy plan before us ever,Keep us loyal to our aim;Then shall all our life's endeavorGlorify our Father's name.  Wilfrid Bayliss (1882-1952)


Pilgrims, 548; Hark, hark, my soul, 54211.10.11.10. 1.Rise up, O youth! for mighty winds are stirring,Men's hearts grow faint through all the earth today;Evil, with evil everywhere conferring,Summons its legions forth in dread array.

ChorusHear then our answer: Lord, lead us onFighting nor resting until thy war is won.

2.Deep in our hearts another voice is calling,Urgent, insistent sounds the voice divine;Out in the darkness men are thickly falling;Go with the cross, it is thy battle sign.

3.Forward, O youth! but first, in true submission,Bring all thou hast and art to Christ, thy Lord;Take from his hand his glorious commission,Rise then, and in his name unsheathe thy sword.

4.Arm then. O youth! the battle front increases.Leaping the frontiers of a stricken world;Strive till the foes of God are dashed to pieces,Back with their armies into darkness hurled.  Will J. Brand (1889-1977)


South Shields, 444; Whither Pilgrims?4538.7.8.7. D.  Troch. 1.Saviour, while my heart is tender,I would yield that heart to thee;All my powers to thee surrender,Thine and only thine to be.Take me now, Lord Jesus, take me,Let my youthful heart be thine;Thy devoted servant make me,Fill my soul with love divine.

2.Send me, Lord, where thou wilt send me,Only do thou guide my way;May thy grace through life attend me,Gladly then shall I obey.Let me do thy will, or bear it,I would know no will but thine;Shouldst thou take my life, or spare it,I that life to thee resign.

3.May this solemn consecrationNever once forgotten be;Let it know no alteration,Registered, confirmed by thee.Thine I am, O Lord, forever,To thy service set apart;Suffer me to leave thee never,Seal thine image on my heart.  John Burton, Jr. (1803-77)


Song of the highway, 2106.5.6.5. D. 1.Soldiers of King JesusFought in days of yore,Mighty was their courage,Great the name they bore;Valiantly they suffered,Gloriously they died,Proud to serve their leader,Christ, the crucified.

ChorusSoldiers in the Army,Soldiers of the King,Faith and dauntless courageTo his cause we bring.May we never waver,Strengthened by his might,In his steps we follow,In his name we fight.

2.Jesus is our captain,Holy is his name;In his cause enlisted,Freedom we proclaim;'Gainst the powers of evilWe will take our stand,Marching ever forwardTo Immanuel's land.

3.We will be his warriors,Soldiers of the cross,We will fight his battles,Fear not shame or loss;All the world his Kingdom,Every race his own,We will help to lead themTo his royal throne.  Doris N. Rendell


Whitburn, 58; Llangollen, 32;Duke Street, 17; Simeon, 49L.M. 1.The Lord is King! I own his power,His right to rule each day and hour;I own his claim on heart and will,And his demands I would fulfil.

2.He claims my heart, to keep it cleanFrom all defiling taint of sin;He claims my will, that I may proveHow swift obedience answers love.

3.He claims my hands for active lifeIn noble deeds and worthy strife;He claims my feet, that in his waysI may walk boldly all my days.

4.He claims my lips, that purest wordIn all my converse may be heard;My motives, passions, thoughts, that these,My inner life, my King may please.

5.He claims the brightness of my youth,My earnest strivings after truth;My joys, my toil, my craftsman's skill,All have their place, and serve his will.

6.O Lord, my King, I turn to thee!Thy loyal service makes me free;My daily task thou shalt assign,For heart and will and life are thine.  Darley Terry (1847-1933)


The pathway of duty, 4488.7.8.7. D. Troch. 1.There's a road of high adventure,There's a Kingdom fair to gain,There's a cross to follow bravely,And a warfare to maintain.For the splendor of his serviceTo the youth of every land,God's own trumpeters are sounding;Who will heed the great command?

ChorusBy the pathway of dutyFlows the river of God's grace;By the pathway of dutyFlows the river of God's grace.

2.There's a city of the futureWhich the Lord will surely build,Where the hopes of all the agesShall with glory stand fulfilled;And the master builder calleth;Hands are wanted, hear him say,Youthful hands to build my city;Who will offer them today?

3.There are multitudes in darkness,Where the light may never shineTill the torch of youth, uplifted,Beams with radiance divine;There's a world at random drifting,Which belongs to Christ the Lord:He is claiming youth's allegianceTill his Kingdom is restored.  Will J. Brand (1889-1977) (verses), Sidney Edward Cox (1887-1975) (chorus)


Marianina, 420 1.We find pleasure in the Army;Gladly we our tuneful tribute pay;Launched upon a high adventure,Learning both to work and pray,Youth is learning how to pray,How to work and fight and pray,Turning leisure into treasureThat shall time itself outstay.

2.In the Army there is service;Youth is called upon its part to play;We may build a grand tomorrowIf we heed the call today,Yes, 'tis ours, this call today,Youth's most urgent call today;Full employment brings enjoyment;Join us then without delay.

3.There is witness in the Army,Like a lamp of clear and living flameThat is fed by saints unnumberedTelling of the Saviour's name,Of the wonder of his name,Of salvation in his name;Living, dying, testifying,They his saving grace proclaim.

4.There's a future for the ArmyTill this great and glorious war is won;Girding on salvation armor,Youth proclaims its fight begun;Yes, we truly have begun;And our warfare once begun,God reliant, Hell defiant,We will earn the King's: Well done.  Will J. Brand (1889-1977)


St Theodulph, 262; Tyrolese, 268;Festive Carol, 2507.6.7.6. D. Iambic 1.We praise thee, heavenly Father,For all thy tender care;Rich tokens of thy mercyAnd love are everywhere,Thou art from everlasting,And ever shalt endure;Throughout unending agesThy promises are sure.

2.We praise thy name, Lord Jesus,Thou art the Christ divine;No sacrificial offeringCan e'er compare with thine.Living thy life for others,Then dying on the tree,To rise again triumphantIn glorious majesty.

3.We praise thee, Holy Spirit,Revealer of the truth;Seal us thine own, we pray thee,In these glad days of youth.Equip for joyful service,Arm us with holy might,Give victory in temptationAnd courage for the fight.

4.We worship and adore thee,Blest Trinity above;Our lives we gladly yield theeAs tokens of our love.Thine own we now restore thee,Our wills to thee resign;Accept our grateful offeringsAnd make us fully thine.  Walter Henry Windybank (1872-1952)


Mozart, 4968. Iambic 1.What wondrous gifts are in my care,Of body, intellect and will,Of time and place to think and planAnd to employ my every skill;My great creator's power to blessIn silent worship I confess.

2.O holy Jesus, come from God,I blend my wak'ning thought with thine,Who found amid the fields and hillsDeep secrets of the flower and vine;And in the quiet Temple heard,With eager mind, the sacred word.

3.O Jesus, Master, teach me nowMy various energies to use;I would be humbly questioningNor any gleam of light refuse,That I, at last, with glad surprise,May share the virtue of the wise.

4.The grandeur of the universeIn awful majesty unfolds,And far beyond our keenest sightAre mysteries no man beholds;Still God, whose might must yet appear,In thee, O Jesus, cometh near.  Catherine Baird (1895-1984)

The Life to Come


My beautiful home, 36; Job, 30L.M. 1.Above the waves of earthly strife,Above the ills and cares of life,Where all is peaceful, bright and fair,My home is there, my home is there.

ChorusMy beautiful home, my beautiful home,In the land where the glorified ever shall roam,Where angels bright wear crowns of light,My home is there, my home is there.

2.Away from sorrow, doubt and pain,Away from worldly loss and gain,From all temptation. tears and care,My home is there, my home is there.

3.Beyond the bright and pearly gates,Where Jesus, loving Saviour, waits,Where all is peaceful, bright and fair,My home is there, my home is there.  Mary Ann Kidder (1825-1905)


Beautiful Star, 273 1.Beautiful land, so bright, so fair,Untold glories linger there,Crystal rivers and shining strand,Home of the soldier, beautiful land!

ChorusBeautiful home, beautiful home,Home of the soldier, beautiful, beautiful home.

2.Beautiful theme, the courts aboveEcho with redeeming love,Songs triumphant and music grand,Home of the soldier, beautiful land!

3.Beautiful prospect, converse sweet,Kindred souls each other greet;Blest are thy children, a holy band,Home of the soldier, beautiful land!

4.Beautiful thought, though earth decay,Stars grow pale and pass away,Firmly shall thy foundation stand,Home of the soldier, beautiful land!  R. Moorcock


Newcastle, 65; Maryland, 68D.L.M. 1.Brief is our journey through the years,And fleeting are our longest days;We cherish every laden hourAnd linger o'er familiar ways;For toil and grief, or joy and gain,When blessed by God, are sanctified,And friendships forged through serving him,With each new test, are purified.

2.Yet know we that the sun must set,The darkness of the night draws nearWhen we, as all men, must obeyThe voice inaudible, but clear,That calls us from beyond the years,Away from all we feel and see;How shall we bear a last farewell,O beauteous world, how part from thee?

3.With Jesus' name upon their lips,The vale of death his servants tread;In him they dared believe; in himThey dare depart; nor sigh, nor dread;To love committing all their loves,All counted good through peace or strife,Content to die believing stillIn Jesus, everlasting life.  Catherine Baird (1895-1984)


Calfaria, 412; Bithynia, 4098. Troch. 1.Day of judgment! Day of wonders!Hark the trumpet's awful sound,Louder than a thousand thunders,Shakes the vast creation round!How the summonsWill the sinner's heart confound!

2.See the judge, our nature wearing,Clothed in majesty divine!Ye who long for his appearingThen shall say: This God is mine.Gracious Saviour,Own us in that day as thine.

3.Now the powers of nature, shakenAt his look, prepare to flee;Souls in sin's deep sleep must waken,Summoned now his wrath to see;Careless sinner,What will then become of thee?

4.But to those who have confessed,Loved and served the Lord below,He will say: Come near, ye blessed,See the Kingdom I bestow.You foreverShall my love and glory know!  John Newton (1725-1807)


St Philip, 514; Sine Nomine, 51510.10.10.8. 1.For all the saints who from their labors rest,Who thee by faith before the world confessed,Thy name, O Jesus, be forever blessed,Hallelujah! Hallelujah!

2.Thou wast their rock, their fortress and their might;Thou, Lord, their captain in the well-fought fight;Thou in the darkness drear their one true light,Hallelujah! Hallelujah!

3.O may thy soldiers, faithful, true and bold,Fight as the saints who nobly fought of old,And win, with them, the victor's crown of gold,Hallelujah! Hallelujah!

4.And when the strife is fierce, the warfare long,Steals on the ear the distant triumph song,And hearts are brave again, and arms are strong,Hallelujah! Hallelujah!

5.But lo! there breaks a yet more glorious day:The saints triumphant rise in bright array;The King of Glory passes on his way,Hallelujah! Hallelujah!  William Walsham How (1823-97)


Forever with the Lord, 183D.S.M. 1.Forever with the Lord!Amen; so let it be!Life from the dead is in that word,'Tis immortality.Here in the body pent,Absent from him I roam,Yet nightly pitch my moving tentA day's march nearer home.

2.My Father's house on high,Home of my soul, how nearAt times, to faith's foreseeing eye,Thy golden gates appear.Ah! then my spirit faintsTo reach the land I love,The bright inheritance of saints,Jerusalem above.

3.Forever with the Lord!Father, if 'tis thy will,The promise of that faithful wordE'en here in me fulfil.Be thou at my right hand,Then can I never fail;Uphold thou me, and I shall stand.Fight, and I must prevail.

4.So when my latest breathShall rend the veil in twain,By death I shall escape from death,And life eternal gain.Knowing as I am known,How shall I love that word,And oft repeat before the throne:Forever with the Lord!  James Montgomery (1771-1854)


Troyte, 470; Almsgiving, 4698.8.8.4. 1.For those we love within the veil,Who once were comrades of our way,We thank thee, Lord; for they have goneTo cloudless day.

2.And life for them is life indeed,The splendid goal of earth's strait race;And where no shadows interveneThey see thy face.

3.Free from the fret of mortal years,And knowing now thy perfect will,With quickened sense and heightened joyThey serve thee still.

4.O fuller, sweeter is that life,And larger, ampler is the air;Eye cannot see nor heart conceiveThe glory there!

5.There are no tears within their eyes;With love they keep perpetual tryst;And praise and work and rest are oneWith thee, O Christ.  William Charter Piggott (1872-1943)


They'll sing a welcome home, 140C.M. 1.Give me the wings of faith to riseWithin the veil and seeThe saints above, how great their joys,How bright their glories be.

ChorusThey'll sing their welcome home to me,They'll sing their welcome home to me;And the angels will standOn the hallelujah strand,And sing me a welcome home.Welcome, welcome home!And the angels will standOn the hallelujah strand,And sing me a welcome home.

2.Once they were mourners here belowAnd poured out cries and tears;They wrestled hard, as we do now,With sins and doubts and fears.

3.I ask them whence their victory came;They, with united breath,Ascribe their conquest to the Lamb,Their triumph to his death.

4.They marked the footsteps that he trod;His zeal inspired their breast;And, following their incarnate God,Possess the promised rest.

5.Our glorious leader claims our praiseFor his own pattern given,While the long cloud of witnessesShows the same path to Heaven.  Isaac Watts (1674-1748) (verses), Robert Lowry (1826-99) (chorus)


St Matthew, 157;Land of pure delight, 154D.C.M. 1.How happy every child of graceWho knows his sins forgiven!This earth, he cries, is not my place,I seek my place in Heaven,A country far from mortal sight;Yet, O by faith, I seeThe land of rest, the saints' delight,The Heaven prepared for me!

2.A stranger in the world below,I calmly sojourn here;Nor can its happiness or woeProvoke my hope or fear.Its evils in a moment end,Its joys as soon are past;But O the bliss to which I tendEternally shall last!

3.To that Jerusalem aboveWith singing I repair;While in the flesh, my hope and love,My heart and soul, are there;There my exalted Saviour stands,My merciful high priest,And still extends his wounded handsTo me, of saints the least.

4.Then let me joyfully removeThat fuller life to share;I shall not lose my friends above,But more enjoy them there.There we in Jesus' praise shall join,His boundless love proclaim,And sing the everlasting songOf Moses and the Lamb.  Charles Wesley (1707-88)


My home is in Heaven, 740 1.I have a home that is fairer than day,And my dear Saviour has shown me the way;Oft when I'm sad and temptations arise,I look to my home far away.

ChorusMy home is in Heaven, there is no parting there,All will be happy, glorious, bright and fair;There'll be no sorrow, there will be no tears.In that bright home far away.

2.Friends I shall see who have journeyed beforeAnd landed safe on that beautiful shore;I shall see Jesus, that will be my joyIn that bright home far away.

3.O who will journey to Heaven with me?Jesus has died that we all may be free;Come then to him who has laid up for youA crown in that home far away.  Ada Mary Nisbett (c 1866-1931)


Nuttall, 192; Santa Lucia, 1946. 1.I'm but a stranger here,Heaven is my home;Earth is a desert drear,Heaven is my home.Danger and sorrow standRound me on every hand;Heaven is my fatherland,Heaven is my home.

2.What though the tempest rage,Heaven is my home;Short is my pilgrimage,Heaven is my home.And time's wild wintry blastSoon will be overpast,I shall reach home at last,Heaven is my home.

3.There, at my Saviour's side.Heaven is my home,I shall be glorified,Heaven is my home;There, with the good and blest,.Those I loved most and best,I shall forever rest,Heaven is my home.  Thomas Rawson Taylor (1807-35)


Kidder, 709 1.Lord, I care not for riches, neither silver nor gold;I would make sure of Heaven, I would enter the fold.In the book of thy Kingdom, with its pages so fair,Tell me, Jesus, my Saviour, is my name written there?

ChorusIs my name written there,On the page white and fair?In the book of thy Kingdom,Is my name written there?

2.Lord, my sins they are many, like the sands of the sea,But thy blood, O my Saviour, is sufficient for me;For thy promise is written in bright letters that glow:Though your sins be as scarlet, I will make them like snow.

3.O that beautiful city with its mansions of light,With its glorified beings in pure garments of white;Where no evil thing cometh to despoil what is fair;Where the angels are watching, yes, my name's written there.dYes, my name's written there,On the page white and fair.In the book of thy Kingdom,Yes, my name's written there.  Mary Ann Kidder (1825-1905)


Some glad, sweet day, 791 1.O how I'd like to see his face,My Lord beholding!O how I'd like to take my place,His arms enfolding!Someday I'll cross old Jordan's tide,Someday the gates will open wide,Then I shall at his feet abide,My Lord beholding.

ChorusSomeday I'll see his blessed face.Someday I'll see his blessed face,I'll hear the music of his voice,Some glad, sweet day.

2.There on the cross he died for me,My soul redeeming;Up from the grave he rose for me,My pardon sealing.Someday I'll cross old Jordan's tide,Someday the gates will open wide,Then I shall at his feet abide,My Lord beholding.

3.O'er all the hills and dales of life,With Jesus walking,Amidst the noise of earthly strife,I hear him talking.Someday I'll cross old Jordan's tide,Someday the gates will open wide,Then I shall at his feet abide,My Lord beholding.  Arthur Smith Arnott (1807-1941)


Euphony, 493; St Catherine, 4998. Iambic 1.O soul,, consider and be wise,And seek salvation while you may,In this alone your safety liesAgainst the awful judgment day;'Tis Heaven or Hell, the choice is yoursWhich through eternity endures.

2.Satan has taught mankind to sin.And lures them from the heavenly goal;Shall he a further triumph win,And doom your unrepenting soulTo travel an unending road,Forever separate from God?

3.Where God is not O awful thought,A realm deserted, cast aside,With sin to full fruition broughtAnd evil crowned and deified;Where dread remorse and vain desireBurn like an unconsuming fire.

4.God stoops from Heaven your soul to save,He calls you now from Calvary;What hope have you beyond the grave,And who can give you hope but he?Why longer in your sin remain?For your redemption Christ was slain.  Will J. Brand (1889-1977)


The home over there, 483; We speak of the realms, 4848.8.8.8. Amph. 1.O think of the home over there,By the side of the river of light,Where the saints all immortal and fairAre robed in their garments of white.

ChorusOver there, over there, O think of the home over there.Over there, over there, O think of the home over there.

2.O think of the friends over there,Who before us the journey have trod;Of the song that they breathe on the airIn their home in the palace of God.

3.My Saviour is now over there,Where my kindred and friends are at rest;Then away from my sorrow and careLet me fly to the land of the blest.

4.I'll soon be at home over there,For the end of my journey I see;Many dear to my heart over thereAre waiting and watching for me.  De Witt Clinton Huntington (1830-1912)


Jordan's Banks, 102C.M. 1.On Jordan's stormy banks I stand,And cast a wistful eyeTo Canaan's fair and happy land,Where my possessions lie.

ChorusI am bound for the promised landI'm bound for the promised land;O who will come and go with me?I am bound for the promised land.

2.That bright, transporting, rapturous sceneThat rises to my sight,Sweet fields arrayed in living green,And rivers of delight.

3.There generous fruits that never fail,On trees immortal grow;There rocky hills, and brooks and vales,With milk and honey flow.

4.O'er all those wide extended plainsShines one eternal day;There God, the Son, forever reignsAnd scatters night away.

5.Soon will the Lord my soul prepareFor joys beyond the sky,Where never-ceasing music rolls,And praises never die.  Samuel Stennett (1727-95) (verses)


In God's tomorrow, 689  1.One golden dawning, one glorious morning,When earth's dark shadows flee away,Our voices blending in song unending,In brightest realms of fadeless day.

ChorusThere'll be no sorrow in God's tomorrow,There'll be no sadness, doubt, or fears;There'll be no sorrow in God's tomorrow,For he will wipe away all tears.

2.No sad repining; love's sun is shiningWhere Jesus dwells; O wondrous place!Our praises voicing in glad rejoicingTo him who saved us by his grace.

3.With Christ forever! No sin can severA fellowship as blest, so sweet;We'll sing in Glory salvation's story;Before his throne we'll stand complete.  Sidney Edward Cox (1887-1975)


Safe in the arms of Jesus, 2617.6.7.6. D. Iambic 1.Safe in the arms of Jesus,Safe on his gentle breast,There by his love o'ershaded,Sweetly my soul shall rest.Hark! 'tis the voice of angelsBorne in a song to meOver the fields of glory,Over the jasper sea.

ChorusSafe in the arms of Jesus,Safe on his gentle breast,There, by his love o'ershaded,Sweetly my soul shall rest.

2.Safe in the arms of Jesus,Safe from corroding care,Safe from the world's temptations,Sin cannot harm me there.Free from the blight of sorrow,Free from my doubts and fears;Only a few more trials,Only a few more tears.

3.Jesus, my heart's dear refuge,Jesus has died for me;Firm on the rock of agesEver my trust shall be.Here let me wait with patience,Wait till the night is o'er,Wait till I see the morningBreak on the golden shore.  Fanny Crosby (1820-1915)


Dennis, 165; Southport, 178S.M. 1.Servant of God, well done!Rest from thy loved employ;The battle fought, the victory won,Enter thy Master's joy.

2.The heavenly summons came,He started up to hear;A mortal arrow pierced his frame,He fell, but felt no fear.

3.His spirit, with a bound,Left its encumbering clay;His tent, at sunrise, on the groundA darkened ruin lay.

4.The pains of death are past,Labor and sorrow cease;And, life's long warfare closed at last,His soul is found in peace.

5.Soldier of Christ, well done!Praise be thy new employ;And while eternal ages run,Rest in thy Saviour's joy.  James Montgomery (1771-1854)


Shall we gather at the river? 3988.7.8.7 Troch. 1.Shall we gather at the river,Where bright angel feet have trod,With its crystal tide foreverFlowing by the throne of God?

ChorusYes, we'll gather at the river,The beautiful, the beautiful river,Gather with the saints at the riverThat flows by the throne of God.

2.On the margin of the riverDashing up its silver spray,We will walk and worship everAll the happy, golden day.

3.Ere we reach the shining river,Lay we every burden down;Grace our spirits will deliverAnd provide a robe and crown.

4.At the shining of the river,Mirror of the Saviour's face.Saints whom death will never severRaise their song of saving grace.  Robert Lowry (1826-99)


When we all get to Heaven, 4078.7.8.7 Troch. 1.Sing the wondrous love of Jesus,Sing his mercy and his grace;In the mansions bright and blessedHe'll prepare for us a place.

ChorusWhen we all get to Heaven,What a day of rejoicing that will be!When we all see Jesus,We'll sing and shout the victory!

2.While we walk this pilgrim pathway,Clouds may overspread the sky;But when traveling days are over,Not a shadow, not a sigh.

3.Let us then be true and faithful,Trusting, serving every day;Just one glimpse of him in GloryWill the toils of life repay.

4.Onward to the prize before us,Soon his beauty we'll behold;Soon the pearly gates will open,We shall tread the streets of gold.  Eliza Edmunds Hewitt (1851-1920)


While the light, 856 1.Sins of years are all numbered,Blackest stains brought to light,Broken pledges uncovered,None escape from his sight.Unwashed hearts are rejected,Guilty souls rise alone,When you stand in the lightOf his great judgment throne.

ChorusWhile the light from Heaven is falling,Sins reproving, wants revealing,While redeeming grace is flowing,He can wash your sins away.

2.All the past with its chances,All the 'what might have been',Each encounter with evilHe had meant you should win;How you'll wish you'd gone forward,Loving Jesus alone,When you stand in the lightOf his great judgment throne!

3.Ransomed sinners of all kinds,Trembling followers as well,With their robes surely blood-washed,They shall come forth to tellOf the battles fought bravely,Of the victories won,As they stand in the lightOf his great judgment throne.  Lucy Milward Booth-Hellberg   (1868-1953), alt


Promoted to Glory, 722 1.Summoned home! the call has soundedBidding a soldier his warfare cease;And the song of angels resoundingWelcomes a warrior to eternal peace.Praise the Lord! From earthly strugglesA comrade has found release.Death has lost its sting, the grave its victory,Conflicts and dangers are over;See him honored at the throne of glory,Crowned by the hand of Jehovah.

ChorusStrife and sorrow over,The Lord's true faithful soldierHas been called to go from the ranks belowTo the conquering host above.

2.Once the sword, but now the scepter,Once the fight, now the rest and fame;Broken every earthly fetter,Now the glory for the cross and shame;Once the loss of all for Jesus,But now the eternal gain.Trials and sorrows here have now their meaning found,Mysteries their explanation;Safe forever in the sunlight gleamingOf his eternal salvation.  Herbert Howard Booth (1862-1926)


Homeland, 671 1.The homeland! the homeland!The land of the free-born;There's no night in the homeland,But aye the fadeless morn;I'm sighing for the homeland,My heart is aching here;There's no pain in the homelandTo which I'm drawing near.

2.My Lord is in the homelandWith angels bright and fair;There's no sin in the homeland,And no temptation there;The voices of the homelandAre ringing in my ears,And when I think of the homelandMy eyes are filled with tears.

3.For those I love in the homelandAre calling me awayTo the rest and peace of the homeland,And the life beyond decay;For there's no death in the homeland,There is no grief above;Christ bring us all to the homelandOf his eternal love.  Hugh Reginald Haweis (1838-1901)


Rutherford, 2607.6.7.6. D. Iambic 1.The sands of time are sinking;The dawn of Heaven breaks;The summer morn I've sighed for,The fair, sweet morn, awakes;Dark, dark hath been the midnight,But dayspring is at hand,And glory, glory dwellethIn Immanuel's land.

2.O Christ! He is the fountain,The deep, sweet well of love;The streams on earth I've tastedMore deep I'll drink above;There to an ocean fulnessHis mercy doth expand,And glory, glory dwellethIn Immanuel's land.

3.With mercy and with judgmentMy web of time he wove,And aye the dews of sorrowWere lustered by his love;I'll bless the hand that guided,I'll bless the heart that planned,When throned where glory dwellethIn Immanuel's land.  Anne Ross Cousin (1824-1906)


There is a happy land, 235;Happy Land, 2346. 1.There is a happy land,Far, far away,Where saints in glory stand,Bright, bright as day.O how they sweetly sing:Worthy is our Saviour-King!Loud let his praises ring,Praise, praise for aye.

2.Come to this happy land,Come, come away;Why will you doubting stand,Why still delay?O we shall happy beWhen, from sin and sorrow free,Lord, we shall live with thee,Blest, blest for aye.

3.Bright in that happy landBeams every eye;Kept by a Father's hand,Love cannot die.On, then, to glory run;Be a crown and kingdom won,And bright above the sunReign, reign for aye.  Andrew Young (1807-89)


Land of pure delight, 154;St Matthew, 157D.C.M. 1.There is a land of pure delight,Where saints immortal reign;Infinite day excludes the night,And pleasures banish pain.There everlasting spring abides,And never-withering flowers;Death, like a narrow sea, dividesThis heavenly land from ours.

2.Sweet fields beyond the swelling floodStand dressed in living green;So to the Jews old Canaan stood,While Jordan rolled between.But timorous mortals start and shrinkTo cross this narrow sea.And linger, shivering on the brink,And fear to launch away.

3.O could we make our doubts remove,Those gloomy thoughts that rise,And see the Canaan that we loveWith unbeclouded eyes!Could we but climb where Moses stoodAnd view the landscape o'er,Not Jordan's stream, nor death's cold flood,Could fright us from the shore.  Isaac Watts (1674-1748)


Heavenly Mansions, 4378.7.8.7. D. Troch. 1.There's a crown laid up in Glory,There's a robe for each to wear,And we never need be sorryThat we did life's troubles share;For our crown will shine the brighterFor the battles we have won,And our robes will be the whiterWhen our traveling days are done.

ChorusWhen our fighting here is over,And our victories are all won,There's a mansion up in GloryWhen our traveling days are done.

2.There's a golden harp in Glory,There's a welcome for the true,There's a rest for all the weary,There's a victor's palm for you.O we'll praise the Lamb foreverWhen we stand before his throne,And our joys will end. no never,When our traveling days are done!

3.There will be no room for sadness,There will be no sorrow there,And unceasing songs of gladnessShall forever fill the air;There will be no death, no weepingIn that land, and evermoreWe shall dwell in Jesus' keepingWhen our traveling days are o'er.  Arthur White Bavan (c 1869-1903)


We shall win, 5089.9.9.9. 1.There's a land that is fairer than day,And by faith we can see it afar;For the Father waits over the wayTo prepare us a dwelling place there.

ChorusIn the sweet by-and-byWe shall meet on that beautiful shore.

2.We shall sing on that beautiful shoreThe melodious songs of the blest;And our spirits shall sorrow no more,Not a sigh for the blessing of rest.

3.To our bountiful Father aboveWe will offer the tribute of praiseFor the glorious gift of his love,And the blessings that hallow our days.  Sanford Fillmore Bennett (1836-98)


Marching to Zion, 171;To Zion's happy land, 179S.M. 1.To leave the world below,March upward with our band,And step by step we mean to goTo Zion's happy land.

ChorusWe're marching to Zion, beautiful, beautiful Zion;We're marching onward to Zion, that beautiful city of God.

2.The city we shall see,The heavenly music hear,Marching to songs of victory,With all the Army there.

3.The pearly gates are wide,The streets are bright and fair;We'll march together, side by side,Till safely landed there.

4.Beside the crystal stream,Led on by Zion's King,We'll swell the great salvation themeAnd songs of victory sing.

5.With blood and fire unfurledWe march to victory grand;The Army means to lead the worldTo Zion's happy land.  William James Pearson (1832-92) (verses), R.F. Hughes (chorus)


Land beyond the blue, 3858.7.8.7. Troch. 1.We are marching home to Glory.Marching up to mansions bright,Where bright golden harps are playing,Where the saints are robed in white.

ChorusThere's a golden harp in Glory,There's a spotless robe for you;March with us to the hallelujah city,To the land beyond the blue.

2.March to swell the heavenly chorus,With departed friends to stay,Sweetest notes of hallelujah musicOn the golden harps to play.

3.March across death's swelling river,Jesus will the waves divide;We shall have a hallelujah HeavenWhen we reach the other side.

4.March to see the living fountains,March to tread the golden street;Every true salvation soldierWe shall up in Glory meet.

5.Sinners, join our happy Army,March with us to Canaan's shore;Robes of white and harps of gloryMay be yours for evermore.  William James Pearson (1832-92) (verses), R.F. Hughes (chorus)  


The Homeward Trail, 818 1.We are marching up the hillside and the trail leads home;We are marching up the hillside and the winding trail leads home;Yes, sometimes we're finding that the trail is a-winding,But we don't mind, no we don't mind, for the trail leads home.

ChorusWe're on the homeward trail, we're on the homeward trail,Singing as we go, going home.We're on the homeward trail, we're on the homeward trail,Singing, singing, singing, singing, going home.

2.We are marching on our journey and the trail leads home;We are marching on our journey and the winding trail leads home;Jesus' feet were bleeding when he took the trail that's leadingTo the homeland, to the homeland, for the trail leads home.

3.By and by we'll strike the valley but the trail leads home;'Tis the shadow of the valley but the winding trail leads home;Jesus will be with me when I'm walking through the valley,Through the valley, through the valley, for the trail leads home.  Arthur Smith Arnott (1870-1941)


We speak of the realms, 4848.8.8.8. Amph. 1.We speak of the realms of the blest,That country so bright and so fair,And oft are its glories confessed;But what must it be to be there!

ChorusTo be there, to be there!O what must it be to be there!

2.We speak of its peace and its love,The robes which the glorified wear,The songs of the blood-washed above;But what must it be to be there!

3.We speak of its freedom from sin,From sorrow, temptation and care,From trials without and within;But what must it be to be there!

4.Do thou, Lord, in pleasure or woe,For Heaven our spirits prepare;Then soon shall we joyfully knowAnd feel what it is to be there.  Elizabeth Mills (1805-29)


The Eden Above, 593;The Ash Grove,59212.11.12.11. 1.We're bound for the land of the pure and the holy,The home of the happy, the Kingdom of love;Ye wanderers from God in the broad road of folly,O say, will you go to the Eden above?

ChorusWill you go? Will you go?Will you go? Will you go?O say, will you go to the Eden above?

2.In that blessed land neither sighing nor anguishCan breathe in the fields where the glorified rove;Ye heart-burdened ones, who in misery languish,O say, will you go to the Eden above?

3.Each saint has a mansion, prepared and all furnished,Ere from this small house he is summoned to move;Its gates and its towers with glory are burnished;O say, will you go to the Eden above?

4.March on, happy soldiers, the land is before you,And soon its ten thousand delights we shall prove;Yes, soon we'll be massed on the hills of bright Glory,And drink the pure joys of the Eden above.dWe will go! We will go!We will go! We will go!O yes, we will go to the Eden above!  William Hunter (1811-77)


The Glory Song, 52910.10.10.10. Dact. 1.When all my labors and trials are o'er,And I am safe on that beautiful shore.Just to be near the dear Lord I adore,Will through the ages be Glory for me.

ChorusO that will be Glory for me.Glory for me, Glory for me,When by his grace I shall look on his face,That will be Glory. be Glory for me!

2.When by the gift of his infinite grace,I am accorded in Heaven a place.Just to be there, and to look on his face,Will through the ages be Glory for me.

3.Friends will be there I have loved long ago,Joy like a river around me will flow,Yet just a smile from my Saviour, I know,Will through the ages be Glory for me.  Charles Hutchinson Gabriel (1856-1932)


When the roll is called up yonder, 853 1.When the trumpet of the Lord shall sound,and time shall be no more,And the morning breaks, eternal, bright and fair,When the saved of earth shall gather over on the other shore,And the roll is called up yonder, I'll be there.

ChorusWhen the roll is called up yonder, I'll be there.

2.On that bright and cloudless morning,when the dead in Christ shall rise,And the glory of his resurrection share,When his chosen ones shall gather to their home beyond the skies,And the roll is called up yonder, I'll be there.

3.Let us labor for the Master from the dawn till setting sun,Let us tell of all his wondrous love and care;Then, when all of life is over, and our work on earth is done,And the roll is called up yonder, we'll be there.  James Milton Black (1856-1938)


Numberless as the sands, 753 1.When we gather at last over Jordan,And the ransomed in Glory we see,As the numberless sands of the seashore,What a wonderful sight that will be!

ChorusNumberless as the sands of the seashore,Numberless as the sands Of the shore!O what a sight 'twill beWhen the ransomed host we see,As numberless as the sands of the seashore!

2.When we see all the saved of the ages,Who from sorrow and trials are free,Meeting there with a heavenly greeting,What a wonderful sight that will be

3.When we stand by the beautiful river,'Neath the shade of the life-giving tree,Gazing over the fair land of promise,What a wonderful sight that will be

4.When at last we behold our redeemer,And his glory unclouded we see,While as King of all kingdoms he reigneth,What a wonderful sight that will be!  F.A. Blackmer


Maidstone, 325; Titchfield, 3277.7.7.7. D. 1.Who are these arrayed in white,Brighter than the noonday sun,Foremost of the sons of light,Nearest the eternal throne?These are they that bore the cross,Nobly for their Master stood,Sufferers in his righteous cause,Followers of the dying God.

2.Out of great distress they came,Washed their robes by faith belowIn the blood of yonder Lamb,Blood that washes white as snow;Therefore are they next the throne,Serve their Master day and night;God resides among his own,God doth in his saints delight.

3.He that on the throne doth reign,Shall his saints forever feed,With the tree of life sustain,To the living fountains lead;He shall all their sorrows chase,All their wants at once remove,Wipe the tears from every face,Fill up every soul with love.  Charles Wesley (1707-88)


Sweeping through the gates, 804 1.Who, who are these beside the chilly wave,Just on the borders of the silent grave,Shouting Jesus' power to save,Washed in the blood of the Lamb?

ChorusSweeping through the gates of the new Jerusalem,Washed in the blood of the Lamb.

2.These, these are they who in their youthful days,Found Jesus early, and in wisdom's waysProved the fulness of his grace,Washed in the blood of the Lamb.

3.These, these are they who in affliction's woesEver have found in Jesus calm repose,Such as from a pure heart flows,Washed in the blood of the Lamb.

4.These, these are they who in the conflict direBoldly have stood amid the hottest fire;Jesus now says: Come up higher;Washed in the blood of the Lamb.  Tullius Clinton O'Kane (1830-1912)


Manchester, 111; A Little Ship, 67C.M. 1.With steady pace the pilgrim movesToward the blissful shore,And sings with cheerful heart and voice:'Tis better on before.

2.His passage through a desert lies,Where furious lions roar;He takes his staff, and smiling says:'Tis better on before.

3.When tempted to forsake his GodAnd give the contest o'er,He hears a voice which says: Look up,'Tis better on before.

4.When stern affliction clouds his face,And death stands at the door,Hope cheers him with her happiest note:'Tis better on before.

5.And when on Jordan's bank he stands,And views the radiant shore.Bright angels whisper: Come away,'Tis better on before.

6.And so it is, for high in HeavenThey never suffer more;Eternal calm succeeds the storm,'Tis better on before.  Richard Jukes (1804-67)


Bright Crowns, 78; Coronation, 352C.M. 1.Ye valiant soldiers of the cross,Ye happy praying band,Though in this world we suffer loss,We'll reach fair Canaan's land.

ChorusBright crowns there are, bright crowns laid up on high,For you and me there's a palm of victory;There's a palm of victory.

2.All earthly pleasures we'll forsake,While Heaven appears in view;In Jesus' strength we'll undertakeTo fight our passage through.

3.O what a glorious shout there'll beWhen Heaven at last is won;Jesus, and all our friends, we'll see,And God shall say: Well done.  Anon


Ere the sun goes down, 641 1.You must have your sins forgiven,Ere the sun, ere the sun goes down,If you wish to go to HeavenWhen the sun, when the sun goes down.O now to God be crying,For your time is swiftly flying,In the grave you'll soon be lyingWhen the sun goes down!

ChorusEre the sun, ere the sun goes down,Ere the sun, ere the sun goes down,O sinner, come to JesusEre the sun goes down!

2.Every chance will soon be past,When the sun, when the sun goes down;Even this may be the last,When the sun, when the sun goes down.If this offer be rejected,And salvation still neglected,Death may come when least expected,When the sun goes down.  Frederick William Fry (1859-1939)


Prepare Me, 121C.M. 1.Your garments must be white as snow,Prepare to meet your God;For to his throne you'll have to go;Prepare to meet your God.

ChorusPrepare me, prepare me, Lord,Prepare me to stand before thy throne.

2.Prepare me now, prepare me here,To stand before thy throne,That I, without a doubt or fear,May stand before thy throne.

3.Lord, cleanse my heart and make me pure,To stand before thy throne;My pride and self and temper cure,To stand before thy throne.  Anon

Special Occasions

New Year


Chalvey, 181; From strength to  strength, 184D.S.M. 1.And are we yet alive,And see each other's face?Glory and praise to Jesus giveFor his redeeming grace!Preserved by power divineTo full salvation here,Again in Jesus' praise we join,And in his sight appear.

2.What troubles we have seen,What conflicts we have passed,Fightings without and fears within,Since we assembled lastBut out of all the LordHas brought us by his love;And still he doth his help afford,And hides our life above.

3.Then let us make our boastOf his redeeming power,Which saves us to the uttermost,Till we shall sin no more.Let us take up the cross,Till we the crown obtain,And gladly reckon all things loss,So we may Jesus gain.  Charles Wesley (1707-88)


Love at home, 2377. 1.Father, let me dedicate,This new year to thee,In whatever worldly stateThou wilt have me be;Not from sorrow, pain, or careWould I ask that thou shouldst spare;This alone shall be my prayer, Glorify thy name.

ChorusThy great name! Thy great name!Let my life, O Lord, each dayGlorify thy name.

2.If in mercy thou wilt spareJoys that yet are mine,If on life serene and fairBrighter rays may shine,Let my glad heart, while it sings,Rise by faith's exultant wings,And, whate'er the future brings,Glorify thy name.

3.If thou callest to the cross,And its shadow comeTurning all my gain to loss,Shrouding heart and home,Let me think how thy dear SonHis eternal glory won,And in steadfast faith pray on:Glorify thy name.  Lawrence Tuttiett (1825-97) (verses), alt


St Michael, 175; Silchester, 177S.M. 1.My times are in thy hand,My God, I wish them there;My life, my friends, my soul I leaveEntirely to thy care.

2.My times are in thy hand,Whatever they may be,Pleasing or painful, dark or bright,As best may seem to thee.

3.My times are in thy hand,Why should I doubt or fear?A Father's hand will never causeHis child a needless care.

4.My times are in thy hand,Jesus, the crucified;The hand my cruel sins had piercedIs now my guard and guide.

5.My times are in thy hand,I'll always trust in thee;And after death at thy right handI shall forever be.  William Freeman Lloyd (1791-1853)


French, 88; Salzburg, 131C.M. 1.O God of Bethel, by whose handThy people still are fed,Who through this weary pilgrimageHast all our fathers led;

2.Our vows, our prayers, we now presentBefore thy throne of grace;God of our fathers, be the GodOf their succeeding race.

3.Through each perplexing path of lifeOur wandering footsteps guide;Give us each day our daily bread,And raiment fit provide.

4.O spread thy covering wings around,Till all our wanderings cease,And at our Father's loved abodeOur souls arrive in peace.

5.Such blessing from thy gracious handOur humble prayers implore;And thou shalt be our chosen GodAnd portion, evermore.  Philip Doddridge (1702-51)


Sovereignty, 502; Melita, 4958. Iambic 1.O Saviour, now to thee we raiseWith thankful hearts a song of praise,For all that thou for us hast done,For sinners saved, for victories won;That more may thy salvation see,We dedicate ourselves to thee.

2.O bring the vilest and the worst,Whose lives are most by sin accurst,That they may know there's mercy stillAnd hope for whosoever will;That sinners changed to saints may be,We dedicate ourselves to thee.

3.That soldiers may be trained to fight,And daily walk with thee in white,That they thy purpose more may know,And do thy perfect will below,That all through thee may victors be,We dedicate ourselves to thee.  Anon                 *            *               * see also:   12  Now thank we all our God                   13  O God, our help in ages past



Shall we meet? 399; Bethany, 4298.7.8.7. Troch. 1.Bring your tithes into the storehouse,Lay your best at Jesus' feet;Bring an offering to the altar,Make your sacrifice complete.

ChorusBring your dearest and your best,Bring your dearest and your best,Join with us in self-denial,Bring your dearest and your best.

2.Bring your time and bring your talents,Bring the gift which costs you pain;Bring your best, your dearest treasure,Let God have his own again.

3.Though your all is very little,Cast it in God's treasury;Jesus always recognizesWhat is given cheerfully.

4.Prove the Lord, for he has promisedThat his blessings he will send;Heaven's windows shall be opened,Mercies shall on you descend.  Barbara Stoddart (1865-1915)


Princethorpe, 206; Look away toJesus, 204; Count your blessings, 2026.5.6.5. D. 1.Christ of self-denialWho for help dost call,We have given little,Thou hast given all;Offerings and thanksgivingsThou wilt not despise;While our best we bring thee,Bless our sacrifice.

2.Having food and clothing,We will be content,Thou hast needful blessingsIn abundance sent;Freely by thy bountyThou dost let us live,More and more receiving,More and more to give.

3.From thy thankful people,From each grateful home,As thy hand hath given,To thy hand shall come;Love for help is seeking,Knocking at each door,All thy children gladlyGive thee more and more.  William James Pearson (1832-92)


Govaars, 373; Hyfrysol, 4388.7.8.7 D. Troch. 1.This, our time of self-denialWe as faithful soldiers keep;By our consecrated givingWider fields our comrades reap.Souls in darkness yet are calling,Come and help us, still they cry;With our gifts our hearts outpouring,We will help them lest they die.

2.Laying now our gifts before thee,We toward thine altar move;Lord, accept these simple tokensOf our deep, unswerving love.None can estimate their measureWhen within thy hands they lie;All that we sincerely offerThou wilt use and multiply.

3.Naught we hold save by surrender;Nothing keep but that we give;Loving life too much, we lose it;Dead to self, we truly live.Jesus, grant us understanding,Gain is found through sacrifice;For thy gift of life eternalThou didst pay love's greatest price.  Will J. Brand (1889-1977)              *            *           * see also:  475  And is it so?  A gift from me                 482  Dear Lord, I do surrender                 514  Not my own, but saved by Jesus                 516  O God, what offering shall I give                 525  Take my life, and let it be 



St Matthew, 157; Ellacombe, 147D.C.M. 1.At harvest time our eyes beholdFull sheaves of ripened grain,But whence have come these fields of goldTo beautify the plain?Ere man could reap the rich supplyWhich meets a country's need,Into the ready ground to dieThere fell the tiny seed.

2.Through storm and rain, 'neath darkening skies,After the seed is sown,Deep buried in the earth it lies,Abiding yet alone;And men the precious fruits await,Long patience follows toil,Before the harvest rich and greatBursts from the furrowed soil.

3.O in the morning sow thy seed,At eve stay not thy hand;Though tears may fall, and hearts may bleedObey thy Lord's command.Part with thy best; unless it dieIt must abide alone;But God is pledged to multiplySeed for his Kingdom sown.  Ruth Tracy (1870-1960)


Come, ye thankful people, 3217.7.7.7. D. 1.Come, ye thankful people, come,Raise the song of harvest home;All is safely gathered inEre the winter storms begin.God, our maker. doth provideFor our wants to be supplied;Come to God's own temple, come,Raise the song of harvest home.

2.All the world is God's own field,Fruit unto his praise to yield;Wheat and tares together sown,Unto joy or sorrow grown;First the blade and then the ear,Then the full corn shall appear;Lord of harvest, grant that weWholesome grain and pure may be!

3.For the Lord our God shall come,And shall take his harvest home;From his field shall in that dayAll offenses purge away,Give his angels charge at lastIn the fire the tares to cast,But the fruitful ears to storeIn his garner evermore.

4.Even so, Lord, quickly come,Bring thy final harvest home;Gather thou thy people in,Free from sorrow, free from sin;There, forever purified,In thy garner to abide;Come, with all thine angels, come,Raise the glorious harvest home!  Henry Alford (1810-71)


Truro, 54; Morning Hymn, 35L.M. 1.Eternal source of every joy,Well may thy praise our lips employ,While in thy temple we appear,Whose goodness crowns the circling year.

2.The flowery spring at thy commandEmbalms the air and paints the land;The summer rays with vigor shine,To raise the corn, and cheer the vine.

3.Thy hand in autumn richly poursThrough all our coasts abundant stores,And winters, softened by thy care,No more their barren aspect wear.

4.Seasons and months and weeks and daysDemand successive songs of praise;Still be the cheerful homage paidWith opening light and evening shade.

5.To thee by every right belongsThe sweetest note in all our songs,But also what must please thee more:Our lives to serve, our hearts to adore.  Philip Doddridge (1702-51)


Praise, 468; Christ is all, 4638. 1.Our thankful hearts need joyful songsTo tell thee how all praise belongsBy right, dear Lord, to thee.Thy power has worked to meet our wants,Thy love has silenced all complaints,Thy goodness, Lord, we see.

2.The sower's scattered seed has grown;In rain and snow and sun is shownThy hand unfailing, strong,Who quickened into life the seed;The harvest is thy work indeedAnd thine shall be the song.

3.The reaper's sickle work has found;The gathered fruits from tree and groundWith thankfulness we store.Thy truth, O Lord, thy works declare,A Father's love forbids all fear;We'll trust and serve thee more.

4.O help us at this harvest timeTo test ourselves, by help divine.To see what fruit we bear.What promise are we making thee,As ripened souls we wish to beWhen harvest home draws near.  Richard Slater (1853-1939)


Morning has broken, 735 1.Praise and thanksgiving,Father, we offer,For all things livingThou madest good:Harvest of sown field,Fruits of the orchard,Hay from the mown field.Blossom and wood.

2.Bless thou our laborWe bring to serve thee,That with our neighborWe may be fed.Sowing or tilling,We would work with thee,Harvesting, millingFor daily bread.

3.Father, providingFood for thy children,Thy wisdom guidingTeaches us shareOne with another,So that, rejoicingWith us, our brotherMay know thy care.

4.Then will thy blessingReach every people,All men confessingThy gracious hand.Where thy will reignethNo man will hunger:Thy love sustaineth,Fruitful the land.  Albert Frederick Bayly (1901-84)


Take time to be holy, 571; Go, bury thy  sorrow, 55911.11.11.11. 1.Seeds now we are sowing, and fruit they must bear,For blessing or cursing, for joy or despair;Though we may forget them, the things of the pastWill work out God's sentence upon us at last.

2.Seeds now we are sowing, each day that we live,That must to our future its character give;When God sends his reapers, our gladness or woeWill spring from the nature of seeds we now sow.

3.O sinner, remember you're sowing such seed,By wishing and thinking, by word and by deed,As will in the future bear evil or good,Make tares or ripe wheat for the garner of God.  Richard Slater (1854-1939)


St Theodulph, 262; Hosanna, 2557.6.7.6. D. Iambic 1.Sing to the Lord of harvest,Sing songs of love and praise,With joyful hearts and voices,Your hallelujahs raise;By him the rolling seasonsIn fruitful order move;Sing to the Lord of harvestA song of grateful love.

2.By him the clouds drop fatness,The deserts bloom and spring,The hills leap up in gladness.The valleys laugh and sing;He filleth with his fulnessAll things with large increase;He crowns the year with goodness,With plenty and with peace.

3.Heap on his sacred altarThe gifts his goodness gave,The golden sheaves of harvest,The souls he died to save;Your hearts lay down before him,When at his feet ye fall.And with your lives adore himWho gave his life for all.  John Samuel Bewley Monsell (1811-75)


Bringing in the sheaves, 624 1.Sowing in the morning, sowing seeds of kindness,Sowing in the noontide and the dewy eves;Waiting for the harvest and the time of reaping,We shall come rejoicing, bringing in the sheaves.

ChorusBringing in the sheaves, bringing in the sheaves,We shall come rejoicing, bringing in the sheaves.

2.Sowing in the sunshine, sowing in the shadows,Fearing neither clouds nor winter's chilling breeze,By and by the harvest and the labor ended,We shall come rejoicing, bringing in the sheaves.

3.Go then, though with weeping, sowing for the Master,Though the loss sustained our spirit often grieves;When our labor's over, he will bid us welcome;We shall come rejoicing, bringing in the sheaves.  Knowles Shaw (1834-78)


Sowing the seed, 795 1.Sowing the seed by the dawn-light fair,Sowing the seed by the noonday glare,Sowing the seed by the fading light,Sowing the seed in the solemn night:O what shall the harvest be?

ChorusSown in the darkness or sown in the light,Sown in our weakness or sown in our might,Gathered in time or eternity,Sure, ah! sure, will the harvest be.

2.Sowing the seed by the wayside high,Sowing the seed on the rocks to die,Sowing the seed where the thorns will spoil,Sowing the seed in the fertile soil:O what shall the harvest be?

3.Sowing the seed with an aching heart,Sowing the seed while the teardrops start,Sowing in hope, till the reapers come,Gladly to gather the harvest home:O what shall the harvest be?  Emily Sullivan Oakley (1829-83)


Soon the reaping time will came, 50;Beethoven, 9L.M. 1.This is the field, the world below,In which the sower came to sow;Jesus, the wheat; Satan, the tares;For so the word of God declares.

ChorusAnd soon the reaping time will come,And angels shout the harvest home.

2.Most awful truth, and is it so?Must all the world the harvest know?Must all before the judge appear?Then for the harvest, O prepare!

3.To love my sins, a saint appear,To grow with wheat and be a tare,May serve me while on earth below.Where tares and wheat together grow.

4.But all who are from sin set free,Their Father's Kingdom soon shall see,Shine like the sun forever there;He that hath ears, then let him hear.  Joseph Hinchsliffe (1760-1807)


Turner, 504; Mozart, 4968. Iambic 1.To thee, O Lord of earth and sky,With grateful hearts we now draw nigh,For all the fruits thy generous soilHath yielded in return for toil;We want henceforth our lives to beAll fruitful in good work for thee.

2.We thank thee that thou takest heedTo all thy creatures' daily need;That over us, on sea or land,Has daily been thy bounteous hand;We want henceforth our lives to beFilled up with grateful work for thee.

3.While heartfelt thanks to thee ascend,With them new vows for war we blend,Determined in thy strength to goAnd live for thee 'gainst every foe;Henceforth each day our lives shall beFilled with both work and war for thee.

4.Make us more earnest souls to saveAs hourly we approach the grave;So that, if ere this time next yearWe should before thy throne appear,With joy we may thy glory seeBecause till death we fought for thee.  Thomas Charles Marshall (1854-1942)


Bishopgarth, 358; Vicar of Bray, 3608.7.8.7. D. Iambic 1.To thee, O Lord, our hearts we raiseIn hymns of adoration,To thee bring sacrifice of praiseWith shouts of exultation;Bright robes of gold the fields adorn,The hills with joy are ringing,The valleys stand so thick with cornThat even they are singing.

2.And now, on this thanksgiving day.Thy bounteous hand confessing,Upon thine altar, Lord, we layThe first fruits of thy blessing.By thee the souls of men are fedWith gifts of grace supernal;Thou who dost give us earthly bread,Give us the bread eternal.

3.We bear the burden of the day,And often toil seems dreary;But labor ends with sunset ray,And rest comes for the weary.May we, at last, our labors o'er,No task for thee neglected,Stand in thy sight for evermore,Our offerings accepted.

4.O blessed is that land of GodWhere saints abide forever.Where golden fields spread far and broad,Where flows the crystal river.The strains of all its holy throngWith ours today are blending;Thrice blessed is that harvest songWhich never hath an ending.  William Chatterton Dix (1837-98)


We plough the fields, 2697.6.7.6 D. Iambic 1.We plough the fields, and scatterThe good seed on the land,But it is fed and wateredBy God's almighty hand;He sends the snow in winter,The warmth to swell the grain,The breezes and the sunshine,The soft refreshing rain.

ChorusAll good gifts around usAre sent from Heaven above:Then thank the Lord, O thank the LordFor all his love!

2.He only is the makerOf all things near and far;He paints the wayside flower,He lights the evening star;The winds and waves obey him,By him the birds are fed;Much more to us, his children,He gives our daily bread.

3.We thank thee then, O Father,For all things bright and good,The seed time and the harvest,Our life, our health, our food.Accept the gifts we offerFor all thy love imparts,And, what thou most desirest,Our humble, thankful hearts.  Matthias Claudius (1740-1815) trs Jane Montgomery Campbell (1817-78)


Covenant, 81; Coronation, 352C.M. 1.We praise thee, Lord, with heart and voice,While with first-fruits we come;We bring thank offerings and rejoice,And shout the harvest home.

2.For crops made ripe by golden fire,For all thy power has done.We'll lift thy praises higher and higher,And shout the harvest home.

3.Rich fruits of holiness we seeWhere men in grace have grown;Salvation reapers we will be,And shout the harvest home.

4.Seed sown with tears thy life receives,Making thy goodness known;Reapers return with golden sheaves,And shout the harvest home.  William James Pearson (1832-92) see also:    2  All creatures of our God and King                 12  Now thank we all our God                 16  O worship the King, all glorious above                 25  All things bright and beautiful                 28  For the beauty of the earth                 34  Let us with a gladsome mind                 40  Summer suns are glowing               983  Great is thy faithfulness

Corps Anniversaries


Monkland, 286; Trusting as the momentsfly, 2997.7.7.7. 1.For thy mercy and thy grace,Faithful through another year,Hear our song of thankfulness;Jesus, our redeemer, hear.

2.Veiled the future; let thy lightGuide us, Bright and Morning Star;Fierce our foes and hard the fight,Arm us, Saviour, for the war.

3.In our weakness and distress,Rock of strength, be thou our stay;In the pathless wildernessBe our true and living way.

4.Keep us faithful, keep us pure,Keep us evermore thine own;Help, O help us to endure;Fit us for the promised crown.  Henry Downtown (1818-85)


Salvator, 443; Vesper Hymn, 4508.7.8.7 D. Troch. 1.Heavenly Father, thou hast brought usSafely to the present day,Gently leading on our footsteps,Watching o'er us all the way.Friend and guide through life's long journey,Grateful hearts to thee we bring;But for love so true and changelessHow shall we fit praises sing?

2.Mercies new and never-failingBrightly shine through all the past,Watchful care and loving kindness,Always near from first to last,Tender love, divine protectionEver with us day and night;Blessings more than we can numberStrew the path with golden light.

3.Shadows deep have crossed our pathway;We have trembled in the storm;Clouds have gathered round so darklyThat we could not see thy form;Yet thy love hath never left usIn our griefs alone to be,And the help each gave the otherWas the strength that came from thee.

4.Many that we loved have left us,Reaching first their journey's end;Now they wait to give us welcome,Brother, sister, child and friend.When at last our journey's over,And we pass away from sight,Father, take us through the darknessInto everlasting light.  Hester Periam Hawkins (1846-1928)


Regent Square, 423; Love Divine, 4188. Troch. 1.Sing we many years of blessingSince the Army opened fire,Led by valiant hearts possessingLove's unquenchable desire;Hallelujah! Hallelujah!Still their lives our own inspire.

2.Bold they lifted high their banner,Braving sin's hostility;Strange their word, their song, their manner,Wondering, men drew near to see;Hallelujah! Hallelujah!Many found salvation free.

3.For the faithful who have strivenIn the fight so well begun.For the years so gladly givenBy the saints whose race is run,Hallelujah! Hallelujah!For the last great conflict won.

4.When elate with joy unspoken,Or beneath the chastening rod,Still his promises, unbroken,Speak the faithfulness of God;Hallelujah! Hallelujah!We will sound his name abroad.

5.Father, Son and Spirit, raisingHeart and voices now to thee.Thine eternal goodness praising,Holy, blessed Trinity,Hallelujah! Hallelujah!Thine our years, our lives shall be.  Will J. Brand (1889-1977)             *           *          * see also:  158  God is with us, God is with us                  163  Not unto us, O Lord                  173  Yet once again, by God's                          abundant mercy                  552  Thank you, Lord, for all your                          goodness                  769  What a work the Lord has done 

New Buildings


Darwells, 221; Southampton, 2316. 1.Christ is our cornerstone,On him alone we build;With his true saints aloneThe courts of Heaven are filled.Our hopes we place on his great loveFor present grace and joys above.

2.O then with songs of praiseMake earth and Heaven ring;Our voices we will raiseThe Three in One to sing;In joyful song we will proclaimBoth loud and long that glorious name.

3.Here, gracious God, do thouFor evermore draw nigh;Accept each faithful vow,And mark each suppliant sigh;On all who pray, in copious shower,Thy wonder-working blessings pour.

4.Here may we gain from HeavenThe grace which we implore;And may that grace, once given,Be with us evermore,Until that day when all the blestShall find in thee eternal rest.  Sixth- or seventh-century Latin hymn, trs John Chandler (1806-76)


Hollingside, 323; Titchfield, 3277.7.7.7. D. 1.Lord of Heaven and earth and sea,We would render thanks to theeFor the blessing thou hast given,Joys of earth and hopes of Heaven.Grateful for thy loving care,We have built this house of prayer,And with hearts sincere, we prayFor thy presence here this day.

2.Help us, Lord, each one to beConsecrated unto thee;Make each heart a living stoneIn a temple all thine own.Holy Spirit, fill this placeWith thy pentecostal grace;Dwell with us, and from this hourManifest thy mighty power.

3.Generations yet to beIn this house may worship thee;Work, which now we gladly share,Will be then in other care.Grant, O Lord, whate'er may be,That thy word, from error free,May be cherished, true and pure,While this fabric shall endure.  Frank Samuel Turney (1863-1932)


Arizona, 7; Morning Hymn, 35L.M. 1.O God, in whom alone is foundThe strength by which all toil is blest,Upon this consecrated groundNow bid thy cloud of glory rest.

2.In thy great name we place this stone;To thy great truth these walls we rear;Long may they make thy glory known,And long our Saviour triumph here.

3.And while thy sons, from earth apart,Here seek the truth from Heaven that sprung,Fill with thy Spirit every heart,With living fire touch every tongue.

4.Lord, grant our souls thy peace and love;Let sin and error pass away,Till truth's full influence from aboveRejoice the earth with cloudless day.  Henry Ware (1794-1843)


The Crimson Stream, 266;Aurelia, 2467.6.7.6 D. Iambic 1.O God of love eternal,Be present here we pray,Accept the gift we offerThis celebration day,Make of this place your temple,Let all who enter hereBe one with us in purpose,Your love and joy to share.

2.Except you build the house, Lord,Our work is all in vain,Except your Spirit fill itBut blocks of stone remain;But if our hearts are openAnd you in power come down.The glory of your presenceWill all our labors crown.

3.Here may the lost find refuge,The striving saint find grace;Let youth obey your callingAnd children see your face;May every word here spokenDirect men to your throne,And every note of musicBe for your praise alone.

4.Then sanctify, our Father,This offering we have made,Here let your Son be honored,Your Spirit be obeyed;Our lives be cleansed for serviceIn Christ's atoning blood,And every true believerBecome the house of God.  Maureen Jarvis  


St Theodulph, 262; Aurelia, 2467.6.7.6. D. Iambic 1.O Lord,, regard thy people,Whose love designs to frameThis house of glad remembrance,And here inscribe thy name.To thee, the sure foundation,Our witness would we raise,Her walls to speak salvation,Her gates to tell thy praise.

2.We thank thee for our birthright,Secured at such a price;Forbid that we despise it,Or shrink from sacrifice.Inspire our hearts to serve thee,Thy chosen path to tread,That we may follow boldlyWhere nobler hearts have led.  Albert Orsborn (1886-1967)


Truro, 54; Wareham, 55L.M. 1.This stone to thee in faith we lay;To thee this temple, Lord, we build;Thy power and goodness here display,And be it with thy presence filled.

2.Here, when thy people seek thy face,And dying sinners pray to live,Hear thou in Heaven, thy dwelling place,And when thou hearest, Lord, forgive.

3.Here, when thy messengers proclaimThe blessed gospel of thy Son.Still, by the power of his great name,Be mighty signs and wonders done.

4.Thy glory never hence depart;Yet choose not, Lord, this house alone;Thy Kingdom come to every heart,In every nation fix thy throne.  James Montgomery (1771-1854)


Colne, 79; Salzburg, 131C.M. 1.Thy presence and thy glories, Lord,Fill all the realms of space;O come, and at thy people's prayerNow consecrate this place.

2.Sacred to thine eternal name,Behold, these walls we raise;Let heralds here thy truth proclaimAnd saints show forth thy praise.

3.Eternal Spirit, heavenly dove!Thou author of all grace,Come and reveal a Saviour's loveTo many in this place.

4.May thousands in the realms of day,Who shall with Jesus reign,Point here, and each rejoicing say:There I was born again.  Samuel Medley (1738-99), alt                  *            *             * see also:   575 Give us a day of wonders 



Childhood, 471; St Margaret, 4778.8.8.6. 1.O God of love, to thee we bow,And pray for these before thee now,That, closely knit in holy vow,They may in thee be one.

2.When days are filled with pure delight,When paths are plain and skies are bright,Walking by faith and not by sight,May they in thee be one.

3.When stormy winds fulfil thy will,And all their good seems turned to ill,Then, trusting thee completely, stillMay they in thee be one.

4.Whate'er in life shall be their shareOf quickening joy or burdening care,In power to do and grace to bear,May they in thee be one.  William Vaughan Jenkins (1868-1920)


Mendelssohn, 547; Hold thou my  hand! 54311.10.11.10. 1.O perfect Love, all human thought transcending,Lowly we kneel in prayer before thy throne,That theirs may be the love which knows no ending,Throughout their life divinely joined in one.

2.O perfect Life, be thou their full assuranceOf tender charity and steadfast faith,Of patient hope, and quiet brave endurance,With childlike trust that fears nor pain nor death.

3.Grant them the joy which brightens earthly sorrow,Grant them the peace which calms all earthly strife;And to life's day the glorious unknown morrowThat dawns upon eternal love and life.  Dorothy Frances Gurney (1858-1932)


St Alphege, 243; Aurelia, 2467.6.7.6. Iambic 1.The voice that breathed o'er Eden,That earliest wedding day.The primal marriage blessing,It hath not passed away.

2.Be present, gracious Saviour,To join their loving hands,As thou didst bind two naturesIn thine eternal bands.

3.O spread thy pure wing o'er them!Let no ill power find place,When onward through life's journeyThe hallowed path they trace.

4.Till to the home of gladness,With Christ's own bride they rise,And cast their crowns before theeIn endless Paradise.  John Keble (1792-1866)               *            *             * see also:   28  For the beauty of the earth                438  Love divine, all loves excelling                611  Lord of all hopefulness



My soul is now united, 2577.6.7.6. D. Iambic 1.And now to thee we renderOur thanks for mercies past,With grateful hearts imploringThy favor to the last.And at the great awakeningMay we be found above,With saints and angels praisingThy providence and love.  James Frederick Swift (1847-1931)


For thine is the Kingdom, 647 1.For thine is the Kingdom, and thine is the power,And thine is the glory forever and ever;For thine is the Kingdom and thine is the power,And thine is the glory forever and ever;Forever and ever, Amen.  Matthew 6:13


Give to Jesus glory, 3548.7.8.7 Iambic 1.Give to Jesus glory,Give to Jesus glory,Proclaim redemption's wondrous planAnd give to Jesus glory.  W.H. Clark


God be in my head, 589; Esher, 588;Invocation, 59012. 1.God be in my head,And in my understanding;God be in my eyes,And in my looking;God be in my mouth,And in my speaking;God be in my heart,And in my thinking;God be at my end,And at my departing.  From a book of hours, 1514


God be with you, 506; Randolph, 292 1.God be with you till we meet again,By his counsels guide, uphold you,With his sheep securely fold you;God be with you till we meet again.

ChorusTill we meet, till we meet,Till we meet at Jesus' feet;Till we meet, till we meet,God be with you till we meet again.

2.God be with you till we meet again,'Neath his wings protecting hide you,Daily manna still provide you;God be with you till we meet again.

3.God be with you till we meet again,When life's perils thick confound you,Put his arm unfailing round you;God be with you till we meet again.

4.God be with you till we meet again.Keep love's banner floating o'er you,Smite death's threatening wave before you;God be with you till we meet again.  Jeremiah Eames Rankin (1828-1904)


As we pray, 610 1.Jesus,, so dear to us.Jesus, be near to us,Jesus, give ear to usEach as we pray;Jesus, whate'er betide,Jesus, be friend and guide,Jesus, be by our sideNow and for aye.  V. Hill


St Teresa, 780 1.Let nothing disturb thee,Nothing affright thee;All things are passing,God never changeth!Patient endurance attaineth to all things;Who God possesseth in nothing is wanting;Alone God sufficeth.  Teresa of Avila (1515-82), trs Henry Wadsworth Longfellow (1807-82)


Old Hundredth, 38L.M. 1.Lord of all glory and of grace;Lord of all nations, worlds and space,Lord God o'er all eternity,Reign thou--O reign thou over me.  Harry Read


Benediction, 11L.M. 1.O Father, let thy love remain,O Son, may I thy likeness gain,O Spirit, stay to comfort me,O triune God, praise be to thee.  Henrik Ghysen (1660-93), trs William Frederik Palstra (1904-73)


Old Hundredth, 38L.M. 1.Praise God, from whom all blessings flow;Praise him, all creatures here below;Praise him above, ye heavenly host;Praise Father, Son and Holy Ghost.  Thomas Ken (1637-1711)


Praise God, I'm saved! 770 1.Praise God, I'm saved!Praise God, I'm saved!All's well, all's well,He sets me free!  Thomas Ken (1637-1711)


The Lord bless thee, 820 1.The Lord bless thee, and keep thee:The Lord make his face shine upon thee,And be gracious unto thee:The Lord lift up his countenance upon thee,And give thee peace.  Numbers 6:24-26


Thou Shepherd of Israel, 4878.8.8.8. D. Amph. 1.This, this is the God we adore,Our faithful, unchangeable friend,Whose love is as great as his power,And knows neither measure nor end.'Tis Jesus, the first and the last,Whose Spirit shall guide us safe home;We'll praise him for all that is past,And trust him for all that's to come.  Joseph Hart (1712-68)

American Supplement


St Catherine, 499; Solid Rock, 5018. Iambic 1.Faith of our fathers! living stillIn spite of dungeon, fire, and sword;O how our hearts beat high with joyWhene'er we hear that glorious word!Faith of our fathers, holy faith!We will be true to thee till death.

2.Faith of our fathers! we will striveTo win all nations unto thee;And through the truth that comes from GodMankind shall then be truly free.Faith of our fathers, holy faith!We will be true to thee till death.

3.Faith of our fathers! we will loveBoth friend and foe in all our strife;And preach thee, too, as love knows howBy kindly words and virtuous life.Faith of our fathers, holy faith!We will be true to thee till death.  Frederick William Faber (1814-63)


Duke Street, 17;Truro, 54 (A.S. 986)L.M. 1.O God, beneath thy guiding handOur exiled fathers crossed the sea;And when they trod the wintry strand,With prayer and psalm they worshiped thee.

2.Thou heard'st, well pleased, the song, the prayer;Thy blessing came, and still its powerShall onward through all ages bearThe memory of that holy hour.

3.Laws, freedom, truth, and faith in GodCame with those exiles o'er the waves;And where their pilgrim feet have trod.The God they trusted guards their graves.

4.And here thy name, O God of love,Their children's children shall adore,Till these eternal hills remove,And spring adorns the earth no more.  Leonard Bacon (1802-81)


1.O say, can you see by the dawn's early light,What so proudly we hailed at the twilight's last gleaming,Whose broad stripes and bright stars, through the perilous fight,O'er the ramparts we watched were so gallantly streaming?And the rockets' red glare, the bombs bursting in air,Gave proof through the night that our flag was still there;O say, does the star spangled banner yet waveO'er the land of the free and the home of the brave?

2.On the sore dimly seen through the mists of the deep,Where the foe's haughty host in dread silence reposes,What is that which the breeze, o'er the towering steepAs it fitfully blows, half conceals, half discloses?Now it catches the gleam of the morning's first beam,In full glory reflected now shines on the stream;'Tis the star spangled banner, O long may it waveO'er the land of the free and the home of the brave?

3.O thus be it ever, when free men shall standBetween their loved homes and the war's desolation!Blest with vict'ry and breeze, may the heav'n rescued landPraise the Pow'r that hath made and preserved us a nation!Then conquer we must, when our cause it is just,And this be our motto: In God is our trust;And the star spangled banner, in triumph shall waveO'er the land of the free and the home of the brave?  Francis Scott Key (1779-1843)

966 1.God of our fathers, whose almighty handLeads forth in beauty all the starry bandOf shining worlds in splendor through the skies,Our grateful songs before thy throne arise.

2.Thy love divine hath led us in the past,In this free land by thee our lot is cast;Be thou our ruler, guardian, guide and stay,Thy word our law, thy paths our chosen way.

3.From war's alarms, from deadly pestilence,Be thy strong arm our ever sure defense;Thy true religion in our hearts increase,Thy bounteous goodness nourish us in peace.

4.Refresh thy people on their toilsome way,Lead us from night to never ending day.Fill all our lives with love and grace divine,And glory, laud and praise be ever thine.  Daniel C. Roberts (1841-1907)


D.C.M. 1.O beautiful for spacious skies,For amber waves of grain,For purple mountain majestiesAbove the fruited plain!America, America,God shed his grace on thee,And crown thy good with brotherhoodFrom sea to shining sea.

2.O beautiful for pilgrim feetWhose stern, impassioned stressA thoroughfare for freedom beatAcross the wilderness!America, America,God mend thine ev'ry flaw,Confirm thy soul in self-control,Thy liberty in law.

3.O beautiful for heroes provedIn liberating strife,Who more than self their country loved,And mercy more than life!America, America,May God thy gold refine,Till all success be nobleness,And ev'ry gain divine.

4.O beautiful for patriot dream,That sees, beyond the years,Thine alabaster cities gleamUndimmed by human tears!America, America,God shed his grace on thee,And crown thy good with brotherhoodFrom sea to shining sea.  Katherine Lee Bates (1859-1929)

968 1.My country 'tis of thee,Sweet land of libertyOf thee I sing;Land where my fathers died,Land of the pilgrim's pride,From ev'ry mountainside, Let freedom ring!

2.My native country, thee,Land of the noble free,Thy name I love;I love thy rocks and rills,Thy woods and templed hills;My heart with rapture thrills,Like that above.

3.Let music swell the breeze,And ring from all the treesSweet freedom's song;Let mortal tongues awake;Let all that breathe partake;Let rocks their silence break,The sound prolong.

4.Our fathers' God, to thee,Author of liberty,To thee we sing;Long may our land be brightWith freedom's holy light;Protect us by thy might,Great God our King.  Samuel F. Smith (1808-95)

969 Iambic 1.I love to tell the storyOf unseen things above,Of Jesus and his glory,Of Jesus and his love.I love to tell the story,Because I know 'tis true,It satisfies my longingAs nothing else can do.

ChorusI love to tell the story,'Twill be my theme in glory,To tell the old, old storyOf Jesus and his love.

2.I love to tell the story,'Tis pleasant to repeatWhat seems, each time I tell it,More wonderfully sweet.I love to tell the story,For some have never heardThe message of salvationFrom God's own holy word.

3.I love to tell the story,For those who know it bestSeem hungering and thirstingTo hear it like the rest.And when, in scenes of glory,I sing the new, new song,'Twill be the old, old storyThat I have loved so long.  Katherine Hankey (1834-1911)


1.We gather together to ask the Lord's blessing;He chastens and hastens His will to make known;The wicked oppressing now cease from distressing,Sing praises to his Name: He forgets not his own.

2.Beside us to guide us, our God with us joining,Ordaining, maintaining His kingdom divine;So from the beginning the fight we were winning:Thou, Lord wast at our side, all glory be thine.

3.We all do extol thee, thou Leader triumphant,And pray that thou still our Defender wilt be.Let thy congregation escape tribulation:Thy Name be ever praised! O Lord, make us free!  Netherlands Folk Hymn trs Theodore Baker (1851-1934)


1.I come to the garden alone,While the dew is still on the roses,And the voice I hear, falling on my ear,The Son of God discloses.

ChorusAnd he walks with me, and he talks with me,and he tells me I am his own;And the joy we share as we tarry there,None other has ever known.

2.He speaks, and the sound of his voiceIs so sweet the birds hush their singing,And the melody that he gave to meWithin my heart is ringing.

3.I'd stay in the garden with himThough the night around me be falling,But he bids me go; through the voice of woe,His voice to me is calling.  C. Austin Miles (1868-1946)


1.I must needs go home by the way of the cross.There's no other way but this;I shall ne'er get sight of the Gates of Light,If the way of the cross I miss.

ChorusThe way of the cross leads home,The way of the cross leads home,It is sweet to know, as I onward go,The way of the cross leads home.

2.I must needs go on in the blood-sprinkled way,The path that the Saviour trod,If I ever climb to the heights sublime,Where the soul is at home with God.

3.Then I bid farewell to the way of the world,To walk in it nevermore;For my Lord says: Come! and I seek my home,Where he waits at the open door.  Jessis Brown Pounds (1861-1921)


C.M. 1.There is a place of quiet rest,Near to the heart of God;A place where sin cannot molest,Near to the heart of God.

ChorusO Jesus, blest redeemer,Sent from the heart of God,Hold us, who wait before thee,Near to the heart of God.

2.There is a place of comfort sweet,Near to the heart of God;A place where we our Saviour meet,Near to the heart of God.

3.There is a place of full release,Near to the heart of God;A place where all is joy and peace,Near to the heart of God.  Cleland B. McAfee (1866-1944)


1.Far away the noise of strife upon my ear is falling,Then I know the sins of earth beset on ev'ry hand;Doubt and fear and the things of earth in vain to me are calling,None of these shall move me from Beulah Land.

ChorusI'm living on the mountain, underneath a cloudless sky,I'm drinking at the fountain that never shall run dry;O yes! I'm feasting on the manna from a bountiful supply,For I am dwelling in Beulah Land.

2.Far below the storm of doubt upon the world is beating,Sons of men in battle long the enemy withstand;Safe am I within the castle of God's word retreating,Nothing then can reach me, 'tis Beulah Land.

3.Let the stormy breezes blow, their cry cannot alarm me;I am safely sheltered here, protected by God's hand;Here the sun is always shining, here there's naught can harm me,I am safe forever in Beulah Land.

4.Viewing here the works of God, I sink in contemplation,Hearing now his blessed voice, I see the way he planned;Dwelling in the Spirit, here I learn of full salvation,Gladly will I tarry in Beulah Land.  C. Austin Miles (1868-1946)

975 1.Spirit of God, descend upon my heart;Wean it from earth, through all its pulses move.Stoop to my weakness, might as thou art,And make me love thee as I ought to love.

2.Hast thou not bid me love thee, God and King?All, all thine own, soul, heart and strength and mind.I see thy cross; there teach my heart to cling:O let me seek thee, and O let me find!

3.Teach me to feel that thou art always nigh;Teach me the struggles of the soul to bear,To check the rising doubt, the rebel sigh;Teach me the patience of unanswered prayer.

4.Teach me to love thee as thine angels love,One holy passion filling all my frame;The baptism of the heav'n-descended Dove,My heart an altar and thy love the flame.  George Croly (1780-1860)

976 1.How firm a foundation, ye saints of the Lord,Is laid for your faith in his excellent word!What more can he say than to you he hath said,To you who for refuge to Jesus have fled?

2.Fear not, I am with thee, O be not dismayed,For I am thy God, I will still give thee aid!I'll strengthen thee, help thee, and cause thee to stand,Upheld by my gracious omnipotent hand.

3.When through the deep waters I call thee to go,The rivers of grief shall not thee overflow,For I will be with thee thy trials to bless,And sanctify to thee thy deepest distress.

4.When through fiery trials thy pathway shall lie,My grace all sufficient shall be thy supply;The flames shall not hurt thee; I only designThy dross to consume, and thy gold to refine.

5.The soul that on Jesus hath leaned for repose,I will not, I will not desert to its foes;That soul, though all Hell should endeavor to shake,I'll never, no never, no never forsake.

977 D. Iambic 1.Lead on, O King eternal,The day of march has come,Henceforth in fields of conquestThy tents shall be our home.Through days of preparationThy grace has made us strong,And now, O King eternal,We lift our battle song.

2.Lead on, O King eternal,Till sin's fierce war shall cease,And holiness shall whisperThe sweet amen of peace;For not with swords loud clashing,Nor roll of stirring drums,With deeds of love and mercy,The heav'nly kingdom comes.

3.Lead on, O King eternal,We follow, not with fears,For gladness breaks like morningWhere'er thy face appears.Thy cross is lifted o'er us;We journey in its light;The crown awaits the conquest;Lead on, O God of might.  Ernest W. Shurtleff (1862-1917)

978 1.I walked one day along a country road,And there a stranger journeyed too;Bent low beneath the burden of his load;It was a cross, a cross I knew.

ChorusTake up thy cross and follow me,I hear the blessed Saviour call;How can I make a lesser sacrificeWhen Jesus gave his all?

2.I cried: Lord Jesus! and he spoke my name;I saw his hands all bruised and torn;I stooped to kiss away the marks of shame,The shame for me that he had borne.

3.O let me bear thy cross dear Lord, I cried,And lo, a cross for me appeared;The one, forgotten, I had cast aside,The one so long that I had feared.  Alfred Ackley (1887-1960)

979 Troch. 1.Are ye able, said the Master,To be crucified with me?Yea, the sturdy dreamers answered,To the death we follow thee.

ChorusLord, we are able, our spirits are thine;Re-mold them, make us like thee divine.Thy guiding radiance above us shall beA beacon to God, to love and loyalty.

2.Are ye able to remember,When a thief lifts up his eyes,That his pardoned soul is worthyOf a place in paradise?

3.Are ye able? still the MasterWhispers down eternity,And heroic spirits answerNow, as then, in Galilee.  Earl Marlatt

980 Dact. 1.Truehearted, wholehearted, faithful and loyal,King of our lives, by thy grace we will be;Under the standard exalted and royal,Strong in thy strength we will battle for thee.

ChorusPeal out the watchword! Silence it never!Song of our spirits, rejoicing and free;Peal out the watchword! Loyal forever!King of our lives, By thy grace we will be.

2.Truehearted, wholehearted, fullest allegiance,Yielding henceforth to our glorious King;Valiant endeavor and loving obedience,Freely and joyously now would we bring.

3.Truehearted, wholehearted, Saviour all-glorious!Take thy great power and reign there alone,Over our wills and affections victorious,Freely surrendered and wholly thine own.  Frances Ridley Havergal (1836-79)


1.We've a story to tell to the nationsThat shall turn their hearts to the right,A story of truth and mercy,A story of peace and light,A story of peace and light.

ChorusFor the darkness shall turn to dawning,And the dawning to noonday bright,And Christ's great kingdom shall come to earth,The Kingdom of love and light.

2.We've a song to be sung to the nationsThat shall lift their hearts to the Lord,A song that shall conquer evilAnd shatter the spear and sword,And shatter the spear and sword.

3.We've a message to give to the nations,That the Lord who reigneth aboveHath sent us his Son to save us,And show us that God is love,And show us that God is love.

4.We've a Saviour to show to the nationsWho the path of sorrow hath trod,That all of the world's great peoplesMight come to the truth of God,Might come to the truth of God.  H. Ernest Nichol (1862-1928)


S.M. 1.Rejoice, ye pure in heart,Rejoice, give thanks and sing;Your glorious banner wave on high,The cross of Christ your King.

ChorusRejoice, rejoice, rejoice, give thanks and sing!

2.Bright youth and snow-crowned age,Strong men and maidens fair,Raise high your free, exulting song,God's wondrous praise declare.

3.Yes, on through life's long path,Still chanting as ye go;From youth to age, by night and day,In gladness and in woe.

4.Still lift your standard high,Still march in firm array,As warriors thru the darkness toilTill dawns the golden day.  Edward H. Pluptree (1821-91)


1.Great is thy faithfulness, O God my Father,There is no shadow of turning with thee;Thou changest not, thy compassions they fail not;As thou hast been thou forever wilt be.

ChorusGreat is thy faithfulness!Great is thy faithfulness!Morning by morning new mercies I see;All I have needed thy hand hath provided;Great is thy faithfulness, Lord, unto me.

2.Summer and winter, and springtime and harvest,Sun, moon and stars in their courses above,Join with all nature in manifold witnessTo thy great faithfulness, mercy and love.

3.Pardon for sin and a peace that endureth,Thy own dear presence to cheer and to guide;Strength for today and bright hope for tomorrow,Blessings all mine, with ten thousand beside!  Thomas O. Chisholm (1866-1960)


1.I have a song that Jesus gave me,It was sent from Heav'n above;There never was a sweeter melody,'Tis a melody of love.

ChorusIn my heart there rings a melody,There rings a melody with Heaven's harmony;In my heart there rings a melody;There rings a melody of love.

2.I love the Christ who died on Calv'ry,For he washed my sins away;He put within my heart a melody,And I know it's there to stay.

3.'Twill be my endless theme in Glory,With the angels I will sing;'Twill be a song with glorious harmony,When the courts of Heaven ring.  Elton M. Roth (1891-1951)


C.M. 1.King of my life, I crown thee now,Thine shall the glory be;Lest I forget thy thorn-crowned brow,Lead me to Calvary.

ChorusLest I forget Gethsemane,Lest I forget thine agony;Lest I forget thy love for me,Lead me to Calvary.

2.Show me the tomb where thou was laid,Tenderly mourned and wept;Angels in robes of light arrayedGuarded thee whilst thou slept.

3.Let me, like Mary, through the gloomCome with a gift to thee;Show to me now the empty tomb,Lead me to Calvary.

4.May I be willing, Lord to bearDaily my cross for thee,Even thy cup of grief to share;Thou hast borne all for me.  Jamie Evelyn Hussey (1874-1958)


L.M. 1.Christ is alive! Let Christians sing.His cross stands empty to the sky.Let streets and homes with praises ring.His love in death shall never die.

2.Christ is alive! No longer boundTo distant years in Palestine,He comes to claim the hear and nowAnd conquer ev'ry place and time.

3.Not throned above, remotely high,Untouched, unmoved by human pains,But daily, in the midst of life,Our Saviour with the Father reigns.

4.In ev'ry insult, rift and war,Where color, scorn or wealth divide,He suffers still, yet loves the more,And lives, though ever crucified.

5.Christ is alive! His Spirit burnsThrough this and ev'ry future age,Till all creation lives and learnsHis joy, his justice, love and praise.  Brian Wren

987 Troch. 1.Life is great! So sing about it,As we can and as we should:Shops and buses, towns and people,Village, farmland, field and wood.Life is great and life is given;Life is lovely, free and good.

2.Life is great! Whatever happens,Snow or sunshine, joy or pain,Hardship, grief, or disillusion,Suff'ring that I can't explain.Life is great if someone loves me,Holds my hands and calls my name.

3.Love is great! The love of lovers,Whispered words and longing eyes;Love that gazes at the cradle,Where a child of loving lies;Love that lasts when youth has faded,Bends with age but never dies.

4.Love is giving and receiving:Boy and girl, and friend with friend.Love is bearing and forgivingAll the hurts that hate can send.Love's the greatest way of living,Hoping, trusting to the end.

5.God is great! In Christ he loved us,As we should but never can.Love that suffered, hoped and trusted,When disciples turned and ran,Love that broke through death for ever:Praise that loving, living Man!  Brian Wren


C.M. 1.O for a thousand tongues to singMy great Redeemer's praise;The glories of my God and King,The triumphs of his grace!

2.My gracious Master and my God,Assist me to proclaim,To spread through all the earth abroadThe honors of thy name;

3.Jesus! the name that charms our fears,That bids our sorrows cease;'Tis music in the sinner's ears;'Tis life and health and peace.

4.He breaks the pow'r of canceled sin,He sets the pris'ner free;His blood can make the foulest clean,His blood avails for me.  Charles Wesley (1707-88)


1.Beneath the cross of JesusI fain would take my stand,The shadow of a mighty rockWithin a weary land;A home within the wilderness,A rest upon the way.From the burning of the noontide heatAnd the burden of the day.

2.Upon that cross of JesusMine eye at times can seeThe very dying form of oneWho suffered there for me;And from my smitten heart, with tears,Two wonders I confess:The wonders of his glorious loveAnd my unworthiness.

3.I take, O cross, thy shadowFor my abiding place;I ask no other sunshine thanThe sunshine of his face;Content to let the world go by,To know no gain nor loss.My sinful self my only shame,My glory all the cross.  Elizabeth C. Clephane (1830-69)


1.I heard an old, old story, how a Saviour came from glory,How he gave his life on Calvary to save a wretch like me;I heard about his groaning, of his precious blood's atoning,Then I repented of my sins and won the victory.

ChorusO victory in Jesus, my Saviour, forever!He sought me and bought me with his redeeming blood;He loved me ere I know him, and all my love is due him--He plunged me to victory beneath the cleansing flood.

2.I heard about his healing, of his cleansing power revealing,How he mad the lame to walk again and caused the blind to see;And then I cried: Dear Jesus come and heal my broken spirit;And somehow Jesus came and brought to me the victory.

3.I heard about a mansion he has built for me in glory,And I heard about the streets of gold beyond the crystal sea;About the angels singing and the old redemption story,And some sweet day I'll sing up there the song of victory.  Eugene M. Bartlett (1885-1941)

991 Troch. 1.'Tis so sweet to trust in Jesus,Just to take him at his word,Just to rest upon his promise,Just to know: Thus saith the Lord.

ChorusJesus, Jesus, how I trust him!How I've proved him o'er and o'er!Jesus, Jesus, precious Jesus!O for grace to trust him more!

2.How I love to trust in Jesus,Just to trust his cleansing blood,Just in simple faith to plunge me'Neath the healing, cleansing flood!

3.Yes, I've learned to trust in Jesus,And from sin and self to cease,Now from Jesus simply takingLife and rest and joy and peace.

4.I'm so glad I learned to trust him,Precious Jesus, Saviour, Friend;And I know that he is with me,He'll be with me to the end.  Louisa M.R. Stead (19th Century)

992 1.The Saviour is waiting to enter your heart,Why don't you let him come in?There's nothing in this world to keep you apart,What is your answer to him?

ChorusTime after time he has waited before,And now he is waiting againTo see if you're willing to open the door:O how he wants to come in.

2.If you'll take on step t'ward the Saviour my friend,You'll find his arms open wide;Receive him, and all of your darkness will end,Within your heart he'll abide.  Ralph Carmichael

993 1.O Lord my God, when I in awesome wonderConsider all the worlds thy hands have made;I see the stars, I hear the rolling thunder,Thy pow'r throughout the universe displayed:

ChorusThen sings my soul, my Saviour God, to thee;How great thou art, how great thou art!Then sings my soul, my Saviour God, to thee:How great thou art, how great thou art!

2.When through the woods and forest glades I wanderAnd hear the birds sing sweetly in the trees,When I look down from lofty mountain grandeur,And hear the brook and feel the gentle breeze:

3.And when I think that God, his Son not sparing,Sent him to die, I scarce can take it in;That on the cross, my burden gladly bearing,He bled and died to take away my sin:

4.When Christ shall come with shout of acclamation,And take me home, what joy shall fill my heart!Then I shall bow in humble adoration,And there proclaim, my God, how great thou art!  Stuart K. Hine


1.O Canada! our home and native land!True patriot love in all thy sons command.With glowing hearts we see thee rise,The true North strong and free;From far and wide, O Canada,We stand on guard for thee.

ChorusGod keep our land glorious and free!O Canada, we stand on guard for thee,O Canada, we stand on guard for thee.

2.O Canada! Where pines and maples grow,Great prairies spread and lordly rivers flow,How dear to us thy broad domain,From east to western sea!Thou land to hope for all who toil!Thou true north strong and free!

3.O Canada! beneath thy shining skiesMay stalwart sons and gentle maidens rise;To keep thee steadfast through the yearsFrom east to western sea,Our own beloved native land,Our true north strong and free.

4.Ruler supreme, who hearest humble prayer,Hold our Dominion in thy loving care.Help us to find, O God, in theeA lasting, rich reward.As waiting for the better day,We ever stand on guard.  Calixa Lavallee (1842-91)

Chorus Section

Salvation and Invitation


Able to save, able to keep,Yes, my Lord is able.Giving me grace, giving me power,Yes, my Lord is able.He has turned the darkest night to day,That's the reason I can say:He's able to save, able to keepIs Christ, my Saviour.


All that you need is a miracle,And all that you need can be yours,All that you need is availableThe moment you turn to the Lord.


And yet he will thy sins forgive;And yet he will thy sins forgive;O come along, for Jesus is strong,And he will thy sins forgive.


Are you coming home tonight?Are you coming home tonight?Are you coming home to JesusOut of darkness into light?Are you coming home tonight?Are you coming home tonight?To your loving heavenly Father,Are you coming home tonight?


Ask! Ask! Ask! and it shall be given;Seek! Seek! Seek! and you're sure to find;Knock! Knock! Knock! and the door will open,For God! God! God! is so good and kind, O yes,So ask! Ask! Ask! and it shall be given;Seek! Seek! Seek! and you're sure to find;Knock! Knock! Knock! and the door will open,For God! God! God! is so good and kind.


Calling, calling, Jesus is calling.Calling me by my own name,Through the avenues of wandering:Child of mine, come back again.


Calvary, so dear, so sweet, so precious;May its dark story ever in my memory dwell;Jesus, so patient, so loving, so gracious,'Twas there his life he gave sin's sorrows to dispel.


Can a poor sinner come to Jesus?Can he come? Can he come?Can a poor sinner come to Jesus?Can he come just now?Yes, O yes, he can come just now:While the Saviour now is calling.While the Holy Spirit's striving,While the precious blood is flowing,He can come just now.


Come with thy sin, come with thy sin,Jesus is calling, come with thy sin.


Coming home, coming home,Never more to roam;Open wide thine arms of love;Lord, I'm coming home.


Don't turn him away! Don't turn him away!He has come back to your heart again,Though you've gone astray;O how you'll need him to plead your causeOn that great judgment day!Don't turn the Saviour away from your heart,Don't turn him away!


He is able, abundantly able to deliver, to deliver,He is able, abundantly able to deliver all who trust in him.


I am coming to the Saviour who can wash away my sin,Coming! Coming! Coming!I am coming to the Saviour who can make my heart quite clean,Coming! Coming! Coming!


I think of all his sorrow,The garden and the morrow,When cruel death did follow;'Twas all for me, 'twas all for me.


Jesus is calling, is calling, is calling,Jesus is calling.Open your heart's door wideAnd let him in.


Jesus said: He who comes to me shall never, never thirst again;Jesus said: He who comes to me shall never, never thirst again;Come ye who still are dry,Come and drink a full supply.Jesus said: He who comes to me shall never, never thirst again.


O Jesus, my Saviour, will welcome sinners home!Welcome sinners home! Welcome sinners home!O Jesus, my Saviour, will welcome sinners home!Sinner, don't delay.


O let the dear Master come in,His blood will cleanse you from sin;He's knocking once more, now open the door,And let the dear Master come in.


O the love of Christ, my Lord,When he hung on Calvary's rugged tree;O the love of Christ my Lord!Sinner, 'twas for thy sake,And he pleads still for thee.


O yes, there's salvation for you!O yes, there's salvation for you!For you on the cross Jesus suffered;O yes, there's salvation for you!


Room, room, room at the cross,Room at the cross for thee.Room, room, room at the cross,Room at the cross for thee.


Take Jesus to all the world,He'll put things right;Take Jesus to all the world,He'll put things right.Jesus died for all mankind,So I know that you will findIf you take Jesus to all the world,He'll put things right.


There is mercy in Jesus, there's mercy in Jesus,There's pardon for all who will come to the blood.


They are nailed to the cross,They are nailed to the cross,O how much he was willing to bear!With what anguish and loss Jesus went to the cross,And he carried my sins with him there.


To heal the broken heart he came,To free the captive from his chain;The blood he spilt when he was slain,Brings guilty sinners home to God.


Travel along in the sunshineOn the King's highway;Travel along, singing a song,Follow Jesus day by day.Never mind what lies before you,Never mind what others do;So travel along in the sunshineOn the King's highway.


Turn to the Lord and seek salvation.Sound the praise of Jesus' name.Glory, honor and salvation,Christ, the Lord, is come to reign.


What shall the answer be?What shall the answer be?What will you do with Jesus,O what shall the answer be?


Wonderful place called Calvary!Wonderful place called Calvary!Love, redeeming love, I seeAt the place called Calvary.


You may be saved, O glorious thought!Make haste, do not delay;His precious blood salvation brought;You may be saved today.


You've carried your burden, you've carried it long;Bring it to Jesus, he's loving and strong;He'll take it away and your sorrows shall cease,He'll send you rejoicing with a heavenly peace.



All my days and all my hours,All my will and all my powers,All the passion of my soul,Not a fragment but the wholeShall be thine, dear Lord,Shall be thine, dear Lord.


All my heart I give to thee;Every moment to live for thee;Daily strength to receive from theeAs I obey thy call.While I bow to pray to thee,I commit my way to thee;Here, just now as I say to thee:I dedicate my all.


All there is of me, Lord,All there is of me,Time and talents, day by day,All I bring to thee;All there is of me, Lord,All there is of me,On thine altar here I layAll there is of me.


At thy feet I bow adoring,Bending lower, lower still;Giving up my all to follow,Just to do my Master's will;Giving up my all to follow,Just to do my Master's will.


Constantly abiding, Jesus is mine;Constantly abiding, rapture divine;He never leaves me lonely,Whispers, O so kind:I will never leave thee, Jesus is mine.


Dear Lord, at thy feet I still linger,'Tis sweet to rest here with thee;O touch my life into beauty,Thy Spirit give to me.


Ever thine, thine alone,Henceforth, Saviour, I will be;This my hope, my life's ambition,Day by day to grow like thee.


Give me a heart like thine,Give me a heart like thine,By thy wonderful power, by thy grace every hour,Give me a heart like thine.


Go back to the old wellsWhere the waters are sweet;Go back to the old wellsWhere joy and duty meet.The waters of the old wellsWill your spirit restore;Go right back to the dear old wells,Leave them no more.


I give thee my best, nothing less, nothing less,O gladly I give thee who loved me, my best.


I'm believing and receivingWhile I to the river go;And my heart its waves are cleansingWhiter than the driven snow.


Jesus, Jesus, lily of the valley,Bloom in all thy beauty in the garden of my heart;Jesus, Jesus, lily of the valley,Bloom in all thy beauty in the garden of my heart.


Much more hath God in store,Much more, much more.Greater glories we may yet behold,Greater blessings as the days unfold,Greater triumphs than have yet been told:Much more! Much more hath God in store.


Nearer to thee, nearer to thee,Blessed Redeemer, to thee:Only to know that the path I treadIs bringing me nearer to thee.


Now the fruit of the Spirit is patience,And the fruit of the Spirit is peace,The fruit of the Spirit is gentlenessAnd joy that will never cease.The gift of the Spirit is healing,And hope for the darkest hour,The gift of the Spirit is love, yes, love and power, and power.


O I'm glad there is cleansing in the blood,O I'm glad there is cleansing in the blood,Tell the world there is cleansing,All the world there is cleansing,There is cleansing in the Saviour's blood.


Only one intention, only one ambition,Lord, at the cross I claim it mine.Every treasure spending, in thy cause contending,Held by the power of a love like thine.


Reckon on me following thee,Living for ever thy servant to be;Cloudy or fine, Lord. I am thineUntil thy face I shall see.


Refining fire, go through my heart,Illuminate my soul;Scatter thy life through every part,And sanctify the whole.


Reign, O reign, my Saviour,Reign, O reign, my Lord!Send the sanctifying powerIn the Army of the Lord;Send the sanctifying powerin the Army.


Sealed by thy Spirit, sealed by thy Spirit,Sealed by thy Spirit, eternally thine;Thus would I be to thy service devoted;Sealed by thy Spirit, eternally thine.


Spirit of the living God,Fall afresh on me.Spirit of the living God,Fall afresh on me.Break me, melt me, mold me, fill me;Spirit of the living God,Fall afresh on me.


Sweet Rose of Sharon, blooming for me,Jesus, it is an emblem of thee;Beautiful flower, fairest that grows,I'm glad I've found thee,Sweet Sharon's Rose.


There is not in my heart left one treasure, dear Lord,That I would not yield gladly to thee;Only let, in thy mercy, thy pleadings be heard,They shall gladly be answered by me.


Whatsoever things are true,Honest, just and lovely, too,Pure in motive and in thought,Things that are of good report,Think on these things!Think on these things!


Where he leads me I will follow,Where he leads me I will follow,Where he leads me I will follow,I'll go with him, with him, all the way.



Bless me now, bless me now,Heavenly Father, bless me now;Bless me now, bless me now,Heavenly Father, bless me now.


Blessing through me, Lord, blessing through me,Lord, send to others, some blessing through me;Living that all men thy glory shall see,Lord, send to others some blessing through me.


Channels only, blessed Master,But with all thy wondrous powerFlowing through me, thou canst use meEvery day and every hour.


Come, beautiful Christ,Radiate thy beauty in me.'Tis thee I adore,What can I ask moreThan to live for thee, beautiful Christ.


Come, Holy Spirit, and abide with me,My heart is longing to confide in thee;Such wondrous grace thou hast provided me,Holy Spirit, abide with me.


Coming this way, yes, coming this way,A mighty revival is coming this way;Keep on believing, trust and obey,A mighty revival is coming this way.


Enter, enter right into my heart, Lord,Enter now, enter now;Enter, enter right into my heart, Lord,Enter now, enter now.


Fill the earthen vessel of my heart, Lord,Fill the earthen vessel of my heart;Let thy treasure, excelling in power,Fill the earthen vessel of my heart.


For they that wait upon the LordShall renew their strength;They shall mount up with wings,They shall mount up with wings as eagles;They shall run and not be weary;They shall walk and not faint:They shall run and not be weary;They shall walk and not faint:They shall run and not be weary;Shall walk and not faint.


Here is the place for the lifting of burdens,Here is the place of freedom from care;Here is the place where the sinner finds pardon,Here is the place where God answers prayer.


Holy Spirit, seal me I pray,At the cross helpless I bow;Only like Jesus I long to be,Holy Spirit, seal me I pray.Only like Jesus I long to be,Holy Spirit, seal me I pray.


I am trusting, Lord, in thee,Blessed Lamb of Calvary,Humbly at thy cross I bow;Jesus saves me, saves me now:Jesus saves me, Jesus saves me,Saves me now.


I believe God answers prayer,I believe God answers prayer,I believe God answers prayer;He's answered mine before.


I want to live right, that God may use meAt any time and anywhere:I want to live right, that God may use meAt any time and anywhere.


If on my soul a trace of sin remaineth,If on my hands a stain may yet be seen;If one dark thought a wearied mind retaineth,O wash me, Lord, till every part be clean.For I would live that men may see thyself in me,I would in faith ascend thy holy hill,And with my thoughts in tune with thy divinity,Would learn how best to do thy holy will.


In thee, O Lord, do I put my trust,In thee, O Lord, do I put my trust,In thee, O Lord, do I put my trust.


Jesus, hear my humble pleading,My great needs are known to thee,Come, O come to me revealingAll thy grace can do in me.


Jesus, thou lover of souls,Jesus, thou lover of souls,O let me drink of thy Spirit,Make me a lover of souls.


Keep the touch of God on your soul,Keep the touch of God on your soul.O wrestle, watch and pray,Until the break of day,And keep the touch of God on your soul.


Let the beauty of Jesus be seen in me,All his wonderful passion and purity,O thou Spirit divine, all my nature refine,Till the beauty of Jesus be seen in me.


Let the waves wash me,Let the waves cleanse me,Lord, in thy power let them roll over me:Let the waves wash me,Let the waves cleanse me,Lord, in thy power let them roll over me.


Lord, lay some soul upon my heart,And love that soul through me;And may I humbly do my partTo win that soul for thee.


Lord, lift me up and let me standBy faith on Heaven's tableland:A higher plane than I have found;Lord, plant my feet on higher ground.


Lord, make Calvary real to me;Lord, make Calvary real to me,Open mine eyes to see victory in Christ for me;Lord, make Calvary real to me.


Lord, teach me how to pray,Lord, teach me how to pray,To tell my need, I know not how,Lord, teach me how to pray.


Love I ask for, love I claim,A dying love like thine.A love that feels for all the world,Saviour, give me a love like thine.


Make me a channel of blessing today,Make me a channel of blessing I pray;My life possessing, my service blessing,Make me a channel of blessing today.


Make thyself known, Lord,In my life please be!Make me thine own, Lord.Turn not from me!


Meet my need, Lord,Meet my need, Lord,Meet my need just now;I am waiting and thou art comingTo meet my need just now.


Never a prayer he will not answer,Never a seeking soul to whom the Lord said nay;Never a sin that his grace cannot cover,Never a burden that he cannot roll away.


O come just now to me, my Lord!O come just now to me, my Lord!I give my all, I trust thy word,O come just now to me!


O come to the cross where they nailed him,Raised high that the whole world might see;Those wounds in his hands, in his feet and his side,Were made as he died there for me.


O Jesus, be thyself to meA living, bright reality;O Jesus, be thyself to meA living, bright reality.


O pour it in my soul,O pour it in my soul,The spirit of Immanuel,O pour it in my soul!


O touch me again, Lord, touch me again!This moment I feel afresh thou canst heal,So touch me again, Lord, O touch me again!


Power, power, power divine,Power, power, Lord, be it mine;Power thy promise, power my plea,Lord, let thy power descend upon me.


Prayer gently lifts me to highest Heaven.From earth's confusion to Jesus' breast;My sin and weakness, my doubt and sorrow,Are lost forever in sweetest rest.


Renew my will from day to day;Blend it with thine, and take awayAll that now makes it hard to say:Thy will be done.


Saviour, to me thy love impart,And let me now thy nature know;O dwell within my glowing heart,Then shall my life thy beauty show.


Send a new touch of power on my soul,Lord, Send it now, Lord; send it now, Lord;Touch my lips with a coal from thine altar, Lord;Send a new touch of power on my soul.


Show us thy glory, Christ of the mount,Thou art of light and wisdom the fount;We would adore thee, make known thy power,Stay with thy people, hallow this hour;We would adore thee, make known thy power,Stay with thy people, hallow this hour.


Silently now I wait for thee,Ready my God thy will to see,Open mine eyes, illumine me,Spirit divine.


Speak once again, Lord,Speak once again, Lord,I am listening at thy feet,Speak to me again, Lord.


Spirit of God, O hear us pray;We would be wholly thine.Now unto thee our souls aspire;Fill us with life divine.


Spirit of love, come and in me residing,Show forth thy radiance glorious,For evermore abiding.Spirit of love, come and in me residing,Show forth thy radiance glorious,For evermore abiding.


Such as I have, Lord, I give unto thee,Praying and waiting new visions to see;Lord, wilt thou use me? Thy servant I'll be;Such as I have, Lord, I give unto thee.


Sweet Spirit of Christ,Make my poor heart thy dwelling,Thy beauty adorning,Other souls draw nigh to thee.


Teach me how to love thee,Teach me how to pray,Teach me how to serve theeBetter every day;Teach me how to serve theeBetter every day.


This is God's moment, God's moment for you;A moment so solemn, yet joyous and new,Forgiven is all sinning,Real life is beginning,For this is God's moment for you.


To be like Jesus!This hope possesses me,In every thought and deed,This is my aim, my creed;To be like Jesus!This hope possesses me,His Spirit helping me,Like him I'll be.


To feel thy power, to hear thy voice,To share thy cross be all my choice,To feel thy power, to hear thy voice,To share thy cross be all my choice.


To thy cross I come, Lord,There for me is room, Lord,Poor unworthy me, even me.Pardon every sin, Lord,Place thy power within, Lord,Then I from this hour will follow thee.


Walk with me, walk with me,Walk with me, walk with me,All the way from earth to Heaven,Blessed Master, walk with me.


Wash me and cleanse me,Wash me and cleanse me,Take all my sin away.


We're all seeking the same Saviour,We're all seeking the self-same Lord.We're all claiming the same cleansing,We're all finding our peace restored.


When I talk with Jesus,Bring to him my care,With his own sweet comfortJesus answers prayer.


Whisper a prayer in the morning,Whisper a prayer at noon,Whisper a prayer in the evening,To keep your heart in tune.Prayer changes things in the morning,Prayer changes things at noon,Prayer changes things in the eveningAnd keeps your heart in tune.



Clouds will change to sunshine,Night will turn to day,If you will just rememberGod is not far away.


Don't stay in the valley,Where the shadows fall;Climb up to the mountain top,'Tis the sweetest place of all;Catch the heavenly breezes,Live in God's sunshine;Doubts and fears will flee away,You'll be happy all the time.


Faith is the victory!Faith is the victory!O glorious victoryThat overcomes the world.


Faith, mighty faith, the promise seesAnd looks to that alone;Laughs at impossibilitiesAnd cries: It shall be done!And cries: It shall be done!And cries: It shall be done!Laughs at impossibilitiesAnd cries: It shall be done!


Fully trusting in the battle's fray,Fully trusting Jesus all the way,Fully trusting, this the surest stay,Trusting alone in Jesus.


God can and will my every need supply,If I by faith on his strong arm rely;Sufficient is his love to satisfy;I know God can, I'm sure he will.


God is love,I feel it in the air around me;God is love,I see it in the heaven above me;God is love,All nature doth agree;But the greatest proof of his love to meIs Calvary.


God is still on the throne,And he will remember his own;Though trials may press us and burdens distress us,He never will leave us alone.God is still on the throne,And he will remember his own;His promise is true, he will not forget you;God is still on the throne.


God is with us all the time,In the morning when joybells chime,In the evening when lights are low;Our God is with us everywhere we go.


God will take care of youThrough every day, o'er all the way,He will take care of you,God will take care of you.


He cannot forget me,Though trials beset me,Forever his promise shall stand;He cannot forget me,Though trials beset me,My name's on the palm of his hand.


He is standing with us here in the plain,Will you let him ease the load and the strain?He's a helper and a stay,Not a Saviour far away,But the Christ of every day,Bless his name!


He knows, he knowsThe storms that would my way oppose;He knows. he knowsAnd tempers every wind that blows.


He writes the pardon on my heart,This moment I believe,I can and I will and I do believeThat Jesus died for me.


His Spirit answers to the bloodAnd tells me I am born of God,And tells me I am born of God.


I believe in the word of God,I believe in the word of God;Every promise is true,I believe it, do you?I believe in the word of God.


I can see my pilot's face in every storm,I can see my pilot's face in every storm;Though the billows round me roll,There is peace within my soul;I can see my pilot's face in every storm.


I have a pilot who guides meNight and day;Through cloud and sunshine I trust him,Come what may.Dangers may threaten but I never fear;I'm full of confidence while he is near;I have a pilot who guides meAlong life's way.


I know he cares for me, for me,I know he cares for me, for me;I'll trust my Father in HeavenFor I know that he cares for me.


If I take the wings of the morning,God is there;Fly above the clouds of the dawning,Anywhere:Even in the darkest night,I'm not beyond his care,If I take the wings of the morning,God is there.


Jesus himself drew near,Jesus himself drew near,When alone on the road oppressed by my load,Jesus himself drew near and walked with me.


Keep on marching with a fighting faith,Fighting faith, fighting faith,Keep on marching with a fighting faithAnd win the world for Jesus.


Launch out into the deep,O let the shoreline go!Launch out, launch out in the ocean divine,Out where the full tides flow.


Lean on his arm, trusting in his love,Lean on his arm, all his mercies prove,Lean on his arm, looking up above,Just lean on the Saviour's arm.


Now don't you let the troubles of tomorrowBring sadness to your heart, and burdens too;For if the Father's eye is on the sparrow,Then surely he will care for you.He knoweth, he careth,Each burden he beareth.For if the Father's eye is on the sparrow,Then surely he will care for you.


Over and over, like a mighty, mighty sea,Comes the love of Jesus rolling over me.


Over the sea, over the sea,Jesus, Saviour, pilot me;Over the sea, over the sea,Over life's troubled sea.


Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace,Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace,Thou wilt keep him in perfect peaceWhose mind is stayed on thee.


'Tis wonderful to know the joy that cometh from above;'Tis wonderful to walk with God in fellowship and love;Though human hopes may vanish and earthly cares increase,'Tis wonderful to dwell with him in confidence and peace.


Trusting thee ever, doubting thee never,Kept in thy hand to sin no more;Trusting thee ever, doubting thee never,Thou hast my treasure and my store.


When tempted sore to worry,And care my soul would flurry,I count, dear Lord, on thee,I count, dear Lord, on thee.I let the storms pass o'er me,I know they cannot harm me,I count, dear Lord, on thee,I count, dear Lord, on thee.Hallelujah! Hallelujah!I count, dear Lord, on thee, on thee,Hallelujah! Hallelujah!I count, dear Lord, on thee.

Experience and Testimony


A never-failing friend,A never-failing friendIs Christ to me, so rich and free,His favors never end.A never-failing friend,A never-failing friend,Give up your sin and you shall winThis never-failing friend.


All through the years his providence has led me,His abounding goodness has been all my song;All through the years I tell his love and mercy,Singing Ebenezer as the years roll on.


Beauty for ashes my Lord doth prepare;Garments of praise for my days of despair;Gladness for sadness, and laughter for tears;Oil for my woundings, and love for my fears.


Bless his name, he sets me free,Bless his name, he sets me free,O the blood, the precious blood,I am trusting in the cleansing flood.Bless his name, he sets me free.Bless his name, he sets me free,I know my sins are washed away,And now in Jesus I am free.


By the blood my Saviour shed upon the tree,He redeemed me, he redeemed me;By the blood my Saviour shed upon the tree,I am now from sin set free.


Christ is the answer to my every need;Christ is the answer, he is my friend indeed;Problems of life my spirit may assail,With Christ my Saviour, I shall never fail,For Christ is the answer to my need.


Clear are the skies above me,Pure are the joys within,Boundless the grace that keeps meFree from the power of sin;Walking each hour with Jesus.Held by his mighty hand,Pardoned, the past behind me,Before, the Gloryland.


Come along, come along to Beulah,There's a place for you;Here the milk and honey flow,Here we see the golden glowOf the Gloryland.Come along. come along to Beulah,Keep a-marching on;There are joybells ringing,There are glad songs singing In the Beulah land.


Ever near to bless and cheer in the darkest hour,When I'm tempted I can feel his power;At his side I'll abide, never from him roam,Till at last, fighting past, he will take me home.


Everybody should know;Everybody should know;I've found such a wonderful SaviourThat everybody should know.


For there is one God and one mediator'twixt God and man,For there is one God and one mediator,the man Christ Jesus.Who gave himself a ransom for us all,Who gave himself a ransom for us all,Who gave himself a ransom for us all,O what a wonderful Saviour!For there is one God and one mediator'twixt God and man,For there is one God and one mediator,the man Christ Jesus.


Glory to God, he has ransomed me,I am free, I am free!Free from the bondage and power of wrong,Now in my heart is a glad new song,Free from the shame and sense of sin,Out in the open I walk with him!O praise his name, he has ransomed me,I am free, I am free!No more the servant of sin to be,Now I am free!


God hath shined in our hearts,God hath shined in our hearts,To give the light of the knowledge of the glory of GodIn the face of Jesus Christ.


Gone is my burden, he rolled it away,Opened my eyes to the light of the day;Now in the fulness of joy I can say,I'm happy, I'm happy in Jesus.


He brought me out of darkness into light,Out of darkness into light;He brought me out of darkness into light,The wondrous light of God.


He loved me, I cannot tell why,He loved me, I cannot tell why;On Calvary's tree he suffered for me;He loved me, I cannot tell why.


He's mine, he's mine, he's mine,This wonderful Saviour, he's mine.


He's the same today as yesterday,My great unchanging friend;He's the same today as yesterday,Just the same unto the end.By his mighty power he holds me,In his arms of love enfolds me;He's the same today as yesterday,My great unchanging friend.


I am not under law, but under grace;It is grace that rescued me,It is grace that keeps me free.I have sought, I have found my hiding-place,I am not under law, but under grace.


I have a Saviour who's mighty to keep,Mighty to keep evermore.


I have cast my burden on the SaviourAnd while I pray I shall find in Jesus all the help I needOn the upward way.It is not in sorrow to defeat me,Nor the cheering ray of hope to dim,For the present shows God's mercy,And the future is with him.


I know he's mine, this friend so dear,He lives with me, he's ever near;Ten thousand charms around him shine,But best of all, I know he's mine.


I know, I know, I know, yes, I know,In Jesus' blood my heart is washed as white as driven snow.


I love him better every day,I love him better every day,Close by his side, there I'll abide;I love him better every day.


I want to sing it, I want to shout it,I want to tell you all about it;The love of Jesus, the love of Jesus;It brings the glory to my soul!I can't compare it, I want to share it,I feel I really must declare it,The love of Jesus, the love of Jesus;It brings the glory to my soul!I want to sing it, I want to shout it;It brings the glory to my soul!


I was wandering in the wilderness,Far away, far away,But Jesus sought me in tenderness,Happy day, happy day.


If Jesus goes with me I'll go anywhere;'Tis Heaven to me wherever I be, if he is there.I count it a privilege here his cross to share;If Jesus goes with me I'll go anywhere.


I'm living my life for Jesus,His love and grace I've seen;And now that I live for Jesus,Life has a new-found theme.My life has a new-found intention.I follow a purposeful aim,And life has a new-found dimension,I witness that I'm born again.I'm living my life for Jesus,His love and grace I've seen;And now that I live for Jesus,Life has a new-found theme.


I'm satisfied with Jesus here,He's everything to me;His dying love has won my heart,And now he sets me free.


I'm singing a glory song all day long;All hail the power of Jesus' name,His love for me is still the sameAs the day when I was born again;And that's why I'm singing a glory songAll day long.


In him abiding, my all confidingTo the care of love divine;His word believing, new life receivingAs the branches from the vine;His glory showing, I'm daily growing,While the rays of Heaven shine,And I am singing, for joy is springingFrom this happy heart of mine.


It's no longer I that liveth,But Christ that liveth in me,It's no longer I that liveth,But Christ that liveth in me.He lives! He lives!Jesus is alive in me.It's no longer I that liveth,But Christ that liveth in me.


I've anchored my soul in the haven of rest,I sail the wide sea no more;Now the tempest may sweep o'er the wild stormy deep,But in Jesus I'm safe evermore.


Jesus is able, Jesus is able,Able to save and to keep.Jesus is able, Jesus is able,Able to save and to keep.


Jesus is all I need.Jesus is all I need;I'll follow where he leads:Jesus is all I need.


Jesus is all I need,My strength, my light, my Saviour,Jesus is all I need.


Jesus knows all about our struggles,He will guide till the day is done;There's not a friend like the lowly Jesus,No, not one! No, not one!


Jesus saves, Jesus saves,Saves and keeps me, hallelujah!Jesus saves, Jesus saves,Jesus saves me now.


Joy, joy, wonderful joy,Peace, peace, naught can destroy.Love, love so boundless and free,All this my Lord gives to me.


Living, he loved me; dying, he saved me;Buried, he carried my sins far away;Rising, he justified, freely for ever;One day he's coming, O glorious day!


Mine, mine, mine,I know thou art mine;Saviour, dear Saviour,I know thou art mine.


My heart sings whenever I think of Jesus,My heart sings whenever I think of him.As I ponder his sweet grace,And the glory of his face,Then my heart sings whenever I think of him.


My sins, my sins are remembered no more,My sins, my sins are remembered no more;They are all gone, yes, every one;My sins, my sins are remembered no more.


My sins rose as high as a mountain,They all disappeared in the fountain;He wrote my name down for a palace and crown;Bless his dear name, I'm free:He wrote my name down for a palace and crown;Bless his dear name, I'm free.


Never to be remembered any more,Never to be remembered any more;He cast my record of sinfulnessInto the sea of forgetfulness,Never to be remembered any more.


Now my heart is glad,Gone is every fear;How can I be sadWhen my Lord is near?Gone is all my night,Breaks a light divine,For my Saviour tells me I am his,And he is mine.


O the blood of Jesus,The precious blood of Jesus,O the blood of Jesus,It cleanses from all sin!


O the Lamb, the bleeding Lamb,The Lamb of Calvary;The Lamb that was slain, but liveth againTo intercede for me!


O what a loving Saviour,His love will ever fill my soul with praise;O what a Saviour, and of his favorI'm determined my voice I'll raise.


On the road of happiness, on the road of love,We're journeying together on to the realms above,In the Master's footsteps we delight to walk:Joy abounding we are finding on the road of happiness.


Peace is mine, I've naught to fear,Trusting when dark clouds appear;Joy is mine, I live each day'Neath my Saviour's smile.


Peace, peace, sweet peace,Wonderful gift from above;O wonderful, wonderful peace,Sweet peace, the gift of God's love!


Rolled away, rolled away, rolled away,O the burden of my heart rolled away;Rolled away, rolled away, rolled away,O the burden of my heart rolled away;Every sin had to go'Neath the cleansing flow,Rolled away, rolled away, rolled away,O the burden of my heart rolled away.


Saved and kept by the grace of God,Always happy are we,Proud to tell of the cleansing blood,And the power that sets us free.


Scatter a little sunshine,Scatter it far and near;So many hearts are lonely,So many lives are drear;Scatter a little sunshine,A little will go so far;Scatter a little sunshine,Scatter it where you are.


Sing a song of happiness,Sing a song of love,Sing a song of cheerfulness;Sing and you will proveLife is not all bitterness,Life is not all wrong,Life is full of hopefulness,Life's a happy song.


That old, old story is true,That old, old story is true;I've found out the reason they love it so well:That old, old story is true.


The light of the world is Jesus,The light of the world is Jesus,And if you come to him,He'll cleanse your soul from sin;The light of the world is Jesus.


The Lord came down to save me,The Lord came down to save me,The Lord came down to save meBecause he loved me so!


The path is very narrow but I'll follow, I'll follow, I'llfollow;The path is very narrow but I'll follow,I will follow in the footsteps of my Lord.


There's joy in following Jesus all the way;There's joy in following Jesus every day;His love is like a rainbow when earthly skies are gray;There's joy in following Jesus all the way.


There's no one like Jesus can cheer me today,His love and his kindness can ne'er fade away;In winter, in summer, in sunshine. in rain,My Saviour's affections are always the same.


True happiness is love expressed in service,True holiness, compassion deep and strong;In giving of my best I find contentment,And so forget how hard the way and long.


'Twas the suffering of Jesus,The dying of Jesus,It broke my heart, won my heart;Wonderful Jesus!


We have a gospel that matches the hour,We have discovered the true source of power,Man is a weakling, but he can be strong,Choosing the right and refusing the wrong.Man has no meaning, no purpose, no soul,Till he discovers that God is his goal.This is the gospel that claims all our powers,This is good news for this age of ours.



Can you wonder, can you wonder,Can you wonder why it is I love him so?When I think of what he's doneFor me, the guilty one,Can you wonder why it is I love him so?


His love passeth understanding,His lifetime story my crowning glory;His love passeth understanding,His tender care is everything to me.


In life's early splendorGladly would we bringHearts glowing and tenderTo our Saviour-King.He gave all to save us;What have we to give?Just a true devotionEvery day we live.Just a true devotionEvery day we live.


Jesus of Galilee,Jesus of Calvary,Saviour for you and me;Wonderful Jesus.


Life is a song when you walk with Jesus,Talk with Jesus, work for Jesus;Life is a song when you live for JesusAnd your heart's in tune with him.


O I love him, yes I love him,Since for me he bled and died!O I love him, yes, I love himMore than all the world beside!


O the dearest, the fairest, is Jesus to me!I'll praise his dear name that ever he cameTo the cross, so to save a poor sinner like me!I'll tell of his wonderful love.


O the love that sought me!O the blood that bought me!O the grace that brought me to the fold,Wondrous grace that brought me to the fold.


O what a redeemer is Jesus, my Saviour!Forgiving my sins and bearing all my woe;O what a redeemer is Jesus, my Saviour!Proclaiming my liberty and washing me white as snow.


Singing we go, our joy to show,We want to fill the world with music;This is the reason we sing:Make Jesus King! Make Jesus King!Singing we go, for this we knowWith Jesus in the heart there's music,This is the reason we sing:Make Jesus King! Make Jesus King!


The heavenly gales are blowing,The cleansing stream is flowing,Beneath its waves I am going,Hallelujah, praise the Lord!


We'll sing in the morning the songs of salvation,We'll sing in the noontide the songs of his love,And when we arrive at the end of our journeyWe'll sing the songs of Zion in the courts above.


When the glory gets into your soul, my brother;When the glory gets into your soul, my friend;Then you'll shout the praises of your heavenly Father,When the glory gets into your soul.



And we'll roll the old chariot along,And we'll roll the old chariot along,And we'll roll the old chariot along,And we won't drag on behind.


Chosen to be a soldier,Chosen by God;Chosen to be a soldier,Washed in his blood;Chosen to be a soldier,Lost ones to save,Chosen to be a soldierIn the Army brave.


Christ for all! This is the Army's call,Gospel of life, gospel of love, gospel of light.Hand in hand under the flag we standOne in our faith, one in our hope, one in our fight.Bearers of a royal proclamation, Heralding the coming of theKing,Hallelujah!Christ shall reign, echo the glad refrain,Till all the world praises to God shall sing.


Fighting, fighting on the narrow way;The way is rough, the fighting tough,But we shall win the day.Fighting, fighting on the narrow way;The way is rough, the fighting tough,But we shall win the day.


Follow the flag, follow the flag,Be a soldier brave and true;Follow the flag, follow the flag,Follow the yellow, red and blue.March on bravely to victory;Don't stay behind, joy you will find,If you follow the Army flag.


I am a soldier, glory to God,Fighting for Christ who bought me;I am a soldier, washed in his blood,Marching along to Glory.


I love the dear old Army flag,Of the yellow, red and blue;I love the dear old drum with its come, come, come,Calling, poor sinner, to you.I love the songsters' song so grand,And the music of the band;But the thing I love the best in the north, south, east and west,Is to fight in the ranks of the Army.


I want to be a soldier of the cross,Brave-hearted and true;I want to be a soldier of the cross,I do, I do, I do, I do.I want to be a soldier of the cross,Telling out the story, Walking with JesusAll the way to Glory.


I will make you fishers of men,Fishers of men, fishers of men,I will make you fishers of menIf you follow me.If you follow me, if you follow me;I will make you fishers of menIf you follow me.


If the cross we boldly bear,Then the crown we shall wear,When we dwell with Jesus thereIn his sight for evermore.


I'll be true, Lord, to thee,I'll be true, Lord, to thee,And whate'er may befall, I shall surely conquer allIf I'm only true to thee.


I'll try again, I'll try again,I'll try againThy true soldier to be!


In the Army ranks are we,'Neath the flag, so dear, we've taken our stand;We are marching forth a company grand, a conquering band to be.We would battle, Lord, for thee;Teach our hands to war, our fingers to fight,That the souls who dwell in darkness and nightThy Kingdom of light may see.


In the ranks of the dear old Army,'Neath the yellow, red and blue,There's a place for every warrior,If to Jesus you'll be true.Your reward will be a grand oneIn the sweet, sweet by-and-by,There's a place for every warrior;Why don't you try? Why don't you try?


Stepping on together in the ranks of truth,Boldly the heroes tread,Flushing with the courage and the hope of youth,God's blue sky o'erhead.Whether in the desert or the star-lit north,Land of the ice or flame,Soldiers of the cross are faring forthIn God's great name.


The world is needing us,Christ is leading us;Comrades, let us be true.His love constraining us,Prayer sustaining us,Faith will carry us through.His service calling us,None appalling us,Deeds of valor we'll do;For souls are needing us,Christ is leading us;Comrades, we will be true.


The yellow, red and blue shall flyAbove our heads until we die,With blood and fire 'neath every sky,We're sure to win, we're sure to win.


There's only one flag for me!There's only one flag for me!I'm going to march beneath the yellow, red and blue,To its precious principles be true,There's only one flag for me!There's only one flag for me!It speaks of power, pardon, peace and purity,There's only one flag for me!


We'll keep the old flag flying,Flying round the world;We'll keep the old flag flyingIn every land unfurled;We'll keep the old nag flying,Flying round the world.Keep the old flag flying,Keep the old flag flying,Flying round the world.


We'll never let the old flag fall,For we love it the best of all;We've taken the field for God and right,We're in this war to fight! fight! fight!We'll march to victory while we singThe praises of our Lord and King;To the end of the world our flag's unfurled.We'll never let the old flag fall.


We're marching on, we're marching on,We're marching on together;God bless our Army round the world,And keep us true forever.



And I shall see him face to face,And tell the story saved by grace;And I shall see him face to face,And tell the story saved by grace.


At the end of our journeyWe shall wear a crown,We shall wear a crown,We shall wear a crown.At the end of our journeyWe shall wear a crownIn the new Jerusalem.


Away over Jordan, with my blessed Jesus,Away over Jordan to wear a starry crown.


I shall know him, I shall know him,When redeemed by his side I shall stand;I shall know him, I shall know himBy the print of the nails in his hand.


Lay up treasure in Heaven,Life will pass away;Lay up treasure in Heaven,For the great accounting day;Lay up treasure in Heaven,Though men count thee poor,Thou shalt reign with the sons of GodFor evermore.


There'll be no sorrow there,There'll be no sorrow there,In Heaven above, where all is love,There'll be no sorrow there.


Wonderful Saviour, wonderful friend,Wonderful love that never will end,Wonderful home he has gone to prepare,Wonder of wonders, I shall be there.

Metrical Index

of tunes in

The Tune Book of

The Salvation Army

and the American Supplement

AN asterisk (*) indicates that the tune can be used for the meter under which it appears by making some small adjustment, such as tying two notes for one syllable, repeating lines, or using verse and chorus together.

When choosing an alternative tune it should be remembered that:

1.  Even if the number of lines and syllables agree, the stresses may not. For instance, Iambic has a different rhythmic stress from Trochaic: the first is weak, strong: whereas the latter is strong, weak.

2.  Tunes in the irregular meter are not interchangeable apart from a few exceptions.

3. The words of all verses, not just the first, should be checked for compatibility.

4. A tune should sensitively reflect the words of the song.

Long Meter

1  A little star peeps o'er the hill

2  Abends

3  Accrington

4  Alstone

5  And above the rest

6  Angelus

7  Arizona

8  Armadale

9  Beethoven

10  Behold me standing at the door

11  Benediction

12  Beulah Land

13  Boston

14  Calvary

15  Confidence

16  Deep Harmony

17  Duke Street

18  Eden

19  Ernan

20  Harton-Lea

21  He leadeth me!

22  Here at the cross

23  Hereford

24  Holly

25  *How much more

26  Hursley

27  I'll serve my Lord alone

28  It was on the cross

29  I've washed my robes

30  Job

31  Lambton Green

32  Llangollen

33  Maryton

34  Melcombe

35  Morning Hymn

36  My beautiful home

37  O happy day

38  Old Hundredth

39  On Calvary's brow

40  Pentecost

41  Retreat

42  Rimington

43  Rockingham

44  St Clements

45 *St Francis [with alleluias)

46  St Luke

47  Saved by grace

48  Silver Hill

49  Simon

50  Soon the reaping time will come

51  Sounding Praise

52  Tallis

53  Thou art enough for me

54  986 Truro

55  Wareham

56  Warrington

57  Was it for me?

58  Whitburn

59  Why not tonight?

60  *Will your anchor hold?

61  Winchester New

Double Long Meter

10  *Behold me standing at the door

62  God's Soldier

21  *He leadeth me (with chorus)

63  He wipes the tear

64  Maryland

65  Newcastle

47  *Saved by Grace (with chorus)

66  Sweet hour of prayer

57  Was it for me? (with chorus)

Common Meter

67  A Little Ship

68  A soldier of the cross

69  Abridge

70  Amazing Grace!

71  Arnold's

72  Around the throne

73  Auld Lang Syne

988  Azmon

74  Bedford

75  *Behold the Saviour

76  Belmont

77  Bishopthorpe

78  Bright Crowns

79  Colne

80  Congress

81  Covenant

82  Crimond

83  Diadem

84  Down in the garden

85  Evan

86  Fewster

87  Fountain

88  French

89  Gerontius

90  God loved the world

91  Grimsby

92  Hallelujah to the Lamb

93  Hardy Norseman

94  He loves me, too

95  Horsley

96  I feel like singing

97  I know whom I have believed

98  I love the Saviour's name

99  Irish

100  I've found the pearl

101  Jesus saves me now

102  Jordan's Banks

103  Joy to the world!

104  Lakeside

105, 985  Lead me to Calvary

106  Lift up the banner

107  Lloyd

108  Lord, flll my craving heart

109  Lover of the Lord

110  Lydia

111  Manchester

112  Margaret

113  Martyrdom

114  Miles Lane

115  My Shepherd

116  Nativity

117  Nativity New

973  Near to the heart of God

118  None but Christ can satisfy

119  O come to my heart

120  Only trust him

121  Prepare Me

122  Remember Me

123  *Repton

124  *Rest

125  Richmond

126  St Agnes

127  St Ann

128  St Magnus

129  St Peter

130  St Stephen

131  Salzburg

132  Sawley

133  Slater

134  Spirit Divine

135  *S